Learning Style Questionnaire

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					                                    Learning Style Questionnaire
SECTION I: Answer each question.

1. What are your strengths as a student? (Give your skills, talents, and abilities, not school subjects).

2. What are your weaknesses as a student?

3. What part of the class work in the following classes would be most difficult for you?

    English class?

    Math class?

    Science Class?



4. Which of your strengths could you use to make up for your weaknesses in an

    English class?

    Math class?

    Science Class?


                                      Learning Style Questionnaire
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SECTION II: Put the number that matches your preference for each of the following. Use the key
below for items 5 through 9.

0 = likely               1 = somewhat likely        2 = likely              3 = very likely

5. When you are learning a new subject, which method(s) would you prefer to use?

        read the textbook
        watch someone do experiments
        take notes from reading assignments
        remember what is said in lecture
        take notes from the lecture
        highlight notes from a lecture
        do an experiment

6. Which method(s) would you rather use to show a teacher what you’ve learned?

        make a drawing
        tell about it
        write answers to questions
        do a demonstration
        do a project

7. When you memorize something, which method(s) are you likely to use?

        picture in your mind what you are memorizing
        associate it with something else you know
        draw pictures, charts, or diagrams
        mnemonic devices
        repeat it out loud
        write it down

8. When you study, which of these problems is likely to give you trouble?

        reading too slowly to finish on time
        getting stuck on difficult words
        studying hard and forgetting materials
        being distracted
        organizing your thoughts poorly on paper
        forgetting instructions
        taking notes too slowly
        not understanding spoken directions
        not understanding written directions
                                    Learning Style Questionnaire
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9. Which of the following methods are likely to help you learn?

        taping lectures
        watching demonstrations or videos
        discussing reading assignment in class
        doing experiments in a laboratory
        explaining the agenda for the day
        writing assignments on the board
        asking questions anytime
        choose projects over written tests
        individual help from the teacher
        following outline of the course
        getting a list of assignments and due dates
        getting handouts and worksheets
        getting notes for you to highlight

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