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                                                 America’s First Anti-Crime Newspaper
                                                  December 2007 • VOLUME 14, ISSUE 12 • SINCE 1992

    WANTED BY HILLSBOROUGH                       WANTED BY HILLSBOROUGH                       WANTED BY HILLSBOROUGH                        WANTED BY HILLSBOROUGH
    COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE:                     COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE:                     COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE:                      COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE:

                           MICHAEL                                      TYRONE                                       JAMES                                               UEWTON
                           EDWARD                                       LLOYD                                        EDWARD                                              EDMOND
                           WILSON                                       BRAZELL                                      GOUGEON, III                                        HARIS
                           VIOLENT HABITUAL
                           FELONY OFFENDER                              DOB: 8/9/62                                  DOB: 3/16/74                                        DOB: 1/11/91
                           DOB: 11/24/74                                HT: 6’0”                                     HT: 5’10”                                           HT: 5’7”
                           HT: 6’1”                                     WT: 210                                      WT: 155                                             WT: unk.
                           WT: 245                                      EYES: brown                                  EYES: hazel                                         EYES: brown
                           EYES: brown                                  HAIR: black                                  HAIR: brown                                         HAIR: black
                           HAIR: black

    RESISTING W/VIOLENCE, GRAND THEFT,           Please contact Detective Ken Hoskins at       Please contact Detective P. Hollis at       Please contact Detective Ken Hoskins at
   CRIMINAL MISCHIEF, TRAFFICKING, MORE                  (813) 247-8691                              (813) 247-8683                                  (813) 247-8691
                                                      if you have any information.                if you have any information.                    if you have any information.
   Please contact Detective Ken Hoskins at
              (813) 247-8691
        if you have any information.
                                                                                                     300000 REWARD
15 YEARS                                                                                                                                  YVES Y.
AND COUNTING                                                                                                                              FUGITIVE FROM JUSTICE

                                                                                                                                          DOB: 1/2/82
This issue of the Crusader                    because... Well there isn’t much
                                                                                                                                          HT: 6’2”
                                                                                                                                          WT: 178
marks 15 years of publication.                of one. It has always been a

                                                                                                                                          EYES: brown
It’s kind of hard to wrap my                  modest operation. But we
head around that fact. When                   wouldn’t be here without
the Crusader’s inaugural issue                them. Our editor was there to
                                                                                                                                          HAIR: black
hit the streets in December                   help Ken put together the pro-
1992, there were plenty of peo-               totype. Since then, she has
ple, some of them good friends,               chosen and typed the article                      If you have information, please contact ORIENT ROAD BAIL BONDS (813) 630-0000
who thought it wouldn’t last                  content, proofread every issue,
long. We weren’t so sure our-                 and generally kept the office                Ken died, our advertisers                           HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY
selves. Nothing like this had                 running. Our art director has                might think that was the end                           SHERIFF’S OFFICE:
been done before. Now, we
look back and laugh about it.
                                              been with us since day one.
                                              Every issue, every photo, every
                                                                                           of the paper, too. Some of
                                                                                           them have been with us since
Who would’ve thunk it?                        ad has had his hands on them.                our first year. Would they                    HOMICIDE
                                              His expertise and creativity                 leave us? But our advertisers
Of course, a huge part of the                 never cease to amaze us. And                 do believe, and they have stuck               JOSE
Crusader’s success is due to                  our accountant, who still                    with us so that we can carry on               RUBIO-
Ken Donovan. He took an                       shakes his head at the                       this important work. They will                MAYO
                                                                                                                                         DOB: 7/13/77
                                                                                                                                         HT: 5’10”
offhand comment from his                      Crusader’s success, has also                 never know how much their
                                                                                                                                         WT: 250
wife and created the Crusader                 been with us since the begin-                continued faith means to us.
in an attempt to be part of the               ning. Of course our printer                                                                EYES: brown
solution to make the Bay Area                 and our distribution people are              And finally, to you, our read-                HAIR: black
safer. Through good times and                 the best, too. Words will never              ers. Without you, the Crusader
                                                                                                                                         On July 1 at 8:30pm at the Mexican American Store
bad, Ken worked tirelessly,                   express how much they are                    would be just another newspa-                 on Sydney Dover Rd., a victim was shot several
fighting for victims, justice, and            appreciated. All that can be                 per. It is because of each of                 times during an altercation with the listed suspect.
                                                                                                                                         The suspect used a black handgun and drove a
the continuation of the                       said is “Thank you.”                         you who takes the time to read                burgandy 1998 Dodge durango.
Crusader. It is true that when                                                             the Crusader and look at the                   Please contact Detective Troy Morgan at
many people hear “The                         To the various agencies that                 pictures, who calls the authori-                          (813) 247-0565
Crusader”, they think of Ken                  provide photographs and                      ties if they see someone pic-                         if you have any information.

just as much as this paper;                   descriptions of wanted fugi-                 tured in these pages, who sup-
indeed, they were synonymous.                 tives and missing children, and              ports the businesses that sup-                   WANTED BY HILLSBOROUGH
But in truth, Ken didn’t do it                who contribute articles of                   port us that this newspaper has                  COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE:
alone.                                        interest, “thank you” seems                  published successfully for 15
                                              insufficient. We can only hope               years. We appreciate you.                                                     TRAVIS M.
There were those intrepid                     that we have helped you as                                                                                                 TAYLOR
folks who put up their hard-                  much as you’ve helped us.                    As we prepare for the holidays                                                DOB: 10/15/90
                                                                                           with all of the gift giving,                                                  HT: 6’0”
                                                                                                                                                                         WT: 170
earned money to help get the
                                                                                                                                                                         EYES: blue
paper started. They shared                    But it is the last two categories            please know that all of you
Ken’s vision of a better com-                 that mean the most.                          have had a part in making this                                                HAIR: brown
munity and put their money                                                                 newspaper work, and for that
where their mouths were. We                   First, to our advertisers. The               gift, we are grateful. We pray
will always be grateful for their             businesses that advertise in the             that 2008 will bring each of
                                                                                                                                         WANTED FOR BURGLARY OF AN UNOCCUPIED
courage and belief in this con-               Crusader do so because they,                 you peace, joy, love and pros-                   DWELLING, GRAND THEFT, DEALING IN
cept.                                         too, believe in the idea of this             perity. And we hope that we                    STOLEN PROPERTY, GIVING FALSE INFO ON
                                                                                                                                          PAWN FORM, BATTERY ON A FIREFIGHTER
                                              newspaper, and are willing to                can continue with our gift to
Then there is the Crusader                    step up to help in the fight.                you of creating a safer place in              Please contact Detective Danny Johnson at

                                                                                           which we all can live. •                                  (813) 247-0426
“staff.” I put this in quotes                 We were concerned that, when                                                                        if you have any information.
   WANTED BY HILLSBOROUGH                      WANTED BY HILLSBOROUGH                        WANTED BY HILLSBOROUGH                          WANTED BY HILLSBOROUGH
   COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE:                    COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE:                      COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE:                        COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE:

                          TANYA                                       LARHONDA                                      JIMMY                                            CHARLES
                          DAVIS                                       MARIAN                                        THOMPSON,                                        COSTON
                                                                                                                                                                     IDENTIFIED HABITUAL
                          DOB: 12/30/72
                                                                      FELTON                                        JR.                                              FELONY OFFENDER

                          HT: 5’8”                                    DOB: 7/25/81                                  IDENTIFIED HABITUAL
                                                                                                                    FELONY OFFENDER                                  DOB: 1/5/81
                          WT: 303                                     HT: 5’7”                                      DOB: 3/28/79                                     HT: 5’6”
                          EYES: brown                                 WT: 160                                       HT: 5’10”                                        WT: 184
                          HAIR: black                                 EYES: brown                                   WT: 227                                          EYES: brown
                                                                      HAIR: black                                   EYES: brown                                      HAIR: black
                                                                                                                    HAIR: black
                                                     WANTED FOR FELONY FTA
    Please contact Detective V. Miniet at       Please contact Detective V. Miniet at         Please contact Detective V. Miniet at           Please contact Detective V. Miniet at
           (813) 247-0721                              (813) 247-0721                                (813) 247-0721                                  (813) 247-0721
        if you have any information.                if you have any information.                  if you have any information.                    if you have any information.

