Recruits Evening by jennyyingdi


									             Recruits Retention Evening

                   Association of Referees Leinster
                        November 28th 2007

Leinster Rugby Referees                     
o 8.00 to 8.05 Norman Camier      Overview / Selection /
o    8.05 to 8.10 Brian Pender    Career path / Abuse of
                                  Match Officials
o    8.10 to 8.20 Alfie Acheson   Structure of the ARLB /
                                  Discipline / Child Welfare
o    8.20 to 8.25 Denis Collins   Branch Referees
o    8.25 to 8.30 Brendan Lynch   Expenses / International
o    8.30 to 8.35 Dermot O'Mahony Processing team cards /
                                  Transmitting match results

Leinster Rugby Referees                     
o 8.35 to 8.40 Jerome Counihan   Assessment
o 8.40 to 8.45 Danny Wallace     Refereeing Gear /
o 8.45 to 9.00 Presentations     Tea / Coffee
o 9.00 to 9.30 Paul Haycock      ( Senior AIL Referee) on the
                                 Pitfalls / Delights of a
                                 refereeing career.
o 9.30 to 9.45 Open House        (Questions and Answers)

Leinster Rugby Referees                     
                          Norman Camier
                     Association of Referees Leinster Branch

                   Overview / Selection / Education

Leinster Rugby Referees                              

o Why do we have a Retention meeting?

o Critical that ARLB supports it’s referees

o We must have two way communication

Leinster Rugby Referees             
o Senior and Junior Selections
o As far as is possible picking within the Area (1
  hour from home)
o Try as far as is possible to vary the selections
o Positive feedback from Assessments
o Feedback on availability.

Leinster Rugby Referees            
o    Seminars(3) /Area meetings(18)Informal ?
o    IRFU courses Level 1,2 & 3.
o    Website (major source of information)
o    Newsletter “Go Whistle”
o    Assessment reviews
o    Law Book
o    Personal initiative

Leinster Rugby Referees          
                          Brian Pender
                              Senior Vice President
                     Association of Referees Leinster Branch

              Career Path / Abuse of Match Officials

Leinster Rugby Referees                              
                          Career Path
o    Based on Performance
o    Assessment and Re grading
o    Development Panels/ Coaching
o    Seminars / Laws Meetings
o    IPAS
o    AIL and Beyond.

Leinster Rugby Referees       
                  Abuse of Match Officials
o Will not be tolerated.
o Officials supported by ARLB, LB, IRFU.
      o Verbal up to 1 year. Threatening up to 5 years. Physical
o Rugby vs GAA and Soccer
o What can you expect
      o From Players,Managers,Coaches, Spectators, Club
o How do you deal with it?
      o   Be calm firm and polite
      o   Use the sanctions
      o   Get the names
      o   Report the incident
Leinster Rugby Referees                           
                          Alfie Acheson
                               Honorary Secretary
                     Association of Referees Leinster Branch

 Structure of the ARLB / Discipline / Child Welfare

Leinster Rugby Referees                              
                                  Association Structure

                                                      Hon Secretary
                                                        Hon Tres

              Area Reps               Snr Vice Pres                     2 Active Referees               Co Opted Members
        Nth East, Nth Midlands,       Jnr Vice Pres                   2 Non Active Referees                 Branch Rep
          Midlands, Sth East,                                                                                IRFU Rep
         Sth Dublin Nth Dublin                                                                IRFU Leinster Referee Recruitment officer

             Area Meeting               Selection                          Web Site                      Branch Executive
             Recruitment              Assessments                            Gear                     IRFU Referee Committe
                                       Discipline                       Seminar Back up                Recruitments Course
                                                                         Annual Dinner                     Trial Games

Leinster Rugby Referees                                                                                     
o    Election of Officers
o    Hon Secretary Report
o    Hon Treasurer Report
o    A.O.B.

