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                                                   The National Association for the Sewn Products Industry
  The National Association                         Volume XXXI, Number 2..............................................................................March/April/May, 2009
           for the
  Sewn Products Industry                             SEAMS to present USA Softgoods Supply Chain
                                                     at SPESA Expo 2010...
In This Issue:
                                                          SEAMS President Gerald Schwartz announced at the recent Spring Conference
Board of Directors ..................... 10          that SEAMS will endorse the SPESA Expo 2010, to be held in Atlanta, Georgia, on
                                                     May 18-20, 2010.
Coming Events............................ 2
Member Profiles...................... 5, 8                SEAMS will present a showcase of products produced by our members in a
Mission...................................... 10     pavilion representing the USA Softgoods Supply Chain. There will be individual
                                                     booths and an open area where attendees can see examples of our members’
Person of the Year ...................... 7
                                                     capabilities, products, and services at every link in the entire supply chain.
SEAMS Can Help ....................... 9
Spring Conference Golf .............. 3                   SEAMS has reserved over 2,000 square feet of exhibit space for the SEAMS
Spring Conference Panel............ 3                USA Softgoods Supply Chain Pavilion to show the world what our members can
                                                     do. Each SEAMS member participating in the pavilion will receive, in addition to their
Spring Conference Recap........... 2
                                                     10x10 booth space, a FREE listing in the Show Directory, and a FREE listing on a
Welcome New Members............. 6
                                                     full-page four-color advertisement featuring the USA Softgoods Supply Chain
                                                     Pavilion. Contact SEAMS at 803-772-5861 for more information about exhibiting.
                                                          The SPESA Expo 2010 will join with two other international trade organizations, Techtextil
                                                     North America, and ATME-I/Megatex, to host a bigger-than-ever conference and exposition
                                                     that will cover every aspect of the global sewn products concept-to-delivery sewn products
                                                     lifecycle; from product design to product development, engineering to pre-production, sourcing
                                                     to production, and logistics to distribution. The event will provide valuable information and
    Support Our                                      insight for every sewn products company, including contractors, manufacturers, brands,
Newsletter Advertisers                               agents, and retailers.
                                                          SPESA Expo 2010 is owned and organized by the North Carolina-based industry
                                                     association SPESA, the Sewn Products Equipment & Suppliers of the Americas.
 Dunn Trimming & Binding                                  For information visit
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      Gerald Schwartz Inc.
                    page 5                           Talk about SEAMS Spring Conference...
   Custom Printed Fabrics                                Charles Dorman, Diamond Management Group, ‘Melrose, MA -- Great meeting for a “first
                    page 9                           timer.” Many members went out of their way to make us feel welcome.

                                                         Cindy Wilson, Artwear Embroidery, Kernersville, NC -- SEAMS conferences are
                                                     consistently inspirational, educational, and thought provoking. Participating in the conference
                                                     broadens my perspective and opportunities through programs, speakers, and networking.
                                                         Shaun Budnik, Morrison Apparel, Hermann, MO -- SEAMS has once again given me the
                                                     opportunity to network with people throughout the supply chain of our industry. I have never
June 4-6, 2009 --
                                                     had an organization help us as much as SEAMS.
  SPESA 2009 Annual Meeting
    Loews Portofino Bay Hotel
                                                          Donna Reineke-Kuch, Complete Converting, Toledo, OH -- The sessions were
    Orlando, FL
                                                     informative and interactive. The speakers were very knowledgeable.
October 15-16, 2009 --
                                                         Gerald Schwartz, Gerald Schwartz Inc., Tucker, GA -- One of the most informative
  SEAMS Fall Conference
                                                     conferences held.
    NCSU, Raleigh, NC
                                                         Romei Smitherman, Texpak Inc., Franklin Square, NY -- It was a great way to have a
May 18-20, 2010 --
                                                     captive audience for my goods.
 SPESA Expo 2010
   GA World Congress Center
                                                         Frank Henderson, Henderson Sewing Machines, Andalusia, AL -- A very useful
   Atlanta, GA
                                                     opportunity to cooperate, collaborate, and partner with other organizations in the USA.
May 21-22, 2010 --
                                                         Jerry Beringhause, Texpak Inc., Franklin Square, NY -- The value of SEAMS
 SEAMS Spring Conference
                                                     membership is essential to return to our apparel manufacturing base that the world respected,
   Atlanta, GA
                                                     copies, and envied.
SEAMS Conference Enlightens and Informs...
Attendees shared, learned, networked, dined, and enjoyed the beach during the 2009 Spring Conference.

