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									                    The Irish Auctioneers & Valuers Institute represents c.
                    2,000 qualified auctioneers, estate agents, valuers and
                    property professionals throughout Ireland and abroad.

                    The Institute was first registered as a company in the
                    Republic of Ireland in 1922. In 1957 the current Grade
                    One Listed headquarters building at 38 Merrion Square,
                    Dublin was acquired. Considerable effort has gone into
                    maintaining this prestigious building, which is one of the
    The Irish       finest examples of Georgian architecture in the capital.

Auctioneers and     LEGISLATION
                    The IAVI was instrumental in the enactment of the

Valuers Institute   primary Act governing the profession, the Auctioneers &
                    House Agents Act, 1947.

                    Legislation to formally establish the Property Services
                    Regulatory Authority is expected to be passed early in
                    2009, some three years behind schedule. This legislation
                    will introduce licensing for all firms and practitioners,
                    with minimal educational, Professional Indemnity
                    Insurance and CPD. Requirements.

 Prospectus of      The IAVI has provided substantive courses of education
                    since 1964, with successful completion becoming
  Educational       mandatory for membership in the early 1970’s. The
                    current entry programme for IAVI membership is
                    organised and administered by the IAVI and carries an
   Courses          Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Property Studies
                    from DIT. The Institute also recognises full-time degree
 Providing the      courses at DIT, LIT, GMIT and UUJ..

                    A part-time programme leading to Associate Membership
   Academic         is now delivered over a 2-year period.

Requirements for    As part of their commitment to life-long learning, IAVI
                    members have accepted a Continuing Professional
                    Development requirement of 60 hours in any given three-
  Membership        year period.

                    IAVI WEBSITE
                    Following its launch in February 2007 the IAVI website
                    has been modified in both content and design. The
                    homepage was redesigned during the year to reflect the
                    new logo strapline. Sections of the public area were
                    expanded to include additional information.

                    In the members’ area an important development was the
  August 2008       introduction of a technical support facility which allows
                    members to email the Institute with a specific problem or
                    issue which requires assistance. Also added to the
                    members’ area was a new CPD section which includes a
                    test facility to view CPD seminars online. The online
facility is being streamlined at present and will include the
facility to pay for both booking attendance at seminars and
viewing seminars online. It is envisaged that this facility
will be available early in 2009. A discussion forum will
also be ready to roll out before the end of the year.

A new student site was developed during the year. It            MEMBERSHIP:
provides valuable information for college students and          Persons intending to apply for membership of the IAVI
students participating in the IAVI/DIT courses.                 must satisfy one of the following conditions:
                                                                - have successfully completed a recognised Property
The website is a “work in progress” project and further         Degree course and have at least one year’s approved
refinements will be added as necessary.                         practical experience.
                                                                - have passed all required subjects of the IAVI/DIT BSc
                                                                (Hons) in Property Studies and have appropriate
VOLUNTARY COMPENSATION FUND                                     practical experience.
In 1977 the IAVI established a voluntary compensation           - hold a professional qualification recognised by the
fund, which now offers extra protection to the public           IAVI and have appropriate practical experience.
paying deposits on real property transactions in Ireland to
an IAVI Member Firm. The fund provides cover for up to          ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP
€63,487 in the case of each claim with a cap of €190,460        Persons intending to apply for associate membership must
in total per IAVI Member Firm. This represents 15 times         have passed all subjects in the Residential and Land
the High Court Bond required by current legislation.            Agency Course or its successor, the IAVI/DIT Higher
Radical changes to the protection of client funds are likely    Certificate in Property Studies.
in anticipated legislation.
                                                                FULL-TIME 4-YEAR PROPERTY DEGREE COURSES
MEMBER FIRM STATUS                                              Appoved Property Degree courses in Ireland are:
IAVI Member Firm Status is generally available to               i. BSc (Hons) in Real Estate
practices where at least 51% of beneficial ownership is            4-year sandwich course at Limerick Institute of
held by individual IAVI members or associate members.              Technology, Moylish Park Limerick.
Members who believe their practice would qualify for               (CAO/CAS No. LC481).          Tel: (061) 208 208.
IAVI Member Firm status, which carries many benefits,    
should contact the Institute for an application form.
                                                                ii    BSc (Hons) in Property Economics, (Valuation
LICENCE AND P.I. INSURANCE                                           4-year course at Dublin Institute of Technology,
All firms with an IAVI Principal must produce evidence of            Bolton Street, Dublin 1.
both Professional Indemnity cover and a current licence to           (CAO/CAS No. DT110). Tel: (01) 402 3000.
the Institute.                                             