U.S. Immigration and Customs                to leave the country by an                    The deployment of the new                       and therefore no longer fugi-
Enforcement (ICE) estab-                    immigration judge, but have                   teams has resulted in a dra-                    tives. This accounts for the
lished the first Fugitive                   failed to comply.                             matic increase in overall                       difference between the esti-
Operations Teams in 2003 to                                                               arrests. As the accompanying                    mated decrease in fugitives
dramatically expand the                     The National Fugitive                         chart shows, the number of                      and the number of reported
agency’s efforts to locate,                 Operations Program is respon-                 arrests made by ICE Fugitive                    fugitive arrests.
arrest, and remove fugitives                sible for reducing the fugitive               Operations Team officers and
from the United States. An                  alien population in the United                agents has nearly doubled in                    ICE’s National Fugitive
ICE fugitive is defined as an               States. ICE’s databases show                  the past year, exceeding 30,000                 Operations Program is just
alien who has failed to depart              the targeted enforcement                      for the first time.                             one facet of the Department
the United States based upon                strategy is paying off. Earlier               Last year, to further increase                  of Homeland Security’s over-
a final order of removal,                   this year, the nation’s fugitive              the efficiency of the Fugitive                  arching strategy to secure
deportation, or exclusion; or               alien population declined for                 Operations Teams, ICE estab-                    America’s borders and reduce
who has failed to report to a               the first time. As of October                 lished the Fugitive Operations                  illegal migration. Given the
Detention and Removal                       1, 2007, ICE’s fugitive case                  Support Center (FOSC) in                        success of the fugitive opera-
Officer after receiving notice              backlog consisted of less than                Burlington, Vermont. The cen-                   tions effort, ICE is proposing
to do so.                                   595,000 fugitive aliens which is              ter aids with gathering and                     to add six more Fugitive
                                            approximately 38,000 fewer                    analyzing file information and                  Operations Teams in fiscal
ICE’s Fugitive Operations                   fugitives than the population                 electronic data on fugitive                     year 2008.
Teams give top priority to                  recorded on October 1, 2006.                  cases across the country. Since
cases involving aliens who                  Much of the credit for those                  its inception, the center has                   U.S. Immigration and Customs
pose a threat to national secu-             results can be attributed to the              disseminated more than                          Enforcement (ICE) was estab-
rity and community safety,                  rapid expansion of the pro-                   150,000 case leads to Fugitive                  lished in March 2003 as the
including members of transna-               gram. When the initiative was                 Operations Teams in the field.                  largest investigative arm of the
tional street gangs, child sex              launched in 2003, there were                  This effort has also aided in                   Department of Homeland
offenders, and aliens with prior            eight fugitive operations teams               reducing the reported number                    Security. ICE is comprised of
convictions for violent crimes.             nationwide. Today, ICE has 75                 of existing fugitives by recon-                 five integrated divisions that
The Fugitive Operations Team                teams deployed across the                     ciling records to eliminate                     form a 21st century law
officers and agents utilize                 country, including 12 in                      those who have left the coun-                   enforcement agency with
intelligence-based information              California. Of those teams, 23                try voluntarily, successfully                   broad responsibilities for a
and leads to locate and arrest              were added in the last fiscal                 adjusted their status, or were                  number of key homeland secu-
aliens who have been ordered                year.                                         discovered to be incarcerated                   rity priorities. •

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Arrests nearly double national-    Five of those teams are located         robbery with a deadly weapon,                    pose a threat to national secu-
ly compared to the previous fis-   within the Miami Field Office.          burglary of a dwelling, posses-                  rity and community safety.
cal year.                                                                  sion of cannabis, possession of                  These include child sexual
                                   The Fugitive Operations                 drug paraphernalia and posses-                   exploiters, suspected gang
ORLANDO – U.S.                     Program’s rapid growth has              sion of a weapon. Sanchez-                       members and those who have
Immigration and Customs            spurred its success. However,           Roches was arrested on May                       convictions for any violent
Enforcement (ICE)                  better coordination of informa-         10, 2007. Also arrested was                      crimes.
announced December 4, that         tion from state and local law           Jose Reyes-Reyes, a 50-year-
deportation officers assigned      enforcement and more efficient          old Salvadoran national, previ-                  ICE’s Fugitive Operations
to the Miami Field Office          data collection and dissemina-          ously convicted for murder in                    Program is an integral part of
made a record number of            tion have also contributed              Harris County, Texas. Reyes-                     the comprehensive multi-year
arrests in fiscal year 2007. The   greatly. As of October 1, 2007,         Reyes was arrested at his home                   plan launched by the
Miami Field Office, which cov-     ICE’s fugitive case backlog             in Miami on Jan. 26, 2007.                       Department of Homeland
ers all of Florida, Puerto Rico    consisted of less than 595,000                                                           Security to secure America’s
and the U.S. Virgin Islands,       fugitive aliens which is approxi-       The Fugitive Operations                          borders and reduce illegal
ranks second in the nation for     mately 38,000 fewer fugitives           Teams’ success is attributed to                  migration. That strategy seeks
arrest totals.                     than the population recorded            the fact that ICE has expanded                   to gain operational control of
                                   on October 1, 2006.                     partnerships with local law                      both the northern and south-
In the last fiscal year, which                                             enforcement agencies across                      ern borders, while re-engineer-
ended on Sept. 30, 2007, ICE       “These statistics should put            the country and the newly cre-                   ing the alien detention and
Fugitive Operations Teams          those in violation of law on            ated Fugitive Operations                         removal system to ensure that
arrested 30,408 individuals        notice,” said Michael Rozos,            Support Center (FOCC) in                         illegal aliens are removed from
nationwide – up from 15,462        Miami field office director for         Vermont, which aids in gather-                   the country quickly and effi-
arrests made in FY 2006. In        detention and removal.                  ing and analyzing information                    ciently.
the Miami Field Office, there      “Those who blatantly violate            on fugitive cases across the
were 2,579 arrests compared to     our laws will be located, arrest-       country. This center was                         U.S. Immigration and Customs
the 1,456 arrests made in FY       ed and deported. The rule of            opened last year and has since                   Enforcement (ICE) was estab-
2006. One of the reasons for       law must be respected.”                 disseminated more than                           lished in March 2003 as the
the increase in arrests is the                                             150,000 case leads to ICE                        largest investigative arm of the
deployment of dozens of more       Among those arrested here in            agents.                                          Department of Homeland
teams across the country. At       Orlando was Jose Sanchez-                                                                Security. ICE is comprised of
the end of FY 2007, ICE had        Roches, a 47-year-old Cuban             ICE established its Fugitive                     five integrated divisions that
75 active teams, up from 52        national, previously convicted          Operations Program in 2003 to                    form a 21st century law
teams at the end of FY2006.        for first degree murder, armed          eliminate the nation’s backlog                   enforcement agency with
                                                                           of immigration fugitives and                     broad responsibilities for a
                                                                           ensure that deportation orders                   number of key homeland
                                                                           handed down by immigration                       security priorities.

    Aaron’s Bail Bonds     Since 1985
                                                                           judges are enforced. The
                                                                           teams prioritize cases involving
                                                                           immigration violators who
                                                                                                                            Contact: ICE Public Affairs
                                                                                                                            (305) 970-1294

     Call If Yolp
     Call If Y
     Need He lp
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                                                                             all information in this paper. If
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     Tampa, Florida 33619                                                                             DECEMBER 4, 2007

                                                                                                                    December 2007              THE CRUSADER 3
   WANTED BY HILLSBOROUGH                             WANTED BY HILLSBOROUGH                         WANTED BY HILLSBOROUGH                            WANTED BY HILLSBOROUGH
   COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE:                           COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE:                       COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE:                          COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE:

                          KEVIS                                                REGINALD                                     NORRIS                                           VICTOR
                          THADDES                                              RAMON                                        NATHANIEL                                        CORONA
                          GORDON                                               GREEN                                        MINCEY, JR.                                      AGUILAR
                          IDENTIFIED HABITUAL
                          FELONY OFFENDER
                                                                               VIOLENT HABITUAL
                                                                               FELONY OFFENDER
                                                                                                                            VIOLENT HABITUAL
                                                                                                                            FELONY OFFENDER                                  DOB: 5/27/87
                          DOB: 6/17/78                                                                                      DOB: 11/23/76                                    HT: 5’6”
                                                                               DOB: 10/28/73
                          HT: 6’0”                                                                                          HT: 5’11”                                        WT: 150
                                                                               HT: 5’6”
                          WT: 160                                                                                           WT: 225                                          EYES: brown
                                                                               WT: 120
                          EYES: brown                                                                                       EYES: brown                                      HAIR: black
                                                                               EYES: brown
                          HAIR: black                                          HAIR: black                                  HAIR: black
    Please contact Detective P. Hollis at            Please contact Detective Ken Hoskins at        Please contact Detective Juan Gonzalez at          Please contact Detective V. Miniet at
           (813) 247-8683                                     (813) 247-8691                                 (813) 247-0718                                    (813) 247-0721
        if you have any information.                       if you have any information.                   if you have any information.                      if you have any information.