                                       On Friday, May 1, presenters Dan Ellzey (left) and Michael Carrouth, of the
                                    law firm Fisher & Phillips, LLP, Columbia, SC, updated our attendees about the
                                    recent changes in labor and employment law. They shared steps that can be
                                    taken to be sure that companies are in compliance with all the applicable laws and

                                         Presenter Dan St. Louis (right), of the Hosiery
                                     Technology Center, Hickory, NC, gave us an overview of
                                     the lead testing situation. This issue in incredibly
                                     complicated and affects companies in the sewn products
                                     industry in a major way. As the laws are written now, all
components of products that are accessible to children under 12 years old must be lead free
and certified as such. Congress and the CPSIA are working to restructure the laws and
enforcement on this issue. Companies need to keep informed and take advantage of testing
services that are available at the Hosiery Technology Center.

                              Presenter Steve Jesseph (left), Worldwide Responsible
                          Apparel Production (WRAP), Arlington, VA, shared his insights about “Surviving and
                          Thriving in Changing Times.” We are bombarded with negative publicity on a daily basis
                          and it is easy to become very stressed out. The news media sensationalizes stories to get
                          better ratings.
                              Business owners need to project a confident attitude and have a solid foundation with
                          a written mission, values, a code of conduct, a flexible three-year plan with a ten-year
                          vision, and an understanding of the local and global forces that impact the business.
                          Business owners should take care of their employees, their greatest asset, and maintain a
                          good reputation in the business community. It takes years to build a good reputation, just
                          seconds to ruin one.
                              Charles Darwin said, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most
                          intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”
    In other words -- Innovate or Die!

    International speaker Patti Fralix (right) joined us on Saturday after dinner to
share here views on the everyday stresses that we all face and how they affect our
business lives. “On How Many Tracks Does This Train Need to Run?” pointed up
the many demands on our time and attention that we all face. Patti gave us ideas on
how to cope and helped us see that we can get through it all with our sanity intact.
We can even learn to laugh and enjoy our families and friends along the way.

SEAMS Important is a publication of the...
SEAMS Association,
4921-C Broad River Road, Columbia, SC 29212
                                                                           SAVE THE DATE !
TEL: 803-772-5861 FAX: 803-731-7709
EMAIL: WEBSITE:                              October 15-16, 2009
                                                                    SEAMS Fall Networking Conference

   SEAMS is...a not-for-profit association                                 NCSU College of Textiles
   working for the improvement of the sewn                                 Raleigh, North Carolina
     products industry ...since 1967.                                          Details to be announced

Success Panel Shares Insights and Tips...
    At each SEAMS Networking Conference we present a panel of successful SEAMS members who are making
changes and trying new things to adapt to the changes in the sewn products industry. This portion of our meetings has
become one of the most popular with the attendees.
               Some of their suggestions included:
                       Take care of your people -- try flextime, premium pay for attendance,
                                not punishment for absences.
                       Share with your employees how things are going, what the expenses
                                are, what it takes to run the company.
                       Be willing to work with anyone -- large or small.
                       Stick to your core competencies.
                       Focus on relationships -- try partnering with other companies on big jobs.
                       Get to know your customers and their needs so you can serve them better.
                       Utilize new technologies that will give you an edge over competitors.
                       Assess new opportunities to see if they can be beneficial in the long term.
    In summary, all the panelists agreed that each plant is unique, and some ideas may not work everyone.
Owners have to try things to see what works for them. The bottom line is to be flexible and willing to adapt to
the many changes that are happening in the industry.

