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Ackroyd, Peter
Chatterton. 2006. Read by James Wilby, 10 hours 11 minutes. TB 15035.
In this novel Peter Ackroyd investigates the death of Thomas Chatterton, the
eighteenth-century poet-forger and genius, who died at the tender age of eighteen
under extremely strange circumstances. Fusing themes of illusion and imagination,
delusion and dreams, the author weaves strands from three centuries. The cast is a
motley crew of Dickensian eccentrics and rogues, from the outrageous, gin-sipping
Harriet Scrope to the tragic Charles Wychwood, on a personal quest for
Chatterton's deepest secrets. TB 15035.

Ackroyd, Peter
Hawksmoor. 1985. Read by Richard Owens, 10 hours 44 minutes. TB 6368.
A story of detection and revelation weaving back and forth across the centuries.
Nicholas Dyer, architect, is planning to build a number of churches. He is part of the
Age of Enlightenment but has older, darker allegiances. Nicholas Hawksmoor is a
20th century man, a detective investigating a series of murders on the sites of
certain 18th century churches. Their lives fuse ... TB 6368.

Ackroyd, Peter
The fall of Troy. 2007. Read by Michael Maloney, 6 hours 53 minutes. TB
Sophia Chrysanthis is initially dazzled when the celebrated German archaeologist,
Herr Obermann, comes in search of a Greek bride who can read the works of
Homer and assist in his excavations of the city he believes is Ancient Troy. But
Obermann's past turns out to be full of skeletons and when a young American
arrives to question the archaeologist's methods and dies of a mysterious fever,
Sophia wonders just how far he will go to protect his vision of Troy. Contains strong
language. TB 15364.

Anand, Valerie
The ruthless yeoman. 1991. Read by Josephine Tewson, 18 hours 33 minutes.
TB 10530.
Bridges over time series; book 2. Sequel to The proud villeins, TB 10307. Isabel of
Northfield knows that free blood flows in the family's veins and determines to better
herself, but her plans to improve her lot by entering the church do not succeed and
her love affair with a man far her social superior is doomed to fail. Yet, when she
dies in servitude, her vision of liberty does not die with her, for her kinswoman
Nicola inherits her dreams. Nicola marries the violent and ambitious Thomas
Woodcarver who, as Black Death strikes, sees the chance to drag his family out of
serfdom. TB 10530.

Anand, Valerie
Women of Ashdon. 1992. Read by Nina Holloway, 23 hours 1 minute. TB
Bridges over time series; book 3. When, at nineteen Susannah Whitmead naively
falls in love, she is quickly married off to a suitable husband, Sir James Weston of
Ashdon. He is a kind man and soon she is in love again, with his house. When he
dies at the Battle of Bosworth, she remarries to keep Ashdon but her new husband
is an intriguer and in the turbulent reign of Henry VII, that can be a disastrous
weakness. Ashdon survives to be loved by Susanna's granddaughter Christina, in
an age when to love anything too much can be unwise. TB 10640.

Anand, Valerie
Crown of roses. 1989. Read by Carol Marsh, 21 hours 11 minutes. TB 8606.
England is at war, the houses of York and Lancaster locked in bitter conflict souring
the country, ruining lives and dividing the people. TB 8606.

Anthony, Evelyn
Clandara. 1993. Read by Gretel Davis, 14 hours 31 minutes. TB 9723.
Despite the feud between their clans, Katherine Fraser and James Macdonald fall
in love. Defying the past Katherine confronts her father's wrath and declares her
wish to marry James. It is 1745, and Bonnie Prince Charlie is drumming up support
for his claim to the throne, but memories of the 1715 uprising prevent the Frasers
joining him, to the fury of the Macdonalds and the deepening of the rift between
them. As powerfully as Katherine and James were drawn together, they are driven
apart. TB 9723.

Armitage, Aileen
Hawksmoor. 1995. Read by Marilyn Finlay, 14 hours 41 minutes. TB 10645.
Hawksmoor series; book 1. In 1811, Hawksmoor is a growing town, surrounded by
all the splendour of the northern moorland. It is changing with the times as the
spinning and weaving of cotton becomes an important way of life. There are the
Hardcastles, landed gentry and wealthy mill owners; and the Stotts who belong to
the poor but indomitable class of labourers in the factory. In rivalry and co-
operation, love and ambition, their lives touch yet remain separate. TB 10645.

Armitage, Aileen
Touchstone. 1996. Read by Marilyn Finlay, 7 hours 19 minutes. TB 10708.
Hawksmoor series; book 3. Sequel to: Hunter's moon. Amy Mallinson is bewildered
by her deep feelings for her handsome first cousin Charles, far above her in the
social scale and, by the emotions he and his family stir in her. Amy is not the only
one affected by Aunt Charlotte's malice; her mother has suffered and Amy herself
has witnessed the destruction of her brother Lionel's dreams. Proud of her heritage,
yet determined to win her independence, Amy sees the moors above Hawksmoor

and Jericho Farm as a refuge and an escape. She may also discover what she
really wants from life. TB 10708.

Armitage, Aileen
The Brackenroyd inheritance. 1980. Read by Patricia Jones, 9 hours 38
minutes. TB 12386.
Her strange cousin De Lacy and his devilish hound seemed creatures from a
netherworld, but this was not the only cause of Fern Saxby's unease as she stood
in front of Brackenroyd Hall. A young Victorian governess, she had suddenly found
herself the inheritor of a huge and darkly brooding Yorkshire mansion on condition
that she marry her extraordinary relative. But what part does Annot Radley, the
voluptuous Regency farm girl, or Catherine the beautiful mute accused of witchcraft
in Restoration England, play in this fearful drama? TB 12386.

Armstrong, Thomas
A ring has no end. 1958. Read by Garard Green, 20 hours 38 minutes. TB
The story of three generations of a Russian family in St Petersburg, both before
and after a Revolution in which they witness appalling brutality and the destruction
of all they value most highly. TB 2375.

Aston, Elizabeth
Mr Darcy's daughters. 2003. Read by Lucy Scott, 11 hours 54 minutes. TB
Regency London is a time of change in social attitudes and political thought, with
the privileges of aristocrats and the conservatism of landowners being challenged
by new men and radical thinkers. But women still play little part in this wider world,
and Camilla Darcy finds how limited are the options open to an intelligent,
independent-minded young woman, and how unforgiving even this apparently
liberal society is to those who transgress its rules. The sisters are assailed from all
sides by lavish parties, temptations and hidden schemes, not to mention the
inevitable heartbreaks arising from close proximity to so many eligible men. TB

Auel, Jean M
The valley of horses. 1984. Read by Gretel Davis, 29 hours 13 minutes.
TB 7788.
Earth's children series; book 2. Sequel to: The clan of the cave bear, TB 7772.
Leaving the safety of the clan who raised her, the beautiful Ayla sets out alone on
an epic journey of discovery. She survives glacial cold, terrifying beasts and intense
loneliness. But in the Valley of Horses she finds refuge and contentment, and an
awakening to a desire she could not imagine. Contains passages of a sexual
nature. TB 7788.

Bainbridge, Beryl
According to Queeney. Read by Miriam Margolyes, 7 hours 49 minutes. TB
In the 1770s and 1780s Dr Johnson, having completed his life's work, is running an
increasingly chaotic life. Torn between his strict morality and his undeclared
passion for the widow of an old friend, he is revealed here in all his wit and glory.
TB 13485.

Barber, Noel
The Black Hole of Calcutta: a reconstruction. 1970. Read by Gerard Green, 8
hours 30 minutes. TB 10.
The catastrophe of 1756, when 50,000 Indians attacked the East India Company's
stronghold at Fort William. TB 10.

Barnes, Margaret Campbell
The king's bed. 1961. Read by Martin Muncaster, 9 hours 10 minutes. TB 252.
The story of an innkeeper's daughter and the son of a king begins in Leicester on
the night before the Battle of Bosworth. TB 252.

Barnes, Margaret Campbell
Isabel the fair. 1957. Read by Colin Doran, 15 hours 15 minutes. TB 324.
The lovely French Princess who became the bride of Edward II, was so changed by
her life in England that she became known as the she-wolf of France. TB 324.

Barry, Sebastian
A long long way. 2005. Read by John Cormack, 9 hours 20 minutes. TB 14367.
A long long way evokes the camaraderie and humour of Willie and his regiment, the
Royal Dublin Fusiliers, but also the cruelty and sadness of war, and the divided
loyalties that many Irish soldiers felt. Tracing their experiences through the course
of the war, the narrative brilliantly explores and dramatises the events of the Easter
Rising within Ireland, and how such a seminal political moment came to affect those
boys off fighting for the King of England on foreign fields - the paralysing doubts
and divisions it caused them. Contains strong language. TB 14367.

Bennett, Ronan
Havoc, in its third year. 2005. Read by Nick Rawlinson, 9 hours 12 minutes.
TB 14326.
England, 1630s: an unsettled country in turbulent times. John Brigge is the local
coroner, a respected man who wants nothing more than to work his farm and be
with his wife, now expecting their first child. But when he is called to investigate
Katherine Shay, suspected of killing her baby, Brigge finds himself caught up in a

vicious power struggle as the Puritan faction demand her execution. Contains
violence. TB 14326.

Bernieres, Louis de
Birds without wings. 2005. Read by Steve Hodson and Lucy Scott, 26 hours 3
minutes. TB 14586.
Set against the backdrop of the collapsing Ottoman Empire, the Gallipoli campaign
and the subsequent bitter struggle between Greeks and Turks, this traces the
fortunes of one small community in south-west Anatolia - a town in which Christian
and Muslim lives and traditions have co-existed peacefully for centuries. When war
is declared and the outside world intrudes, the twin scourges of religion and
nationalism lead to forced marches and massacres, and the peaceful fabric of life is
destroyed. Philothei, a Christian girl of legendary beauty, and Ibrahim the Goatherd
who has courted her since infancy are but two of the many casualties. With the end
of a community that once transcended religious differences, their great love seems
destined to end in tragedy and madness. Contains strong language. TB 14586.

Brooks, Geraldine
Year of wonders: a novel of the plague. 2002. Read by Maggie Maxwell, 10
hours 38 minutes. TB 15200.
Based on a true story, this novel tells of a young woman's struggle to save her
family and her soul during the most extraordinary year of 1666, when plague
suddenly visits their small Derbyshire village. The villagers, inspired by a
charismatic preacher, elect to quarantine themselves to limit the contagion. TB

Buchan, John
Witch wood. 1993. Read by Robbie MacNab, 12 hours 33 minutes. TB 10589.
A story of witchcraft in the ancient wood of Caledon in the Scottish Borders,
combated in vain by David Sempill, the parish minister. In the background is the
civil unrest of the Scottish Wars of the Covenant. It also tells a love story. TB

Buchan, John
The blanket of the dark. 1994. Read by David Thorpe, 10 hours 37 minutes. TB
It is 1536 and the Reformation has yet to disrupt the life of a young man known as
Peter Pentecost. But Peter's life is about to be changed forever when he uncovers
the astonishing secret of his true identity, a secret that has been kept from him all
his life; that he is the son and heir of Edward, Duke of Buckingham, and by rights
he, not Henry Tudor, should be the King of England. From the moment Peter
discovers the truth, he descends into a dangerous world of conspiracy and treason.
This is a classic story of intrigue and adventure. TB 11841.