                                                   • They pretend to be busi-                      • They claim to have a med-                     to someone who will take
                                                   nesspeople or government                        ical emergency or some other                    care of shipping. But there’s
                                                   officials and ask you to invest                 problem and ask you to help                     no reason why they can’t
                                                   in a partnership. Real com-                     by cashing a check or money                     send that person the money

SCAM!                                              panies and government agen-
                                                   cies don’t contact strangers in
                                                   other countries to offer busi-
                                                   ness propositions.
                                                                                                   • They promise to come to
                                                                                                   the U.S. to be with you, but
                                                                                                                                                   • They say that a check or
                                                                                                                                                   money order payment will
Foreign Business Offers                                                                            they need you to cash a                         come from someone who
They all promise you millions.                     • They send you a counter-                      check or money order to                         owes them money and tell
Offers come in may varieties,                      feit check or money order as                    cover travel expenses.                          you to deduct your share and
from many countries, but none                      an “advance” on the millions                    • Only cash a check or                          send them the rest. Maybe
of the promises come true.                         you’ll receive and ask you to                   money order for a close rela-                   they’re in a foreign country
                                                   send cash back for legal serv-                  tive, someone you have actu-                    and because of currency dif-
They pretend to be business                        ices, bonding, or other                         ally met in person or some-                     ferences it’s difficult to pay
people or government officials.                    expenses. That is not how                       one you have known for a                        you directly. But it’s easy to
Real companies and govern-                         any legitimate deal works.                      long period of time. You will                   transfer money electronically
ment agencies don’t contact                                                                        be responsible if the check is                  from anywhere - there’s no
strangers in other countries to                  Love Losses                                       phony.                                          reason to have someone else
offer business propositions.                     You think you’ve found some-                                                                      send you payment.
                                                 one special online. But maybe                    Overpayments                                     • They claim they sent the
Warning Signs:                                   you’ve been specially selected                   They don’t really want the                       wrong amount “by mistake”
 • They ask you to transfer a                    for a scam.                                      merchandise, they want your                      and ask you to return the
 fortune from their country to                                                                    money. They offer overpay-                       excess.
 your bank account for safe-                     They promise to come to the                      ments on items you advertised                    • Legitimate buyers will be
 keeping. But if they really                     U.S. to be with you. But they                    in the classifieds or the online                 happy to send the exact
 had a fortune they wouldn’t                     need you to cash a check or                      auction.                                         amount you’re owed.
 need to ask a stranger for                      money order to cover travel
 help. They could easily                         expenses.                                        They claim they sent the                        Rental Schemes
 afford the best lawyers                                                                          wrong amount by “mistake”.                      They claim to be moving from
 money can buy to help them                      Warning Signs:                                   They ask you to deposit the                     outside the area, even from
 with this task... if they were                   • They say they are located                     check in your account and                       another country. They send a
 legitimate.                                      in a foreign country and they                   return the excess to them.                      check to cover shipping costs
 • They say they got the                          have a check or money order
                                                                                                                                                  and ask you to forward the
 money illegally and that’s                       in U.S. dollars that they can’t                 Warning Signs:                                  excess to someone else.
 why they can’t go through                        cash. But there’s no real rea-                   • They send or give you a
 normal channels. If they                         son why they couldn’t use the                    check or money order for                       They have unexpected expens-
 admit to being crooks, why                       financial services in their own                  more than the purchase price                   es, so send some of the deposit
 would you trust them?                            country to cash it.                              and ask you to send the extra                  back as a favor. But they

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4 THE CRUSADER                 December 2007
never intend to move in. By
the time you’ve discovered the
scam, they’ve already found
                                              not to them.
                                              • To gain your trust, they use                  TOP 18 WAYS TO
their next victim.
                                              the name of a well-known
                                              sweepstakes company. Get
                                              the company’s number from
                                                                                              CONFUSE SANTA
Warning signs:                                directory assistance and call                 1. Instead of milk and cookies,                       tance, he looked like a bear.
 • They claim to be moving                    directly to verify.                           leave him a salad, and a note
 from outside the area or even                                                                                                  9. While he’s in the house, find
                                              • They say you won a foreign                  explaining that you think he could  the sleigh and sit in it. As soon
 another country. They send a
                                              lottery or sweepstakes, but                   stand to lose a few pounds.         as he comes back and sees you,
 check or money order for
                                              that’s impossible unless you
 rent, plus extra to cover ship-                                                            2. While he’s in the house, go find tell him that he shouldn’t have
                                              traveled to that country to
 ping expenses for their                                                                    his sleigh and write him a speed- missed that last payment, and
                                              enter. It is illegal to buy or
 belongings. They ask you to
                                              sell tickets across the U.S.                  ing ticket.                         take off.
 forward the excess to some-
                                              border.                                       3. Leave him a note, explaining                       10. Leave a plate filled with cook-
 one, but they could have easi-
                                                                                            that you’ve gone away for the holi-                   ies and a glass of milk out, with a
 ly done this themselves.                    Work-at-home                                   days. Ask if he would mind water-                     note that says, “For The Tooth
 • They have unexpected                      They promise easy money                        ing your plants.                                      Fairy.” Leave another plate out
 expenses and ask you to cash                working at home. If it was so                                                                        with half a stale cookie and a few
 a check or money order, then                easy, why wouldn’t we all be                   4. While he’s in the house,
                                                                                            replace all his reindeer with exact                   drops of skim milk in a dirty glass
 send some of the deposit                    working in our pajamas?
                                                                                            replicas. Then wait and see what                      with a note that says, “For Santa.”
 back as a favor. But they
 never intend to move in. By                 They ask you to help process                   happens when he tries to get       11. Take everything out of your
 the time you discover the                   payments. You deposit the                      them to fly.                       house as if it’s just been robbed.
 scam they have already                      checks and send them the                       5. Keep an angry bull in your liv- When Santa arrives, show up
                                                                                            ing room. If you think a bull goes dressed like a policeman and say,
 moved on to their next vic-                 money minus your “pay”.
 tim.                                        Real companies don’t do busi-                                                     “Well, well. They always return to
                                                                                            crazy when he sees a little red
 • Their check or money                      ness in this manner.                           cape, wait until he sees that big, the scene of the crime.”
 order for the vacation rental                                                              red Santa suit!                    12. Leave out a copy of your
 includes extra to rent a car.               Warning signs:
 They ask you to send the                     • They hire you on the basis                  6. Build an army of mean-looking Christmas list with last-minute
                                                                                            snowmen on the roof, holding       changes and corrections.
 extra to someone who will                    of an email or phone call,
 make the car rental arrange-                 without any personal inter-                   signs that say “We hate           13. While he’s in the house, cover
 ments.                                       view or background checks.                    Christmas,” and “Go away Santa.” the top of the chimney with
                                              That’s not how legitimate                     7. Leave a note by the telephone, barbed wire.
Sudden Riches                                 companies operate.
                                                                                            telling Santa that Mrs. Claus                         14. Leave lots of hunting trophies
They say you won a foreign                    • They ask you to help                        called and wanted to remind him                       and guns out where Santa’s sure
lottery or sweepstakes. But                   process payments by deposit-                  to pick up some milk and a loaf of                    to see them. Go outside, yell,
that’s impossible unless you                  ing checks or money orders
traveled to that country to                                                                 bread on his way home.                                “Ooh! Look! A deer! And he’s got a
                                              intended for their company                                                                          red nose!” and fire a gun.
enter, since it’s illegal to buy or           into your bank account. You                   8. Set a bear trap at the bottom
sell tickets across the U.S. bor-             send them the money and                       of the chimney. Wait for Santa to 15. Leave Santa a note, explain-
der.                                          you keep the extra as your                    get caught in it, and then explain ing that you’ve moved. Include a
                                              “pay.” Real companies, even                   that you’re sorry, but from a dis- map with unclear and hard-to-read
The notice comes by regular                   those in other countries,                                                        directions to your new house.
mail, phone, fax, or email. If                never operated in this man-                          HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY
you’d won a cash prize or                                                                             SHERIFF’S OFFICE:                           16. Leave out a Santa suit, with a
                                              ner. They have payments go
                                                                                                                                                  dry-cleaning bill.
inherited money, you’d be noti-
fied by certified mail.
                                              directly to their own
                                                                                                    ALERT                                         17. Paint “hoof-prints” all over
                                                                                             ARMED BANK
                                              • They ask you to be a “mys-                   ROBBERY                                              your face and clothes. While he’s
Warning signs:                                                                               SUSPECT                                              in the house, go out on the roof
                                              tery shopper”. You send
 • The notice comes by regu-                                                                 black male                                           and act like you’ve been “tram-
                                                                                             AGE: 35-40
                                              funds from a check or money
 lar mail, phone, fax, or email.
                                                                                             HT: 5’10”-6’0”
                                              order to “test” a money                                                                             pled.” Threaten to sue.
                                                                                             WT: 180-200
 If you had won a cash prize
                                              transfer service or buy sever-
                                                                                             light complexion
 or inherited money, you                                                                                                                          18. Instead of ornaments, deco-
                                              al small items at a store and                                                                       rate your tree with Easter eggs.
 would be notified by certified
                                              send the rest of the money                     wore surgical                                        Dress up like the Easter Bunny.
                                                                                             mask and white
                                              back to them.
 • They send you a check or                                                                  gloves                                               Wait for Santa to come and then
                                              • Legitimate companies                                                                              say, “This neighborhood ain’t big
 money order as an “advance”
                                              would never ask you to use a                                                                        enough for the both of us.”
 and ask you to send money
                                              money transfer or delivery
 to get the rest. But that’s not                                                             On November 16, 9:35am, the pictured suspect
                                              service to send cash to them                   entered the BB&T Bank on Oakfield Dr. in Brandon       TAMPA POLICE DEPARTMENT
                                                                                             with a black, semi-automatic handgun and demand-
 how legitimate contest pro-                                                                                                                       GANG SUPPRESSION UNIT
                                              or anywhere else, for any
 moters or law firms operate.                                                                ed money from the tellers. After he got the money,
                                              purpose.                                       he fled on foot.
 If you suddenly come into                                                                                                                                                      EDWARD
 money, you will pay taxes
                                             For more information, go to                        Please contact Detective T. Paladini at                                         ROBERT
 directly to the government,                                                                             (813) 247-0555                                                         HANKINS
                                                                                                                                                                                DOB: 1/13/89
                                                                                                     if you have any information.