INTERNATIONAL AND OTHER BODIES                                  iii BSc (Hons) in Property Studies
                                                                    4-year course at Galway-Mayo Institute of
The IAVI is a member of:
                                                                    Technology, Dublin Road, Galway.
ICREA – The International Consortium of Real Estate
                                                                    (CAO/CAS No. GA443). Tel: (091) 753 161.
FIABCI – The International Real Estate Federation
EPAG – The European Property Agents’ Group
                                                                iv BSc (Hons) in Property Investment and Development
IVSC – The International Valuation Standards Committee
                                                                   4-Year sandwich course at University of Ulster
TEGoVA – The European Group of Valuers’ Associations
                                                                   Jordanstown, Newtownabbey BT37 0QB.
PARN – The Professional Associations’ Research
                                                                   (UCAS Code KN42 J BSc/PID BSc (Hons) Property
                                                                   Investment and Development). Tel: (048) 90365 131.
IIPA – Irish Inter-Professional Association.
And has a bi-lateral co-operation agreement in place with
                                                                The courses at Limerick Institute of Technology, Galway-
the National Association of Realtors in the United States
                                                                Mayo Institute of Technology and University of Ulster
and a twinning agreement with the Chicago Association of
                                                                Jordanstown comprise two years full-time study, followed
                                                                by a ‘sandwich’ year of work experience placement. The
                                                                fourth year is spent back in full-time study at the College
ISO 9001:2000 STANDARD                                          and includes the submission of a major dissertation.
In keeping with its policy of maintaining the highest
standards, the IAVI has secured the internationally             The Degree course at Dublin Institute of Technology,
recognised ISO 9001:2000 Standard through SGS for all of        Bolton Street, comprises 4 years full-time study at college.
its operations.
                                                                FULL-TIME 3-YEAR ORDINARY DEGREE COURSE
                                                                BSc (Real Estate) in Auctioneering and Estate Agency 3 –
                                                                year course at the Dublin Institute of Technology, Bolton
                                                                Street, Dublin 1. (CAO/CAS No. DT104). Tel: (01) 402