Caldwell, Taylor
Glory and the lightning. 1975. Read by George Hagan, 18 hours 1 minute. TB
Aspasia had been born before her time. In the man's world of Ancient Greece her
new ideas and outspoken ways brought her into disrepute both with her Persian
husband and later with the Athenians when she married their ruler, Pericles.
Unsuitable for family reading. TB 3109.

Canning, Victor
The circle of the gods. 1977. Read by Derek Chandler, 10 hours. TB 3267.
Arthurian Trilogy; book 2. Sequel to: The crimson chalice, TB 3049. The story of the
unruly youth of Arthur, born in the fifth century to a Roman girl and the son of a
tribal chieftain. It tells of his determination to check the Saxon advance and to
restore his country's greatness. TB 3267.

Canning, Victor
The immortal wound. 1978. Read by Andrew Timothy, 8 hours 45 minutes. TB
Arthurian Trilogy; book 3. The story of King Arthur's long struggle to consolidate his
power, and of his tender love for Gwennifer. TB 3397.

Carr, Philippa
The lion triumphant. 1974. Read by Marie McCarthy, 13 hours 1 minute. TB
Daughters of England; book 2. Sequel to: The miracle at St. Bruno's, TB 4591.
The story of Catharine and Carey, children of Damask and her cousin Kate.
They have grown up together, but when their friendship turns to love they are
forbidden to marry. Still recovering from this blow, Catharine meets and captivates
the lusty sea captain, Jake Pennlyon, only for their tempestuous courtship to be
interrupted by war with Spain. When she is taken captive on a Spanish galleon,
Jake is determined to bring her back, and helpless and alone Catherine is torn
between love and loyalty. TB 9882.

Carr, Philippa
Daughters of England. 1996. Read by Lindsay Sandison, 11 hours 38 minutes.
TB 10903.
At 15, with dreams of becoming a famous actress, Sarah Standish runs away to
London where she meets the charming Lord Rosslyn. Abandoning her dream, she
marries Rosslyn but soon discovers she has been cruelly deceived and is on the
run again. Then tragedy strikes and Lord Rosslyn comes to claim his young
daughter Kate. When King Charles II dies, the country is thrown into chaos. Kate
and her new family are swept up in the plots and counterplots surrounding the new

King James II, as she struggles to reconcile her father's betrayal of her mother with
the chance he now gives her to look to the future. TB 10903.

Cezair-Thompson, Margaret
The pirate's daughter. 2008. Read by Inika Leigh-Wright, 16 hours 40 minutes.
TB 16010.
An unforgettable story of love and adventure, spanning three decades of Jamaican
history. A tale of passion and recklessness, of two generations of women and their
battles for love and survival, and of a nation struggling to rise to the challenge of
hard-won independence. TB 16010.

Chadwick, Elizabeth
The falcons of Montabard. 2003. Read by Nigel Carrington, 16 hours 22
minutes. TB 14106.
In the aftermath of tragedy and scandal, Sabin FitzSimon, illegitimate son of a
Norman earl, leaves England for the Holy Land in search of a new beginning. At
first it seems impossible as the demons from his past life return to haunt him, and
Sabin finds his back to the wall. In the heat and dust, magnificence and danger of
Northern Syria, he must either face himself, or be vanquished. Annais, daughter of
Edmund Strongfist is a quiet, convent-raised young woman when she accompanies
her father to their new life in the Holy Land. Her encounters with Sabin FitzSimon
leave her bewildered, desirous, and more than a little hostile. Bravely facing up to
heartache, an arranged marriage, war and death, she falls deeply in love with the
country and its people. But it will take more than love to secure what she holds
dear, including Sabin FitzSimon. Contains passages of a sexual nature. TB 14106.

Chevalier, Tracy
The lady and the unicorn. 2003. Read by Cornelius Garrett, 7 hours 19
minutes. TB 15388.
Jean le Viste, a newly wealthy member of the French court, commissions the
tapestries to hang in his chateau. Nicolas, his chosen designer, meets le Viste's
wife Genevieve and his daughter Claude, both of whom take a keen interest in the
tapestries. From Paris, Nicolas moves to a weaver's workshop in Brussels. The
creation of the tapestries brings together people who would not otherwise meet -
their live become entangled, and so do their desires. As they fall in love, are
shunned, take revenge, find unrequited love, turn to the church or to pagan ideals,
the tapestries become to each an ideal vision of life - yet all discover that they are
unable to make this ideal world their own. TB 15388.

Chevalier, Tracy
Burning bright. 2007. Read by Cornelius Garrett, 9 hours 26 minutes. TB
It is London 1792, the Kellaways move from familiar rural Dorset to the tumult of a
cramped, unforgiving city. A surprising bond forms between Jem, the youngest
Kellaway boy and streetwise Londoner Maggie Butterfield. Their friendship takes a
dramatic turn when they become entangled in the life of their neighbour, the printer,
poet and radical, William Blake. Contains violence. TB 15390.

Clavell, James
Tai-Pan: a novel of Hong Kong. 1975. Read by Patrick Romer, 32 hours 17
minutes. TB 5207.
Asian saga; book 2. Sequel to: Shogun, TB 3098. Set during the turbulent days of
the founding of Hong Kong in the 1840s, the story tells of Dirk Struan's burning
ambition to transform the barren island into the brightest jewel of the British Empire.
The opium run was the surest way for him to achieve power and riches beyond his
wildest dreams. TB 5207.

Cordell, Alexander
The dream and the destiny. 1975. Read by Robert Gladwell, 17 hours 2
minutes. TB 3072.
The long march of Mao Tse-Tung with all its hardships, slaughter and grim
determination to see it through, is seen through the eyes of a medical student.
Unsuitable for family reading. TB 3072.

Cornwell, Bernard
Harlequin. 2001. Read by Sean Barrett, 12 hours 42 minutes. TB 15036.
Grail quest; book 1. In the fourteenth century, two popes, each supported by
different political empires, struggle for supremacy. But one side hears of a great
secret which might win the battle for them. So they hire a mercenary. TB 15036.

Cornwell, Bernard
The vagabond. 2003. Read by Sean Barrett, 14 hours 19 minutes. TB 15085.
Grail quest; book 2. Thomas of Hookton doubts the Grail's existence. But other folk
fear the rumour of the grail's existence and force Thomas to pursue the relic, while
his enemies, faceless and ruthless, fear Thomas's destiny and determine to destroy
him. Contains violence. TB 15085.

Cornwell, Bernard
Heretic. 2004. Read by Sean Barrett, 12 hours 14 minutes. TB 15341.
Grail quest series; book 3. In 1347 the English capture Calais and the war with
France is suspended by a truce; but for Thomas Hookton there is no end to the
fighting. He is pursuing the grail, the most sacred of Christendom's relics, and is

sent to his ancestral homeland, Gascony, to engineer a confrontation with his
deadliest enemy, Guy Vexille. Once in the south country Thomas becomes a raider,
leading his archers in savage forays that will draw his enemy to his arrows. But
then his fortunes change. Thomas becomes the hunted as his campaign is
destroyed by the church. With only one companion, a girl condemned to burn as a
heretic, Thomas goes to the valley of Astarac where he believes the grail was once
hidden and might still be concealed, and there he plays a deadly game of hide and
seek with an overwhelming enemy. Contains violence. TB 15341.

Cornwell, Bernard
Rebel. 1993. Read by Eric Meyers, 15 hours 46 minutes. TB 10694.
Nathaniel Starbuck series; book 1. In the summer of 1861, as America stands on
the brink of civil war, northerner Nathaniel Starbuck arrives in the Confederate
capital of Richmond, Virginia. He is rescued from a mob by the rich and eccentric
Washington Faulconer, who is raising his own elite regiment to combat the
Yankees. Starbuck chooses to enlist in the Faulconer Legion, even though it could
mean fighting against his own people. TB 10694.

Cornwell, Bernard
The last kingdom. 2005. Read by Tom Sellwood, 12 hours 57 minutes. TB
The Saxon chronicles; book 1. This book is set in England during the reign of King
Alfred. Uhtred is an English boy, born into the aristocracy of ninth-century
Northumbria. Orphaned at ten, he is captured and adopted by a Dane and taught
the Viking ways. Yet Uhtred's fate is bound up with Alfred, King of Wessex, who
rules over the only English kingdom to survive the Danish assault. The struggle
between the English and the Danes and the strife between Christianity and
paganism is the background to Uhtred's growing up. He is left uncertain of his
loyalties but a slaughter in a winter dawn propels him to the English side and he will
become a man just as the Danes launch their fiercest attack yet on Alfred's
kingdom. Contains violence. TB 15464.

Cornwell, Bernard
The pale horseman. 2006. Read by Tom Sellwood, 14 hours 33 minutes. TB
The Saxon chronicles; book 2. Uhtred, Northumbrian born, raised a Viking and
married to a Saxon, is a formidable warrior, and he, together with the thoughtful and
pious Alfred, Alfred's family and a few of Uhtred's companions, are apparently all
that remain of the Wessex leadership after a disastrous truce. Defeated
comprehensively by the Vikings, Alfred and his Saxon followers seek refuge in
Athelney, a tidal swamp and all that is left of Alfred's kingdom. TB 15499.

Cornwell, Bernard
The lords of the North. 2007. Read by Richard Armitage, 12 hours 3 minutes.
TB 15530.
The Saxon chronicles; book 3. The year is 878 and Wessex is free from the
Vikings. Uhtred, the dispossessed son of a Northumbrian lord, helped Alfred win
that victory, but now he is disgusted by Alfred's lack of generosity and repelled by
the king's insistent piety. He flees Wessex, going back north to seek revenge for
the killing of his foster father and to rescue his stepsister, captured in the same raid.
He needs to find his old enemy, Kjartan, a renegade Danish lord at his stronghold
of Dunholm. Contains violence. TB 15530.

Cornwell, Bernard
Stonehenge. 2000. Read by Sean Barrett, 16 hours 26 minutes. TB 12639.
One summer's day, a stranger carrying a great wealth in gold comes to
Ratharryn. He dies in the old temple. The people assume that the gold is a gift from
the gods. But the mysterious treasure causes great dissension, both without from
tribal rivalry, and within. TB 12639.

Cornwell, Bernard
Enemy of God: a novel of Arthur. 1996. Read by Edmund Dehn, 21 hours 30
minutes. TB 11376.
The warlord chronicles; 2. Sequel to: The winter king, TB 11227. Arthur, having
won the battle against the Saxons, leads the southern British Kingdoms. But other
problems exist. The Druid Merlin wants to restore the island to its old Gods, to
which end he is pursuing a Cauldron, one of the Thirteen Treasures. Opposing
Merlin are the Christians. To Merlin and the warrior Derfel, the quest for the
Cauldron far outranks any battle. TB 11376.

Cornwell, Bernard
Excalibur: a novel of Arthur. 1997. Read by Edmund Dehn, 18 hours. TB
The warlord chronicles; book 3. This novel begins with the failure of Lancelot's
rebellion and the ruin of Arthur's marriage to Guinevere. The Saxons, sensing the
disunity of the Britons, seize the chance to destroy Arthur. The climax of the war
comes with the legendary triumph at Mount Badon, and Arthur's victory. TB 12471.

Crawley, Aileen
The bride of Suleiman. 1981. Read by Rosemary Davis, 11 hours 49 minutes.
TB 4830.
Suleiman the magnificent series; book 1. Khurrem, a Russian slavegirl, as fierce
and wild as her own fiery hair, has been purchased for the Royal harem because
the Sultan's wife needs a skilled needlewoman and this girl has an astonishing

talent for embroidery. Many more talents emerge in this tale of intrigue and
romance, conspiracy and conflict. TB 4830.