   The 2009 Spring Success Panel consisted of (left to right above): Shaun Budnik, Morrison Apparel, Hermann, MO;
   Rodney Cooley, Wells Hosiery & Apparel, Asheboro, NC; Dan Vipperman, Lebanon Apparel Corp., Lebanon, VA;
   Matt Anglemyer, Wells Hosiery & Apparel, Asheboro, NC; and Matt Thornton, Swift Galey, Taylors, SC.

SEAMS Spring Golf Outing...
And the Winners Were...
    The Pine Lakes course was in fine shape after recent renovations, the weather cooperated,
and a good time was had by all.

    The winners of the Spring Golf Outing were:
       LONGEST DRIVE -- Jim Lovejoy (above right), TC2, Cary, NC
       CLOSEST TO THE PIN -- Shaun Budnik (below, right),
               Morrison Apparel, Hermann, MO

       Matt Poovey, Champion Thread Co., Gastonia, NC
       Matt Anglemyer, Wells Hosiery & Apparel, Asheboro, NC
       Jeff Crisco, Asheboro Elastics Corp., Asheboro, NC
       Eric Miller, WebMillers Design & Hosting, Columbia, SC
       Richard Schaftlein, Hickory Brands, Hickory, NC
       Gerald Schwartz, Gerald Schwartz Inc., Tucker, GA
       Rune Grinna, Tara Grinna Swimwear, Myrtle Beach, SC
       Jim Lovejoy, TC2, Cary, NC

Faces at the SEAMS Spring Conference...
    Pictured below are some of our attendees, who told us about their companies, and shared some of the things that
they specialize in. Most attendees told us how they have benefited from the networking opportunities that are available at
SEAMS meetings. It’s all about WHO you know!

                                            Suppliers of:
                Plastic & Metal Hardware, Hook & loop, Zippers, Fabrics, Snaps,
            Cording (elastic & non), Elastic (woven & knit), Webbing, Thread & more.

                                               4756 Hammermill Rd. #401
                                                   Tucker, GA 30084
                                         Phone: 770-493-9443 Fax: 770-938-8816

Member Profile...
Morrison Apparel --
Adaptability is the Key to Success
Morrison Apparel, LLC has been in the clothing manufacturing
business for 30 years. In those thirty years Morrison Apparel has continued to change and evolve to fit its customers’
needs. Starting as a skiwear producer and growing into other markets, Morrison Apparel has experience across the
clothing industry product line. If it can be sewn, there is an excellent chance Morrison Apparel has sewn it.

Today Morrison Apparel has two facilities in Missouri. One is in Hermann, MO, producing tops; and the other is in
Chamois, MO, producing bottoms. The two plants combined currently produce a total of 48 different styles of slacks,
shorts, skorts, skirts, culottes, woven shirts, maternity wear, aprons, and lab coats. Morrison Apparel has recently been
established as a government contractor and sub-contractor, and has also started a rework project.

Morrison Apparel understands that the only way to compete with off shore production is to provide an extremely higher
quality product, long or short run, at a competitive price, and with a quick turn time. This is definitely being accomplished.

For more information on Morrison Apparel’s capabilities please contact:
Shaun Budnik, Morrison Apparel, LLC
P.O. Box 354, 107 Industrial Drive, Hermann, MO 65041
Phone: 573-486-0555 FAX: 573-486-0655

