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									Your Business Partner

• ICAP Group is the only company in Greece accredited by the European Central Bank as a Rating Tool source for the purpose
of the Eurosystem Credit Assessment Framework (July 2009). Moreover, it is the only company to be recognised by the Bank of
Greece (July 2008) as an External Credit Assessment Institution (ECAI) in respect to the New Regulatory Framework of Basel II.
• In February 2009, ICAP Group was granted the Award for the Best Initiative in Human Resources Management in the annual
competition organised by KPMG.
• For four years (2008, 2007, 2001 and 2000) the Greek Financial Directory, in its print and electronic version, has received the
1st Quality Award from EADP (the European Association of Directory Publishers).
ICAP Group Profile
ICAP Group is the largest Business Services Group in Greece which is expanding dynamically in Southeastern
Europe. In addition to its operations in 5 major Greek cities (Athens, Thessaloniki, Larissa, Patra, Iraklio), the
Group also boasts fast-growing subsidiaries in Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia.

As of the beginning of 2007, ICAP Group's strong majority shareholder is the SEEF fund of Global Finance, the
largest private equity firm in Southeastern Europe, while Coface, one of the world's largest Credit Insurers, is
its minority shareholder.

in revenues and €9 million in EBITDA; a 3-fold increase compared to the figures of 2006, €18 million and €3.6
Under its new shareholders and management, ICAP Group is demonstrating impressive growth. With clear strate-
gic direction, customer centric approach, intensive investments and new innovative services, ICAP Group has en-
tered a new era of a rapid expansion both through organic growth and acquisitions of companies in Greece and
abroad; within three years only, it has tripled its size. More specifically, in 2009, ICAP Group generated €56 million

million respectively.

ICAP Group is rapidly developing into a multidisciplinary service provider. Its Vision is to be the most successful
Business Services group in Southeastern Europe and its clients’ top choice, providing innovative solutions and
diversification. Our mission is embodied through the words “Your Business Partner”, which mark our corporate

Today, ICAP Group provides a wide range of services and products which are grouped into 4 major Business
Service categories:

•   Credit Risk Services
•   Marketing Solutions
•   Management Consulting
•   People Solutions

ICAP Group is a member of the International Network CREDITALLIANCE, FEBIS (the Federation of Business
Information Services), ΕΑDP (the European Association of Directory and Database Publishers), FEACO (the
European Federation of Management Consulting Association), INAC (the International Network of Executive Search
Consultants) and SESMA (the Association of Management Consulting Firms in Greece),

Today, ICAP Group’s workforce exceeds 1,100 people all of whom possess the specialized knowledge, experience,
skills and enthusiasm to offer high-quality services to our clients. In addition, ICAP employs another 1,000 people
who work at our clients’ premises.

ICAP’s strategic goal is to be an Employer of Choice. We are therefore quite satisfied to see that our people choose

to stay with us many more years compared to similar enterprises. Furthermore, we are proud to see our personnel use
the knowledge and experience they are acquiring over the years in order to evolve professionally within the Group.
Credit Risk Services
          ICAP’s Credit Risk Services are designed to meet your ever-growing need to get to know your clients
          and partners in depth and to manage the credit risk associated with your business relations. The
          necessity for Business Information regarding commercial, financial and transactional behavior data has
          turned into a requirement for information on the business profile, the financial viability and the
          creditworthiness of companies.

          Hence, ICAP has developed the ICAP Credit Rating tool which is of utmost importance in terms of Credit
          Risk decision-making for Greek and foreign Financial Institutions and businesses. ICAP Credit Rating
          assesses your company’s credit quality with respect to the probability of default and/or bankruptcy within
          a one – year time horizon. The evaluation of creditworthiness (Credit Rating) is depicted in a ten-grade scale
          (ranging from AA, or Very Low Credit Risk, to H, meaning Very High Credit Risk).

          ICAP Group is the only Greek company to be recognized by the European Central Bank as an
          Accepted Rating Tool Source and by the Central Bank of Greece as an External Credit Assessment
          Institution (ECAI).
     Credit Risk Services
     Business Reports

     ICAP's Business Reports are a reliable source of information that help you form an opinion regarding the
     operation, the prospects, the profitability, the stability and the creditworthiness of a given firm. They include
     detailed data on the subject company's commercial activity, such as years of operation, staff, business
     activities and products, Board of Directors, shareholders, affiliated companies, transactional behavior,
     credit rating evaluation, credit appraisal, 3-year balance sheet and P&L accounts, and more than 30 key
     financial ratios.