Leinster Rugby Referees  
o    President: Norman Camier
o    Senior Vice: Brian Pender
o    Junior Vice: Jerome Counihan
o    Honorary Secretary: Alfie Achenson
o    Honorary Treasurer: Brendan Lynch

Leinster Rugby Referees         
                          Executive Members
o 6 Area Representatives
      o North East: Jim Walker
      o North Midlands: Brendan Conroy
      o Midlands: Liam Conlon
      o South East: Cormac Cullinan
o 2 Active Referees
      o Kevin Beggs, Dan Wallace
o 2 Non-Active Referees
      o Des McCabe, Sean Mallin
Leinster Rugby Referees             
                          Co-Opted Members
o    IRFU Representative: Tom Aplin
o    Leinster Branch Rep.: Tony De Lacy
o    IRFU Recruitment Officer: Wayne Sheridan
o    Schools Rep.: Tom Tuohy

Leinster Rugby Referees            
                  Child Welfare Document
o Part of IRFU document
o Protect our members
o All Incidents Reported to Child Welfare
  Officer: Alfie Achenson
o All new members subject to national vetting
  agency enquiry

Leinster Rugby Referees          
  o    Chairman – Des McCabe
  o    Rota Committee
  o    Report to Office by Monday Midday
  o    Discipline Meeting Thursday 6pm
  o    Referee Represented by Hon.Sec. Branch
  o    No Cross Examination by Offending party
  o    In Serious Incidents Referee will be required to

Leinster Rugby Referees                     
                          Match Conduct
o    Player Conduct
o    Spectator Conduct – Club Responsibility
o    Verbal Abuse
o    Racial Abuse
o    Separate Reports
o    Citing Reports

Leinster Rugby Referees              
                          Denis Collins
                          Branch Referees Administrator

   Branch Referees Administration – How it works

Leinster Rugby Referees                         
                          Contact Details
o    Office Hours
o    8.30 am to 4.00pm
o    Direct Line :01 2235107
o    Mobile:      087 2617788
o    Saturday and Sunday only
o    9.00am to 12 noon 087 2617788

Leinster Rugby Referees           
                  Selection and Availability
o Approx two weeks before selection a non availability
  request is emailed.If no reply it is assumed that you
  are available.
o Availability or lack of should be updated when
                         o Cry Offs
o After 12 noon on the preceding Wednesday only by
  direct contact
o If name still on web the following day “alarm bells”

Leinster Rugby Referees                
                   Re selection of matches
o Generally done by a two people from each
  selection group
o Assessments generally available within seven
  days. In most cases by email

Leinster Rugby Referees            
                          Brendan Lynch
                     Association of Referees Leinster Branch

                   Expenses / International Tickets

Leinster Rugby Referees                              
                          Expenses Claim

Leinster Rugby Referees          
                          Dermot O’Mahony
                           Domestic Games Administrator

                           Processing Team Cards /
                          Transmitting Match Results

Leinster Rugby Referees                         
                          E-Sports manager
o Automatically updates results to the Leinster Branch
o Automatically updates league tables
o Reduces work associated with managing & creating
  fixtures and returning match results
o Will keep all Clubs supporters up-to-the minute with
  all the latest results and fixtures instantly
o Can also update results to existing Club web sites

Leinster Rugby Referees               
                What are Referees asked to do?

  o Receive text message with your fixture info’
  o When this match is over
     o Insert match result on original fixture message
     o Text this message to 087 9911692
  o Once returned that Text message will
    automatically update the web site and league

Leinster Rugby Referees                 
Leinster Rugby Referees
Fixture Message
Sent to Results official

          Match ID

        Space for
                           >ID 360 Skerries, (T ),
                           Monkstown,       (T ),
  (Space For Try Count)    Skerries RFC, 12.00am
                           14/05/07 RE/MAX           Match Venue
                           Leinster League           time & date
         Club 2            Division 1

 Leinster Rugby Referees                       
                                              Official only inserts
                                            score into original text
                                               messges (in red)

                          > >ID 360 Skerries, 23(T2),
                          Monkstown,23 (T 2 ),
                          Skerries RFC, 12.00am
                          14/05/07 RE/MAX Leinster
                          League Division 1

Leinster Rugby Referees                                      
e-Sports Manager
Confirms score was

                           Result Accepted:
                           Skerries, 23(T2),
                           Monkstown,23 (T 2 ),
                           Thanks for submitting
                           result. If incorrect – re-
                           submit using original msg

 Leinster Rugby Referees                      
                                          Game Not Played
                                        Put Letter C into Score

If game Not
Played put letter
C into score line

This will put             > ID 360 Skerries, C(T ),
message on web            Monkstown, (T ), Skerries
site that game            RFC, 12.00am 14/05/07
                          RE/MAX Leinster League
was not played            Division 1

Leinster Rugby Referees                           
      Please save this number in your phone
      This is the number you send result to.