                                                                ENTRY TO THE COURSES
                                                                A large number of applications are usually made annually
                                                                to the colleges for places on their property courses. In the
                                                                Republic of Ireland, the application procedure for the
                                                                courses is channelled solely through the CAO/CAS office,
                                                                Tower House, Eglinton Street, Galway. (Tel: (091) 563
                                                                Second Year: Law, Construction Technology, Property
For the University of Ulster the application procedure is       Management and Marketing, Quantitative Methods,
through UCAS.         (Tel:     0044 142 222 444),              Valuations, Planning Economics. .                                                Third Year: Law, Taxation, Investment Analysis and
                                                                Financial Accounting, Planning, Urban Economics,
ADMINISTRATIVE COURSE                                           Valuations, Maintenance of Buildings. During this year
There is also an IAVI approved full-time course in              students may undertake a major integrated project on
property administration:- the ‘FETAC Certificate in             urban renewal and development. Year 3 is a ‘sandwich’
Business StudiesBBSXX Auctioneering, Estate Agency              year on most courses.
and Valuation. Details are available from the Ballsbridge       Fourth Year: Planning, Urban Economics, Valuations,
College of Further Education, Shelbourne Road, Dublin 4.        Investment Analysis. In the fourth year each student
(Tel: (01) 668 4806).              prepares a major dissertation as part of the final
Students who successfully complete the above course and
secure full-time employment in a property-related               3-YEAR DEGREE COURSE
environment may progress to the IAVI/DIT Higher                 The subjects studied on this course and their allotment
Certificate in Property Studies. (See under Part-Time           between each year will be something on the following
Courses).                                                       lines:-
                                                                Year One: Principles of Valuation, Building Construction,
Students who achieve a distinction in the Agency Practice       Law 1 (Introduction, Law of Property, Law of Contract),
subject on the Business Administration Course may be            Quantitative Methods 1 (Mathematics of Finance,
given an exemption from the Residential and Land Agency         Computer      appreciation),   Financial    Management,
Practice examination in Year 1 of the Higher Certificate in     economics, Complementary Studies (Architecture,
Property Studies, subject to certain conditions.                Furnishings, Social Psychology).
                                                                Year Two: Applied Valuations Property Management,
FULL-TIME COLLEGE COURSES – SUBJECTS OF                         Professional Practice Procedure, Building Construction,
STUDY                                                           Law 2 (Local Government, Landlord & Tenant Contracts
PROPERTY DEGREE COURSES                                         & Conveyancing), Quantitative Methods 2 (Statistics,
A ‘typical’ course outline, with the subjects studied, is as    Analysis, Financial Mathematics), Planning (Techniques,
follows (note that this is only for illustrative purposes and   Procedures & Statutory Background).
the structure of individual degree programmes will vary         Year Three: Advanced Valuations, Property Investment &
from this.):                                                    Development, Property Marketing, Rural Resources
First Year: Urban Sociology, Economics, Quantitative            Evaluation (Agricultural Property, Forestry, Minerals,
Methods, Valuations and Professional Development, Land          Land Leasing & Taxation).
Surveying, Construction Technology, Law.
The points requirement (first round) for the 2008/2009 first year were:
DIT Bolton St. – BSc (Hons) in Property Economics (Valuation Surveying) – 360
DIT Bolton St. BSc in Auctioneering, Valuation and Estate Agency – 300
Limerick Institute of Technology, BSc (Hons) in Real Estate (Property Valuation and Management), – 310
Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology BSc (Hons) in Property Studies – 340
University of Ulster Jordanstown Degree BSc (Hons) in Property Investment and Development – 320 UCAS Tariff Points.

                                     IAVI APPROVED PART-TIME COURSES
                                                       YEAR 2009/2010
There are two part-time courses organised directly by the IAVI in the Republic of Ireland and one offered directly by the Dublin
Institute of Technology, (DIT).
Graduates of the IAVI/DIT BSc (Hons) in Property Studies and the DIT MSc in Real Estate are eligible to apply for IAVI
membership. The IAVI/DIT Higher Certificate in Property Studies, satisfies the academic requirement for associate
membership of the Institute. Associate members can and should progress to membership by completing the BSc (Hons) in
Property Studies.

The BSc (Hons) in Property Studies is a four-year part-time degree programme at honours level. The programme (which
includes Saturday lectures) is presented at the Dublin Institute of Technology Bolton Street, one of the leading third level
colleges for educational courses in property in either Ireland or the UK.

To be eligible for entry to the programme candidates must either:
     (a) Hold a University Degree, a National Diploma, or equivalent qualification, (ie NQAI levels 7 or 8 or equivalent) or
     (b) Have passed all subjects in the old IAVI Residential and Land Agency Course, or
     (c) Have a minimum of 5 years relevant experience in the property profession and be at least 23 years of age, or
     (d) Have successfully completed the IAVI/DIT Higher Certificate in Property Studies, or
     (e) Have passed all subjects in the old IAVI Direct Final Examinations Course.
     (f) Hold the DIT Ordinary Degree in Auctioneering, Valuation and Estate Agency from DIT or the Diploma in Property
           Studies from GMIT or LIT.

Those candidates fulfilling (a), (b) or (c) above will be eligible to enter the Course in Year 1. Those fulfilling (d) above will be
eligible to enter the programme in Year 2. Thosefulfilling (e) above will be eligible to enter the Course in Year 3. Those who
qualify under (f) but who have obtained a Merit or Distinction in the DIT 3 Year Ordinary Degree Course in Auctioneering and
Estate Agency may enter the course in Year 4.

All candidates must, at the time of application and throughout the duration of the course, be in approved property employment.