                                                                                                                                                                                HT: 6’1”
                                                                                                                                                                                WT: 250
                                                                                                                                                                                EYES: green
                                                                                                                                                                                HAIR: red
   COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE:                     COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE:                        COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE:

                           LARRY                                      ERNEST LEON                                           MICHAEL T.
                           JOSEPH                                     ROSE                                                  ROSS                  WANTED FOR CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT ARMED
                                                                      IDENTIFIED HABITUAL                                   IDENTIFIED HABITUAL   ROBBERY & ARMED ROBBERY W/A FIREARM
                           MIKOWSKI                                   FELONY OFFENDER                                       FELONY OFFENDER

                           DOB: 6/1/41                                DOB: 6/14/50                                          DOB: 3/3/59            Robert Hankins is believed to be involved in other
                                                                                                                                                   robberies in other jurisdictions. He moved from
                           HT: 6’0”                                   HT: 5’9”                                              HT: 5’8”               Tampa to Alachua County, 15 miles north of
                           WT: 200                                    WT: 175                                               WT: 198                Gainesville. While living here, Hankins frequented
                           EYES: green                                EYES: brown                                           EYES: brown            Temple Terrace area and the Central Park
                           HAIR: grey                                 HAIR: black                                           HAIR: black            Apartments. Hankins is a member of the Black
                                                                                                                                                   Generals gang,and is known to carry handguns.
   WANTED FOR FELONY FTA DUI (3RD OR                                                                                                               He may be driving a 1995 green Chevy truck with FL
 SUBSEQUENT), FTA DRIVING WHILE LICENSE                                                                                                            tag# W993PA.
         TO SUBMIT TO TESTING                 COCAINE, POSS. OF DRUG PARAPHERNALIA                 REGISTER AS CAREER CRIMINAL                       Please contact Officer J. Blanco, TPD at
                                                                                                                                                              (813) 299-3538
   Please contact Detective Ken Hoskins at     Please contact Detective Ken Hoskins at         Please contact Det. R. Cochran, T.P.D. at                      of Sergeant Bill Todd at
           (813) 247-8691                              (813) 247-8691                                    (813) 276-3545                                       (813) 431-5731
        if you have any information.                if you have any information.                     if you have any information.                          if you have any information.

                                                                                                                                            December 2007             THE CRUSADER 5
                   Craig C. Kubiak
            All State & Federal Charges                                                                      Attorney
                                     (Middle District of Florida)
                                                                                       Monica L. Strickland
           Felonies • Drug Charges                                                                           Attorney
                                                                                  24 Hours a day • Walk-Ins Welcome
           Bond Reductions • D.U.I.
                                                                                   (813) 871-9400
            Violation of Probation                                                     320 West Kennedy Blvd.,
                                                                                  Suite 720 • Tampa, Florida 33604

                                                                                   (727) 538-9400
              Call for a Free Initial Consultation                                4707 140th Avenue N., Suite 104
                                                                                     Clearwater, Florida 33762

BE THANKFUL                                                                    A DOG’S LIFE
Author unknown                                                              If a dog was the teacher, you would learn stuff like:
Be thankful that you don’t already have everything you desire.           1. When loved ones come                      12. On hot days, drink lots of
If you did, what would there be to look forward to?                      home, always run to greet                    water and lie under a shady tree.
                                                                         them.                           13. When you’re happy, dance
Be thankful when you don’t know something,
for it gives you the opportunity to learn.                               2. Never pass up the opportuni- around and wag your entire
                                                                         ty to go for a joyride.         body.
Be thankful for the difficult times.                                     3. Allow the experience of fresh 14. No matter how often you’re
During those times you grow.                                             air and the wind in your face to scolded, don’t buy into the guilt
                                                                         be pure ecstasy.                 thing and pout. Run right back
Be thankful for your limitations,                                                                         and make friends.
                                                                         4. When it’s in your best inter-
because they give you opportunities for improvement.
                                                                         est, practice obedience.        15. Delight in the simple joy of a
Be thankful for each new challenge,                                      5. Let others know when they’ve long walk.
because it will build your strength and character.                       invaded your territory.         16. Eat with gusto and enthusi-
                                                                         6. Take naps.                   asm. Stop when you have had
Be thankful for your mistakes.                                                                           enough.
They will teach you valuable lessons.                                    7. Stretch before rising.
                                                                                                         17. Be loyal.
                                                                         8. Run, romp, and play daily.
Be thankful when you’re tired and weary,                                                                 18. Never pretend to be some-
because it means you’ve made a difference.                               9. Thrive on attention and let  thing you’re not.
                                                                         people touch you.
                                                                                                         19. If what you want lies buried,
It’s easy to be thankful for the good things. A life of rich fulfill-    10. Avoid biting when a simple dig until you find it.
ment comes to those who are also thankful for the setbacks.              growl will do.
                                                                                                         20. When someone is having a
                                                                         11. On warm days, stop to lie   bad day, be silent, sit close by
Gratitude can turn a negative into a positive. Find a way to be
                                                                         on your back on the grass.      and nuzzle them gently.
thankful for your troubles, and they can become your blessings.

