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…or Me by leader6



                                                              ou will have no trouble finding a place
                                                              selling cakes and pastries, along with a
                                                              nice cup of coffee or tea, in Bangkok.
                                                              And the great thing is, they don’t just
                                                              offer cakes and teas or snacks, they
                                                              offer something for the senses too.
                                             Lookeast Magazine visited some great new places to
                                             enjoy your cakes and teas (and coffees of course). Some
                                             are specialized shops in specialized locations; most deli
                                             or patisserie shops with a wide range of offerings and
                                             special ambience.

      Tea, Coffee, Cakes
          words : AnnA TAUPITZ

                                      …or Me?
           Know the joke, “tea, coffee or me?” Well, on another
       level, the new cake shops and tea houses are teasing us as
        such, and they are not joking, whether in the quality of
         their offerings or in their ambiences and atmosphere.

                                                                 THIS PAGE - Various delicious
                                                                 cupcakes are available at Pandora in
                                                                 The Emporium. Go for the Carrot &
                                                                 Spices (left), Spring Bouquet (top)
                                                                 or their bestseller the Red Velvet

42 Lookeast | Tea, Coffee, Cakes... or Me?
                          BElow: Enjoy Cherry Cheese Tart
                           amid the harmonic white and blue
                         design of Cassia Cafè and Tea Room.
                            RIGHT: Or, how about the Sticky
                                  Toffee Pudding with cream?

Pandora: Box of Amazing Flavors                                                Cassia is the place to
In Greek mythology, the beautiful Pandora opened a box and unleashed
                                                                               go if you’re looking
                                                                                 for a traditional
the evils of mankind. In our own “cakes and tea mythology,” Pandora is
a beautiful place where you can savor the finest cupcakes, arguably, in
Bangkok. The boxes you will get at Pandora Bakeshop at The Emporium
Shopping Mall will be filled with good things that spread joy and              English afternoon tea
satisfaction. Visit their shop on the 5th floor and you will see a multitude
of various cupcakes -- in all flavors -- on display, as if waiting for only     with scones and
you. Go for a green tea cupcake or indulge your taste buds with the
spring bouquet cupcake, you will never be disappointed. Another good
choice would be their bestseller: the Red Velvet cupcake containing cocoa
                                                                                  various cakes!
and vanilla. With such amazing cup cakes and pastries, it is no wonder
Pandora is becoming the center of deli talk around town. The shop is
actually an extension of the Dugong Cupcakes House, which opened at
Avenue Chaeng Wattana last year, and now at The Emporium. We can
only guess where the next sibling of this shop will be. We will be eagerly
awaiting its opening.

Cassia Café
and Tea Room: Cozy Corners
For another cozy oasis to enjoy some cakes and tea, go to Sukhumvit 31.
The yellow cassia blossoms in front of the building mark the location and
gave it its name: Cassia Café and Tea Room. On the first floor I found the
tea room in harmonic white and blue design. The bright design and the
glass wall toward the street create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.
This is where the various cakes and scones are displayed along with a
huge range of teas. The cassia treetops surround the second floor and                      lEFT - Chocolate lovers will
I felt rather like being in a garden instead of in Suk 31. If you’re looking               enjoy the mouthwatering cakes
                                                                                           at Cherubin. BElow - The Gold
for a traditional English afternoon tea with scones and various cakes, this                Rush Cheese Cake is simply
is the place to go.                                                                        mouthwatering.

Cherubin: Chocolat Magic
Another great location in Sukhumvit 31 to enjoy cakes and tea is Cherubin
Chocolate Café. Chocolate lovers will especially enjoy the assortment
here as most of the various spectacular looking cakes on offer contain
chocolate. There is also a large selection of coffee, and hot and iced
chocolate with different flavors that guests can enjoy while listening to
the background of jazz. An interesting choice is the organic oolong tea,
which is made by friends of the house from Chiangrai. You can also order
their cakes and pick them up two days later for your special occasions.
Eye-catching hampers and gift boxes are on offer (as well containing
tea), teddy bears and their homemade cocoa mix. As you guess it, this
place is frequented for its wide range of chocolate cakes. My favorites:
the Nuts about Chocolate Cake and the Brownie Cheesecake. Yummy!