     Subjects of the BSc in Property Studies include:
Year One        Valuations I, Law I, Economics for
                Property and Construction, Estate Agency
                Marketing and Management
Year Two        Valuations II, Law II, Urban & Rural
                Planning, Building Construction
Year Three      Valuations III, Law III, Financial
                Management, Building Construction
Year Four       Valuations IV, Integrated Applications,
                Urban Land Development, Feasibility
                Study*, Dissertation*
                * to include research methods workshop
Graduates of this course will receive a BSc (Hons) in Property Studies from DIT.
The course fee for the 2008-09 academic year is €2,950 which includes study packs, and student support. (Fees qualify for
income tax relief at the standard rate).


The MSc in Real Estate is a part-time degree at the Masters level. The programme is presented at the DIT, Bolton Street over
five semesters, of which there are two per year. The final semester is devoted to the Dissertation. Lectures are presented on
two afternoons and evenings per week.

To be eligible for entry to the programme, candidates should have a primary degree of second class honours, lower division, (2:2)
or above.

Further information on this programme is available from the DIT, ( Telephone 01-4023675 pr 01-4023942. The
programme number is DT 124.


The IAVI runs this two year programme, successful completion of which allows students to progress to Year 2 of the IAVI/DIT
BSc (Hons) in Property Studies.
Applicants for the programme must work full-time in a suitable property related employment. The academic requirements for
enrolment are passes at Leaving Certificate at ordinary level in English and Mathematics, unless the applicants have at least five
years relevant experience and are aged 23 or over, when they are eligible to apply as mature students. Graduates of the FETAC
course of the Balllsbridge College of Business Studies, (see earlier) are exempt from the Maths and English requirement.

Lectures take place on 14 Saturdays plus an induction day. Lectures are held at the Dublin Institute of Technology, Bolton
Street. In addition to the lectures, attendance at which is compulsory, students must complete projects, read support papers and
attend locally arranged study groups. The subjects in Year 1 are Irish Law and the Estate Agent, Mathematics for Valuation,
Estate Agency Practice, Building Construction, Rural Resources, Economics and Planning. In Year 2 the subjects are the
Economics for Property & Construction, Law, Valuation and Estate Agency Marketing & Management.

Students who achieve a Distinction in the Agency Practice subject on the Business Administration Course, may be given an
exemption in the Agency Practice examination in Year 1 of the course. The fee for the Higher Certificate in Property Studies for
the 2008-09 academic year is €2,950. (Fees qualify for income tax relief at the standard rate).

Students who successfully complete this course are academically qualified to apply for associate membership of the Institute.

Not in the Republic of Ireland – there are no other                   It may be possible to become a full member of the IAVI
property-related courses in this country which carry IAVI             without any examination if you hold a professional
recognition. Indeed, the IAVI has been refused the                    qualification from certain bodies.
opportunity to assess for accreditation purposes property             At the Institute’s sole discretion, IAVI membership may
courses at Senior College, Dun Laoghaire and the College              be granted to corporate members, fully qualified by
of Commerce, Morrison’s Island, Cork. Students entering               examinations (GP, P&D, or LA divisions), of the Royal
these courses should therefore understand that the IAVI is            Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) (by traditional
not in a position to grant any credits towards membership             examination only).
in respect of their studies.                                          Anyone holding a professional qualification other than
Thus applications for membership or associate                         those above who wish to apply for membership of the
membership of the Institute by Irish graduates can only be            IAVI should contact the Institute at 01-6611 794
considered from those who have successfully completed
the various courses outlined in this Prospectus.

                                        FOR FURTHER DETAILS ON THE IAVI’S
                                           APPROVED COURSES CONTACT
                                       DR. PAUL KELLY, ACADEMIC DIRECTOR
                                             TELEPHONE: (01) 6611 794

                                    Office Hours – Monday to Friday 9.30 am – 1.00 pm;
                                                    2.15 pm – 5.30 pm

                                                       OR WRITE TO:
                                            Irish Auctioneers & Valuers Institute,
                                            38, Merrion Square, Dublin 2, Ireland.

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