                          087 9911692
      Note – The Result goes to Computer –
      Don’t send ordinary messages to the computer as it can only
      interpret Score Message

Leinster Rugby Referees                                   
                          Most Common Errors
o Don’t forget to use original message
o Don’t delete anything from original message
o If you make an error start from the start again – new
  result will over-write old one
o Don’t use letters instead of numbers – i is not the
  same as 1 and o is not the same as 0
o If you cant remember phone no send it to the
  number original message came from – Find this
  number on the bottom of the text message

Leinster Rugby Referees                
o Supporters will have up to date information as
  soon as you return your result
o Thank you for submitting results via Sports

Leinster Rugby Referees         
                    For more Info / Support
o    www
o    Seamus
o    John
o    094 - 90 26663
o    087 - 8109601

Leinster Rugby Referees             
                      Jerome Counihan
                              Junior Vice President
                     Association of Referees Leinster Branch


Leinster Rugby Referees                              
Criteria for Assessment:
Continuity-                                Markings 1-5(with 5 being the highest)
              Tackle / Ruck
              Maul                         Criteria: Descriptors occur on “nearly all
              Advantage                                 occasions” 5
Restarts-                                           Descriptors occur on “ most
              Kicks / Open Play                         occasions” 4
              Scrummage                Descriptors occur “ regularly”
              Lineout                                                   3.


Leinster Rugby Referees                                              
o Team Approach with a Leader.
o Assessment –The Objectives
o To assist and participate in the education and
  development of the referee.
o To judge the performance and potential of the
o To facilitate selection procedures at all levels.
o Form and Card System.
Leinster Rugby Referees            
                             Dan Wallace
                          ARLB Kit and Clothing Administrator

               Referees Kit / Clothing / Newsletter

Leinster Rugby Referees                               
                          Referee Kit
o Official Kit Supplied by Kukri
o Leinster Referee Kit
      o Includes 2 x Jersey, 2 x Shorts, 2 x Socks, Polo
        Shirt, Tracksuit and Kit Bag
      o Also includes Whistle and Red / Yellow Card
      o Free to all new recruits
      o Should have received by now

Leinster Rugby Referees                     
                          Other Kit
o Extra items are available
      o Reversible Fleece
      o Thermal Vests
      o T-Shirts
      o Coats
      o Ties
      o Order through
      o For all gear contact me

Leinster Rugby Referees               
                          Referee Clothing
o Official Clothing Sponsor is Eden Park
      o Provides Jumper, Shirt, Chinos and Blazer
      o No crests on this clothing
o Not supplied through ALRB
      o Go to Eden Park, Powerscourt Centre
o Details will be mailed out in coming weeks

Leinster Rugby Referees                   
                          Coming Soon
o    New items available in 2008
o    Light weight jerseys
o    Red jersey
o    Lightweight Fleece / Smock
o    Training t-shirt and polo
o    New kit bag / boot bag
o    Base layers

Leinster Rugby Referees       
                          Other / Newsletter
o Update of 2005/07 Gear
o Update on Eden Park Clothing
o Other deals

o Bi Monthly publication
o Contact me with articles/questions
o Forum for Discussion on website

Leinster Rugby Referees              
                          Tea /Coffee

Leinster Rugby Referees       
                             Paul Haycock
                               (Senior I.R.F.U. Referee)

                          The Pitfalls and Delights of a
                               Refereeing Career

Leinster Rugby Referees                          
      Starting Your Refereeing Career

                          The Good And The Bad

Leinster Rugby Referees                
o Experience
      o Isolation
      o Confidence
      o Player behaviour
      o Game experience
o Management
      o Pre and post game management
      o Game management

Leinster Rugby Referees        
o Change of situation

o One man against thirty

o Responsibility

o Loneliness

Leinster Rugby Referees     
o Lack of confidence

o Too much confidence

o Believe in your own ability

Leinster Rugby Referees      
                          Player Behaviour
o Limited experience - schools, youths

o Players questioning decisions
o ‘Playing the referee’
o Dealing with people the same age and older
  than you

Leinster Rugby Referees            
                          Game Experience
o Direct
      o Personal experiences

o Indirect
      o Experience of others
      o Talk
      o Listen!!!

