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									5 Tips For New Internet Surfers.

Everyday, thousands of new surfers open their browsers for the first
time, it is confusing in the beginning, but if you have some good advices
in the early beginning, you can surf easier and faster with a friendly

 Tip 1: Surf in security.
 The first action that you will do if you are new to the net is to open
your browser to surf. If you have a PC, like most of the Internet
population. You will have Internet explorer installed in your computer,
but it is not the best browser available on the net, and it is in fact
limited. You may think that it is hard to surf on Internet.
When you will discover Mozilla Firefox, you will be even more happy to
surf on Internet, for sure.
One of the first reason you should use Firefox is the integrated
Firewall, which protect you against spyware and other adawares.

Tip 2: No need to tape http://www.---.com all the time.
The second reason to choose Firefox is that you save time; for instance,
when you went on ebay.com yesterday, you wrote: http://www.ebay.com with
Firefox, you just tape “e” in the address bar of your browser, then
http://www.ebay.com will appear in the drop down menu, it's like magic,
and it's fun too.

Tip 3: See all your pages in only one window.
I really love this one; you can surf in tab. That is really powerful.
For instance, with Internet Explorer, whenever you click on a link, you
have 2 choice: open the page in the same window, or open it in a new
window. Firefox enable you to open several pages in one window.
Let's explain: you are now looking yahoo.com, and you want to see the
news, you just right click on the link, select open in a new tab, and you
have now two pages in only one window. To switch between your pages, you
just need to click on anyone of the page you want to look in, all that in
the same window. You can open fifteen windows in one time if you want.
Better, you can bookmark(in Internet explorer, bookmark is favorites) a
tab, and open it later. It is a very intelligent way of surfing. It is
very efficient when you are doing some researches on a subject, on google
for example.

Tip 4: All your downloads at the same place.
The fourth reason to choose Firefox is that when you download a file on
your computer, sometimes, you want to open it, but you face a problem:
Where did you save that file? With Firefox, just click on tools, and
then you select download, and a pop up window appear. You just scroll to
find your program. It will save you time and a lot of headaches.
However, it is recommended, for the first time, to save your download on
your desktop, then after save your file in the folder you choose. You can
download firefox for Free. You just type firefox in google.com and you're

Tip 5: Don't forget a good anti virus,
While you surf on Internet, some hijackers will attempt to damage your
computer, by introducing a virus in it. If you don't take your
precaution, you may loose all that is stored in your hard disk. You can
download AVG, which is excellent at download.com.

There is a lot to learn when you start on Internet, but take your time.
And everything will go smoothly.

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