Crossley-Holland, Kevin
Gatty's tale. 2007. Read by Charlotte Strevens, 11 hours 24 minutes. TB
Gatty, who has never been further than her own village, is picked by Lady
Gwyneth of Ewloe to join the band of pilgrims accompanying her to
Jerusalem. The journey is fraught with danger and uncertainty, but opens
Gatty's eyes to new wonders and transforms her. TB 15759.

Dean, Debra
The Madonnas of Leningrad. 2006. Read by Liza Ross, 6 hours 58 minutes.
TB 14755.
Bit by bit, the ravages of age are eroding Marina's grip on everyday life. And while
this elderly Russian woman cannot hold on to fresh memories - the details of her
grown children's lives, the approaching wedding of her grandchild - her distant past
is preserved in vivid snapshots of her youth in war-torn Leningrad that rise
unbidden. TB 14755.

Dickinson, Margaret
Pauper's gold. 2006. Read by Joan Walker, 13 hours 12 minutes. TB 15829.
Hannah Francis has been forced to leave her beloved mother and the life she
knows in the silk mill town of Macclesfield and is set to become an apprentice at a
cotton mill in the Derbyshire dales. Hannah settles in well at the mill but finds it hard
work. It is not long before Hannah attracts the eye of Edmund Critchlow, the man
who owns them all body and soul - the man from who no pretty mill girl is safe.
Unsuitable for family reading. TB 15829.

Doctorow, E L
Ragtime. 1975. Read by Peter Marinker, 9 hours 13 minutes. TB 3199.
This story, set in America before the first war, brings to life the mood and spirit of
the era. It recounts the interrelated lives of the families of a New Rochelle
manufacturer, an immigrant socialist, and a Harlem musician and their involvement
with Evelyn Nesbit, Henry Ford, Houdini, Morgan, Freud, Zapata, and other period
notables. Unsuitable for family reading. TB 3199.

Du Maurier, Daphne
The King's general. 1946. Read by Stephen Jack, 14 hours 5 minutes. TB
It is 1653, and Honor, now grown old, sits and thinks about old times – of Richard,
whom she loved, and of his courage when he was still the King's General in the
West before his disgrace and exile. TB 2714.

Dunant, Sarah
The birth of Venus: love and death in Florence. 2003. Read by Maggie
Maxwell, 12 hours 24 minutes. TB 15228.
Set in fifteenth century Florence, this is a novel of mystery, history, politics and
passion. Fourteen-year-old Alessandra's love of art and her lively independence
lure her into a world of taboos. She must make crucial decisions about her life, as
Florence itself must choose its future during this turbulent time. Contains passages
of a sexual nature. TB 15228.

Dunmore, Helen
House of orphans. 2006. Read by Jilly Bond, 12 hours 30 minutes. TB 14782.
Finland 1901. Eeva, the young orphaned daughter of a revolutionary, is sent from
the orphanage to work as housekeeper for Thomas, a widowed country doctor. Her
enigmatic presence disturbs Thomas as much as it fascinates him, shattering all
the certainties of his life. Eeva longs to be back in Helsinki with the comrades of her
childhood, particularly Lauri. But life there is full of danger. The power of the
Russian Empire over its subject people is growing more oppressive, but resistance
to the Tsar's ruling is growing too. TB 14782.

Dunnett, Dorothy
The Game of Kings. 1999. Read by David Thorpe, 24 hours 23 minutes. TB
Lymond chronicles; book 1. Francis Crawford of Lymond, formidable outlaw and
rebel, is in Edinburgh again. From his headlong arrival he shows himself to be a
fresh and unpredictable player in a Scotland of political violence and intrigue, which
is also the heartland of his long-estranged kinsfolk. His future depends on tracing
three men - but there are others determined to stop him. TB 15560.

Dunnett, Dorothy
Queen's play. 1982. Read by Judith Whale, 23 hours 40 minutes. TB 6313.
Lymond chronicles; book 2. Menaced by England and torn by internal discord,
Scotland in 1550 clings to a single hope of survival - an alliance with France to be
sealed by the betrothal of seven-year-old Mary to the Dauphin. But Mary is not safe
at the glittering court of Henry II and Francis Crawford is sent to France as an
anonymous protector for the child. TB 6313.

Dunnett, Dorothy
The spring of the ram. 1987. Read by Nigel Graham, 26 hours 31 minutes. TB
The house of Niccolo series; book 2. Sequel to: Niccolo rising, TB 7112.
Niccolo is embarked on his first major adventure for the Charetty company, leaving
his wife to control business affairs, and the successful dyeworks from its Bruges

base. This Jason must voyage to Trebizond, his Argonauts include Godscalc, Julius
and Loppe, and the Golden Fleece is the capture of the priceless silk route to
Baghdad and the East for his Florentine paymasters. His mission must succeed if
the Charetty empire is to grow. TB 7126.

Dunnett, Dorothy
Race of scorpions. 1989. Read by Rosemary Davis, 30 hours 53 minutes. TB
The house of Niccolo series; book 3. "Race of Scorpions" brings to life the rich,
mysterious world of 15th century Europe, weaving a complex tapestry of political
power-play, business rivalry and civil war. A variety of characters have a stake in
the treacherous, deadly game in which nothing is quite what it seems. The sort of
game played to perfection by Niccolo, chameleon hero of Dunnett's "House of
Niccolo" series. Contains passages of a sexual nature. TB 8524.

Edwards, Rhoda
Some touch of pity. 1976. Read by Derek Chandler, 15 hours 15 minutes. TB
Fictional account of the unhappy life and short reign of King Richard III. TB 3076.

Elton, Ben
The first casualty. 2006. Read by Glen McCready, 12 hours 24 minutes. TB
It is Flanders in June 1917: a British officer and celebrated poet, is shot dead, killed
not by German fire, but while recuperating from shell shock well behind the lines. A
young English soldier is arrested and, although he protests his innocence, charged
with his murder. Douglas Kingsley is a conscientious objector, previously a
detective with the London police, now imprisoned for his beliefs. He is released and
sent to France in order to secure a conviction. Forced to conduct his investigations
amidst the hell of The Third Battle of Ypres, Kingsley soon discovers that both the
evidence and the witnesses he needs are quite literally disappearing into the mud
that surrounds him. TB 14570.

Ewing, Barbara
The trespass. 2002. Read by Wendy Karstens, 16 hours 7 minutes. TB 15259.
A historical novel set in Victorian London and New Zealand. Following the cholera
deaths of her mother and protective elder sister, a young woman is left to the mercy
of her tyrannical father. Her only option is to follow her cousin to New Zealand; but
her father is prepared to chase her across oceans. Unsuitable for family reading.
TB 15259.

Farrell, J G
Troubles. 1970. Read by Kate Binchy, 15 hours 21 minutes. TB 8543.
A central figure in this novel is the Majestic Hotel which stands on a slim peninsula
at Kinalough. However, its decay is emblematic of the disintegration which is taking
place in the people in and around the hotel. The faded charms of the Majestic and
of the people do, however, provide Farrell with a rich vein of humour and absurdity,
which he taps frequently and successfully. TB 8543.

Faulks, Sebastian
Human traces. 2006. Read by Nick Rawlinson, 28 hours 3 minutes. TB 14567.
Jacques Rebiere and Thomas Midwinter, both sixteen when the story starts in
1876, come from different countries and contrasting families. They are united by an
ambition to understand how the mind works and whether madness is the price we
pay for being human. As psychiatrists, their quest takes them from the squalor of
the Victorian lunatic asylum to the plains of unexplored Africa. Thomas's sister
Sonia becomes the pivotal figure in the volatile relationship between the two men,
which threatens to explode with the arrival in their Austrian sanatorium of an
enigmatic patient, Fraulein Katharina von A, whose illness epitomises all that
divides them. As the concerns of the old century fade and the First World War
divides Europe, the question of what it means to be alive seems to hang in the
balance. TB 14567.

Finney, Patricia
Firedrake's eye. 2004. Read by Cornelius Garrett, 9 hours 44 minutes. TB
1583. In the fetid alleyways of Whitefriars, the loyal courtier Simon Ames is
viciously beaten. The random prey of footpads - or the victim of a subtly treasonous
act? A nonsense poem written by the lunatic Tom O'Bedlam has become a
favourite of London's ballad-sellers. Who has taken the wild meanderings of a
madman so seriously - and why? Following a trail of murder, treason and terror,
Ames and his dubious friend Becket set out to uncover the truth. But as they dig
deep into the human midden that is Elizabethan London, puzzle becomes enigma,
then riddle. Contains strong language. TB 14319.

Follett, Ken
World without end. 2007. Read by Jonathan Oliver, 50 hours 36 minutes. TB
Pillars of the earth series; book 2. Sequel to: The pillars of the earth, TB 8166. On
the day after Halloween, in the year 1327, four children slip away from the cathedral
city of Kingsbridge. They are a thief, a bully, a boy genius and a girl who wants to
be a doctor. In the forest they see two men killed. As adults, their lives will be
braided together by ambition, love, greed and revenge. They will see prosperity and
famine, plague and war. One boy will travel the world but come home in the end;

the other will be a powerful, corrupt nobleman. One girl will defy the might of the
medieval church; the other will pursue an impossible love. And always they will live
under the long shadow of the unexplained killing they witnessed on that fateful
childhood day. TB 15822.

Forester, C S
Death to the French. 2003. Read by Christian Rodska, 6 hours 1 minute. TB
It is 1810, and the last French invasion of Portugal has penned Wellington's army
behind the river Tagus with their backs to the sea. Separated from his regiment,
Rifleman Dodd of the Ninety-fifth stumbles on a band of undisciplined Portuguese
guerrillas. With rough inventiveness he transforms this ramshackle group into an
organised fighting force, continually harrying the infuriated enemy as he battles his
way back to his own lines. TB 15030.

Gaan, Margaret
Red barbarian. 1984. Read by Robert Gladwell, 17 hours 45 minutes. TB 5574.
Charlie Tyson is sent at the age of 13 to serve the Chairman of the East Indian
Company in Canton. There, despite Imperial edicts forbidding the smoking and
importation of opium, a thriving opium trade exists, organised by the British to
finance the tea-trade. Charlie secretly enters this twilight world and clashes with the
evil smuggler, Carradine. TB 5574.

Gabaldon, Diana
Cross stitch. 1994. Read by Sally Armstrong, 33 hours 14 minutes. TB 15354.
Outlander series; book 1. In 1945, Claire Randall is back from the war and reunited
with her husband on a second honeymoon in Scotland. Innocently she walks
through a stone circle in the Highlands, and finds herself in a violent skirmish taking
place in 1743. Suddenly she is a Sassenach, an outlander, in a country torn by war
and by clan feuds. Contains passages of a sexual nature. TB 15354.

Gee, Sophie
The scandal of the season. 2008. Read by Richard Morant, 11 hours 43
minutes. TB 15630.
This is the story of the real-life seduction of the beautiful, clever Arabella Fermor by
the charming, enigmatic nobleman Robert Petre, seventh Baron of Ingatestone. A
modern love story set in 1711. Contains passages of a sexual nature. TB 15630.