Leinster Rugby Referees           
                     Solution to Experience
o Games, games and more game!!!

o Phone Denis / Branch

o Local schools, clubs

Leinster Rugby Referees             
o Game management
      o Comes with experience
o Pre-game management
      o Planning is key
o Post-game management
      o Assessors / Coaches / Other referees
      o Self review

Leinster Rugby Referees              
                      Benefits of Refereeing
o    Enjoyment
o    Fitness
o    Involvement in the game
o    Learn new skills
o    Career path
o    ‘Best seat in the house’

Leinster Rugby Referees              
                Questions – Open Forum

               PowerPoint's will be emailed to you

Leinster Rugby Referees                    
                          Other Presentations

                          Expectations of A Referee
                           Team of Three Protocol

Leinster Rugby Referees                     
               Expectations of a Referee

                Presentation given by Bertie Smith
                ARLB Annual Seminar August 2007

Leinster Rugby Referees                    
                    Expectations of a Referee
o Posing two questions
      o What to expect from yourself
      o What Players, Coaches, Selectors, Supporters, etc
        expect from you

Leinster Rugby Referees                  
                          Knowledge of Law
o    Absolutely Critical
o    Have Numerous Law Books
o    Stash them Everywhere
o    Never Ignore your Law
o    Keep Revising

Leinster Rugby Referees            
o Absolutely Critical
o Five S’s
      o Stamina
      o Speed
      o Strength
      o Skill
      o Soul

Leinster Rugby Referees   
                     Planning and Preparation
o    Plan to prepare
o    Prepare to Plan
o    Look the Part
o    Check your Kit / Bag

Leinster Rugby Referees               
                          You Plan
o    Be Available
o    Be Pleasant
o    Be Nice
o    Be Firm
o    Be Accommodating
o    Be Yourself
o    Be As Good As You Can Be

Leinster Rugby Referees    
                    Make a Name for Yourself
o Very Difficult
o Fraught with Danger
o Takes Time
o Referee as much as possible
o Whatever the level the game is there to be
o No Friendlies
o Your name precedes you
Leinster Rugby Referees              
                          Prior to Game
o    Arrive – On Time
o    Speak to Coaches and Captains
o    Check Pitch
o    Talk to TJ’s
o    Check Boots, Dressing Room Chat
o    Toss

Leinster Rugby Referees         
                          The Game
o    Put Plan into Operation
o    Work Rate
o    Whistle Tone
o    Quality of Decisions
o    Warnings and Cards
o    Downtime
o    Consistency
o    In Game Itself
Leinster Rugby Referees    
                          Post Game
o    Thank TJ’s
o    Do not approach anyone
o    Allow them to come to you
o    If team of three – be as one
o    Partake in hospitality

Leinster Rugby Referees     
                    Expectations of a Referee Coach

o    Work Rate
o    Positioning
o    Lines Of Running
o    Signals
o    Scanning
o    In Goal
o    Breakdown – Ball or Penalty

Leinster Rugby Referees                     
                          To Be Enjoyed
o Will do if you
      o Serious About It
      o Work Hard

Leinster Rugby Referees         
o Good Luck
o Thank You

Leinster Rugby Referees   

             For Match Officials, Match Official Coaches
                       and Assessors – ARLB
                       By Steve Griffiths IRB

Leinster Rugby Referees                          
o To introduce some models related to
  assertiveness made relevant for match
o To provide some practical processes that will
  allow match officials to:
      o Recognise behaviours
      o Receive feedback on behaviours
      o Change behaviours

