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 It All Begins With A Quality
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WHITE TEA                                               Health Benefits: Known as the ’diet tea’. Can also fight
                                                        against tooth decay, can help prevent heart ailments,
White teas are appreciated by tea connoisseurs
                                                        treatment of digestive disorders. Can promote longevity
for their unmatched subtlety, complexity, and
                                                        by stimulating bodily functions and by strengthening
                                                        the immune system. May help promote healthier and
Health Benefits: White tea is also excellent for        stronger bones. Does have a slight amount of caffeine.
hydration of the body and the skin, which acts
                                                        Brewing: never use boiling water, bring kettle to steam
naturally to reduce the signs of aging (fine lines
                                                        180 F and steep 1-2 minutes.
and wrinkles). White tea also aids in detoxifying
your body. A cup of white tea has about 1% of the       BLACK TEA
caffeine in a cup of coffee.
                                                        Delicious black teas are loved in the West. Full-bodied
Brewing: never use boiling water, bring kettle to
                                                        and strong, they taste great alone or with milk and
steam 180 F. Steep 2-4 minutes or to taste.
                                                        sugar. They make great iced tea. The caffeine makes
                                                        them a good morning tea. Unlike coffee, you won’t have
GREEN TEA                                               the jitters as they contain approximately 1/3 of the
Green tea has long been praised for its health          caffeine found in coffee.
benefits, but it also tastes great. A delicious re-
                                                        Health Benefits: Recent studies in leading medical jour-
freshing green iced tea on a hot summer’s day
                                                        nals declare black tea is a potential heart tonic, cancer
soothes the soul.
                                                        blocker, fat buster, immune stimulant, arthritis soother,
Health Benefits: Green                                  virus fighter and cholesterol detoxifier. Not bad for a
tea is very high in anti-                               lowly shrub soaked in a little hot water.
oxidants that boost the
                                                        Brewing: use boiling water and steep 3-4 minutes
immune system and
may help to reduce the                                  ROOIBOS TEA
risk of cancer, particu-
                            Turn over a new leaf and    Rooibos (roy-bus) teas are herbal infusions made from
larly lung, colon, and
                            experience that perfect
skin cancers. It is also    cup of tea. Drink to your                      a South African red bush and some-
good for the metabo-        health.                                        times called “red tea.” There are also
lism.                                                                      green Rooibos teas that are just as
                                                                           delicious as the popular red teas.
Brewing: never use boiling water. Bring kettle to
                                                                           Delicious iced or hot.
steam 180 F and steep for 1-2 minutes                   Try our array of
                                                                            Health Benefits: Naturally caffeine-
OOLONG TEA                                              free, high in antioxidants and Vitamin C as well. Pro-
                                                        motes healthy skin and bones
Oolong teas are full-bodied with a fragrant and
fruity aroma. They are semi-fermented teas, so                                               7-
                                                        Brewing: use boiling water and steep 7-10 mins.
they have some of the same qualities as green
and black teas.
HERBAL TEAS                                           MATCHA
From the sweet to the spicy, our herbal teas offer    Real Matcha is the very high-quality, stone-
something for everyone. Try them as wellness          ground, powdered form of select shade-grown
teas or simply a refreshing relaxing combination      Japanese green tea leaves. It’s like regular
of herbs and flowers.                                 green tea on steroids, and then some: rather
                                                      than just drinking green tea leaf-infused wa-
Health Benefits: Herbal teas are rich in antioxi-
                                                      ter, when you consume Matcha, you’re actu-
dants and vitamins. Typically herbal teas are also
                                                      ally getting the whole green tea leaf, and a
caffeine-free, so they can be enjoyed anytime.
                                                      very high quality green tea leaf at that (real
See each tea for details.
                                                      Matcha is shade-grown, carefully prepared,
Brewing: use boiling water and steep                  hand-picked Tencha-grade), so you’re drinking
7 to 10 minutes.                                      the full benefits of the best of the green tea
                                                      leaf itself.
                                                      Health Benefits: Helps prevent headaches,
Mate is a wild shrub from Argentina that makes a      anti-inflammatory, alleviates certain allergies,
delicious, flavourful tea. Mate tea contains a        balances sugar levels enhances immune sys-
stimulant similar to caffeine, although without the   tem, enhances fax oxidation, acts as a strong
jitteriness or addictive tendencies. Reports show     blood detoxifier and alkalizer.
that the blends of natural chemicals present in
Mate react differently on the central nervous sys-    Brewing: Pout hot (not boiling hot) water over
tem, as compared to just caffeine.                    the leaves. Use 1/2 level tsp of tea for 1 c
                                                      (8oz.) of water for medium tea. 1 level tsp. for
Health Benefits: Serves as a
                                                      strong tea Whip the leaves vigorously wit
great appetite suppressant,
                                                      bamboo whisk.
rich in vitamins, minerals
and antioxidants and won-                             CHAI
derful diet tea. Reports sug-
                                                      Chai tea is a centuries-old tea that has been
gest Mate will keep you
                                                      important in many cultures around the world.
going longer than just caf-
                              Introduce yourself      This rich black tea that is traditionally sweet-
feine.                        and your friends to     ened with milk and honey also includes vari-
                              quality loose leaf
Brewing: never use boiling teas by booking a          ous spices which add not only to its zesty
water, bring kettle to 150F. tea-tasting presen-      taste but to its health benefits as well.
Steep 4-5 minutes.           tation now.
                                                      Health Benefits: Not only does Chai tea offer
                                                      the health benefits that you get from the tea
                                                      itself, but the spices added have additional
                                                      health benefits that you won’t find in other
                                                      types of tea. Some spices that are typically
                                                      added include Cardamom, cinnamom, cloves,
                                                      ginger, nutmeg and pepper.
 Delightfully Tea
                                                      Brewing: Brew the tea according to the
Tel 519-874-4257                                      brewing of the type of tea you are brewing
Toll Free 877-874-4257                                - white, green, oolong, rooibos, herbal, or
Fax 519-874-1062                                      black.
Fruit teas (tisanes) are a healthy alternative to sugary drinks
and diet sodas. They are caffeine free and contain no added
sweetner. Delicious hot or cold. Kids are also fans, and are
much healthier for it.
Health Benefits: Are loaded with vitamins and minerals
from the fruit and flowers.
Brewing: use boiling water and steep 5-7 minutes.

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          Delightfully Tea

      Delightfully Tea

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