Ghosh, Amitav
Sea of poppies. 2008. Read by Steve Hodson, 21 hours 58 minutes. TB 16054.
At the heart of this epic saga, set just before the Opium Wars, is an old slaving-
ship, The Ibis. Its destiny is a tumultuous voyage across the Indian Ocean, its crew
a motley array of sailors and stowaways, coolies and convicts. Fate has thrown

together a truly diverse cast of Indians and Westerners, from a bankrupt Raja to a
widowed villager, from an evangelical English opium trader to a mulatto American
freedman. As their old family ties are washed away they, like their historical
counterparts, come to view themselves as jahaj-bhais or ship-brothers. An unlikely
dynasty is born, which will span continents, races and generations. Contains strong
language. TB 16054.

Golden, Arthur
Memoirs of a geisha. 1998. Read by Carole Boyd, 19 hours 20 minutes. TB
Summing up more than 20 years of Japan's most dramatic history, the geisha's
story uncovers a hidden world of eroticism and enchantment, exploitation and
degradation. It moves from a small fishing village in 1929 to the glamorous and
decadent Kyoto of the 30s and on to postwar New York. Contains passages of a
sexual nature. TB 13410.

Goudge, Elizabeth
Towers in the mist. 1993. Read by Vincent Brimble, 16 hours 42 minutes. TB
Oxford is becoming a place of importance in Elizabethan England, favoured by
royalty, merchants and scholars. For Faithful Croker, impoverished and alone it
holds the key to fulfilling his dreams, a place where he can pursue his love of
learning. He finds a home through the kindness and understanding of Canon Leigh
and his family and, with their help, sets out to accomplish his ambition to become
an Oxford scholar. TB 10409.

Goudge, Elizabeth
The child from the sea. 1970. Read by Phyllis Boothroyd, 30 hours 49
minutes. TB 1549.
The story of Lucy Walter, first love of Charles II and mother of the Duke of
Monmouth. TB 1549.

Goudge, Elizabeth
Gentian hill. 1950. Read by Andrew Timothy, 16 hours 30 minutes. TB 3405.
Devon in the days of Nelson is the setting for this story of countryside, legend and
adventure. TB 3405.

Goudge, Elizabeth
A city of bells. 1936. Read by Arthur Bush, 12 hours 30 minutes. TB 1171.
Jocelyn has just returned from the Boer War with an incurably lamed leg. He heads
for the cathedral town of Torminster, where he recovers his love of life in the
invigorating company of his cousin, Hugh Anthony, his grandfather, the Canon and
Henrietta. TB 1171.

Goudge, Elizabeth
The white witch. Read by Nina Holloway, 20 hours 42 minutes. TB 9420.
Jenny spent her childhood quietly in Oxfordshire. In other times she would have
lived out her life there surrounded by family and friends, the mistress of some
comfortable manor house. But this was the time of the Civil War, and bitter conflict
disrupted this haven, for Jenny's father was a staunch Parliamentarian whilst
Francis, the man she grew to love, fought for the king. TB 9420.

Gower, Iris
The loves of Catrin. 1990. Read by Sian Owen and Mark Elstob, 10 hours 52
minutes. TB 10817.
"The Loves of Catrin" tells the story of Catrin Owen whose life began in the grim
world of a Welsh copper town in the nineteenth century. Catrin dreams of escaping
from the smoke and grime and hardship that engulf her life. But her future will be
with the man she marries - and she inspires the love of two men: Dylan Morgan
from her own background, and John Richards, a well-bred gentleman. TB 10817.

Graves, Robert
The golden fleece. 1983. Read by George Hagan, 23 hours. TB 5329.
The story of the loss of the Golden Fleece by Athamas, and of its recovery by
Jason and the Argonauts. TB 5329.

Graves, Robert
Claudius the God. 1934. Read by George Hagan, 21 hours 59 minutes. TB
Sequel to: I Claudius, TB 797. Continues the story of Claudius from his acclamation
as Emperor in 41 AD through his stormy rule, conquest of Britain, deception by his
beautiful wife Messalina, to his death in 54 AD. TB 1359.

Gregory, Philippa
A respectable trade. 1996. Read by Diana Bishop, 16 hours 27 minutes. TB
Bristol in 1787 is booming. Josiah Cole, a small dockside trader, is prepared to
gamble everything to join the big players of the city, but he needs ready cash and a
well-connected wife. An arranged marriage to Frances Scott provides a mutually
convenient solution. TB 11466.

Gregory, Philippa
The constant princess. 2005. Read by Diana Bishop, 16 hours 9 minutes. TB
This novel tells of the early life of Katherine of Aragon. She will do anything to
achieve her aim; even if it means telling the greatest lie, and holding to it. TB

Gregory, Philippa
The virgin's lover. 2004. Read by Wendy Karstens, 16 hours 11 minutes. TB
Lifelong friends Robert Dudley and Queen Elizabeth share an ardent love affair but
the married Robert is tainted with a traitor's past and has a wife who will never
relinquish him. Elizabeth conspires to secure the wealth of her court and country by
building a secret cache of gold. The Queen's manipulations, Dudley's allegiance
and the court's political plotting may ruin all. Contains passages of a sexual nature.
TB 15229.

Gregory, Philippa
The Boleyn inheritance. 2006. Read by Lucy Scott, Candida Gubbins and
Emma Powell, 18 hours. TB 14742.
The last Boleyn is Jane, Lady Rochford - widow of the disgraced George Boleyn.
Caught in the intrigues of the Tudor court, she manoeuvres for personal position as
her family in turn tries to manipulate her. The king has married again; his bride is
the deceptively astute Anne of Cleves. Her wits are tested as she senses a trap
closing around her. Contains passages of a sexual nature. TB 14742.

Gregory, Philippa
The queen's fool. 2003. Read by Rachel Atkins, 18 hours 24 minutes. TB
The savage rivalry of the daughters of Henry VIII, Mary Tudor and Elizabeth,
mirrors that of their mothers, Katherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn. Each will fight
by any available means for the crown and future of the kingdom. Elizabeth's bitter
struggle to claim the throne she believes is hers by right, and the man she desires
almost more than her crown, is watched by her 'fool': a girl who has been forced to
leave her homeland of Spain, as a Jew fleeing the Inquisition. In a court where truth
is wittily denied and lies are mere games, it is the fool who can speak plainly: in
these dangerous times, a woman must choose between ambition and love.
Elizabeth will not make the same mistakes as her mother. Contains passages of a
sexual nature. TB 13376.

Gregory, Philippa
The wise woman. 1993. Read by Frances Jeater, 20 hours 40 minutes. TB
This is a haunting story of a woman's desire in Tudor England. Alys grew up in
poverty with Morach, a witch. When the parents of Tom, the boy she loves, place
her in the local nunnery she discovers security and luxury. When Henry VIII's
wreckers destroy the nunnery Alys returns to Morach. With nothing to support her
but her looks, her witchcraft and her own instinctive cunning, Alys has to tread a
perilous path between the faith of her childhood and her own female power.
Contains passages of a sexual nature. TB 11104.

Grenville, Kate
The secret river. 2006. Read by Richard Burnip, 12 hours 18 minutes. TB
London, 1807 - William Thornhill, happily wedded to his childhood sweetheart Sal,
is a waterman on the River Thames. Life is tough but bearable until William makes
a mistake, a bad mistake for which he and his family are made to pay dearly. His
sentence: to be transported to New South Wales for the term of his natural life.
Soon Thornhill, a man neither better nor worse than most, has to make the most
difficult decision of his life... Contains strong language. TB 14787.

Hall, Daniel
Kemp: passage at arms. 1998. Read by David Thorpe, 13 hours 31 minutes.
TB 12751.
It is 1347 and the French, after a crushing defeat at Crecy, are licking their wounds
whilst their king raises a new army. Disillusioned by the brutality of siege warfare,
Martin Kemp leaves the King's service, but there is no such thing as peace for a
man like Kemp. TB 12751.

Harris, Jane
The observations. 2006. Read by Lara Hutchinson, 15 hours 10 minutes. TB
This story is set in Scotland, in the year 1863. In an attempt to escape her not-so-
innocent past in Glasgow, Bessy Buckley - the wide-eyed Irish heroine - takes a job
as a maid in a big house outside Edinburgh working for the beautiful Arabella.
Bessy is intrigued by her new employer, but puzzled by her increasingly strange
requests and her insistence that Bessy keep a journal of her most intimate
thoughts. And it seems that Arabella has a few secrets of her own - including her
near-obsessive affection for Nora, a former maid who died in mysterious
circumstances. TB 15401.

Harris, Robert
Imperium. 2007. Read by Bill Wallis, 13 hours 54 minutes. TB 15729.
When Tiro, the confidential secretary of a Roman senator, opens the door to a
terrified stranger on a cold November morning, he sets in motion a chain of events
which will eventually propel his master into one of the most famous courtroom
dramas in history. The stranger is a Sicilian, a victim of the island's corrupt Roman
governor, Verres. The senator is Cicero, a brilliant young lawyer and spellbinding
orator, determined to attain imperium - supreme power in the state. TB 15729.

Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia
The dark rose. 1993. Read by Nigel Graham, 20 hours 42 minutes. TB 11246.
Morland dynasty; book 2. Sequel to: The founding, TB 11512. Set in the reign of
Henry VIII. Paul, great-grandson of Eleanor Morland and inheritor of the Morland
estates, has one son from an arranged marriage. He fathers a beloved illegitimate
son, and bitter jealousy arises between the two sons. At court, Nanette, his niece,
becomes maid-in-waiting to Anne Boleyn. TB 11246.

Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia
The princeling. 1994. Read by Elizabeth Proud, 15 hours 4 minutes. TB 11652.
Morland dynasty; book 3. This story sees the Morland family fighting for their
religion, their inheritance and their love. Elizabeth I is now queen of England and
the Catholic Morlands, threatened by the upsurge of Protestantism, must seek new
spheres of influence. TB 11652.

Hearn, Miranda
Nelson's daughter. 2006. Read by Willow Nash, 8 hours 14 minutes. TB 14796.
In a farmhouse near Calais, a lonely English girl pieces together the life of the
legendary Admiral Nelson - the loving godparent that she learnt was her father only
after his death. What no one tells Horatia is that her companion-in-exile, Nelson's
mistress Emma Hamilton, is also her mother. TB 14796.

Heyer, Georgette
Beauvallet. 2008. Read by Cornelius Garrett, 9 hours 4 minutes. TB 15742.
'Mad Nicholas' to his friends, 'Scourge of Spain' to the enemy, Sir Nicholas
Beauvallet has never been known to resist a challenge. When a captured galleon
yields the lovely Dona Dominica de Rada y Sylva, he vows to return her and her
father to the shores of Spain. But he has no sooner done so than he proposes a
venture more reckless than any of his exploits on the high seas, which have made
him Drake's equal and a favourite of the Queen. He will take Dominica as his bride
even if he must enter the lion's den. TB 15742.

Heyer, Georgette
Powder and patch. 1993. Read by Eva Haddon, 5 hours 13 minutes. TB 9982.
In an 18th century England of wit, womanising and powdered wigs, provincial Philip
Jettan runs the risk of irreproachability. Cleone Charteris stands in such danger.
The golden haired, headstrong despair of men, she seeks a husband who can duel
and dice with the best of them. So, Philip leaves for Paris, where his father's hopes
and his lover's ideals are realised, but with unforeseen consequences for them
both. TB 9982.