Leinster Rugby Referees          

            • Personality

            • Behaviours

Leinster Rugby Referees  
                          Change Behaviours
o Open Minded

o Willing to explore

o Willing to experiment

o Perseverance

Leinster Rugby Referees             
                 Assertiveness - Definition
o Willingness to be forceful if a situation
  requires it.
o Having or showing a confident and forceful

Leinster Rugby Referees             
     o Applies to

           o Match Officials

           o Referee Assessors

           o Referee Coaches

Leinster Rugby Referees         

       Passive              Assertive   Aggressive

Leinster Rugby Referees         


       Passive                         Aggressive
Leinster Rugby Referees           
                   Examples of Referee Behaviours –
                           Outcomes from brainstorm

         Passive                     Assertive                 Aggressive

Ignoring Dust Ups                                          No empathy
Persisting with Whingers                                   Arrogance
Ignoring Offside                                           My way or no way
                             Eye contact
No eye contact – weak                                      Refusing to explain
Whistle Tone                                               Shouting
                             Able to make difficult
Not dealing with reset       decisions                     Excessive us of whistle
                             Calm under pressure           Finger pointing
Team runs the match
                             Tone according to situation   Too many 10 metres
Timid Signals
                             Pre match approach            Red in your face
No energy
                                                           In your face
Leinster Rugby Referees                                         
                     Effects of Referee
                  Behaviours – Outcomes from brainstorm

          Passive                   Assertive           Aggressive

Lack of control              Respect               Lack of enjoyment
Mayhem                       Good game             High penalty count
Danger to players            Well controlled       Unnecessary stop start
Captains referee the game    Consistency           Over use of cards
Lots of chat                 Mutual respect        Player frustration
Lack of enjoyment            Lack of chat          Player resentment
Dangerous play               Lack of frustration   Game out of control

Leinster Rugby Referees                                 
                    Examples of Referee Coach
                    and Assessor Behaviours –
                                Outcomes from brainstorm

           Passive                       Assertive               Aggressive

Not there before the match                                 “Gotcha”
                                  Gives you a chance
Feedback that is untrue                                    Only the bad things
                                  Explanations             mentioned
Does not say the things that
were wrong                        Listens                  “The cause of all your
                                  Open                     problems..”
“Great match BUT……”
                                  Good and Bad             One way traffic
Report is worse than the oral
feedback                          Sincere                  De-motivation


  Leinster Rugby Referees                                          
                Effects of Referee Coach and
                Assessor Behaviours – Outcomes
                               from brainstorming

         Passive                  Assertive                 Aggressive

                          Coach varies behaviours and   No learning
No learning
                          to the situation              De-motivating
                          Accurate feedback             Frustration
Lack of respect           Both positive and negatives
                          mentioned                     Chance of quitting
Lack of credibility
                                                        Colour views
Lack of accountability    Referee improves
Chance of quitting        performance

Leinster Rugby Referees                                      
                          Where does it come

                              Reactions to others

  Must be                   Likes to be   Aware of others    Could not
  liked by                  liked by      views but does     care what
  others                    others        what is required   others think

Leinster Rugby Referees                            
                          How do I know?
                            Johari’s Window

                           A                   B
                           D                   C
                            Known to oneself
Leinster Rugby Referees                  
                          How to get into A

                o Referee Coach

                o Referee Assessor

                o Referee Mentor

Leinster Rugby Referees             
                          Example 1
  The XXXXX Captain had a predilection for asking you questions
  after penalty awards particularly at the breakdown. He is
  effectively slowing the Game down. He was not talking to his
  team to help you after the discussions. The pack leader and the
  rest of the pack were aware so there was no need for regular

  Coaching Point
  Do not allow captains to discuss decisions on a regular basis,
  find a polite a friendly way to stop it. If it persists you would be
  entitled to penalise.

Leinster Rugby Referees                             
                              Example 2
      You are thankfully a non effusive referee and therefore remain cool under
      pressure on the evidence of this game. You had time to genuinely smile
      which showed you were enjoying yourself. You noticed the change in
      temper in the second half when the game became more competitive and
      had to respond to more infringements. You were not fazed by this and
      administered appropriate sanctions including the temporary suspension.
      You said last night that you had thought about whether you should have
      ordered the player off and we agreed if you had to think about it the
      temporary suspension was appropriate. The only comment that could be
      made is that you took a long time to get round to dealing with the
      miscreant. You did exactly the right thing at the next scrum award and
      took the two captains to one side who then spoke to their packs. This
      was a good management technique.