     ICAP Group provides Business Reports for 3 million businesses in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia.
     Moreover, by being a member of the international network CREDITALLIANCE as well as of other international
     networks, ICAP is able to provide Business Reports for millions of companies all around the world.

     Financial Statements

     ICAP’s Credit Risk Services provide access to the Financial Statements and Mid-Term accounts of more than
     700,000 corporations and limited liability companies operating in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia, which
     are prepared either with local Accounting Standards or with International Accounting Standards. These Financial
     Statements are offered in various forms depending on whether they concern a Sector, a Company or a Group
     of companies.

     Sector Information

     It is often necessary to examine the sector in which a certain company operates and comparing the latter to
     the rest of the sector is a very important step in its overall evaluation.

     If you are interested in a Sector Analysis you may choose among: the Sector Study (conducted by our
     experienced analysts for more than 130 sectors), in which you may find an in-depth analysis of the sector,
     the Consolidated Sector Financial Statement, or the Sector Report which offers an overall view of the size,
     the growth, the trends, the transactions and the Credit Risk conditions within an industry.

Credit Risk, Credit Watch and Alert Services

ICAP Group’s Credit Risk package provides Credit Risk assessment –credit ratings, score and probability of
default- for your entire client base. Furthermore, our Credit Watch service offers early warnings regarding
positive or negative changes in your customers’ and suppliers’ business profile, creditworthiness and status.

Finally, ICAP’s Alert Services provide data and evaluation of conduct in transactions, combining the ICAP
Transactional Behavior Index together with commercial and financial information.

Credit Risk Management Solutions

ICAP Group provides integrated Credit Risk Evaluation solutions by installing special applications in Banks and
large corporations.

These tailor-made systems allow you to integrate ICAP Credit Information directly into your IT systems and
credit approval workflows. Combined with your own client payment history, ICAP Credit Information becomes
even more valuable as it allows you to assess your clients’ credit worthiness more accurately. Finally, these
systems can provide crucial management information related to the undertaken risk and its impact on the
company’s liquidity.

Receivables Management

ICAP Group’s Credit Risk Services go far beyond the mere provision of information on companies or their
evaluation. We also offer Receivables Management services, through which your clients are notified about
and urged to meet their financial obligations, thus contributing to the increase of your company’s liquidity and

Through its subsidiary, Cycle Credit, the market leader in terms of debt collection success rates, ICAP Group
offers modern Receivables Management Services in the Greek, Bulgarian, Romanian and Serbian markets.
Besides Receivables Management Outsourced Solutions, ICAP Group and Cycle Credit have inaugurated an
innovative B2B service, offering Consulting services with the aim of fully organising the receivables management
procedure within our clients’ companies. CYCLE has 14 years of Debt Collection experience and employs 450
highly-skilled professionals.

          ICAP Marketing Solutions are designed to help you understand the environment, the sector and the
          market in which you operate and to promote your company in a flexible and effective way. Advertise
          your products and services in our Business Directories, through Google AdWords or our Contact
          Center and adapt to the constantly changing environment by benefiting from ICAP’s Consulting Services
          in Marketing and Franchise as well as from the Market Research Services provided through TNS ICAP.

Marketing Solutions
     Marketing Solutions
     Marketing Databases

     ICAP Databases’ information, gathered under manageable Marketing Lists, is an extremely useful resource
     for companies as lists are tailor-made to meet your specific and demanding needs. Data is exported from the
     largest and most reliable company database in Southeastern Europe and is a valuable tool which enables you
     to target new markets or to weigh up your competitors.

     Contact Center

     Once you have defined your customer targets, we invite you to use the ICAP Contact Center in order to
     communicate with your clients in a more effective way. Operating on a 24/7 basis, using advanced equipment
     for 200 agent positions, and with the capacity of handling 100,000 calls daily, it offers state-of-the-art services
     in inbound/outbound communication, database marketing, direct marketing activities and back office support.

