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                   Minutes for the Selectmen’s meeting Tuesday, June 14, 2011 at 7 pm
Geoff Birdsall called the meeting to order at 7 pm with Dolores Pinette and Bill Plummer present.
Others in attendance: Bob Trabona and Rick Freeman.
Public comment: none
Items to be added to agenda (if approved by chair and board):
Added: Mr. Plummer ~~ Bill signing by the chair (under reviewing bills).
        Mr. Plummer ~~ stop work order issued to Dave Polito (under new business).
        Mrs. Pinette -~~ personnel issue (under executive session).
        Mary ~~MMA: proposed state budget changes (correspondence).
                School News (other updates).
                Ltr from Fire Dept Board (under items for signature).
                Ltr from John Wood regarding the Stevenson lot (under old business).
                Additional info from the Georgetown Island Connection (under old business).
                Request from Road Commissioner to write letter to Mr. Chafe regarding extending the guardrail at Charles
                          Pond (under new business).
                Jay Holt has updated his tree growth management plan and has new numbers for mix in tree growth
                          (under new business).
Scheduled appointments:
 7:30 with Skip Stinson, Legal Counsel in executive session under 1MRSA§405.6E to discuss the decision of Justice
       Horton in the Montgomery / Haddock case.
Minutes: Selectmen approved minutes for the meetings of May 24 and June 01, 2011.
Review bills, building permits, deeds and / or declarations. Action: Selectmen reviewed.
        ADDED: Mr. Plummer regarding signing of bills. Action: discussed, it is normal practice for the chair of the
        boards and/or committees to sign off on invoices in their folder. The Selectmen will sign if chair doesn’t in order to
        pay timely. Mary noted that if someone other than the chair signs, the assumption must be made that they are
        communicating with the board and have the authority to do so.
Abatement Requests: Old items: Still awaiting answers on Giray, Cem and Yonca (03R-007-14); Samson, Michael
and Rebecca (11R-010); and for correction of acreage on Magliozzi, Oreste and Marie (09R-015), (as well as a list of other
items) from Mr. VanTuinen. Action: Mr. Plummer has called and will call Mr. VanTuinen again.
 US Census Bureau with instructions for assisting us in obtaining 2010 Census data.
 ME CDC: Public Health Update for May 26, 2011.
 ME CDC: Midcoast Local Health Officer spring meetings minutes and survey results as well as selected reportable diseases
    in Maine YTD.
 ME DEP Shoreland Zoning Newsletter for Summer 2011.
 MMA with Property Tax Assistance brochures.
 MMA on upcoming votes in the Senate (forwarded to you earlier).
ADDED: MMA on changes to the proposed state budget.
 MMA Risk Management with the results and action plan from the visit of May 11th. Follow up letters to the School and
    Fire Dept. have been sent. Nothing for Transfer Station this year.
 Sagadahoc County Commissioners agenda for Tuesday, June 14th.
 Note from Pam Corrigan, County Administrator, regarding county budget revision (previously forwarded to you). Our
    share of the revision will be closer to $3K.
 Note from Misty Green, County EMA Director, with Tornado Tips.
 Note from MMTCTA regarding boat excise tax. Shall we send a note to Senator Goodall and Representative MacDonald?
    Action: We will send a note to both to let them know that the Town does not appreciate the state keeping monies that
    belong to municipalities.
 Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority (MRRA): Community Forum “Life after NASB” on June 22nd.
 Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority (MRRA): Board meeting agenda for June 15th.
 Molnlycke Health Care with invite to their groundbreaking ceremony on June 21st.

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                                                                                                      June 14, 2011
 Letter from Chad Campbell, Shellfish Committee Chair, with recommendation for appointment of Jon Hentz as Shellfish
    Warden for next year.
 Email from Dave Polito, Chair of the Solid Waste Committee, regarding the compactor motor, which was broken and has
    since been repaired.
 Letter from Warren E. “Pat” Dow: contract assessor looking to assist municipalities with their assessing needs.
    Action: unless otherwise noted, items filed, recycled, posted or forwarded as appropriate.

