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Transitional Services of Iowa                                           Services of Iowa

                                               1221 Pierce Street
                                              Sioux City, IA 51105
                                              Phone: 712.255.0204

                                           300 West Broadway Suite 29
                                             Council Bluffs, IA 51503
                                              Phone: 712.323.1660

                                              115 Plymouth St NW
                                               Le Mars, IA 51031
 Transitional Services of Iowa, Inc.
                                              Phone: 712.389.4750
 is committed to providing
 distinctive, quality, and unparalleled
                                           1207 Sunnyside Ln Suite D
 client services as we strive to gain
                                              Atlantic, IA 50022
 the respect and trust of our clients,       Phone: 712.243.7089
 and community partners while                                               Adult Behavioral
 preserving, restoring, and
                                          http://www.transition                  Health
 strengthening families by thorough
 and effective assessment and             alservicesofiowa.org                Intervention
 successful treatment.                                                          Services

                                                                        To inquire about services please
                                                                         contact the office listed on the
                                                                             back of this brochure.
Building Skills For A Better Life          Adult Behavioral Health Intervention Services
                                                                                           Individuals will…
We know you want to be at your best        Behavioral Health Intervention Services
and be successful in life and so does          (BHIS) are skill building                         Develop and apply pro-social
               TSI!                            interventions that alleviate                       skills
                                               behaviors and symptoms associated                 Develop and enhance
There are skills we learn in our life to       with a mental health disorder such
      help us succeed, such as:                                                                   interpersonal, communication &
                                                                                                  interaction skills
    Managing behaviors                       Losing one’s temper
                                                                                                 Develop & apply self- control
                                              Arguing with others
    Respecting authority                                                                         skills to reduce anger and
                                              Actively defying requests
                                                                                                  aggression, and manage emotions
    Following the rules                                                                          appropriately
                                              Refusing to follow rules of society
                                                                                                 Progress from superficial moral
    Peer relationships                       Deliberately annoying other people                 reasoning levels to a more
    Social Skills                            Blaming others for misconduct
                                                                                                  profound mature level of
                                                                                                  interpersonal and socio- moral
    Problem solving                          Being rejected by peers                            reasoning

                                              Drug/alcohol abuse/involvement                    Remediate cognitive distortions
    Communication                                                                                & errors in thinking
                                              Has low self- esteem
    Relationship with family                                                                    Develop and apply healthy
                                              Domestic violence issues
                                                                                                  decision making skills
 Programs Offered by TSI….                    Has severe mood changes
                                                                                                 Enhance self-esteem and self-
The following are BHIS Services that          Distractibility ( ADD, ADHD)                       efficacy
are funded through Title 19:
                                              Persistent sadness or irritability                Gain skills necessary to obtain
      Psychiatric Skill/Support                                                                  suitable employment
                                              Has difficulty in relationships
                                                                                             To inquire about services please
                                              Has difficulty communicating
                                                                                           contact the office listed on the back of
                                              Has poor work performance                               this brochure.

                                              Has anxiety

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