     GOOGLE AdWords

     ICAP Group is the only Authorised Google AdWords Reseller for the Greek and Cypriot market. Our people
     are trained by Google to implement well-targeted Google AdWords campaigns and to achieve the best possible
     results, guiding you meanwhile through the entire creation process of an online campaign.

     Market Research

     TNS ICAP, created in 2002 as a joint venture between ICAP and Taylor Nelson Sofres, specialises in market
     research and opinion surveys. Today, it is among the three leading market research companies in Greece,
     while TNS Group is the largest group worldwide.

Business Directories

Since its foundation in 1964, ICAP has been publishing Business Directories, which have become synonymous
to “reliable business information”. Our Business Directories constitute a daily tool for companies which are
looking for potential customers and suppliers, as well as for those which are seeking to promote their products
and services.

Taking into consideration your need for direct access to company data, ICAP Group offers 2 Online Directories:
findbiz.gr, which includes in-depth information for more than 120,000 Greek, Bulgarian and Romanian
companies, 2,900 products and services, as well as publicised Financial Statements, and Kompass, which
provides comprehensive information on over 2 million companies in 70 countries. Furthermore, ICAP publishes
10 directories and, in particular, the Greek Financial Directory, the Greek Export Directory (in collaboration with
the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and “Business Leaders in Greece”, a prestigious edition with
a thorough presentation of the 500 most profitable companies in Greece.

All of our promotion-related solutions allow our customers to:
• Communicate your message to a well-targeted audience.
• Present your company profile to interested parties and link your directly to your list of products and services.
• Increase your website traffic.
• Enjoy better visibility than your competitors.

             ICAP Group believes that the companies based in Southeastern Europe are capable of reaching a
             prominent position in the global market, by adapting to the new and ever-changing conditions of the
             economy. Reliable information and analyses, as well as innovative and tested advice, play a crucial role
             in the achievement of business goals.

             To further strengthen its provision of specialized consulting services, ICAP has formed a wide network
             of collaborations with Greek as well as international companies. In 2007, it established a strategic
             alliance with Bain & Co, one of the leading consulting companies worldwide. This alliance involves the
             joint undertaking of large projects in the field of Strategic Transformation, where BAIN contributes its
             extensive international experience in all sectors of the economy, as well as its international best
             practices which can be adapted and applied to the specific needs of each client.

Management Consulting
     Management Consulting
     ICAP’s qualified Management Consultants use advanced methodologies and tools, harness ICAP’s vast
     database to map the competitive landscape and utilize knowledge and experience from previous engagements
     to offer high added-value services in the following fields:

     Strategic and Business Planning
     ICAP Group can help you attain your company's goals through a clear Strategy and comprehensive Business
     Plan. Our integrated consulting services include:
     • Strategic Business Plans
     • Balanced Scorecard Systems
     • Company Valuation
     • Mergers & Acquisitions – Mediations & Negotiations
     • Viability & Financial Restructuring Studies
     • Feasibility Studies

     Organisational and Operational Design
     ICAP will support your efforts to outperform your competitors by improving the effectiveness of your operations
     and, hence, reducing costs. We offer the following services, based always on your specific needs:
     • Organizational Structure Design and Description of Organisational Units
     • Operations Management/ Business Process Reengineering
     • Sales Channels Management
     • Supply Chain Management
     • Productivity Drive and Cost Reduction Programs
     • Integration of Business Solutions
     • Change Management

     Project Management and Development Programs
     ICAP Group, with its extensive experience in project management for both the public and the private sector, and
     especially in EU Development Programs, will assist you by offering meticulous organization and services such as:
     • Technical Support to Public Sector Organisations and Institutions which implement European Union
        Co-financed Projects and Actions
     • Design of Management and Audit Systems
     • Audit of Final Beneficiaries and Projects

     • Evaluation of Programs and Initiatives
     • Program and Project Management
     • Development of Action Specialization Studies
     • Participation in the execution of projects co-financed by the European Union
     • Development Programs (preparation of candidates’ files, technical support)
Information Technology (IT) Services
ICAP Consultants can support the management of your IT projects from the analysis phase to the final system
deployment. They use the latest IT tools and high-standard international methodologies, adapted to each
client’s specialised needs. Our wide range of IT services includes:
• Study and Strategic Design of Information Systems
• Technical Advisor and IT Project Management Services
• Design and Development of Management Information Systems
• Internet Strategic Study and Systems Design (e-Business)
• Establishment of Business Requirements, Selection of Software and ERP Systems Project Management
• Strategic Study, Design and Development of CRM Systems
• GIS Systems Design and Development