Holt, Victoria
The devil on horseback. 1977. Read by Carol Marsh, 14 hours 30 minutes. TB
Minella, involved in the intrigues of the daughter of the Comte Fontaine Delibres,
goes with her to France. Posing as the Comte's cousin, she becomes involved in
danger at the Chateau Silvaine, where she meets his invalid wife, his bastard son,
and the mysterious Leon. Caught up in the atmosphere of impending disaster,
Minella is in peril; as the Comte's cousin, she is regarded as a hated aristocrat. TB

Holt, Victoria
The spring of the tiger. 1979. Read by Carol Marsh, 16 hours 37 minutes. TB
The legendary Ashington Pearls, the most extraordinary set of matched pearls in
the world, carry Sarah Ashington into a nightmare of danger and intrigue that
moves from glittering London society to the wild, jungle beauty of Ceylon. TB 3846.

Holt, Victoria
Daughter of deceit. 1991. Read by Patricia Hughes, 14 hours 35 minutes. TB
Noelle's world centred on her fascinating, unconventional mother Desiree. With the
entry into their lives of Lisa Fennell, change came, and when tragedy struck she
was devastated. After finding consolation with Roderick, she went to Cornwall in
search of the truth about herself. Returning to Kent, she found Lisa stood between
her and her happiness. The solution brought doubt which could affect the rest of
her life. TB 9115.

Holt, Victoria
The legend of the seventh virgin. 1977. Read by Joan Walker, 14 hours 28
minutes. TB 8100.
In this novel the author returns to the setting and a period which she has made very
much her own - Cornwall in the second half of the nineteenth century. It is the story
of Kerensa Carlee, a village girl with a remarkable granny and a dream of one day

becoming mistress of St. Larnston Abbas, the great house which for centuries has
been the home of the St. Larnston family. TB 8100.

Holt, Victoria
The demon lover. 1982. Read by Elizabeth de Silva, 16 hours 13 minutes. TB
Kate Collison is a talented miniaturist but cannot develop her career because, as a
woman in 19th century England, her place is firmly in the home. Then Kate is
summoned to Normandy by the powerful Baron de Centeville to paint a miniature
which will be presented to his future bride, and it is this portrait of "The Demon
Lover" which gives Kate the opportunity to broaden her horizons. TB 5775.

Hong, Liu
Wives of the east wind. 2008. Read by Julie Maisey, 8 hours 46 minutes. TB
Spanning four decades of Chinese history, this is an epic tale of friendships, love,
and idealism betrayed. Two couples - Wenya and Zhiying, Zhenzhen and Lao Gao
- meet, marry and become inseparable just as China is shaking off the memory of
war, and the brightest of its youth are pledging themselves to building a vibrant new
future. Yet for all that their lives embody the ideals of the young republic, they are
spared none of the suffering and hardship that are to follow, through years of
famine and the terror of the Cultural Revolution. It is the two women who form the
most powerful bond, and Wenya's loyalty and Zhenzhen's spirit sustain them both
through their darkest hours. And as a new, more affluent China dawns and the
struggle for survival gives way to an equally fierce battle to protect the values
closest to their hearts, Zhenzhen teaches Wenya an unforgettable lesson about
courage. TB 15799.

Humphreys, C C
Jack Absolute. 2004. Read by C C Humphreys, 11 hours 6 minutes. TB 14318.
Jack Absolute series; book 1. 1777. After years away, Jack returns to London to
find that he's famous. A playwright has stolen his name and made "Jack Absolute"
the star of his hit comedy The Rivals. This notoriety makes the real Jack's job
somewhat difficult - he's a spy! But Jack's retirement has to be put on hold when a
duel over an actress forces him to seek refuge with his old commander. John
Burgoyne has been appointed to lead an army down from Canada and crush the
American Revolution. Jack has experience of the Iroquois of North America and
can help rally these vital allies to the King's cause. But there is a traitor at the heart
of the British army, willing to betray Jack's every move. Contains passages of a
sexual nature. TB 14318.

Iggulden, Conn
The gates of Rome. 2003. Read by Robert Genister, 13 hours 14 minutes. TB
Emperor series; book 1. The Emperor series tells the remarkable story of the man
who would become the greatest Roman of them all: Julius Caesar. Interweaving
history and adventure, The Gates of Rome introduces an ambitious young man
facing his first great test. In the city of Rome, a titanic power struggle is about to
shake the Republic to its core. Citizen will fight citizen in a bloody conflict - and
Julius Caesar will be in the thick of the action. Contains violence. TB 15902.

Iggulden, Conn
The death of kings. 2004. Read by Robert Glenister, 18 hours 1 minute. TB
Emperor series; book 2. Forced to flee Rome, Julius Caesar is serving on board a
war galley in the dangerous waters of the Mediterranean and rapidly gaining a
fearsome reputation. But no sooner has he had a memorable victory than his ship
is captured by pirates and he is held to ransom. Abandoned on the north African
coast after hard months of captivity, he begins to gather a group of recruits that he
will eventually forge into a unit powerful enough to gain vengeance on his captors
and to suppress a new uprising in Greece. Returning to Rome as a hero - and as
an increasingly dangerous problem for his enemies - Caesar is reunited with his
boyhood companion Brutus. But soon the friends are called upon to fight as they
have never fought before, when a new crisis threatens to overwhelm the city - in the
form of a rebellious gladiator named Spartacus. TB 15973.

Irwin, Margaret
Elizabeth, captive princess. 1948. Read by Phyllis Boothroyd, 10 hours 12
minutes. TB 2345.
Elizabeth I series; book 2. Sequel to: Young Bess, TB 1251. Princess Elizabeth,
daughter of Anne Boleyn, becomes the focus of her sister Mary's jealous
suspicions, as she endeavours to realise her ambition, namely the Crown of
England. TB 2345.

Irwin, Margaret
Elizabeth and the Prince of Spain. 1953. Read by Arthur Bush, 9 hours 31
minutes. TB 2171.
Elizabeth I series; book 3. The story of the young Elizabeth I, her half-sister Mary
Tudor, and Philip of Spain, who became Mary's husband. TB 2171.

Jacq, Christian
Ramses: the temple of a million years. 1999. Read by Stephen Thorne, 9
hours 30 minutes. TB 14789.
Ramses series; book 2. Sequel to: Ramses: the Son of Light, TB 12628. Ramses II,
the Son of Light, is about to reach his coronation. He has all he should need to
become a great Pharaoh: his wife Nefertari and his mother both love him
unconditionally, and he derives great strength from solid friendships he formed in
childhood, especially with the Hebrew Moses. Perhaps most importantly, he has his
own ability to measure those qualities in other men which will help him to carry out
his duties more effectively. TB 14789.

Jacq, Christian
The battle of Kadesh. 1999. Read by Stephen Thorne, 10 hours 40 minutes.
TB 14895.
Ramses series; book 3. To save Egypt from the Hittites, Ramses II must face the
might of the powerful army whose weapons are vastly superior to Egypt's own. War
seems inevitable, and it is at Kadesh, the impenetrable fortress of Northern Syria,
that the first major battle is to take place. But how can Ramses prepare himself for
such a battle when the health of his beloved wife, Nefertari, is failing rapidly? TB

Jacq, Christian
The lady of Abu Simbel. 2000. Read by Stephen Thorne, 10 hours 59 minutes.
TB 14925.
Ramses series; book 4. Ramses has not managed to subdue the formidable
Hittites. But he decides to negotiate, not fight, for the love that Ramses bears his
Consort Nefertari surpasses his enjoyment of war. He also decided to erect two
fabulous temples at Abu Simbel as symbols of their eternal love. TB 14925.

Jacq, Christian
Under the western Acacia. 2000. Read by Stephen Thorne, 10 hours 12
minutes. TB 14926.
Ramses series; book 5. Ramses is now 50; after bringing outstanding prosperity to
Egypt, he could now have hoped to enjoy a serene old age. But as he strives to
preserve the peace the Hittite Emperor exhorts him to wed his daughter under the
threat of a new war, and the revengeful Libyans are rebelling. TB 14926.

Jarman, Rosemary Hawley
We speak no treason. 1971. Read by Peter Barker, 30 hours 45 minutes. TB
Richard III trilogy; book 1. A portrait of Richard III and of life in fifteenth century
England: politics, superstition and the court. TB 1670.

Jarman, Rosemary Hawley
The King's grey mare. 1973. Read by George Hagan, 20 hours 14 minutes. TB
Richard III trilogy; book 2. The life of Elizabeth Woodville, Queen of Edward IV.
Hardened by early unhappiness, she sets herself up as the head of an utterly
unscrupulous family faction. TB 2239.

Jarman, Rosemary Hawley
The courts of illusion. 1983. Read by George Hagan, 17 hours 33 minutes. TB
Richard III trilogy; book 3. It is five years since the Battle of Bosworth and Nicholas
Archer, son of the Man of Keen Sight, joins the Yorkists in their plans to depose
Henry Tudor. The action ranges from palaces to the taverns of fifteenth-century
Cheapside and over to France and Flanders. TB 4904.

Kaye, M M
The far pavilions. 1978. Read by Garard Green, 49 hours 34 minutes. TB 5187.
The far pavilions are the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas. These mountains,
as well as the people and customs of India, form an integral part of this story of
romance and adventure spanning a quarter of a century. Ash, born shortly before
the Mutiny, is raised as an Indian. Later he is sent to England to be educated. Many
problems are to face him when he returns to play his part as a "Sahib". TB 5187.

Kaye, M M
Shadow of the moon. 1979. Read by Rosemary Davis, 34 hours 14 minutes.
TB 7521.
When India bursts into flaming hatreds and bitter bloodshed during the dark days of
the Mutiny, Captain Alex Randall and his superior's wife, the lovely raven-haired
Winter de Ballesteros, are thrown unwillingly together in the struggle for survival - a
tale of love and war, and India, a country that assaults the senses so strongly that it
is a member of the cast. TB 7521.

Kostova, Elizabeth
The historian: a novel. 2005. Read by Liza Ross, 26 hours 48 minutes. TB
Late one night, exploring her father's library, a young woman finds an ancient book
and a cache of yellowing letters addressed ominously to 'My dear and unfortunate
successor'. Her discovery plunges her into a world she never dreamed of - a
labyrinth where the secrets of her father's past and her mother's mysterious fate
connect to an evil hidden in the depths of history. TB 14907.

Laidlaw, Ross
Attila: the scourge of God. 2004. Read by Stephen Thorne, 16 hours 1 minute.
TB 14842.
The early 5th century AD. The western Roman Empire has been overrun by
German tribes. Too weak to expel them, the imperial government has been forced
to grant federate status to the invaders. Aetius, the last of the Roman generals,
becomes the virtual ruler of the West over the heads of a weak and vicious emperor
and his ambitious mother. Unsuitable for family reading. TB 14842.

Lofts, Norah
The town house. 1959. Read by various narrators, 16 hours 44 minutes. TB
The house in Suffolk; book 1. In 1381, Martin Reed was born as a serf - little more
than a slave to his master. But circumstances turned him into a fugitive. Surviving
near-starvation and harsh treatment, he persevered and found a dynasty and built a
house which would survive the centuries. In this book, the cornerstone of a trilogy,
Martin and others each tell their own startlingly different stories of the first three
generations; stories of love and hate, good fortune and tragedy - and of the will to
survive. TB 11525.