                                                                         RUBEN &STEVE BAZARTE
                                                                             BAIL BONDS
                                THE                THURMAN
                                                 (TONY) SANDS
                          WYOMING                                                                                           50
                                                                                                                            YEARS OF

                          ANTELOPE               BAIL                                                                      DEPENDABLE
                               CLUB             BONDS                        24 HOUR SERVICE

                                                                                                                          ALL BONDABLE OFFENSES
    3700 126th Avenue N., Pinellas Park                                                                                 24 HOUR SERVICE • NO HIDDEN COSTS

                                                                               STEVE BAZARTE                                         446-3773
                                                                                                                         (727)       446-3773
  • S.A.F.E. (SECURE ALL FIREARMS SAFELY)                                                                                  (727)
                                                                                                                          (727)      536-1585
                                                                               (813) 245-1390
                                                                               SCOTT MOORE
                                                 Tony Sands, Agent
                                                                                                                          “For the honesty and
  CALL for                 Save
                         5 Dollars
                         5 Dollars                 T.J. Sands, Intern                                                     respect you deserve”
  DETAILS                                                                      (863) 646-4837
                           5                       HOUR                            .
                                                                           ROBERT P JENNINGS
                       $         00
    (727)                    .
                         WITH THIS
                         WITH THIS                                                                                     CLEARWATER
                            AD                  (813) 871-5150                 (813) 610-2869                          BONDING AGENCY
                                                6820 Benjamin Road, #5                                                      5560 ROOSEVELT BLVD.
               DAY: John Gluck (727) 399-9135                            708 E. Scott Street • Tampa, Florida 33602
                                                                                                                            CLEARWATER, FL 33760
      EVENING: John McNamara (727) 577-0193
                                                 Tampa, Florida 33634

6 THE CRUSADER                 December 2007
      HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY                                       HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY                                    HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY                                    HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY
         SHERIFF’S OFFICE:                                         SHERIFF’S OFFICE:                                      SHERIFF’S OFFICE:                                      SHERIFF’S OFFICE:
       ALERT                                                     ALERT                                                  ALERT                                                  ALERT
ARMED                                                    WANTED:                                                 VEHICULAR                                              ARMED BANK
ROBBERY                                                                                                          HOMICIDE                                               ROBBERY
SUSPECT:                                                 KEVIS                                                   SUSPECT:                                               SUSPECT
                                                                                                                                                                        black male
IAN                                                      ANDRE                                                   JAVIER A.
                                                         SPIRES                                                                                                         AGE: 47-53
                                                         DOB: 7/31/80
TAYLOR                                                                                                           SANCHEZ
                                                                                                                                                                        HT: 5’10”-6’0”
DOB: 10/1/87                                             HT: 5’8”                                                DOB: 12/22/88                                          WT: 160
HT: 6’0”- 6’2”                                           WT: 158                                                 HT: 5’7”                                               dark complexion
WT: 200                                                  EYES: brown                                             WT: 140
                                                         HAIR: black                                                                                                    dirty appearance,
WEAPON: black                                            VIOLENT HABITUAL                                                                                               may be homeless
                                                         FELONY OFFENDER
                                                                                                                 On July 1, 2007, this suspect was driving east-
                                                                                                                 bound on Frontage Rd. (about .3 miles from County
                                                         The subject, Kevis Spires failed to re-register as a    Line Rd.) at a high rate of speed. His 1999
On 9/15/07 (7:45am) at the Shell on Memorial Hwy.,       sex offender in October, and he has absconded           Chevrolet SUV crossed the center of the road and
the suspect demanded money from the cash regis-          from probation. Attempts to locate him at his home      struck a pickup head-on, killing the passenger. His
ter and coin box at gunpoint. He then fled west on       were met with negative results. The probation offi-                                                            On November 15, 12:35pm, the pictured suspect
                                                                                                                 blood-alchohol level was .08. He has outstanding
Memorial in a green 2-door vehicle, possibly a           cer had his tires slashed when attempting a home                                                               entered the M&I Bank on Bloomingdale Avenue,
                                                                                                                 warrants for DUI Manslaughter and related charges
Mitsubishi or Dodge with sport wheels.                   check on the subject.                                                                                          Brandon. He handed a demand note to the
                                                                                                                 with no bond. He is an undocumented alien.
                                                                                                                                                                        victim/teller, then fled on foot with the money.
 Please contact Detective Craig Henson at                    Please contact Detective J. Venero at                 Please contact Detective Jason Oliver at
                                                                                                                                                                           Please contact Detective R. Noland at
           (813) 247-0568                                            (813) 247-5132                                          (813) 247-0255                                         (813) 247-0706
        if you have any information.                              if you have any information.                           if you have any information.
                                                                                                                                                                                if you have any information.

  “A successful individual
 typically sets his next goal
somewhat but not too much                                                                                       HUMOR
 above his last achievement.                                                                                    It was the day after Christmas                         A woman went to the Post
                                                                                                                at a church in San Francisco.                          Office to buy stamps for her
In this way he steadily raises                                                                                  The pastor of the church was                           Christmas Cards. “What denomi-
   his level of aspiration.”                                                                                    looking over the cradle when
                                                                                                                he noticed that the baby Jesus
                                                                                                                                                                       nation?” asked the clerk. “Oh,
                                                                                                                                                                       good heavens! Have we come to
                                                                                                                was missing from among the                             this?” said the woman. “Well,
                    – Kurt Lewin,                                                                               figures. Immediately he turned                         give me 30 Catholic, 10 Baptist
                                                                                                                                                                       ones, 20 Lutheran, and 40
     U.S. (German-born) psychologist (1890 - 1947)                                                              and went outside and saw a lit-
                                                                                                                tle boy with a red wagon, and
                                                                                                                in the wagon was the figure of                         Terri asked her Sunday School
                                                                                                                the little infant, Jesus. So he                        class to draw pictures of their
                  Random Act of                                                                                 walked up to the boy and said,
                                                                                                                “Well, where did you get Him,
                                                                                                                                                                       favorite Bible stories. She was
                                                                                                                                                                       puzzled by Kyle’s picture,
                   Kindness for                                                                                 my fine friend?”
                                                                                                                The little boy replied, “I got
                                                                                                                                                                       which showed four people on
                                                                                                                                                                       an airplane, so she asked him
                    December                                                                                    him from the church.”
                                                                                                                “And why did you take him?”
                                                                                                                                                                       which story it was meant to
                                                                                                                The boy said, “Well, about a                           “The flight to Egypt,” said
   Give a genuine compliment per day, all month long.                                                           week before Christmas I                                Kyle.
     Even better, try to compliment a total stranger;                                                           prayed to the little Lord Jesus                        “I see. And that must be Mary,
                                                                                                                and I told him if he would                             Joseph, and Baby Jesus,” Ms.
    it’s easy to compliment those we know and love.                                                             bring me a red wagon for                               Terri said. “But who’s the
   A kind word may mean the world to the recipient.                                                             Christmas I would give him a                           fourth person?”
                                                                                                                ride around the block in it.”                          “Oh, that’s Pontius - the Pilot.”

 Hall’s Tax Solutions
  2700 N. MacDill Ave. #112                                   504 E. Baker St. #2
      Tampa, FL 33607                                         Plant City, FL 33566
       (813) 876-0125                                           (813) 752-1239
   Home For Quality Income Tax Preparation
         RAL (Express)
         RAL (Refund Anticipation Loans)
         RAC (Refund Anticipation Checks)
         Electronic Filing
         Tax Returns as Low as $25
         Discount for Return Clients

                                                                      Arsund Randolph
                                                                Elizabeth Randolph-Padgett
    We Appreciate Your Business
    and Look Forward to Seeing                                      Antoinette Randolph
        You This Tax Season                                              Arthur Hall

                 Formerly a Division of Hall’s Insurance, D/B/A Fast Tax and A+Tax Solutions

                                                                                                                                                               December 2007                THE CRUSADER 7
   Crime Stoppers of Pinellas County
                                         •Remain Anonymous                                                                                Anyone with information
                                                                                                                                          is asked to please call now
                                         •Rewards Up To $1000                                                                             1-800-873-TIPS

            WANTED BY                               WANTED BY                     WANTED BY            CRIME STOPPERS OF PINELLAS COUNTY
 CRIME STOPPERS                          CRIME STOPPERS
      OF PINELLAS COUNTY                       OF PINELLAS COUNTY
                                                                                 WANTED FOR HOME INVASION ROBBERY
                          RAYMOND                                JUAN F.        Treasure Island Police Department detectives are investigating a home invasion
                          CONOVER                                ALICEA         robbery occurring on October 30, 2007 at approximately midnight. Detectives
                                                                                indicate the victims were returning to their motel located on Gulf Blvd in Treasure               NO PICTURE
                          AGE: 21                                AGE: 54        Island after attending a casino cruise. When the victims entered and attempted to                  FOR THIS
                          HT: 5’7”                               HT: 5’9”       close their motel room door, two black males pushed open the door. Suspect #1                       PROFILE
                          WT: 170                                WT: 155        demanded money from the victims while Suspect #2 stood in the doorway armed
                          EYES: brown                            EYES: brown    with a gun. The suspects took items from the room and left the location in a 1999
                          HAIR: brown                            HAIR: brown    – 2004 Black Jeep Cherokee, 4 door with tinted windows and grey bumpers.