Marketing Consulting Services
ICAP Group can help you ensure a successful differentiation and promotion of your products and services,
in relation to the constantly changing needs of your clients, by offering:
• Development of Strategic Marketing Plans
• Marketing Operations Consulting Services
• Brand Valuation

Franchise Consulting Services
With the proper strategy and the support of experienced consultants, franchising can be a very dynamic
method of developing a company’s sales network. ICAP acknowledges this and offers:
• Franchise System Business Plan
• Site Location Selection through GIS
• Franchise Collaboration Terms and Conditions
• Franchise Concept & Operations Manual
• Evaluation and Selection of Franchisees
• Constant Support and Network Development

       ICAP Group can meet nearly all of your Human Resources needs through the provision of a wide range
       of HR Services delivered by 45 professionals and generating around €23 million in revenues. People
       Solutions is an important line of business in our Group, not only because of its long history (the first
       ever recorded ICAP Executive Search project took place in 1974 in Athens), but more importantly because
       we recently enriched our service lines with new services and our executive team with experienced
       and skilled professionals from the Greek and international market.

       As ICAP keeps expanding its Human Capital Services portfolio, it has come to an agreement with Hogan
       Assessment Systems to exclusively represent its assessments in Greece, Cyprus and Serbia and to
       promote them to the rest of Southeastern Europe. Hogan Assessments are a global leader and an
       industry standard for evaluating the personality of people at work. They are used successfully in
       selection, management development, leadership forecast and career management. ICAP also exclusively
       represents cut-e, an international on-line assessment tools company, in Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus and
       Serbia. Moreover, it represents Huthwaite International, a leading training company worldwide.

       Finally, ICAP is a partner of the Hellenic Management Association for the promotion of the Investors

People Solutions
       in People (IiP) certification, which aims to develop a competitive advantage for certified companies
       through the effective management of their Human Capital. The Investors in People is the leading Human
       Resources Management International Model and aims in improving the financial results and providing
       companies with a strong competitive advantage.
     People Solutions
     ICAP Executive Search & Selection
     ICAP Executive Search & Selection is one of the 5 leading companies in its field. The business unit has
     enjoyed growth rates of above 300% over the past two years and currently employs 22 Consultants. It
     specialises in assessing and recruiting senior and middle-level executives and professionals. With organised
     Executive Search practices in Athens, Thessalonica, Bucharest, Belgrade and Sofia, and with exclusive
     collaborations all over the world – including our membership to INAC, the worldwide Executive Search
     Network – we can respond to anything our clients ask for, wherever their needs may be located.

     Our basic principle is that our clients come first, whether they are the subsidiary of a highly-reputed multina-
     tional corporation, a successful Greek company expanding abroad, or even an ambitious entrepreneurial firm.
     Our professionalism and our commitment to performing our delicate and composite role in the best possible
     way, enables us to successfully shape careers and companies.

     Human Capital Consulting
     ICAP Group offers a wide range of services to enable you to become an Employer of Choice that can attract
     talented people at all levels and compensate them fairly according to their individual contribution. Moreover,
     an Employer of Choice can create a working environment based on open communication, motivation, reward and
     teamwork and therefore can achieve high levels of corporate performance. ICAP has developed methodologies
     which combine our extensive knowledge of the Greek, Bulgarian, Romanian and Serbian business environments
     with the expertise of our competent and qualified HR Consultants and our world-renowned strategic partners.
     Services offered are indicatively the following:
     •   Corporate Culture & Values Implementation
     •   Audit and Improvement of HR Function
     •   Reward Management
     •   Performance Management and Personnel Development
     •   Assessment and Development Centers
     •   Outplacement Services

     HR Outsourcing Solutions
     ICAP’s HR Outsourcing Solutions is an innovative Business Service which aims in promoting HR operations
     overall. ICAP can undertake on your behalf the planning, implementation and management of all or part of
     your HR operations through Outsourcing. Its related services are designed for companies which:
     • do not have an HR department, or
     • need to enhance their HR department with outsourced contemporary HR services, or
     • are willing to keep only some of their HR operations in-house and delegate the rest to specialists.