Lofts, Norah
The story of Maude Reed. 1971. Read by Patricia Jones, 4 hours 52 minutes.
TB 11797.
Companion to "The Town House". Maude was eleven years old when she left her
grandfather's house and went to live at Beauclaire Castle. It was the fifteenth
century and Maude, as befitted a girl with noble blood, was to learn the
accomplishments of a lady - how to sew a tapestry, to play the lute, to conduct
herself gracefully in a household of knights and squires. The journey to Beauclaire -
cross country on her small pony - was long and arduous. And when she at last
arrived at the mediaeval estates of my Lord and Lady Astallon, she found that her
adventures were only just beginning. TB 11797.

Lofts, Norah
Knight's Acre. 1975. Read by Peter Gray, 11 hours. TB 2787.
Suffolk trilogy; book 1. While his Lady is left behind to fend for herself in their half-
finished castle, Sir Godfrey sets out to seek fame and fortune in the fight against
the Moors of Southern Spain. TB 2787.

Lofts, Norah
The homecoming. 1975. Read by Andrew Timothy, 11 hours. TB 2878.
Suffolk trilogy; book 2. A story of fifteenth century rural England. The tale unfolds
the new adventures of Sir Godfrey Tallboys and the two women who love him. His
wife, Sybilla, welcoming him home after six long years, learns she must now share

their home with the exotic young creature, Tana, who has saved Godfrey's life. It
does not take a second glance to see that Tana is about to bear a child. What
Sybilla does not know is that the child is Godfrey's. TB 2878.

Lofts, Norah
The lonely furrow. 1976. Read by Peter Gray, 15 hours 6 minutes. TB 3056.
Suffolk trilogy; book 3. Joanna, still working as a ploughboy at Knight's Acre,
agrees to go away to a knightly household to become a lady, but her affection for
Henry Tallboys is as fierce as ever. TB 3056.

Lofts, Norah
A rose for virtue: the very private life of Hortense, step-daughter of Napoleon
I, mother of Napoleon III. 1971. Read by Peter Cushing, 14 hours 30 minutes.
TB 1918.
Hortense, daughter of Josephine and step-daughter to Napoleon marries
Napoleon's brother and eventually gives birth to Napoleon III. TB 1918.

Lofts, Norah
The old priory. 1981. Read by Gretel Davis and Robert Gladwell, 9 hours 23
minutes. TB 4217.
In a strange way Arthur Tresize earns enough money in 1590 to leave the sea for
ever, set himself up as a prosperous farmer and build himself a house from the
stones of the old Priory. TB 4217.

Lofts, Norah
A wayside tavern. 1980. Read by Robert Gladwell, 19 hours 9 minutes. TB
A series of dramatic incidents compose the story a Suffolk drinking place from the
end of the Roman occupation of Britain until the present. TB 3797.

Lofts, Norah
Nethergate. 1973. Read by Andrew Timothy, 11 hours 18 minutes. TB 2236.
The story, told by those associated with it, of a Suffolk country house from the
middle of the 18th century to the beginning of the 19th, and of the loves, jealousies
and intrigues of its inhabitants. TB 2236.

Lord, Elizabeth
The turning tides. 2004. Read by Patricia Gallimore, 16 hours 2 minutes. TB
Amy Harrington leads a privileged life among the Bright Young Things in 1920s
London. Her maid, Alice Jordan, from an East End family, occupies a very different
world. But when a disgraced Amy is disowned by her parents, it is Alice to whom
she turns in desperation. TB 14437.

Lord, Elizabeth
Company of rebels. 2005. Read by Michael Tudor Barnes, 10 hours 35
minutes. TB 14484.
In the small Essex village of Fobbing, a band of peasants, brought to breaking point
by poverty and famine, is incited to revolt. Led by the blacksmith, John Melle, and
his best friend, Tom Baker, the peasants make their way to London to protest
against the unjust poll taxes levied under the reign of Richard II. But the friendship
between two revolutionaries is shattered when one embarks on an affair with the
other's wife - an act of deceit that has far-reaching repercussions, particularly when
the revolt fails and the wronged man is sentenced to death for treason. TB 14484.

Lord, Elizabeth
Give me tomorrow. 2006. Read by Marie McCarthy, 11 hours 51 minutes. TB
Office worker Eveline Fenton's life changes forever when she's caught up in a
suffragette march in the summer of 1909. It is here that Eveline meets Constance
Mornington. Though the two girls are from very different backgrounds their meeting
is the start of a life-long friendship. TB 14674.

McCullough, Colleen
Antony and Cleopatra. 2008. Read by Shena Mathan, 27 hours. TB 16043.
Passion, politics, love and death combine in a novel of the legendary love affair
between Antony and Cleopatra. To achieve world power for her son, Cleopatra
must seduce and hold in thrall either Octavian or Antony. TB 16043.

McCullough, Colleen
The grass crown. 1991. Read by Rosemary Davis, 50 hours 55 minutes. TB
Masters of Rome series; book 2. Sequel to: The first man in Rome, TB 9128.
Continues the saga of the Roman republic started with "The first man in Rome", as
the corrupt but brilliant General Sulla bids for the consulate of Rome. Rivalry
blossoms between Sulla and Marius, and a competition for prominence is set
against Rome's own battle for survival, first against neighbouring Italian states, and
then against a barbaric Asian conqueror. TB 9764.

McCullough, Colleen
Fortune's favourites. 1993. Read by Alistair Maydon, 45 hours 28 minutes. TB
Masters of Rome series; book 3. The story of Sulla's return from exile, his
installation as dictator of Rome and his self-imposed retirement. It witnesses the
spectacle of Pompey, who calls himself Magnus, who is determined to leapfrog
over the accepted path of Roman politics, and retells the story of Spartacus and his

doomed slave revolt. Caesar's exploits as a young soldier and advocate test his
talents, until he finally towers over all the others with whom he shares the stage of
Roman politics. Contains strong language. TB 11025.

McCullough, Colleen
Caesar's women. 1996. Read by Alistair Maydon, 37 hours 49 minutes. TB
Masters of Rome series; book 4. The dramatic story of Julius Caesar and the
Republic of Rome. His rise to prominence begins with his return to the Roman
Forum. As well as his victories within the Forum, Caesar also conquers Rome's
noblewomen including Servilia, the mother of Brutus. To Caesar, love is just
another weapon in his political arsenal. Contains passages of a sexual nature. TB

McCullough, Colleen
Caesar. 1998. Read by Alistair Maydon, 34 hours 43 minutes. TB 11899.
Masters of Rome series; book 5. The story opens in Gaul, where Caesar is
engaged in the conquest of a fierce, brave and dogged people, the Celtic and
Belgic Gauls who wear their hair long and their valour gloriously. The battles are
titanic, the sides evenly matched. Except that no Gallic prince owns Caesar's
ambition, and ambition wins. Contains passages of a sexual nature. TB 11899.

McCullough, Colleen
The October horse. 2003. Read by Michael Tudor Barnes, 39 hours 24
minutes. TB 15827.
Masters of Rome series; book 6. Caesar is in the prime of his life and the height of
his powers. A man of contradictions, Caesar is happily married yet at the same time
the lover of the enigmatic and subtle Egyptian ruler, Cleopatra. Caesar want to end
Rome's endless wars, but his greatness attracts envy and jealously to a dangerous
degree and his destruction becomes inevitable. Contains strong language. TB

Martin, Valerie
Property. 2003. Read by Regina Reagan, 6 hours 5 minutes. TB 13336.
Manon Gaudet is unhappily married to the owner of a Louisiana sugar plantation.
She misses her family and longs for the vibrant lifestyle of her native New Orleans,
but most of all she longs to be free of her suffocating domestic situation. The
tension revolves around Sarah, a slave girl given to Manon as a wedding present
from her aunt, whose young son Walter is living proof of where Manon's husband's
inclinations lie. This private drama is played out against a brooding atmosphere of
slave unrest and bloody uprisings. And if the attacks reach Manon's house, no one
can be sure which way Sarah will turn... Contains violence. TB 13336.

Michener, James Albert
Texas. 1985. Read by Jon Cartwright, 59 hours 18 minutes. TB 6524.
The place names of Texas are landmarks of American history: Fort Worth, Laredo,
the Alamo and, in this century, Dallas, Austin and Houston. A task force of
prominent Texans gathers to prepare a history of their state. From this simple
beginning the author combines fact and fiction to write the story of four Texan
families, from the early 16th century blend of colonial piety and profit to the
dynasties of the oil and cattle barons of today. TB 6524.

Michener, James Albert
Poland. 1983. Read by Boris Isarov, 33 hours 18 minutes. TB 6011.
A story of three families, the Counts Lubonski, the petty nobles Bukowski and the
peasants Buk through eight hundred years of Polish history - tragic, often violent,
and ranging from extreme brutality to noble sacrifice. TB 6011.

Miles, Rosalind
Guenevere: The Queen of the Summer Country. 1999. Read by Penelope
Freeman, 20 hours 43 minutes. TB 12247.
Guenevere trilogy; book 1. Following the sudden, violent death of her mother, the
young Guenevere faces with trepidation the prospect of becoming Queen of the
Summer Country. Plots are afoot to weaken her powers by seeking her hand in
marriage. Contains passages of a sexual nature. TB 12247.

Min, Anchee
Empress Orchid. 2005. Read by Di Langford, 15 hours 36 minutes. TB 15339.
To rescue her family from poverty and avoid marrying her slope-shouldered cousin,
seventeen-year-old Orchid competes to be one of the Emperor's wives. When she
is chosen as a lower-ranking concubine she enters the erotically charged and
ritualised Forbidden City. Orchid trains herself in the art of pleasuring a man, bribes
her way into the royal bed, and seduces the monarch, drawing the attention of
dangerous foes. Little does she know that China will collapse around her, and that
she will be the last Empress. Unsuitable for family reading. TB 15339.

Mitchison, Naomi
The oath takers. 1991. Read by Robin Browne, 4 hours 58 minutes. TB 10047.
In the fiercely unsettled Frankish Empire of 9th Century Europe, following the death
of Charlemagne the Great, old allegiances and loyalties are changing with the
dawning of new ideas. Drogo's questioning spirit leads him through a dangerous
landscape towards self-discovery and enlightenment in the Spain of Caliphate.
"The Oath Takers" is set at a turning point in history and rings with contemporary
meaning. TB 10047.

Mitchison, Naomi
Cleopatra's people. 1972. Read by Marvin Kane, 8 hours 28 minutes. TB 2014.
A story of the last years of Cleopatra's reign and the time after her death when her
children were in exile and Rome ruled Egypt from a garrison in Alexandria. TB

O'Connor, Joseph
Redemption falls. 2007. Read by Peter Marinker, 19 hours 3 minutes. TB
1865. The American Civil War is ending. Eighteen years after the famine ship Star
of the Sea docked at New York, the daughter of two of her passengers sets out
from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on a walk across a devastated America. Eliza Duane
Mooney is searching for a young boy she has not seen in four years, one of the
hundred thousand children drawn into the war. His fate has been mysterious and
will prove extraordinary. It's a walk that will have consequences for many seemingly
unconnected survivors. Contains strong language. TB 15533.

Oldfield, Pamela
Lily Golightly. 1987. Read by Carol Marsh, 18 hours 19 minutes. TB 6910.
Lily has barely adjusted to her married name when her husband, Patrick, sets sail
for New York to take up a position in his uncle's firm. But instead of the long-
awaited summons, news comes that he has succumbed to gold fever and is
planning to go west to California without her. Lily makes up her mind to share his
adventure ...TB 6910.