                                                         WELCOME NEW MEMBERS !
                     ALLAN DESIGN LLC                                                         MORTEX APPAREL MANUFACTURING
       1901 Selkirk Drive, Greensboro, NC 27410                                                       PO Box 127, Wendell, NC 27591
                   TEL: 336-282-2498                                                              TEL: 919-365-9805 FAX: 919-365-0766
            EMAIL:                                                          WEBSITE:
                      Jon Allan, CEO                                                                    EMAIL:
   We manufacture woven organic and regular cotton                                                      Brian Morrell, Production/Sales
   fabrics at our mills in India. Many of our fabrics are                                                    Edward Morrell, CEO
    then produced into home furnishing and apparel                                          Mortex Apparel provides the complete package with
                   products in the US.                                                      garment design, pattern making, cloth development
                                                                                           and USA garment manufacturing. Mortex is a 25-year-
                    C and C ENTERPRISE                                                     old vertical private label manufacturer located in North
            PO Box 637, Sparta, TN 38583                                                    Carolina. With 400 employees, Mortex specializes in
       TEL: 931-739-7499 FAX: 931-739-2902                                                              active apparel and sportswear.
               EMAIL:                                                           Products include, but not limited to, knit jersey
                     Mark Cantrell                                                           and rib tees and tops, fleece sweats, team athletic
    Supplier of good quality used and new sewing                                                 apparel of all fabrics, performance apparel,
machines and other related machinery for the sewing                                                       and organic cotton apparel.
industry, including spreading equipment, cutting room
     supplies, pattern grading and marker making                                              SOLID STONE FABRICS and APPAREL
    supplies, embroidery equipment and supplies,                                                   26 Fayette Street, Martinsville, VA 24112
               attachments, and needles.                                                           TEL: 276-634-0115 FAX: 276-632-8986
                  FAST LANE CLOTHING                                                                EMAIL:
      5112 North 22nd Street, Tampa, FL 33610                                                                 David Stone, CEO
        TEL: 813-879-3298 FAX: 813-871-2035                                                 Supplying stretch fabrics, printing, cutting, and sewing
          WEBSITE:                                                   in a wide variety of markets including activewear,
           WEBSITE:                                                    swimwear, dance and costume, medical, and technical.
                       Lori Davis                                                                       TUSCARORA YARNS INC.
  Fast Lane Clothing Company has established local                                             8760 E. Franklin Street, Mt. Pleasant, NC 28124
  and international recognition as a premium uniform                                               TEL: 704-436-6527 FAX: 704-436-9461
  manufacturer. Our manufacturing firm specializes in                                               WEBSITE:
       cut-and-sew products, silk-screened, and                                                     EMAIL:
    embroidered garments. We have access to many                                                    Dee Dee Harris, Director of Marketing
   resources to produce quality garments. One of our                                          Founded in 1899, Tuscarora Yarns Inc. has been
 goals is to help enhance your company branding and                                               a quality yarn spinner for over 100 years,
  customer loyalty by creating unique logoed apparel.                                            and offers the highest quality specialty yarns
       Please support American manufacturing.                                               in both open end and ring spun. Tuscarora yarns are
                                                                                            made into a wide variety of products including men's
                                                                                                and women's sportswear, underwear, hosiery,
                                                                                             sweaters, home furnishings, automotive, and many
                                                                                                           other textile applications.

Referral Sources -- here’s how these new members
heard about SEAMS.
New Member .......................................Source of Referral                       Dues Discount Incentive Program…
Allan Design LLC...................................... Tumbling Colors                          SEAMS incentive program helps us grow and helps our
                                                                                           members! SEAMS members can earn discounts toward their next
C and C Enterprise ............... Henderson Sewing Machines                               dues invoice by signing up new members.
Fast Lane Clothing .............................. Int’l Apparel Search                          For every NEW MEMBER that a current member signs up,
Mortex Manufacturing......................Carolina Cotton Works                            SEAMS will apply a 20% discount to the current member company's
                                                                                           next dues invoice, up to 100%. If you sign up five (5) new member
Solid Stone Fabrics & Apparel.................. Tuscarora Yarns                            companies within one year, you could owe us nothing for your next
................................................................. & Material World         years' dues!
Tuscarora Yarns ................................. Contempora Fabrics                            We encourage members to talk to their colleagues in the sewn
................................................................. & Material World         products industry to encourage them to join SEAMS. Let us know
                                                                                           who you are speaking to, and we will mail them an informational
          For all the details about member referrals and how to                            packet that will answer all of their questions. We see this as an on-
earn discounts toward your annual dues, please see the                                     going membership drive, with the added bonus for current members
information box on this page.                                                              of reducing their dues.

Custom Printed Fabrics Announces
New Capabilities...

