CE 5403 Assign3 by tK0GHbc


									CE 5403                       Assignment 3

Do a distress survey using the PASER technique for the assigned road sections (see
below). Each group submits a data sheet for each assigned section. I will collate the
results and return a copy of the condition assessments for each section to each group.
That data will be used to develop the PMS.
                       Group No               Road Section
                            1                     1-15
                            2                     16-30
                            3                     31-45
                            4                     46-60

Each group should also use:
       1. Asphalt Institute method and evaluate Seventh Ave (Hubbell to Clark St)
       2. Texas method and evaluate Houghton Ave (Agate to Emerald St)

Group 1
Sam Chenoweth,
Baron Colbert

Group 2
Shu Goh
Jim Yongliang

Group 3
Korma Abdul
Liu Yu

Group 4
Julian Mills-Beale
Cory Shorkey

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