Paisley, Janet
White rose rebel. 2008. Read by Carolyn Bonnyman, 13 hours 55 minutes. TB
Anne Farquharson is a Highland girl - tempestuous, bold, determined to be her own
woman. Yet the clan Farquharson is threatened. The Highlands suffer at the
domineering hand of English King George, while there are rumours that Bonnie
Prince Charlie, exiled to France, is raising an army in a bid for the throne. When
Anne marries a clan chief and creates a shaky alliance, she is doing more than
taking his bed. Soon she is drawn into the heart of a brutal and bloody conflict, and
as the Jacobite rebellion escalates, she and her husband find themselves on
opposite sides of the battlefield. "White Rose Rebel" is inspired by the true story of
a Highland heroine who risked everything for her country and its rightful king.
Contains strong language. TB 15842.

Parker, Alan
The sucker's kiss. 2004. Read by Tim Machin, 9 hours 59 minutes. TB 14386.
It is during the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 that seven-year-old Thomas
Moran finds himself accidentally embarking on a career in pick-pocketing. In the

years that follow he becomes a master of his dubious craft and grows to manhood
travelling from state to state across America. Gangsters, con-artists, corrupt clergy
and speak-easy bootleggers all have a part to play in Tommy's destiny, but it is
Effie, the great love of his life, that offers him the chance to change his future. TB

Paver, Michelle
A place in the hills. 2002. Read by Veronika Hyks, 14 hours 26 minutes. TB
In the splendour and savagery of ancient Rome, Cassius, the greatest poet of his
age, lost the only woman he ever loved. Two thousand years later, in the foothills of
the Pyrenees, Antonia is driven to solve the riddle Cassius left behind. Her chance
comes when she and her father, both archaeologists, excavate the sun-baked
valley where Cassius lived and died. For Antonia there is a chance - one final
chance - to undo the mistakes of the past, and to solve the age-old mystery that
binds past and present together. TB 13944.

Plaidy, Jean
The shadow of the pomegranate. 2006. Read by Candida Gubbins, 9 hours 10
minutes. TB 14612.
Katherine of Aragon trilogy; book 2. Sequel to: Katherine, the virgin widow, TB
14543. Whilst the young King Henry VIII basks in the pageants and games of his
glittering court, his doting queen's health and fortunes fade. Henry's affections for
his older wife soon stray, leaving the lonely Katherine to instead use her marital
sway to dangerous foreign advantage. Overseas battles play on Henry's volatile
temper and rumours of his fruitful affairs are notorious. With no legitimate heir yet
born, Katherine once again begins to fear for her future. TB 14612.

Plaidy, Jean
The lion of justice. 1975. Read by George Hagan, 11 hours 15 minutes. TB
Norman trilogy; book 2. Sequel to: The bastard King, TB 3129. When the
Conqueror died he left three sons - Robert, William Rufus who became King of
England, and Henry. This story tells of the conflict between them. TB 3091.

Plaidy, Jean
The passionate enemies. 1976. Read by George Hagan, 12 hours 40 minutes.
TB 3061.
Norman trilogy; book 3. Henry I is old and weak. His daughter Matilda and his
nephew Stephen compete for the throne in a battle of love and hate. TB 3061.

Plaidy, Jean
The Plantagenet prelude. 1976. Read by George Hagan, 13 hours 15 minutes.
TB 2998.
Plantagenet saga; book 1. The Plantaganet saga begins with the tale of Eleanor of
Aquitaine, Henry Duke of Normandy and Thomas a Becket. TB 2998.

Plaidy, Jean
The revolt of the eaglets. 1977. Read by Robert Gladwell, 13 hours 13
minutes. TB 3278.
Plantagenet saga; book 2. Henry Plantagenet, now at the height of his power, was
beset by problems: the hatred of his family, suspicions of the people about the
murder of Thomas a Becket, and the revolt of his sons. TB 3278.

Plaidy, Jean
The heart of the lion. 1977. Read by Stephen Jack, 12 hours 16 minutes.
TB 3279.
Plantagenet saga; book 3. Richard has succeeded Henry II, but his vow to win back
Jerusalem for the Christian World matters more to him than the throne of England.
TB 3279.

Plaidy, Jean
The captive of Kensington Palace. 1972. Read by Peter Gray, 12 hours. TB
Queen Victoria series; book 1. An account of the years when Victoria was "heiress
presumptive" to the throne, sheltered and over-protected until the day she became
Queen of England. TB 2229.

Plaidy, Jean
The Queen and Lord M. 1973. Read by Peter Gray, 10 hours. TB 2520.
Queen Victoria series; book 2. The story of the early years of Victoria's reign and
her relationship with Lord Melbourne, her prime minister and adviser. TB 2520.

Plaidy, Jean
The Queen's husband. 1973. Read by Peter Gray, 14 hours 45 minutes. TB
Queen Victoria series; book 3. Albert was the power behind the throne and was
determined that, for Victoria, family life should be at least equal in importance to her
life as Queen of England. TB 2521.

Plaidy, Jean
The Widow of Windsor. 1974. Read by Peter Gray, 13 hours 20 minutes. TB
Queen Victoria series; book 4. After the death of Albert, Victoria begins a long
widowhood. TB 2545.

Plaidy, Jean
Queen of this realm. 1995. Read by Rosemary Davis, 27 hours 13 minutes. TB
Queens of England; book 2. Sequel to: Myself my enemy, TB 11163. In the
glittering, treacherous court of Henry VIII, young Elizabeth's early years were filled
with danger. Hiding in the shadows, watching the unlucky women who followed her
beloved mother, Anne Boleyn, she quickly learned how precarious it could be to
wait on the fickle favours of men. So, the young princess vowed that she alone
would control her destiny, and, when the nightmare reign of her sister, Mary, ended,
Elizabeth was ready... TB 10749.

Plaidy, Jean
Victoria victorious. 1985. Read by Judy Franklin, 22 hours 59 minutes. TB
Queens of England; book 3. An innocent young girl grows into a great queen
leaving behind the childhood influences of her mother and the Baroness Lehzen to
lean on men such as Lord Melbourne, her Uncle Leopold and then her beloved
Albert, Prince Consort, the most important person in her life. TB 6411.

Plaidy, Jean
The lady in the tower. 1986. Read by Frances Jeater, 16 hours 48 minutes. TB
Queens of England; book 4. "The Lady in the Tower" concentrates on the second
and most fascinating of Henry VIII's wives, Anne Boleyn. She was singled out for
her elegance and a quality which was even more exciting than beauty. The love
story that rocked the foundations of the church and changed the course of history
was that of an obsessive love that turned to murderous hate. TB 10634.

Plaidy, Jean
Uneasy lies the head. 1982. Read by Barrie Shore, 12 hours 9 minutes. TB
Tudor series; book 1. The crown of England is now on the head of Henry VII and he
has his first son, Arthur. Even so there are shadows from the past which threaten
the throne and it is several years before Perkin Warbeck and Lambert Simnel are to
be overcome completely. A second son, Henry, becomes Prince of Wales and a
dazzling personality at court. TB 5117.

Plaidy, Jean
The king's adventurer: Captain John Smith and Pocahontas. 1996. Read by
Eva Haddon, 11 hours 5 minutes. TB 11147.
From his earliest boyhood, John Smith wanted to go adventuring over the sea. He
followed his dream through Europe, and destiny led him to the new colony of
Virginia, where he was to find joy and bitterness, fulfilment and disaster. He was to
be a distrusted Paleface and a demi-god, and was to be saved from death by the
beautiful, half-wild Pocahontas. TB 11147.

Prince, Peter
Adam runaway. 2005. Read by David Thorpe, 18 hours 57 minutes. TB 14641.
The year is 1721 and handsome young Adam Hanaway has arrived in Lisbon,
where his uncle is a merchant, hoping to restore the family fortune that was
devastated the previous year. But almost nothing turns out as Adam planned. His
family's welcome is cool and his rise to the top is thwarted by his uncle's
treacherous head clerk, Bartolomeu Gomes. Then darker forces intervene and
Adam is expelled from the family firm for a crime of which he is innocent. Somehow
he must clear his name, win his love, and make his fortune. Contains strong
language. TB 14641.

Renault, Mary
The bull from the sea. 1962. Read by Simon Vance, 9 hours 48 minutes. TB
Theseus series; book 2. Sequel to: The King must die, TB 4743. Theseus the bull-
leaper returns to Attica from Crete. He has sacked the Labyrinth, brought down the
Minoan dynasty and now the boy-king must be the High King and learn to rule like a
god. But even a hero-king can have his destiny stolen by love... TB 4789.

Renault, Mary
The mask of Apollo. 1966. Read by George Hagan, 15 hours 42 minutes. TB
Nikeratos travels from city to city attending the great festivals, and gets to know
Plato and his friend Dion. TB 239.

Rutherfurd, Edward
The forest. 2000. Read by Alexander John, 30 hours 43 minutes. TB 12199.
An epic centred on one of the most visited beauty spots in England – the New
Forest. Few places are more historically resonant, more mysterious or more
friendly. TB 12199.

Scott, Walter
The bride of Lammermoor. 1819. Read by Malcolm Ruthven, 12 hours 28
minutes. TB 5825.
Lord Ravenswood, deprived of his title for his part in the Civil War and
dispossessed of his estate by trickery, dies in a fit of fury against Sir William
Ashton, the man whom he regards as the author of his ruin. His son, the fiery
Master of Ravenshood, inherits his father's hatred of Sir William but Fate makes
him fall in love with Ashton's daughter, bringing disaster upon both households. TB

Scott, Walter
Ivanhoe. 1819. Read by Stanley Pritchard, 21 hours 15 minutes. TB 1024.
Scott's noble knight, Ivanhoe, returns home from the Crusades to claim Rowena,
an Anglo-Saxon princess, to be his bride. Before long he is embroiled in the
struggle between Prince John and his brother Richard the Lionheart. TB 1024.

See, Lisa
Snow flower and the secret fan. 2006. Read by Di Langford, 11 hours 8
minutes. TB 14527.
Lily is the daughter of a humble farmer, and to her family she is just another
expensive mouth to feed. Then, the local matchmaker delivers startling news: if
Lily's feet are bound properly, they will be flawless. In nineteenth-century China,
where a woman's eligibility is judged by the shape and size of her feet, this is
extraordinary good luck. Lily, now, has the power to make a good marriage and
change the fortunes of her family. To prepare for her new life, she must undergo
the agonies of footbinding, learn nu shu, the famed secret women's writing, and
make a very special friend, Snow Flower. But, a bitter reversal of fortune is about to
change everything. TB 14527.

Seton, Anya
The Winthrop woman. 1996. Read by Carmen Lynne Williamson, 27 hours 3
minutes. TB 10922.
Born in 1610 into a well connected Suffolk family, Bess was frequently in conflict
with her Puritan uncle John, the head of the family, but when he sails as governor
to a new colony in America in 1631, she has to join him, as by then she is widowed
with a baby to support. Conflicts and hardships increase, but Bess fights her way
through to freedom and security at last. Contains passages of a sexual nature. TB

Seton, Anya
Devil water. 1964. Read by David Broomfield, 25 hours 21 minutes. TB 1669.
Jacobite loyalties and divided affections bring tragedy to the aristocratic Radcliffes
of Northumberland; but young Jenny meets her many trials with sturdy
independence. TB 1669.

