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									             Tea Leaf by Sereni-tea
Volume 3
Issue 2
April 2007

                        News, Events, Recipes and Information
                                       Produced and compiled by Daniela Bose, Owner

                        Sereni-tea, 108 B Chestnut Street, Mount Shasta, CA 96067
                                 530-926-1688               www.sereni-tea.net

             Oolong Tea                                           New Teas
                    One of the most noted oolong
             tea producing regions in the world is                We have added a new fragranced
             Taiwan, also known as Formosa. Taiwan                tea to our selection: a Sweet
             has been producing highly prized and                 Osmanthus green tea from China
             rare oolong teas for centuries and has               that has a mild fruity flavor and is
             mastered the craft. The meticulous nature            a wonderful addition to a Sunday
             of producing a fine oolong is considered,
                                                                  afternoon tea.
             by many, to be an art form and is often
                                                                  Another blend that is now
             passed from one generation to the next.
             The "tea master's" expertise, watchful eye           available is the Choco - Mint
             and personal style are all recognized in             Rooibos. It was created for a
             the cup (try our Taiwan “Jade Oolong”).              fundraiser event and was so
                                                                  enthusiastically enjoyed we
             China also produces wonderful oolong                 decided to add it to our store as a
             teas and is credited for teaching the                permanent product.
             original production style to the                     Look for our Lemurian Lavender
             Taiwanese tea masters. Grown primarily               Tea Sampler, a 25gr sample of our
             on the mainland, Chinese oolongs differ              black and green Lavender teas
             greatly in oxidation and firing. This firing,
                                                                  each pre-packaged with a nice
             a necessary part of oolong and black tea
                                                                  label, a great gift.
             production influences the tea's taste,
             character and coloring (try our China
                                                                       Mother’s Day Lavender Tea
             “Wuyi Oolong”).

             Sri Lanka (better known as Ceylon among                  Come to Sereni-tea, enjoy a
             tea people) and India are not as well                   sampling of our Lavender tea
             known for producing oolong tea. For                    blends and Lavender lemonade
             years, the oolong teas produced in these                paired with sweet and savory
             regions were considered standard grade                       lavender specialties.
             at best, and could not compete with the                Meet Gail and David of the Mt.
             time honored teas created by their Asian              Shasta lavender farms as they are
             counterparts. However, in recent years                  getting ready for the summer
             the oolong teas from these areas have                    harvest season on the farm.
             greatly improved.
             While they are still very different than
                                                                      MAY 12th from 10am to 5pm
             Taiwanese and Chinese oolongs, these
             unique oolong teas are recognized for
             their own special qualities and nuances                A wonderful time to shop for
             (try our Darjeeling “Oolong Singbulli).               upcoming events and gifts for all
                                                                  your tea loving friends and family!
             Try our flavored Oolong teas as well:
             Citron, Plum and Shalimar (passion fruit)!
     Tea Recipe                                             Tea Lover’s Reward Cards
     Source: www.sallys-place.com
                                                          We are introducing to our growing,
     This recipe is adapted from Cordon Bleu-trained      loyal customer base three new
     chef Nat Litt, owner of The House of Tea in
                                                          reward cards:

                                                          Starting April 2007, when you shop
     Wild rice with tea (side dish)                       at Sereni-tea you will be offered a
                                                          $10 or $20 rewards card that will be
     1 chopped tomato
                                                          validated each time you shop for at
     1/2 chopped small bell pepper                        least these amounts. When you fill
     1/2 chopped onion                                    the card within a year (9 purchases)
     1 tbs. butter                                        you will get a $10 or $20 credit
             - Heat butter pan sweat                      towards tea and merchandise on your
             tomato, pepper and onion                     next shopping trip.
                                                          Take advantage of this great offer
             in butter until tender                       and save!
     2 tsp. dark oolong tea, crumbled
     1 tsp. thyme                                         We are also offering a “frequent cup
     1 bay leaf                                           of tea” card that will give you the 7th
     1 cup wild rice                                      cup for free. No matter if you drink
                                                          it in house or take it to go, your card
     2 cups chicken stock
                                                          will be validated (3 punches for a pot
             - add all ingredients and                    of tea). Make it a habit!
             cover pan, reducing heat
             to simmer and cook for
     about 45 minutes or until rice is                    Our teas at local establishments
     done and all liquid is absorbed.                     We are working on a co-branded
                                                          unique tea blend to be offered at
     Remove bay leaf, fluff and serve                     Sacred Mountain Retreat Spa (918-
     it as a side dish. Use cold                          9229) to be served when enjoying
     leftovers with cottage cheese                        treatment as well as being sold
                                                          there. Plan a visit for a pampering
     over greens as a salad.

    Tea & Tarot Afternoons                Tea Leaf Readings              Tea & Animal Talk
       Media celebrity and
                                            Come in with your        Come with a picture of your
     renowned Tarot teacher

                                       friends, enjoy a cup of tea    animal companion, have a
    Judith Conrad will hold 15
                                        and have a fun, intuitive       cup of tea with Victoria
      minute recorded Tarot
                                           tea leaf reading with       Song and hear what your

            readings on
                                                Linnea Gael.           animal companion has to
    Saturdays (from 1 to 4pm)                                                   tell you.
         April 7th & 21st                Cost: $15 per person
N        May 5th & 19th                3 to 5 persons per group
                                                                      Wednesday (from 2 to 5pm)
                                                                          April 11th & 18th
                                                                          May 2nd & 16th
T      Cost: $30 includes a
    fragrant cup of tea and a
                                         Please call Gael (926-
                                      0650) for an appointment
                                                                       For 1 animal: 15 min. /$30
                                                                      For 2 or more: 30 min. /$50
    recording of the reading.
S      First come, first serve.
                                       time and date and meet
                                       her at Sereni-tea for the
                                                                     Please call Sereni-tea to reserve
                                                                           your time & space.

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