                                                                     neil’s Tavern:
                                                                     Thumbs up for the Bake Shop
                                                                     In 1969, Neil Armstrong wrote history by being the first man on the moon. This is also the year
                                                                     Neil’s Tavern was founded, named in honor of the American astronaut. Today, this restaurant
                                                                     has branches in Ruamrudee (the main branch) and Asoke (opened in 1994), directly next to
                                                                     Sino Thai Tower in Sukhumvit 21. While it is one of the best restaurants in Bangkok, it is its
                                                                     bake shop we want to talk about. Why? Fabulous cakes, what else! Cakes weighting between
                                                                     two and 30 pounds can be ordered here – to match your occasion. The cakes are baked all
                                                                     day in the Ruamrudee branch and delivered twice a day to the Asoke branch allowing you to
           BElow lEFT: Not only the Neil’s Tavern restaurant
             but also their bakeshop is well worth a visit. Their    enjoy the freshest cakes. Not for nothing the bestselling cake at the moment among the more
           mouthwatering cakes await you in their main branch        than 30 offered is the Crêpe Cake, which is served with a delicious raspberry sauce.
            at Ruamrudee and Asoke. BElow RIGHT: Their
                 Viennese Chocolate Cake is simply delightful.

      Dusit Gourmet: Preferred by Connoisseurs
      Dusit Thani Bangkok on Rama IV (Silom ) has a reputation as a dining destination, because
      of its eight restaurants and its delicatessen, The Dusit Gourmet, on the hotel’s ground floor.
      The amount of cakes here is remarkable. Sixteen different cakes are permanently on offer
      and every month there is a different promotion. For example, this month, cheesecake lovers
      will be pleased to know that there is a “Cheesecake Promotion,” offering five to six additional
      cheesecakes, created by pastry chef Slawek Golaszewski. You can enjoy the cakes at the
      Dusit Gourmet itself – there are chairs and tables available if you are so inclined or you can
      just buy some and take them home. Also, a huge amount of fantastic homemade pralines are
      available next to yummy chocolates, made-to-order sandwiches and bakery products, which
      are made three times a day. As well, imported products such as nougat, meat, coffee beans,
      bread, wine and various flavored jams can be purchased here. Many guests, not only from
      Dusit Thani, go there to enjoy their snacks and afternoon breaks or buy take-away products.

      Why not join them?

         Sixteen different cakes
       are permanently on offer
        and every month there
       is a different promotion at
            Dusit Gourmet.

                                                  RIGHT: Enjoy the fantastic homemade cakes
                                                     and pralines at Dusit Gourmet itself or take
                                                     them home to share with your loved ones.
                                                     ABovE RIGHT: Cheesecake lovers should
                                                take advantage of the “Cheesecake promotion”
                                                during November. How about Chilled Raspberry
                                                      Cheesecake or Grasshopper Cheesecake?

44 Lookeast | Tea, Coffee, Cakes... or Me?
                                                                          There are many more
                                                                       places for cakes and teas

                                                                         with their own unique
                                                                       attractions that we didn’t
                                                                       mentioned. Walk through
                                                                        Bangkok with open eyes
                                                                        and you will surely find
          RIGHT: More than 10 cakes are
      permanently on offer at KuppA and
         there might even be more during
    their “special of the week” promotion.
       ABovE: Enjoy the mouthwatering
     Concord Cake along with your choice
            out of their huge coffee range.