Leinster Rugby Referees                                     
                                Example 2
        Your oral communication is excellent both explanatory and
        preventive. You do not shout and you have a very calm disposition
        which must be reassuring to the players. You managed the game
        with 25 penalties and free kicks with there being four free kicks
        making up the total. You had a very good foul play call and dispensed
        the player for ten minutes with no dissension at all. Most of the
        penalties were breakdown related either at the breakdown or offside
        associated with rucks and mauls (19). You did have two situations in
        the second half where a group of players from both sides gathered
        together and it looked as if a fracas might ensue. On one occasion
        you spoke to the captains and on the other occasion you just got on
        with the game. You might think of using the next lineout or scrum
        award to get you point across to all the players involved, you cannot
        always rely on captains to get your message across especially as you
        have an authoritative voice – they would believe you

Leinster Rugby Referees                                      
                                  Example 4
              You did have to admonish a player on one occasion and when
              doing so you were pointing at his chest. This is not best
              practice and as discussed it is something that you would not
              like to have done to you.

              Coaching Point - If you use your hands try using both hand so
              that they are open with the palms facing down or alternatively
              keep your hands behind you back.

Leinster Rugby Referees                                              
                                          Example 5
    You appear very relaxed and got on well with the players, downtime chats were invariably
    accompanied by a smile and you were entirely consistent with this approach throughout.
    Should you have been consistent with your behaviours throughout or should they have altered
    as the temper of the match altered? Do you need to change your body language, demeanour
    and voice so that the players know you are going to have nonsense from now on? Shortly after
    your conversation with the captains and warning that yellow cards would follow, yellow cards
    did follow so it suggests that the message did not get across. You talked to a player after the
    first score after foul play from which you had the ultimate compensation of a try. Did the teams
    know you had talked firmly to the player. After the occasion you told the captains that the next
    offenders would go did the players know that emphatically? Could you have gone to the
    resultant lineout after the penalty and said something to the 17 people who were becoming
    involved in aggressive acts? Acts of foul play should not be considered in isolation or individual
    problems, it becomes a continuum that you can affect by your behaviours. Your signals were
    very clear for all non foul play penalties the only time things were not clear was after foul play.
    Your communication at the breakdown was exceptional, you chose your words for each
    situation and did not relentlessly repeat the same words as seems to be the norm for many

Leinster Rugby Referees                                                                     
                                     Example 6
          You have a quiet disposition but also authoritative. You do not over talk and your
          preventative instructions are very clear and not over vigorous or verbose. Your signals
          were very clear and enabled all those watching to understand what you were
          penalising. You had good control and then the temperature of the game rose and we
          discussed why this was and came to the conclusion that it was due to the frustration of
          XXXXX who were not getting much out of the game despite playing well. You said that
          it did get difficult and I could see that it was testing you. Your voice became quicker
          and raised. This is something for you to consider in that you need to work on, as your
          body language and demeanour will get across to the players and the will see you less
          in control as the situation gets out of control. As we discussed you must have been
          relieved when the XXXX 6 decided to be so late in the tackle you had to give him a
          yellow card which totally lowered the temperature. You also had to penalise XXXX on
          two occasions for back chat and the Number 9 was very lucky not to receive a yellow
          card after the first penalty when he tackled the tap penalty taker within two meters of
          the mark. Did you consider a yellow there? It might have sent the message out – no
          messing today

Leinster Rugby Referees                                                      
                 Continuum of Leadership

           Authority                                       Employee’s

    Tell                  Sell        Consult                Delegate

                 Manager’s interventions decrease

                                          Tannenbaum and Schmidt - Harvard
Leinster Rugby Referees
                      Continuum of Referee

           Authority                                Player’s Authority

                 Referee’s interventions decrease

Leinster Rugby Referees                             
                      Situational Leadership

         Adjusting Referee behaviours to
         achieve the desired results
         = Assertiveness

Leinster Rugby Referees              
                          Coaching Behaviours

PULL                                            PUSH


Leinster Rugby Referees               
                      Situational Leadership

         Adjusting Coaching behaviours to
         achieve the desired results
         = Assertiveness

Leinster Rugby Referees              
                          Changing Behaviours
o    Self Aware
o    Open Minded
o    Willing to Explore
o    Willing to Experiment
o    Willing to Listen
o    Wiling to Change

Leinster Rugby Referees               
o What have you learnt?

o What are YOU going to do?

