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									Benefits of Waiting to Make an Estate Plan

Sometimes, when you have difficulty making a decision, it's helpful to write out a list of the pros and
cons of the decision. There are people who swear by this method and use it all the time. Do you know
what the list would look like if your question is "Should I wait to get an estate plan?"


       You could die tomorrow.


       None. There are no reasonable benefits to waiting.

That's the bottom line. If you want, you can extend your list to include more benefits and drawbacks to
putting off estate planning.


       You save some time and money.


       Your family spends more time and money in Probate than you saved.
       You don't get a say in who gets your property.
       If you have minor children, you don't have a say in who will take care of them.

It's obvious to anyone who has given even a little bit of thought to the subject that it is not a good idea
to put off getting an estate plan. Most people still put it off. Do not be most people. Schedule an
appointment with an estate planning attorney today. There is not a good reason to wait.

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