                                                                                INFORMATION VALID AS OF 12/5/07

                                                                                SUSPECT #1 DESCRIPTION: B/M, possibly early 30’s, 5’10”, medium build, bald, dark complexion
                                                                                LAST SEEN WEARING: pants and an olive green colored short sleeve shirt with a design

    WANTED FOR VOP: FELONY BATTERY,             WANTED FOR FAILURE TO           SUSPECT #2 DESCRIPTION: B/M, 27-33, 5’6”, dark complexion, gold teeth,      heavy build, low cut hair
   FLEEING/ELUDING, RESISTING ARREST           REGISTER AS SEX OFFENDER         LAST SEEN WEARING: dark colored jean shorts, carrying a silver gun

   attention teens:
   attention teens:
  If you need help, call the National Runaway Switchboard                                                                    1-800-621-4000
                                        Blood stains on clothes:               food storage containers:                                   Ants: Use chalk to draw a line

NEAT                                    Pour a little hydrogen perox-
                                        ide on stain, let sit, then laun-
                                        der as usual.
                                                                               Spray with nonstick cooking
                                                                               spray before pouring in toma-
                                                                               to based sauces and there
                                                                                                                                          on the floor or wherever ants
                                                                                                                                          tend to march. They will not
                                                                                                                                          cross it.

TIPS                                    Cleaning windows: Use verti-
                                        cal strokes when washing out-
                                        side and horizontal for inside
                                                                               won’t be any stains.

                                                                               Keeping celery fresh: Wrap in
                                                                               aluminum foil before putting
                                                                                                                                          Mosquito bites: Apply soap
                                                                                                                                          on the area to experience
                                                                                                                                          instant relief from itching
Sealed envelope: Put in the
freezer for a few hours, then           windows so you can tell which          in the refrigerator to keep
slide a knife under the flap.           side has the streaks. Straight         fresh for weeks.                                           Cure for headaches: Take a
The envelope can then be                vinegar will get outside win-                                                                     lime, cut it in half and rub it
resealed.                               dows really clean. Don’t wash          Boiling corn on the cob: Add                               on your forehead.
                                        windows on a sunny day.                a pinch of sugar to bring out
Appliance cords: Use an                 They will dry too quickly and          the corn’s natural sweetness.                              Splinters: Simply put the tape
empty toilet paper or paper             will probably streak.                                                                             over the splinter, then pull it
towel roll to store. Keeps                                                     Leftover wine: Freeze into                                 off. This method removes
cords neat and you can write            Cleaning artificial flowers:           ice cubes for future use in                                most splinters painlessly and
on the roll what appliance it           Pour some salt into a paper            casseroles and sauces.                                     easily without resorting to
belongs to.                             bag and add the flowers.                                                                          tweezers or a needle.
                                        Shake vigorously. The salt
Candles: Place in the freezer           will absorb the dust and dirt
for at least 3 hours prior to
burning to make them last
                                        and leave artificial flowers
                                        looking like new.
                                        Cleaning mirrors: Use air
                                        freshener. It does a good job                                                                      For Arrest and Conviction of person(s)
Icy steps in freezing                                                                                                                       who murdered LEE JOHNS (pictured)
temperatures: Mix warm                  and leaves a lovely smell to
water and dishwashing liquid,           the shine.
and pour over icy steps. They
won’t refreeze.                         Fresh smelling clothes/linens:
                                        Place fabric softener sheets in
Crayon marks on walls: Scrub            dresser drawers and linen
with damp rag, dipped in bak-           closets.
ing soda. Comes off with little
effort.                                 Removing burnt on food from
                                        cookware: Add a drop or two of
Permanent marker on                     dish soap and enough water to
                                        cover bottom of pan, and bring           *Conditions apply. All loans are subject to underwrit-
appliances/counter tops:                                                          ing guidelines and require real estate as collateral.
                                                                                                                                                Contributions for LEE JOHNS MEMORIAL FUND:

                                                                                    We offer many loans that do not require proof of
                                                                                                                                               Crossroads Sawmill, 18541 S.R. 52, Pasco County
                                        to a boil on stove top to loosen.
                                                                                   income. Not all loans are approved. All mortgage
Use rubbing alcohol on paper
                                                                                loans are through Home 1st Lending, a licensed cor-
                                                                                                                                            If you have information, please contact
                                        Let cool before washing.
                                                                               respondent lender, where state licensing is applicable.
towel. Will also work on store                                                                                                                    DETECTIVE JASON HATCHER of
receipt blue ink transfer                                                                                                                      PASCO COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE at
                                        Preventing stains to plastic                                                                                (727) 847-5878 ext. 7481

8 THE CRUSADER             December 2007
KUNG FU                                 Sands
                                                         Phone (813)871-5150
                                                           Fax (813) 884-3488
                                                                                                       Any Jails
                                                                                                       Any Amount
                                                                                                                                          FAX (727) 573-2554
                                                                                                                                               Notary Public

                                                                                                                   Mary’s Bonding Agency D/B/A
                                          Investigations                                               CALLAHAN BAIL BONDS
                                                                                                                           Always Open
                                                       Tony Sands (813)293-5035
                                                                                                                                                     Fran Smith

                                          Miguel Vazquez (813) 951-8168 (Retired Dep. US Marshall)
                                                                                                      13710 49th Street No. (A)                   (727) 821-4018
                                                        T.J. Sands (813)293-1718
                                                                                                      Clearwater, Florida 33762                 (727) 571-HELP
                                                P.O. Box 22031 • Tampa, Florida 33622                       Visa, Master Card, Discover & Am.Exp.- ATM
                                                            State Lic. #A2500376                                    Western Union 8 AM - 12 PM

A list of actual subtitles from
Kung Fu films from Hong Kong:                                                   BAIL
1. I am damn unsatisfied to be killed
in this way.
                                                                              Quick and Easy
2. Fatty, you with your thick face         Tina Ruffo                        HOURS
                                                                          24 N OTA R Y
have hurt my instep.                    (727) 523-0820
3. Gun wounds again?
4. Same old rules: no eyes, no groin.   4707 140th Ave. N. • Suite 102 • Clearwater, FL 33762

5. A normal person wouldn’t steal
                                                                                                      24 HOUR SERVICE                       STATE • FEDERAL
6. Damn, I’ll burn you into a BBQ               RIVERVIEW BAIL BONDS
chicken!                                                          24 Hour Service
                                                                                                           ARMANDO ARCOS
7. Take my advice, or I’ll spank you
                                                                   7 Days a Week
                                                                                                             BAIL BONDS
without pants.                                               Agent/Owner:                                                  SINCE 1948
                                                          Nicole “Nicky” Bishop                                   664-1110        664-1111
8. Who gave you the nerve to get
killed here?                                    7421 Hwy. 301 S.
                                                                                                                                         1904 ORIENT ROAD
9. Quiet or I’ll blow your throat up.           Riverview, FL 33569            (813) 677-9422         LARRY ARCOS                          TAMPA, FL 33619

10. You always use violence. I
should’ve ordered glutinous rice
11. I’ll fire aimlessly if you don’t
come out!
12. You daring lousy guy.
13. Beat him out of recognizable
14. I have been scared sh*tless too      5006 E. Broadway Ave, Suite 7 • Tampa 33619
much lately.
15. I got knife scars more than the              ROCHE
number of your leg’s hair!
16. Beware! Your bones are going to            BAIL BONDS
be disconnected.
17. The bullets inside are very hot.           PHONE: 623-3355
                                            (Received Bondsmen of the Year Award)
Why do I feel so cold?                                     OPEN 24 HOURS
18. How can you use my intestines           1906 ORIENT ROAD • TAMPA, FL 33619
as a gift?                                              (1 Block North of County Jail)

                                                                                         CERAMIC TILES
                                                                                                 from only
                                                                                                                                          69¢  sq. ft.