      SEAMS member Custom Printed Fabrics announced
recently that it has launched a new website to promote their
new service.
      They manufacture all the stuff that makes the "do-it-
yourselfing" possible. They’re high quality printers of fabrics
and textiles. CPF can figure out how to take an idea and turn
it into something very personal and very special. They are
especially excited to be offering our custom printed fabrics
online, and can provide color swatches so customers can
preview the image before any yardage is printed.
      Visit to see their new

SEAMS Names Person of the Year...
    At the recent Spring Conference, SEAMS President
Gerald Schwartz named Eric Miller the SEAMS Person of
the Year for 2008.

      He wears many hats and has been a great supporter of
the SEAMS Association for many years. He works with
Professional Financial Planning to help our members find
affordable insurance coverage. Eric also has his own
company, WebMillers Design & Hosting, and offers members
ways to increase their presence on the Internet with website
design and support.
      Eric works behind the scenes with the SEAMS office
staff to help us keep our website updated and current. This
year he has been tireless in getting the SEAMS shopping cart
up and running smoothly. We also have to thank him for all
the help he gives us with our golf outings at meetings in the
spring and fall.
      Eric attended Piedmont Technical College and the
University of South Carolina and holds an Associate Degree
in Business. His hobbies include physical fitness, bicycling,
and website design. He lives with his wife Nicki and two very
spoiled cats, Gracie and Jessie, in Columbia, SC.

So hats off to Eric Miller -- Thanks for all you do
for SEAMS!
Member Profile...
Industry Contract Consultants
                                                        INDUSTRY CONTRACT
The Leader in Government Contract                          CONSULTANTS
Administration for the Textile & Sewn
     The Defense Support Center Philadelphia (DSCP) is the worldwide buying office for military clothing and textiles.
Over 8,000 items of clothing and other sewn products valued at about two billion dollars are purchased annually. Their
large volume contracts provide the advantages of massive quantities of one style and one color over long periods of
time, providing greater efficiency and generating higher sales and better profits.
     Successfully obtaining and performing a government contract can be quite frustrating, but rewarding. It is an
involved and challenging process, one that is difficult to manage without extensive experience and knowledge. We
provide that expertise so you can be proficient in your first contract, while your organization learns the processes and
gains the ability to operate more independently.
     ICC has been in business for the past 25 years, working solely with domestic contractors. Our group has not only
been in manufacturing, but has had extensive experience in owning and running domestic factories, holding high level
military officer status and long standing success working with the Defense Supply Center. So, to that end, we
understand the problems of managing a factory, and in this day, how difficult it is to find work…..
     We work with you to find you work in the government contracting arena….. Okay, so now you’re thinking. “What is
the catch?” The best way to find out is ask us how we have secured over $400 million in government contracts….
     Currently we are looking at bids coming out for BDU’s, outerwear, coveralls, and dress uniforms, as well as trousers,
slacks and skirts that may fit nicely into your sewing lines. Many other products are also available. We also work with
suppliers of fabrics, trims and findings to get their items approved and “on the list” as a government accepted resource.
     To learn more about us call Howard Kellner at 570.595.9521 or hkellner@PTD.NET and visit us on the web at

               The SEAMS Team -- A Complete Supply Chain
                                 Do you need …to locate a contractor, ...a source for an unusual trim item,
                        find a special piece of equipment, ...or to hire qualified personnel?

