Happy Hour Drink by leader6


									                    Happy Hour Drink
                              Izakaya Classics                           all 4.00

Grapefruit Sour                                             Calpico Sour
Shochu or vodka, grapefruit juice and club soda             Shochu or vodka, calpico concentrate
                                                            and club soda                           Happy Hour Menu
Lemon Sour                                                  Cassis Orange
Shochu or vodka, lemon juice and club soda                  Creme de cassis with orange juice

Lime Sour                                                   Cassis Oolong
Shochu or vodka, lime juice and club soda                   Creme de cassis with oolong tea

Oolong High                                                 Moscow Mule
Shochu or vodka with oolong tea                             Vodka , ginger ale , lime

Green Apple Sour                                            Reggae Punch
Shochu or vodka, apple pucker, calpico concentrate          Peach Schnaps with oolong tea
and club soda

Watermelon Sour                                             Fuzzy Navel
Shochu or vodka, wateemelon pucker, calpico concentrate     Peach Schnaps with orange
and club soda

                                            Well Drinks                        all 4.00

                            - Gin , Vodka , Rum , Tequilla , Whiskey -

                                                     Sake                                            Everyday       5:00pm to 7:00pm
               Shochikubai Hot                                                     4.00              Fri/Sat        11:00pm to 2.00am
                                                                                                                (food last order 1.00am)
                                     Wine by the Glass                         all 4.00
                                                                                                   Monday All Day Happy Hour
              Talus Pinot Noir
              Columbia Crest Sauvignon Blanc
              Chat. St. Michelle Riesling

                                             Draft Beer                        all 2.50
              Kirin Ichiban
              Mac & Jack
              Pyramid Hefeweisen
           Happy Hour Foods                                                             Japanese Tapas
              Japanese Tapas                                               Deep-fried Takoyaki                                      4.00
                                                                           Deep-fried Takoyaki with okonomi sauce ,mayonnaise
                                                                           aonori & bonito flake
Chamame                                     -Vegetarian-            2.50
Sweet boiled soy beans with sea salt, similar to edamame                   Mediterranean Mussels                                    5.00
in appearance with a richer smell and f lavor
                                                                           Mussels, shallots & leek in a seaweed broth
Simply Soft Tofu                            -Vegetarian-            2.50   Sashimi Appetizer                                        7.00
Tofu with grated ginger & bonito flake
                                                                           Daily sashimi plate
Seaweed Salad                               -Vegetarian-            2.50
Assorted seaweed with sesame oil                                                                 Roll           Sushi
House Mixed Salad                           -Vegetarian-            3.00
Mixed greens & seasonal vegetables with a non-oil sesame dressing
                                                                           Avocu Roll                  -Vegetarian-                 4.00
                                                                           Avocado , cucumber , shiso & sesame
Fried Angel Hair                            -Vegetarian-            1.75
Deep fried thin pasta with kosher salt
                                                                           California Roll                                          4.00
                                                                           Imitation crab, avocado, cucumber and tobiko

Fried Aonori Potatoes                       -Vegetarian-            3.00   Spicy Tuna Roll                                          4.00
 Fried potatoes seasoned with dried seaweed
                                                                           Chopped spicy tuna, cucumber and sesame
Kurobuta Sausage                            - 4 pieces -            3.50
                                                                           Eel Roll                                                 4.00
 Japanese black hog served with whole grain mustard
                                                                           Fresh water eel, cucumber with sesame
Japanese Fried Chicken                   (Tatsutaage)               4.00   Shrimp Tempura Roll                                      5.00
 Deep fried ginger soy marinated chicken with lemon
                                                                           Shrimp tempura, cucumber and tobiko

Dried Squid (Sakiika ) Tempura                                      4.00   Fire Castle                                              6.00
 Tempura fried dried squid served with a seven-spice mayonnaise.           Spicy tuna tempura roll served with spicy salsa

Corn Creamy Croquette                                               4.00
 Deep fried creamy corn stuffed croquette                                         These items can be ordered undercoocked.
 served with a tonkatsu sauce                                                     Consuming raw or undercoocked food may increase
                                                                                  your risk of food borne illnes

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