                                                                                         ROOF SHINGLES                                  $
                                                                                                Bundles starting at only
                                                                              COMPLETE KITCHENS $136800
                                                                                                             Cabinets Only

                                                                                                       GRANITE 100.00               $
                                                                                                     BATH TOPS                     *Prices good while supplies last,
                                                                                                                                         and are subject to change.

                                                                                       Visit our new
                                                                                    store in CARR est
                                                                                 11780 N. Da      OLLWOOD
                                                                                                  le Mabry Hig
                                                                                             (813) 868-13     hway
  TAMPA 4335 E. Hillsborough Ave. • (813) 621-2198                            BRADENTON 2320 First St. West • (941) 746-4333
  HUDSON 16607 U.S. 19 North • (727) 697-1500                                 CLEARWATER 12575 U.S. 19 North • (727) 535-5055
                                                                                                           December 2007            THE CRUSADER 9
 REWARD OFFERED                              REWARD OFFERED                              REWARD OFFERED                               REWARD
                           DARWIN                                      CHARLES                                     FREDERICK                                  VANSHAWN
                           GONZALEZ                                    CROOKS                                      DEVON                                      ANTONIO
                           FUGITIVE FROM                               FUGITIVE FROM                               BROWN                                      HAGGINS
                           JUSTICE                                     JUSTICE
                                                                                                                   FUGITIVE FROM                              FUGITIVE FROM
                           DOB: 6/20/78                                DOB: 4/10/69                                JUSTICE                                    JUSTICE
                           HT: 5’10”                                   HT: 5’8”                                    DOB: 2/9/62
                           WT: 154                                     WT: 306                                                                                DOB: 10/30/87
                                                                                                                   HT: 5’11”                                  HT: 5’8”
                           EYES: brown                                 EYES: green                                 WT: 180
                           HAIR: black                                 HAIR: brown                                 EYES: brown                                WT: 160
                                                                                                                   HAIR: black                                EYES: brown
                                                                                                                                                              HAIR: black

  If you have information, please contact     If you have information, please contact     If you have information, please contact     If you have information, please contact
    BIG JOHN BAIL BONDS (813) 641-8400          CALLAHAN BAIL BONDS (727) 821-4018          CALLAHAN BAIL BONDS (727) 821-4018        ROSENBERG BAIL BONDS: (813) 805-9303

 REWARD OFFERED                              REWARD OFFERED                              REWARD OFFERED                              REWARD OFFERED
                           CHRISTOPHER                                JAMES A.                                     WAYNE                                       ERICKED
                           ANTHONY                                    YOUNG                                        DIXON                                       LAMAR
                           PORTER                                     FUGITIVE FROM                                FUGITIVE FROM                               BROWN
                                                                      JUSTICE                                      JUSTICE
                           FUGITIVE FROM                                                                                                                       FUGITIVE FROM
                           JUSTICE                                    DOB: 9/18/79                                 DOB: 12/23/80                               JUSTICE
                           DOB: 7/22/81                               HT: 6’0”                                     HT: 5’1”                                    DOB: 4/20/81
                           HT: 5’10”                                                                               WT: 125
                                                                      WT: 180                                      EYES: brown                                 HT: 6’4”
                           WT: 145
                           EYES: brown                                EYES: brown                                  HAIR: black                                 WT: 250
                           HAIR: black                                HAIR: black                                                                              EYES: brown
                                                                                                                                                               HAIR: black

  If you have information, please contact     If you have information, please contact     If you have information, please contact     If you have information, please contact
 STEVE BAZARTE BAIL BONDS: (813) 221-1180    STEVE BAZARTE BAIL BONDS: (813) 221-1180    STEVE BAZARTE BAIL BONDS: (813) 221-1180    STEVE BAZARTE BAIL BONDS: (813) 221-1180

                                            They worked hard, repairing                 head high. The pastor cleaned               front wall. He bought it and
THE TABLECLOTH                              pews, plastering walls, painting,
                                            etc., and on December 18 were
                                                                                        up the mess on the floor, and
                                                                                        not knowing what else to do
                                                                                                                                    headed back to the church.

The brand new pastor and his                ahead of schedule and just                  but postpone the Christmas                  By this time it had started to
wife, newly assigned to their               about finished. On December                 Eve service, headed home.                   snow. An older woman run-
first church needed much                    19 a terrible tempest – a driv-                                                         ning from the opposite direc-
work. They set a ministry, to               ing rainstorm – hit the area                On the way he noticed that a                tion was trying to catch the
reopen a church in suburban                 and lasted for two days.                    local business was having a                 bus. She missed it.
Brooklyn, arrived in early                                                              flea market type sale for chari-
October excited about their                 On the 21st, the pastor went                ty so he stopped in. One of                 The pastor invited her to wait
opportunities.                              over to the church. His heart               the items was a beautiful,                  in the warm church for the
                                            sank when he saw that the roof              handmade, ivory colored, cro-               next bus 45 minutes later. She
When they saw their church, it              had leaked, causing a large                 cheted tablecloth with exqui-               sat in a pew and paid no atten-
was very run down and their                 area of plaster about 20 feet by            site work, fine colors and a                tion to the pastor while he got
goal was to have everything                 8 feet to fall off the front wall           Cross embroidered right in the              a ladder, hangers, etc., to put
done in time to have their first            of the sanctuary just behind                center. It was just the right               up the tablecloth as a wall tap-
service on Christmas Eve.                   the pulpit, beginning about                 size to cover up the hole in the            estry. The pastor could hardly

                                                                                                • Local, State &
                                                                                                  Federal Bonds

                                                                                                • 24 Hour Service

                                                                                                • No Collateral
                                                                                                  if Qualified

                                                                                                • All Courts
                                                                                                  & Amounts

   (813) 664-0056 or (813) 641-8400                                                                                                   2100 Orient Road
                                                                                                                                      Tampa, FL 33619
10 THE CRUSADER              December 2007
 The following subjects are considered                                                     *BONDING AGENCIES LISTED ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR REWARDS OFFERED. NEVER CONFRONT A FUGITIVE.

 Fugitives from Justice:
  These fugitives have posted bond, yet have not shown up for their day in court. If you know the
  whereabouts of a bond jumper, call the agency below his photo. You may be eligible for a reward.
 REWARD OFFERED                               REWARD OFFERED                               REWARD OFFERED                                 REWARD OFFERED
                           RONNIE L.                                    DEVIN CARL                                   KENNETH N.                                      RAMON
                           SLOAN                                        WYNN                                         LONG                                            RAOUF
                           FUGITIVE FROM                                FUGITIVE FROM                                FUGITIVE FROM                                   SALAMA
                           JUSTICE                                      JUSTICE                                      JUSTICE
                                                                                                                                                                     FUGITIVE FROM
                           DOB: 10/13/51                                DOB: 8/18/87                                 DOB: 7/10/52                                    JUSTICE
                           HT: 5’10”                                    HT: 5’10”                                    HT: 5’7”                                        DOB: 8/1/81
                           WT: 165                                      WT: 197                                                                                      HT: 6’0”
                           EYES: brown                                  EYES: brown                                  WT: 155
                                                                                                                     EYES: green                                     WT: 200
                           HAIR: brown                                  HAIR: black                                                                                  EYES: brown
                                                                                                                     HAIR: grey                                      HAIR: black

   If you have information, please contact     If you have information, please contact      If you have information, please contact         If you have information, please contact
  ORIENT ROAD BAIL BONDS (813) 630-0000       ORIENT ROAD BAIL BONDS (813) 630-0000        ORIENT ROAD BAIL BONDS (813) 630-0000           ORIENT ROAD BAIL BONDS (813) 630-0000

 REWARD OFFERED                               REWARD OFFERED                               REWARD OFFERED                                 REWARD OFFERED
                           ANDRAE J.                                  ISMAEL CALVO                                  STEPHANIE                                        HECTOR
                           TERRY                                      HERNANDEZ                                     RUIZ                                             CORREA
                           FUGITIVE FROM                              FUGITIVE FROM                                 FUGITIVE FROM                                    FUGITIVE FROM
                           JUSTICE                                    JUSTICE                                       JUSTICE                                          JUSTICE
                           DOB: 1/24/84                               DOB: 5/15/85                                  DOB: 2/27/87                                     DOB: 12/17/75
                           HT: 6’0”                                   HT: 5’7”                                      HT: 5’2”                                         HT: 5’7”
                           WT: 200                                                                                                                                   WT: 130
                                                                      WT: 170                                       WT: 100                                          EYES: brown
                           EYES: brown                                EYES: brown                                   EYES: brown                                      HAIR: brown
                           HAIR: black                                HAIR: black                                   HAIR: brown