                                 Here’s your answer…
                                      The SEAMS Association is a COMPLETE SUPPLY CHAIN comprised of a wide variety of
                                 companies who can do anything. Through this network of contacts we can find anything that
                                 you need in your daily operations, even that once-in-a-while “thingamajig” that you didn’t know
                                 you needed. We get phone calls and emails in the SEAMS office every day with requests for
                                 help, both from members and from nonmembers. These requests are sent out by email and
                                 FAX to our entire membership -- and we know that a SEAMS member will come through
                                 with a solution.
                                      Since the last newsletter the SEAMS office has received requests for help to find
   SEAMS members                 companies to sew all these items: placket shirts, children’s rain jackets, sleep masks, hats,
      can make                   vulcanized waders, baby sleeping bags, knit activewear, little girls’ tops & bottoms, cotton
                                 lunch bags, infants swimwear, mixed martial arts clothing, laptop computer bags, children’s
     ANYTHING!                   sleepwear, handbags, hospital gowns, protective handbands, ladies’ twill pants, and postal
                                 uniform shirts.
                                      We received requests for help finding a source for shoulder pads, mannequins, collars &
     If your project             cuffs for knit shirts, cotton/polyester fleece, compression fabric, stretch Poplin, 4-way stretch
   involves putting              polyester, and nylon checkerboard fabric.
         a needle                     Companies are also seeking people to fill these positions: logistics planning & production
    through cloth --                  As you can see, we get a wide variety of requests every week. By tapping into our
     someone from                COMPLETE SUPPLY CHAIN, we are able to help most people who contact us.
                                      So remember, whatever you need, SEAMS CAN HELP!
   SEAMS can help!

                                                 OUR MISSION
     The mission of the SEAMS Association is to support the resurging US sewn products industry through
membership networking and collaboration; by offering benefits packages that help control overhead
expenses; through access to educational programs to help improve the quality and productivity of the US
sewn products industry collectively, and of our member firms individually; and by keeping our members
informed about legislation in Washington, DC that impacts our industry.
     The SEAMS Association is a not-for-profit organization comprised of manufacturing and contract
manufacturing companies in the US sewn products industry. SEAMS supplier member companies provide
valuable products and services to the apparel and sewn products industry. Membership in the SEAMS
Association is one way to enhance your company’s continued growth and success. The US sewn products
industry faces many challenges and one of the best ways to promote the industry’s interests is to join forces with
business colleagues in the SEAMS Association.
     SEAMS is dedicated to promoting a business climate which will enhance and support the retention of sound
economic growth throughout the entire United States. the Association is constantly working to develop solutions
to many of the challenges facing the sewn products industry. Participation as a member of SEAMS guarantees
that the voice of the sewn products industry will be heard and responded to.
     SEAMS member companies are located throughout the United States of America.

                                    OFFICERS & DIRECTORS - 2009
                                              President Gerald Schwartz, Gerald Schwartz Inc., Tucker, GA
                                                  TEL: 770-493-9443 FAX: 770-938-8816
                                              Vice President Deana Vickers, Lebanon Apparel Corp., Lebanon, VA
                                              Secy/Treas Mike Diemer, Milliken & Co., Spartanburg, SC
                                                      TEL: 864-503-2791 FAX: 864-503-2133
                                              Ex-Officio Officer Jim Garner, Creative Outlet, Morehead City, NC
                                                  TEL: 252-808-3898 FAX: 252-808-2188 EMAIL:
                                              Executive Director Sarah Y. Friedman, SEAMS Association, Columbia, SC
                                                  TEL: 803-772-5861 FAX: 803-731-7709 EMAIL:

Steve Anderson, EMAIL:                Education Director:
  Integrated Textile Solutions, Salem, VA                          Richard Atwell, EMAIL:
     TEL: 540-389-8113 FAX: 540-387-5855                             Cary, NC

Stacey Bridges, EMAIL:
  Carolina Cotton Works, Gaffney, SC                               Supplier Directors:
    TEL: 864-488-2824 FAX: 864-488-0488                            Jeff Crisco, EMAIL:
                                                                    Asheboro Elastics, Asheboro, NC
Jerry Collins, EMAIL:                    TEL: 336-629-2626 FAX: 336-629-3782
  Twin City Knitting, Conover, NC                                  Gerald Cauthen, EMAIL:
    TEL: 828-464-4830 FAX: 828-464-6340                             Contempora Fabrics, Lumberton, NC
                                                                       TEL: 910-738-7131 FAX: 910-738-9575
Gary Gobble, EMAIL:
  Greensboro, NC
                                                                   We welcome your input…
Dan Vipperman, EMAIL:                          Please feel free to contact any of the officers and directors
  Lebanon Apparel Corp., Lebanon, VA                               to share your ideas.
    TEL: 276-889-3656 FAX: 276-889-2830

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