Seton, Anya
Avalon. 1966. Read by Stephen Jack, 17 hours. TB 789.
It is the last quarter of the tenth century, a time of conflict between Church and
State, a time of threat from Viking invasions. Amidst the violence comes a knight
called Rumon, whose love for the beautiful Merewyn leads them both across the
seas to an unknown western land. TB 789.

Slouka, Mark
The visible world. 2008. Read by Garrick Hagon, 8 hours 48 minutes. TB
The narrator of The Visible World, the American-born son of Czech immigrants
living in New York, grows up in an atmosphere haunted by fragments of a past he
cannot understand. It is only as an adult, when he makes his own journey to
Prague, that he is finally able to piece together the truth of his parents' past: what
they did, who his mother loved, and why they were never able to forget. TB 15665.

Smith, Wilbur
The seventh scroll. 1995. Read by Jon Cartwright, 23 hours 29 minutes. TB
Egyptian series; book 2. Sequel to: River god, TB 9776. Duraid al Simmu and his
wife Royan were the first to discover the tomb of Queen Lostris and with it, the
scrolls recording the burial of Pharoah Mamose and his treasure. When Duraid is
murdered and their research notes stolen, Royan finds the courage to return, for
Duraid and for the dreams of an ancient Pharaoh. Contains violence. TB 10416.

Smith, Wilbur
Warlock. 2001. Read by Nigel Graham, 25 hours 19 minutes. TB 12554.
Egyptian series; book 3. Stricken with grief after the death of Queen Lostris, Taita
becomes a hermit, studies the occult and transforms himself into a warlock. He
discovers there has been a divine purpose in his suffering when he is called upon
to save the dynasty of Queen Lostris from the evil that looms over Egypt. Contains
passages of a sexual nature. TB 12554.

Smith, Wilbur
The quest. 2007. Read by Jon Cartwright, 22 hours 45 minutes. TB 15808.
Egyptian series; book 4. Egypt is struck by a series of terrible plagues that cripple
the Kingdom, and then the ultimate disaster follows. The Nile fails. The waters that

nourish and sustain the land dry up. Something catastrophic is taking place in the
distant and totally unexplored depths of Africa from where the mighty river springs.
In desperation Pharoah sends for Taita, the only man who might be able to win
through to the source of the Nile and discover the cause of all their woes. Contains
passages of a sexual nature. TB 15808.

Softly, Barbara
Place mill. 2004. Read by Sherry Baines, 5 hours 19 minutes. TB 14160.
The bloody conflict is at its height when Nicholas Lambert's father is shot as a
traitor to the King's cause. Young Nicholas flees his home in order to join the
royalists Army, leaving his little sister Katharine behind. Six years later, when the
Royalists are finally defeated at Worcester, Nicholas is a fugitive and his life is in
danger. Together with two friends he seeks shelter in his old home; it is much
changed. TB 14160.

Stephen, Martin
The desperate remedy: Henry Gresham and the gunpowder plot. 2002. Read
by Michael Tudor Barnes, 12 hours 33 minutes. TB 14727.
Henry Gresham series; book 1. Thief. Informer. Double-dealer. Whoremonger.
Drunkard. Gambler. Pimp. Will Shadwell may not be the most moral of men, but to
Henry Gresham - gentlemen, scholar, courtier, spy - he is invaluable. From the
court of King James to the deadly underworld of Jacobean London, the desperate
remedy is a thrilling tale of gunpowder, treason and plot. TB 14727.

Stewart, Mary
The crystal cave. 1970. Read by George Hagan, 17 hours 47 minutes. TB 1584.
Merlin and Arthur; book 1. The story of Merlin the Enchanter, his life in fifth-century
Britain, his visions and final hopes for Arthur. TB 1584.

Stewart, Mary
The hollow hills. 1973. Read by Peter Gray, 17 hours 34 minutes. TB 2329.
Merlin and Arthur; book 2. The story of Merlin the magician and the boyhood of
Arthur from his birth to his accession to the throne. TB 2329.

Stewart, Mary
The last enchantment. 1979. Read by Gene Foad, 17 hours 15 minutes. TB
Merlin and Arthur; book 3. In the dark ebb-tide of his powers, Merlin is not totally
deserted by his God. A story set in Dark Age Britain and peopled by princes and
soldiers, grave-robbers and goldsmiths, peasants and witches. TB 5133.

Stewart, Mary
The wicked day. 1983. Read by Syd Ralph, 14 hours 20 minutes. TB 5323.
Merlin and Arthur; book 4. Fourth book in the series about Merlin, although he does
not appear in person. Mordred, the son of Arthur and his half-sister, Morgause, is
the central figure: sent away as a child by his witch-queen mother and reared in
secret to be the doom of her hated half-brother. TB 5323.

Thompson, E V
The music makers. 1981. Read by Kate Binchy, 15 hours. TB 7281.
Against the stark backdrop of the 1840s in Ireland unfolds the story of Liam
McCabe, a fisherman of Kilmar who turns to politics to offer a gleam of hope to his
oppressed countrymen. Never far off are the women in his life: Kathie the winsome
fiddler's daughter and Caroline, the dazzling lady who feels for the poor cottiers.
Liam is to face a host of enemies in the corruption of those in power ...TB 7281.

Tranter, Nigel
The riven realm. 1984. Read by Tony Chambers, 14 hours 58 minutes. TB
James V trilogy; book 1. "Sorry the nation where a babe is king" runs the old saying
and rarely is its truth more direly demonstrated than in Scotland after its most
grievous disaster, Flodden Field in 1513, as 17 month old James V succeeds to a
shattered realm. Power-hungry, warring men wait like jackals to assault the
kingdom. Against this background David Lindsay and David Beaton are caught up
in the hatred and fear, war and treachery. TB 6509.

Tranter, Nigel
The Path of the Hero King. 1996. Read by Robbie MacNab, 16 hours 43
minutes. TB 11314.
Robert the Bruce trilogy; book 2. Sequel to: The steps to the empty throne, TB
11164. A fugitive, guilt-ridden and excommunicated, Robert the Bruce faced a
future that all saw as devoid of hope. His kingdom was occupied, his army defeated
and many of his people were against him. But he blazed the path of the hero king,
all the way from the ill-starred landing on the Ayrshire coast to Bannockburn. TB

Tranter, Nigel
The Price of the King's Peace. 1996. Read by Robbie MacNab, 15 hours 57
minutes. TB 11378.
Robert the Bruce trilogy; book 3. Even after Bannockburn, Robert the Bruce and
Scotland faced fourteen years of turmoil before the English acknowledged Bruce as
a sovereign king. These years only served to strengthen Bruce's passionate love
for his land and people. TB 11378.

Tranter, Nigel
The Montrose omnibus. 1987. Read by Johnathan Hackett, 19 hours 35
minutes. TB 11345.
James Graham, Marquis of Montrose, is a noble figure in Scottish history. Yet
James Graham's final reward was to be the ultimate royal betrayal. This story
charts the gallant yet desperate history of this remarkable man. TB 11345.

Tranter, Nigel
The stone. 1993. Read by Hugh Ross, 8 hours. TB 12296.
Plundered from Scotland by Edward I in 1296, the Stone of Destiny lay beneath the
Coronation Chair in Westminster Abbey for 700 years - but for centuries rumour
and speculation have surrounded the origins of this legendary symbol of Royal
power. Was this the real Stone, or merely a 13th century fake? TB 12296.

Tremain, Rose
Music & silence. 2007. Read by Jenny Agutter, 18 hours 21 minutes. TB
In the year 1629, a young English lutenist named Peter Claire arrives at the Danish
Court to join King Christian IV's Royal Orchestra. From the moment when he
realises that the musicians perform in a freezing cellar underneath the royal
apartments, Peter Claire understands that he's come to a place where the opposing
states of light and dark, good and evil, are waging war to death. TB 15423.

Trollope, Joanna
Leaves from the Valley. 1980. Read by Ann Kenton-Barker, 9 hours 58
minutes. TB 10132.
Captain Edgar Drummond, invites his two sisters Blanche and Sarah to accompany
him to the Crimea. It is, after all, likely to be "only the smallest of skirmishes", and
Constantinople could prove a most refreshing change of scene. Also on board the
ship transporting the regiment is a young war correspondent Robert Chiltern, who is
far more aware of the dangers. In the Crimea, Edgar soon finds his beloved reason
and order are ineffectual amidst the chaos of war, and Blanche discovers that her
beauty and frivolity have no place. Only Sarah finds the courage to take an active
role. TB 10132.

Trollope, Joanna
The city of gems. 1983. Read by Donald Pickering, 11 hours 35 minutes. TB
On the same day in 1879 that Queen Supayalat of Mandalay ordered 80 members
of the royal family to be clubbed to death, Maria Beresford celebrated her 21st
birthday. On that day, Maria knew nothing of Mandalay, its cruelty and fascination.
Neither did Grace Prior, the missionary's daughter, nor Archie Tennant, on his way
out from England to seek his fortune in the teak forests of Upper Burma, but an

extravagant world awaited them, a world of politics and intrigue, a world of
enchantment and, a world that held the key to all their destinies. TB 10192.

Uris, Leon
Trinity. 1977. Read by John Cormack, 27 hours 19 minutes. TB 9462.
The tragedy of Ireland - from the famine of the 1840s to the Easter Rising of 1916,
a powerful and stirring novel about the loves and hates, the defeats and triumphs of
three families - a terrible and beautiful drama spanning more than half a century.
TB 9462.

Vidal, Gore
1876: a novel. 1976. Read by Marvin Kane, 15 hours 11 minutes. TB 3613.
After several decades in Europe, the American journalist Schuyler returns to the
United States in 1876 and soon finds himself involved with the manoeuvres for the
next Presidential nomination. TB 3613.

Waters, Sarah
Tipping the velvet. 1999. Read by Charlotte Strevens, 18 hours 38 minutes. TB
In the bawdy music halls of the late-19th century, Nan is captivated by Kitty Butler,
a male impersonator. She manages to meet her heroine and soon after becomes
her dresser. Heading for the bright lights of London they form a double act, while
privately, a love affair begins. Contains strong language. TB 14976.

Waters, Sarah
Fingersmith. 2002. Read by Rachel Atkins, 20 hours 2 minutes. TB 12892.
Set in a den of thieves in 1860's London, this novel focuses on Susan, a
pickpocket, who is persuaded by her cohorts to pose as a lady's maid and infiltrate
the household of Maud, a young heiress in possession of a large inheritance.
Contains strong language. TB 12892.

Yerby, Frank
The devil's laughter. 1954. Read by Anthony Parker, 17 hours. TB 666.
Jean is a man of great passion and high ideals, but his enthusiasm for the
French Revolution is shattered by the sickening scenes of cruelty – here described
in some detail. Contains violence. TB 666.

Young, Robyn
Brethren. 2006. Read by Christopher Scott, 21 hours 48 minutes. TB 14869.
Brethren series; book 1. Will has been brought up from boyhood in the ways of the
all-powerful Order of the Knights Templar. He faces a long, hard apprenticeship to
the foul-tempered scholar Everard, before he can have any chance of becoming a
Knight. As he struggles to survive in the harsh discipline of the Temple, Will must

try to make sense of many things: his own past, the dangerous mystery that
surrounds Everard, and his confused feelings for Elwen, the strong-willed young
woman whose path seems always to cross his own. Contains violence. TB 14869.

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