Transfer Credit Procedure by HC120607045316


									                           Procedure for Transferring Credit


Student transferring at the beginning of the year or beginning of 2nd semester:
1. Transfer students and parents meet with the teacher to enroll in classes and complete necessary
    request for records.
2. A request for records will be sent by the counseling secretary to the previous high school.
3. Upon receipt of transcript from previous high school, the counselor will evaluate and assign
    credits consistent with AllPrep Academy graduation requirements.

Student transferring during the semester:
1. Students who transfer in during the semester will be placed in classes for which they bring
    withdrawal grades from the previous school. During the teacher’s initial phone call to the
    student, they will request that students provide their withdrawal grades from their previous
    school at the initial home visit.

2. Teacher will align OdysseyWare course assignments as close as possible to subject areas with
   passing withdrawal grades.

            Example: If a student has a withdrawal grade of a “B” in US History from their previous
            school, they would be assigned to American History in OdysseyWare.

            ** If a student does not provide withdrawal grades from their previous school or does
            not have any passing withdrawal grades, the teacher will start them in the 1st unit of the
            appropriate semester in credit recovery mode.

3. Teacher will determine which unit a student will begin their courses based on the Academic
   Progress Calendar.
          Example: A student transfers to AllPrep Academy on November 16th. According to the
          Academic Progress Calendar, the teacher will place the student in unit 4 in all of the
          courses for which the student has passing withdrawal grades.

4. Final grade and credit will be assigned based on a combination of the withdrawal grade from the
   previous school and the grade earned at AllPrep Academy.

1. The student and family must fill out the HomeSchool Course Analysis (HCA) Form for each
   completed course to provide documentation that shows credit requested for transfer meets or
   exceeds state of Oregon and AllPrep Academy standards and criteria. The HCA form can be
   found on the AllPrep counseling website at under
   “forms.” This documentation must be provided to the counselor as soon as possible upon

2. Maximum allowable transfer credits will be established at one-half of the state minimum
   required for graduation (12 credits).

1. Student should contact counselor to see if school and curriculum have been previously reviewed
   (this could reduce the documentation that the student needs to gather)
2. Student needs to provide the following documentation
   a. Transcript from the non-accredited school
   b. Curriculum guide, course outlines, course catalogs, syllabus and/or any other materials that
        detail the content of each course listed on the transcript
   c. Outline of class standards, including how often classes meet, the annual schedule of classes
        (are they on semesters or terms, etc), length of time spent in classes when they meet
   d. Any other information about the school’s program and curriculum that could support
        requesting credit from that school
3. Maximum allowable transfer credits will be established at one-half of the state minimum
   required for graduation (12 credits).

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