  If you have information, please contact      If you have information, please contact     If you have information, please contact         If you have information, please contact
     ARCOS BAIL BONDS: (813) 664-1111        AGAINST ALL ODDS BAIL BONDS: (813) 300-9107   FRANK CUETO BAIL BONDS (813) 221-2245           FRANK CUETO BAIL BONDS (813) 221-2245

believe how beautiful it looked              she had made this tablecloth 35               REWARD OFFERED                                 REWARD OFFERED
and it covered up the entire                 years before, in Austria.
problem area.                                                                                                        GUADALUPE                                       JENRY
                                             The woman could hardly                                                  MUÑIZ                                           VALDES
Then he noticed the woman                    believe it as the pastor told                                           VEGA                                            AKA: Luiz Perez
                                                                                                                                                                     Jenry Valdescobas
walking down the center aisle.               how he had just gotten the                                              FUGITIVE FROM                                   FUGITIVE FROM JUSTICE
                                                                                                                     DOB: 9/21/65                                    DOB: 7/15/74
Her face was like a sheet.                   tablecloth. The woman
“Pastor,” she asked, “where did              explained that before the war                                           HT: 5’9”                                        HT: 6’1”
you get that tablecloth?” The                she and her husband were                                                WT: 130                                         WT: 180
                                                                                                                     EYES: brown                                     EYES: brown
                                                                                                                     HAIR: grey
pastor explained. The woman                  well-to-do people in Austria.
asked him to check the lower                 When the Nazis came, she was                                                                                            HAIR: black
right corner to see if the initials,         forced to leave. Her husband
EBG were crocheted into it                   was going to follow her the                    If you have information, please contact        If you have information, please contact
there. They were. These were                 next week. She was captured,                      LAZZARA BAIL BONDS (813) 740-1905            RODRIGUEZ BAIL BONDS: (813) 879-2727
the initials of the woman, and               sent to prison and never saw
                                                                                           her husband or her home                      where he got the tablecloth on
                                                                                           again. The pastor wanted to                  the front wall because it was
                                                                                           give her the tablecloth; but                 identical to one that his wife

  Pine Grove Family Restaurant                                                             she made the pastor keep it
                                                                                           for the church.
                                                                                                                                        had made years ago when they
                                                                                                                                        lived in Austria before the war
                                                                                                                                        and how could there be two
                                                                                           The pastor insisted on driving               tablecloths so much alike? He
                Serving Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner                                          her home, that was the least                 told the pastor how the Nazis

                 Goody Goody
                                                                                                                                        came, how he forced his wife
                 The Original                                                              he could do. She lived on the
                                                                                           other side of Staten Island and              to flee for her safety, and he

                                                                                           was only in Brooklyn for the                 was supposed to follow her,
                                                                                           day for a housecleaning job.                 but he was arrested and put in
                                                                                                                                        a prison. He never saw his

                 Pizza, Wings & more...
                                                                                           What a wonderful service                     wife or his home again all the
                                                                                           they had on Christmas Eve.                   35 years in between.
                                                                                           The church was almost full.

                 Beer & Wine
                 Now Serving                                                               The music and the spirit were
                                                                                           great. At the end of the serv-
                                                                                                                                        The pastor asked him if he
                                                                                                                                        would allow him to take him for
                                                                                           ice, the pastor and his wife                 a little ride. They drove to
                                                                                           greeted everyone at the door                 Staten Island and to the same
                 Special $10 Bucket
                 Domestic Beer
                                                                                           and many said that they                      house where the pastor had
                                                                                           would return. One older                      taken the woman three days ear-

                 Enjoy the Game on our Flat Screen TV’s!
    Food at                                                                                man, whom the pastor recog-                  lier. He helped the man climb
     Great                                                                                 nized from the neighborhood,                 the three flights of stairs to the
     Prices!                                                                               continued to sit in one of the               woman’s apartment, knocked on
                 Open 7 Days a Week • Take Out Orders Available                            pews and stare, and the pas-                 the door and he saw the greatest
                                                                                           tor wondered why he wasn’t                   Christmas reunion he could ever
    9399 N. Florida Avenue, Tampa • (813) 933-2795                                         leaving. The man asked him                   imagine. •

                                                                                                                                December 2007             THE CRUSADER 11
    See more missing children at

                                      MISSING FROM:                                                        MISSING FROM:                                                  MISSING FROM:
                                      Mission Viejo, CA                                                    Mission Viejo, CA                                              Lacoochee, FL
                                      MISSING SINCE:                                                       MISSING SINCE:                                                 MISSING SINCE:
                                      11/20/87                                                             11/20/87                                                       12/20/06

                                      DOB: 3/25/84                                                         DOB: 8/18/86                                                   DOB: 12/12/90
                                      EYES: blue                                                           EYES: blue                                                     EYES: brown
                                      HAIR: brown                                                          HAIR: brown                                                    HAIR: brown
                                      HT: 3’4”                                                             HT: 1’9”                                                       HT: 5’4”
                                      WT: 40 lbs.                                                          WT: 20 lbs.                                                    WT: 97 lbs.

                                                                                                                                      GUADALUPE FERDIN
CHRISTOPHER ZAHARIAS                                                 LISA ZAHARIAS                                                    Guadalupe was last seen by her mom in the early morning
While the father was at work, the non-custodial mother, Susan        While the father was at work, the non-custodial mother, Susan    hours of Dec. 20, 2006. She has not been seen or heard from
E. Zaharias took Christopher and his sister Lisa. They have not      E. Zaharias took both Lisa and her brother Christopher. They     since. Guadalupe has a small birth mark on her right leg
been heard from or seen since. Photo of Christopher is age           have not been seen or heard from since. Picture of Lisa is age   behind her knee. She was last seen wearing jeans, a red &
enhanced to age 10.                                                  enhanced to age 8.                                               orange sweater and white tennis shoes with pink stripes.

                                     MISSING FROM:                                                         MISSING FROM:                                                  MISSING FROM:
                                     Miami Beach, FL                                                       Leesburg, FL                                                   Jacksonville, FL
                                     MISSING SINCE:                                                        MISSING SINCE:                                                 MISSING SINCE:
                                     4/6/97                                                                8/27/06                                                        4/22/04

                                     DOB: 7/23/94                                                          DOB: 8/10/04                                                   DOB: 6/24/03
                                     EYES: blue                                                            EYES: brown                                                    EYES: brown
                                     HAIR: blonde                                                          HAIR: brown                                                    HAIR: black
                                     HT: 2’9”                                                              HT: 3’0”                                                       HT: 1’8”
                                     WT: 34 lbs.                                                           WT: 35 lbs.                                                    WT: 20 lbs.

VIVIAN AILEEN TROUT                                                  TRENTON DUCKETT                                                  JAY-QUAN LYNDARIUIS MOSLEY
Vivian is with her non-custodial mother, Marina Lopez. A warrant     Trenton was last seen approximately 7:00 p.m. on August 27,      Jay-Quan has not been seen since he was with his mother at a
for Interference with Custody was issued on Marina by the State of   2006. Trenton is believed to be in danger. Trenton has a small   strip mall in Jacksonville, FL; she has since been found
FL. Vivian has a birthmark on her left hip. This picture has been    mark over his left eye. He was last seen wearing a blue and      deceased. Jay-Quan’s whereabouts are still unknown.
age enhanced to the age of 8.                                        green stripped shirt, denim shorts and a diaper.

                          CANDLELIGHT VIGIL
                                    For Zachary Bernhardt on his 16th birthday, Tuesday December 18th at 7:30pm
                                    For Zachary Bernhardt on his 16th birthday, Tuesday December 18th at 7:30pm
                                              For details call 813-626-3001
                                              Child Protection Education of America • 410 South Ware Blvd. Suite 710, Tampa, FL 33619
                                              Child Protection Education of America • 410 South Ware Blvd. Suite 710, Tampa, FL 33619