                                                                       Sweet as       ‘vanilla’
                                                                       There are some unique places you should know when going on a
                                                                       cake and tea trail through Bangkok, but there are also some chains
                                                                       you might come across and which are also well worth a visit. The
                                                                       Vanilla brand is represented in Bangkok by several outlets: the
                                                                       Vanilla Garden at Ekkamai, which consists of several buildings. One
KuppA: Simply Special                                                  is hosting a bookstore; another houses the Royal Vanilla Chinese
                                                                       Restaurant. The Vanilla Café is on the back of the garden. It is a Tokyo
Jazz music welcomed me at KuppA in Sukhumvit Soi 16.
                                                                       Café concept where you can enjoy cakes and Japanese desserts
The building used to be a warehouse and rumors say it was
                                                                       like daifuku, fruit short cake and vanilla crêpe cake. The Vanilla
even a CIA headquarters. Today, however, you will find here
                                                                       Brasserie is a French-style café at the ground floor of Siam Paragon.
an upmarket bar, restaurant, and coffee shop in a loft-like
                                                                       It offers various cakes and also sour and sweet crêpe French style.
lounge. The serving area is right in the middle of the room
                                                                       A homemade cake and bakery describes Vanilla Industry at Siam
and this is where you can find their cakes on display. There
                                                                       Square Soi 11 attracting mainly a younger crowd. They also create
are always more than 10 cakes and sometimes they offer
                                                                       a bakery sundae there, which is served with their signature bakery
additional cakes as a “special of the week” promotion. Enjoy
                                                                       products such as raspberry blondie or brownie. Meanwhile, an English
the cake along with a topping of your choice or with some
                                                                       pub design creates an original atmosphere for an afternoon tea at
homemade ice cream. I tried their wonderful Lemon Curd
                                                                       Vanilla Restaurant in Sukhumvit 55.
Cheesecake, which comes along with a delicious blueberry
sauce. The bestsellers are brownies and the cheesecake,
which was created by the mother of the Thai-Australian
owner. The range of coffees on offer is huge with 10
                                                                       Agalico: It’s the atmosphere too, man!
                                                                       In Agalico, no piece of furniture is positioned by accident. No wonder-
different types of beans used to create them, and so are
                                                                       the owner is one of Bangkok’s top landscape artist and interior
the various teas. I enjoyed the warm atmosphere created
                                                                       designers M. L. Poomchai Chumbala. It’s hard to believe it’s in busy
by the soft lights, and comfy sofas and chairs; I’m sure you
                                                                       Bangkok. I came just for a Twining and a piece of cake, which I
will enjoy it too.
                                                                       heard were very good, but I didn’t know it would be an awesome
                                                                       experience. The soft music on the background and the white furniture
                                                                       made me feel like I’m in a different world. The cake was heavenly
                                                                       all right but for its entire mouthwatering lure, I can’t get my mind
                                                                       off the atmosphere. The sofas and armchairs are most comfortable,
                                                                       you wish you can take them home (Well, you can. All furniture can
                                                                       be ordered and will be delivered to you within two weeks). Also,
                                                                       their garden is a real sanctuary, with the soft sounds of numerous
                                                                       fountains and the well-set plants and stone figures in between the
                                                                       peppel pathes lending a unique atmosphere, although the highlight
                                                                       is a beautiful white pavilion that provides private shelter during the
                                                                       rainy season. What a place to enjoy cakes and tea or coffee. Indeed,
                                                                       Agalico – located on Sukhumvit 51-- is not an everyday experience
                                                                       as this special place is open only Fridays to Sundays from 10 a.m. to
                                                                       6 p.m. Pre-bookings is a good idea as Agalico is appreciated by many
                                                                       Bangkokians who want to take some time out of the hustle and bustle
                                                                       in Bangkok.

                                                                       Coffee Beans by Dao is scattered in Bangkok but each of them is
                                                                       uniquely designed to fit into its own environment. More than 50 cakes
                                                                       and desserts are what the restaurant is popular for. Another chain
                                                                       that is impossible to ignore for cakes and teas is S&P Restaurants and
                                              ABovE: Feel like         Bakery Shops. They are extremely popular among Thai people and
                                              entering a different
                                              world when walking       outlets can be found in many highly frequented areas.
                                              into Agalico. Interior
                                              designer M.L.
                                              Poomchai Chumbala        There are many more places for cakes and teas with their own unique
                                              created a wonderful      attractions that we didn’t mentioned. Walk through Bangkok with
                                              white oasis in busy
                                              Bangkok. lEFT:           open eyes and you will surely find them.
                                              Coffee Cake and

                                                                                                                               November 2009 |    45

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