Other Correspondence: Financials for May 2011; Recycling Report from Lincoln County for May 2011.
Minutes: Planning Board, April 6, 2011.
Old Business:
   Haddock-Montgomery: Skip Stinson is here to discuss. Action: Skip reported that Montgomery / Haddock will be
       appealing to the law court. He noted that the Planning Board did a good job in representing the Town.
   Storage of documents at GHS: Bill is reviewing information. Action: none.
   Larry Davis property out of Tree Growth. Supplemental tax billing ready for signature. Action: signed.
   Communications update: Brodie reports in that legal counsel did need to get involved and he will get back to us when he
       has more information to share. Action: noted.
   The Georgetown Island Connection: Update from Peggy Kapisovsky that Fairpoint filed a grant pre-application letter
       and her Fairpoint contact stated that out of the 9 communities they considered ours the only one that had a sufficient
       “business case” to go forward. ADDED: we received an update from Peggy that Fairpoint is going ahead with the
       grant application to ConnectME requesting $190K with Fairpoint providing 30% of the total. They now need letters
       of support, especially from businesses. The grant proposal will be to install and enable 2 remote terminals, 1 at Five
       Islands and Old Schoolhouse Rd and the other at Five Islands and Robinhood Rd. Mary also noted that Andy Roth-
       Wells forwarded to us a letter written by Rep. Bruce MacDonald and Sen. Seth Goodall showing their support for
       getting internet to the entire island. Action: none needed at this time.
ADDED: Letter from John Wood on the Stevenson lot. Mr. Wood wrote regarding the appraisal that we had done on this lot
   and that it makes the assumption that there is access to the lot which there is not. He requested that the Selectmen
   forward this to Dan Shipley of Associated Appraisers and have the original one corrected. Action: The Selectmen
   discussed and are aware that the appraisal is incorrect but do not want any additional dollars spent on this. They
   requested Mary speak with Mr. Wood and ask him to have the people interested either speak with the Board or send in
   an offer for consideration.
Continuing items:
 Responses from holding tank owners: Georgetown Community Center (13U-009); Jeffrey Means (07U-023).
 Wastewater Discharge License renewals for Conley, Michael (01U-062) and McGowan, James and Jeanne (08R-021).
 Personnel reviews: Request for input from Solid Waste Committee has been received. Mary will compile for review -
    was not able to get this done for this meeting but will try for next one. Action: noted.
New business:
Resignation of John Jones, Chair of the Planning Board, effective July 1, 2011. Action: noted, Mr. Birdsall will write note.
Damage to the guardrail and sign at the Transfer Station from accident: Dale Savoie has contacted Mainline Fence for an
     estimate and Jim Coombs is getting estimates on the sign for repair. Action: Estimate for the guardrail is $1625.00 and
     the sign just needs new posts.
Road Loan: request of Treasurer to hold off on loan for $615K until funds are needed. Action: Selectmen agreed to not
     borrow the money until funds are needed.
List of appointments that are expiring at Town Meeting. Action: Mr. Plummer made motion and Mr. Birdsall seconded for
          the annual appointments for signature below. Vote was 3-0. The Selectmen reviewed the listing of board
          /committee appointments and tabled for next meeting.
 John (Jay) Holt sent in an updated timber type map for his acreage in tree growth. Action: noted.
 Request from Dale Savoie, Road Commissioner, to write a letter to Mr. Chafe regarding extending the guardrail by Charles
     Pond. Action: Selectmen concur and Mary will draft a letter for review.
 Mr. Plummer wanted to discuss the Dave Polito stop work order issued by the Code Enforcement Officer on a ramp way at
     the Bassett property on Jewett Road. The discussion ensued regarding the timeframe of work completed and that Mr.
     Trabona and Mr. Polito had talked about doing thirds and that in that case, it may not require a permit if the time frame
     was widely spread. In this case all the work was done over a week and a half and permits are required. In fact this
     project requires 3 permits, (PBR, BP and FP permits) they also must contact the Army Corp of Engineers. Mr. Trabona
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                                                                                                        June 14, 2011
    spoke with John McClean from DEP to confirm and the permits are required. Mr. Polito has since submitted
    applications to the town and DEP. Action: The stop work orders stands. No action needed.
Other items / updates:
Mary on vacation Wednesday afternoon and Thursday. Action: none.
ADDED: School News: Principal Theresa Lash, has resigned. Action: none.
Items for signature:
 Supplemental tax bill for Davis, Lawrence (10R-019) for $1860.00 as penalty for taking his 13 acres from Tree Growth.
 Contract with Lincoln County Recycling for 2011-12. No increase in fee but there is a fuel price adjustment clause. The
         Solid Waste Committee has reviewed.
 Engagement letter from Purdy Powers for the audit of fiscal year 2010-11. Scheduled for the first week of Sept.
 Annual appointments Kate MacKay, ACO; Robert Trabona, CEO/LPI; Mike Kreindler, Deputy CEO/LPI; James Peavey,
EMA Director; Reed Fulton, Forest Warden; George Dufour, Harbormaster; Jane Whittaker, Health Officer; Jon Hentz,
Shellfish Warden. Awaiting recommendation from Fire Department for Chief, which they are addressing at their next
meeting. ADDED: Recommendation from Fire Dept Board was received so Chief Larry Mann was added to this list.
         Action: All items and appointments were signed by the Board.
Scheduled Appointments: 7:30 pm ~ with legal counsel. Results noted in old business.
Public comment: Mr. Freeman asked that with at least 1 vacancy on the Planning Board was there is an effort to ask for
volunteers and whether they were going to be interviewing. The Selectmen responded that they are looking for volunteers
and they have interviewed in the past and likely will again but it all depends on the individual. Sometimes they interview and
sometimes don’t feel the need. Mary will make a list of the openings to post at Town Meeting
 Executive session: Selectmen went into executive session under 1MRSA§405.6E at 7:24 pm for a discussion with legal
counsel on the decision of Justice Horton in the Montgomery Haddock case. They emerged at 8:16 pm.
ADDED: They went into executive session again 1MRSA§405.6A at 9:23pm to discuss a personnel issue. They emerged at
9:33pm and Mrs. Pinette will do a write up of the issues.
Adjournment: On motion, the Selectmen voted to adjourn at 9:36 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Mary F. McDonald
Assistant to the Selectmen

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                                                                                                      June 14, 2011

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