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									       How Much is Insurance for an LTI Taxi?
If you own a taxi company, you know how important it is to generate business. You can
advertise your company, offer competitive rates, and hire the best drivers in your area. If you
are looking for more creative ways to attract customers, you might want to consider adding an
LTI taxi to your fleet. LTI taxis have been used throughout London for decades. They are an
icon of London history and so many tourists want the opportunity to ride in them. By adding
just one or two of these limited taxis to your fleet, more clients will call you for a ride. You may
even be able to charge higher fares with an LTI on your fleet. One of the drawbacks might be
insurance. You have to insure the LTI and make sure you have a fully comprehensive plan.
Find out if LTI insurance is higher than standard insurance before you make the investment.

The Higher Value of the Vehicle

LTI cabs cost more to buy than the stock taxi cabs that are available for sale today. This is
because they have been restored and if they are still on the road, they have been maintained
as well. You want to cover the vehicle for its value. The insurance company considers the LTI
cab a higher risk because if an accident happens, they will pay out more to repair or replace the
vehicle. While the rates are higher, charging higher fares will earn you the difference and more.

Everything Else is the Same

Taxi insurance is high no matter what kind of vehicles you have in your fleet. This is because
taxi drivers are seen as high-risk drivers. They are on the road all of the time and this increases
their chances of being involved in an accident. The more you are on the road, the more the
insurance company is going to charge you. Everything else on an LTI cab policy will be rated
the same as it would if you had a newer standard cab.

If you are interested in buying an LTI taxi, you should price the cost of insurance before you
even make the investment. Compare the cost of insurance to the cost you pay for your other
vehicles in the fleet. If the price is dramatically higher, you might want to assess your options.
Start off with one cab and then see if the investment was worth it.

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