     Therefore, ICAP HR Outsourcing, with its experienced and qualified consultants, can design, apply and
     manage all (Total Outsourcing) or part (Partial Outsourcing) of your HR operations in a cost-effective way.
     This brand new service is revolutionary for the Greek market as it provides a whole new perspective to
     companies interested in further developing their HR potential.
ICAP Employment Solutions
ICAP Group specialises in finding, training and providing personnel for predetermined time periods. Currently,
more than 1,000 outsourced employees are working at our clients’ premises.

Our services enable us to provide cover from a specific position for the temporary absence of permanent staff
to the complete take over of specific operations, such as call center and processing functions.

More specifically, our services consist of the following:
1. Integrated Staffing Solutions: we provide personnel to fulfil the medium-term requirements and specific
tasks in multiple departments of your company.
2. Temporary Employment Services: we supply employees (temps) to provisionally cover your needs, for
seasonality purposes, maternity leaves or ad hoc promotional activities.
3. Staff Selection Solutions: we select large numbers of lower or mid-level employees to cover any department’s
needs (eg. staffing needs generated by high turnover).
4. Business Process Outsourcing: we can entirely assume the stand-alone processes of your company,
such as credit card application processing.

Training Solutions
ICAP Training Solutions represent Huthwaite International, a leading training company worldwide, specializing in
sales. From key account management to face-to-face selling and every situation, Huthwaite have analyzed more
than 30,000 sales calls - isolating and documenting behavioral characteristics that differentiate effective
sales people from the average. Thanks to this extensive knowledge bank, we provide more than just sales
training. We are able to measure, coach and reinforce sales behavioral improvements.

When customers are making critical buying decisions they go through a decision cycle. Our Buying Cycle
model demonstrates the different phases they experience.
Having conducted research into what successful salespeople do at each stage of this model, we have developed
a suite of sales training courses that can either stand alone or form a comprehensive sales effectiveness program.

Training programs offered are indicatively the following:
•   SPIN Selling
•   Account Strategy for Major Sales
•   Negotiation
•   Salesforce Management
•   Persuasive Sales Presentations
•   Coaching

•   SPIN Coaching
ICAP Group Headquarters:
2, Eleftheriou Venizelou Avenue, Kallithea 176 76, Greece, Tel.: +30 210 72 00000
E-mail: icap@icap.gr
ICAP Management Consultants:
64, Vas. Sofias Ave., 115 28 Athens Greece Τel.: 210 72 00135
E-mail: consulting@icap.gr
Northern Greece Branch:
1, Dodekanissou str., 546 26 Thessaloniki Tel.: +30 2310 505 700, Fax: +30 2310 505 898-9
E-mail: thessaloniki@icap.gr
Western Greece Branch:
1, Gerokostopoulou str., 262 21 Patra, Tel.: +30 2610 620 273, Fax: +30 2610 623 910
E-mail: patra@icap.gr
Central Greece Branch:
9-11A, Manolaki str., 412 22 Larissa Tel.: +30 2410 258 047-48, Fax: +30 2410 258 049
E-mail: larissa@icap.gr
Crete Branch:
77, Dimokratias Ave., 713 06 Iraklio, Crete, Tel.: +30 2810 324 200, Fax: +30 2810 230 102
E-mail: iraklio@icap.gr
ICAP Bulgaria:
49, Bacho Kiro str., 1202 Oborishte, Sofia, Tel: + 359 2 8014 100, Fax: + 359 2 8014 101
E-mail: icap@icap.bg, Url: www.icap.bg
ICAP Romania:
Global City Business Park, 10 Bucuresti - Nord Road, Building O21, Voluntari, Ilfov - Romania
Tel: +40 21 206 24 60, Fax: +40 21 206 26 79, E-mail: icap@icap.ro, Url: www.icap.ro
ICAP Serbia:
86, Omladinskih Brigada str., 11070 Belgrade, Serbia
Tel: +381 11 2285020, Fax: +381 11 3188033, E-mail: icap@icap.rs, Url: www.icap.rs

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