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									MEMBERSHIP DUES 2010-2011

The Board of the Palo Alto Woman’s Club recommends to the membership that dues be
increased for the 2010-1011 fiscal year to $150. The Board also recommended that the
rental committee review the rental fee structure for the 2010-11 year including the cost
of full rentals and the size of the discount given to members and to other non-profits.
This review has been done.


We need to continue the effort to put the cost of membership on a self-supporting basis.
That amount has been generally understood to cover the cost of providing direct
services to members as well as the operating costs of our clubhouse.
The cost of membership has been rising. In the fall of 2007, the cost per member was
$145.74. In the spring of 2008, when the Club voted to increase the dues to $100, the
cost per member was $166. Because of the increasing costs of insurance and the
addition of Officers and Directors insurance as well as other cost increases, the current
cost per member is approximately $185. Below is a breakdown of membership costs.
We will still be relying on proceeds from our rental activities to subsidize our
membership costs but not to the same extent as previously. With little increase in our
budget needs for 2010-2011, the committee hopes to bring the rental contribution down
from 57.4% to 45.7%.


Last year, when members voted to increase dues to $100, we recognized that dues
would need to be increased again this year to further close the gap between the cost of
membership and dues income. In addition the members asked the board to consider
the following:

      Increase the number of allowed members
              The board isn’t recommending an increase because it would bring in little
              additional revenue. Also attendance at luncheons and other events is filling
              our main room to capacity.
      Instituting a tiered membership structure.
              The Board is still investigating this suggestion but questions remain. What
              would the membership look like at different levels? What would the perks
              be at different levels? We’re all equal members so those aren’t easy
              questions to answer. For now, we’ll add a line for members to voluntarily
              choose to pay more for their annual membership.
      Charging more for lunches
              The Board isn’t recommending a higher charge for lunches because it
              would not result in a significant revenue increase.
      Implementing and evaluating the effects of several cost-cutting measures such as
       electronic Newsletters and/or Yearbooks
              The Newsletter is sent out electronically to all but a small percentage of
              The Yearbook proposal for this year has the possibility of saving up to
              $1,000 if most members participate in having their photo taken.

The dues increase for the 2019-2011 year will be put to a vote at the March General
Meeting on March 17th. Board members will be available at the meeting to answer
questions. You may also email or call me before the meeting at or 650-857-0648.

Joan Johnston
Finance Officer

Costs of Membership:
      Direct Costs:
             Printing                       912.09
             Printing                       876.99
      Federation Dues
             Actual                     4712.50
      Insurance-Directors & Officers
             08-09 Actual                   706.00
      Membership Expenses
             Actual                         496.37
             08-09 actual               2799.46
      Accountant & Tax Preparation
             08-09 Actual               2160.00
             08-09 Actual               1365.54

      Total Direct Costs               14103.01

             Divided by 225(paying) members=         $62.68/member

      Building Costs:
      Property Taxes
              08-09 Actual              2809.95
              08-09 Actual              1075.00
              08-09 Actual              4200.00
              08-09 Actual              8624.38
              08-09 Actual              1410.58
      Liability Insurance
              08-09 Actual              3833.32

      Public Assembly Permit                168.00
      Routine Maintenance
             08-09 Actual               2395.02
      Household Supplies
             08-09 Actual                   875.66

      Total Building Costs          25391.91
      Divided by 225(paying) members=                $112.85/member

      Total Direct + Building Costs=                 $175.53/member

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