Leinster Rugby Referees    
                          Message to Myself
   o Dear Me
   o I have learnt
         o A
         o B
         o C
   o I will
         o A
         o B
         o C
           Those that completed letters will receive them in early
           December 2007

Leinster Rugby Referees                                    
                          Serious about change
o Help is available
o Cost – immeasurable financial value
o 087 2498031 – Steve Griffiths

Leinster Rugby Referees                
                          And Finally

o Confident
o Positive
o Assertive
o Yourselves

Leinster Rugby Referees       
                  Team of Three Protocol

Leinster Rugby Referees          
                          Team of Three
o Objective
      o Team of Three
      o Consistent Communication

           “The Referee has responsibility and the
        accountability for the match and his decisions”

Leinster Rugby Referees                   
                          Team of Three
o Touch Judge Duties
   o Touch
   o Touch-in-goal
   o Dead ball Line
   o Kicks at goal
   o Foul Play

Leinster Rugby Referees         
                          Team of Three
o Communication
      o What the Touch Judge
        can do….
      o What the Touch Judge
        cannot do….

Leinster Rugby Referees         
                          Team of Three
o The Touch Judge shall Communicate….
      o Foul Play.
      o Offences that have a critical effect.
      o Trends at breaks in play.
      o Replacements and Substitutions

Leinster Rugby Referees               
                           Team of Three
o After foul play - touch judge
  MUST signal
      o Continues with normal duties
      o May be invited into the playing
        area to report to the referee
      o report must be very clear AND
        must include…………...
            o   Name
            o   Team
            o   Offence
            o   Recommended sanction (If not
                spotted by referee)
Leinster Rugby Referees              
                          Team of Three
o Offences that have a critical effect.
      o Clear forward pass
      o Clear knock-on
      o Hands in the Ruck
      o Clear Offside - Backs, back row etc

Leinster Rugby Referees             
                          Team of Three
o Trends at breaks in
    o Midfield Offside
    o Temperature rising
    o Players off their feet
    o Players not releasing

Leinster Rugby Referees         
                          Team of Three
o Replacements and
    o Player coming off
    o Timings of Substitutions /
    o Hooker sin binned.

Leinster Rugby Referees         
                          Team of Three
o The touch judge shall not
      o Communicate on marginal decisions
      o Shout at players (Discreet)
      o Communicate on scrum offences from a distance.

Leinster Rugby Referees               
                          Team of Three

             “Assist the referee but let him/her
                       referee the game”

Leinster Rugby Referees              
             Pre-Match team of three talk
o Meet at ground early
o Do a pre-match talk regardless of touch judge
o Be thorough - NOT “Same as usual lads”

Leinster Rugby Referees           
              Pre-Match team of three talk
o Introduction - Importance of “team of three”
o Outline Primary roles for the Touch
  Judge…any questions to regards to Law of
o Go through secondary roles

Leinster Rugby Referees            
              Pre-Match team of three talk
o Offences that the referee
  misses that have a critical
  effect, such as forward pass,
  knock on.
o Trends at down
  time….Offences , Player
o Assistance at try time.
o Assistance at scrum time.

 Leinster Rugby Referees           
              Pre-Match team of three talk

o Foul Play
   o Key Areas to
   o Leading and
   o Process
   o Communication

Leinster Rugby Referees            
               Pre-Match team of three talk

o Equipment
       o How to use the equipment?
       o Test Equipment.
       o What to do if equipment fails?/No equipment
         available?...Discreet hand signals.

Leinster Rugby Referees                 
              Pre-Match team of three talk

  “Support the referee as you would like to
     be supported. It could be you some

Leinster Rugby Referees            

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