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									         Goody Two-Shoes News
October 12, 2011                       Arkansas State Council
Newsletter 3

Hello All,
I hope this newsletter finds you all healthy, happy and with a reformed attitude. I want to thank
all that attended Fall Council/Leadership, you made my first meeting as president a wonderful
memory. To those who had to miss, I hope to see you in March at Spring Council! What a
perfect time to tell you that Spring Council for sure will be moved to Malvern which will mean a
reduced cost to membership. There are a few unanswered questions so you can expect to see
details in our next newsletter. Thank you so much Region 4 for all that you are doing to make
this change of venue!
For those who attended Fall Council Social, the “Kiss Pillows” have been sent off. If you
weren’t at the meeting there is still a lot that can be done for our military! I hope all chapters
have some kind of plan for Veterans Day, November 11, 2011. The smallest of deeds is all it
takes to put a smile on the face of those who are fighting or have fought for our freedom.
As I type, all I can think of is my trip to SERC! I am so excited to get some real vacation time
out of this trip. I have never been to Savannah, Georgia or South Carolina, so my excitement
level is above the norm. I can already feel the adventure and laughs coming as we travel by car
on our journey. As I’ve said, never fear Judy Tomlinson is in charge so we will be safe and on
time!  At last count, we have 13 Arkansas members attending, which is wonderful support for
Tammy Akines; who is running for SERC First Vice President. Next year she will become
SERC President in Memphis; our numbers of attendance should be outstanding! I will have my
cell phone with me on my trip and all email/text/Facebook messages come to my phone, so if
you need me I can be found.
Update on the possible Memphis Chapter. I had a meeting with three ladies, the last Wednesday
of September. They seem very excited about becoming a chapter. They are working on a date
and place to hold a party in November/December to host and invite prospective members to their
group. If you know of anyone in the Memphis area that might be interested please get me their
contact information.
Just a little FYI, I am working on some neat things for State Convention, so you might want to
make plans to attend. One tidbit of my plans; St. Jude/ALSAC has Okayed a patient family so
you don’t want to miss them or their story. A Registration form for State Convention is at the
bottom of this newsletter; make sure to print yours out. Room reservations can’t be made till
after the first of year, but I’m sure Region II would love registration forms now.

It was brought to my attention at Fall Council, that several traveling to SERC might not have the
current group shirt that has the Razorback on it and it might be a good time to get new shirts for
IC Convention and SERC. That being said we have designed a new shirt. It is a light blue
button down long sleeve shirt; over the left top (where a pocket would be) it has the word
Arkansas is in red arched over a yellow Jonquil flower, all this will be embroidered. The shirt
can be worn tucked in our out because it is a ladies shirt. The shirts cost $18 for small-extra large
and $20 for 2XL-up. If you have men in your chapter that might want the shirt we can get in
men’s and the Jonquil will be left off design. At the bottom of this news letter you will find a
shirt order form. You can order individually or by chapter. There is a deadline for this order of
Oct. 31, 2011.

Jean Pence is still waiting for information about activities’ your chapter is doing, your chapters
meeting times or anything about your chapter to post on the website.

You will find all kinds tennis shoes through out the newsletter. This is in honor of those who
will be walking or running in the St. Jude Marathon. Trust me, in training for the Marathon there
is a lot more than “Strutting” going on.

Lots of Love to all and remember “Strut Your Stuff”,
Denise Holdaway
President 2011-2012
Dear ESA Sister,
I enjoyed myself at Fall Council. The Council meeting and Leadership were very good; Positive
and Upbeat. I am still trying to learn some of the foot work from the Saturday night social.
I hope you all are getting on the IC web site and exploring. I find something new every time I
logon. The first time I was looking for something and could not find it, I just picked up the
phone and called headquarters. They were really nice and helpful in guiding me to the
information I needed.
Each of you has a talent. What is a great way to share your talent…...Run for a State Office. I
have the application form and would be glad to send it to you. Just e-mail me or call me @ 501-
On a personal note: I love this weather we are having. I am planning on a little trip to Bowling
Green, KY and then on to Gatlinburg, TN. When I hit the Jackpot, I will buy a home in East
Tenn. As they say “You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of
the girl”. Oct. is the Susan Komen Race for the Cure here in LR/NLR. I plan to sign up for that
and if anyone wants to walk with me, come on! It is special to see what women can do if we all
join together. My group always starts the race at the Robinson Auditorium – corner of
Broadway and Markham.
Enjoy the Fall Season and get out and Strut Your Stuff!
1st Vice President
Arkansas State Council
Hello sisters,
Fall is starting to appear in NW Arkansas and I think we are all ready for it.
Much kudos to Denise for the Fall Council Leadership. I really enjoyed seeing seasoned friends
and meeting new ones. I enjoyed every bit of it. Thanks for the many comments on our speaker,
C. Ray Roberts. He did keep us laughing.

Make your plans for the State Convention @ Petit Jean Mountain, April 20 -22nd, 2012.
(WOW that sounds like a long time from now; but, it really isn’t.) Ann Southall and Tammy
Akins and their chapters are working hard to make your weekend fun and comfortable and
affordable. So start making plans to attend.
Right now, I am getting ready to make my quarterly trip to Alaska. (It is really getting old
traveling up there—it is such a long trip). However, I will make the January, 2012 my last trip
up there for business. I am just having too much fun in ARKANSAS to continue semi-
retirement. It is time for full retirement!!!!
Then, will be going to SERC at the end of October. I can hardly wait for that. I’ve gotta to
“Keep Strutting My Stuff.”
Theda L. Hall
2nd Vice President


From Parliamentarian ---

 I so enjoyed spending time with my Arkansas State ESA sisters in September. It was extra-
special this year for me since I got to share my birthday with some of my dearest friends… ALL

Thank you Denise and Jessie for planning the Executive Board outing on Saturday. That was
very enjoyable and the food was good as well. If we get a new member out of the deal, even

Hope everyone is doing ok and for those going to SERC --- let the good times roll. We are going
to have a great group of 14 (I’ve lost count) or so people this year and it is going to be a beee-
autiful group of Arkansas delegates overtaking Charleston. Hope everyone has safe travels and
will see you all there. For all the rest of you, just know we are having a good time and wish you
were with us.

Hugs to all of you,
Ann Southall

ESA sisters we had a great time at Fall Council/Leadership in
September in North Little Rock. The executive board met on the
Arkansas Queen as we floated on the river. We walked for Easter
Seals along the Arkansas River and it was a beautiful day. Now that
the hot weather is going away and the cooler fall temperatures are
here most of us are enjoying the football games. As for myself it is
the Blytheville Chickasaws and Arkansas State Red Wolves. Some of
our sisters are getting ready to go to SERC in Charleston, SC on
October 28th and 29th. Congratulations to Tammy Akines who is
running for SERC 1st Vice President unopposed. For those traveling
to SERC, have a safe and enjoyable meeting and trip. Until next
newsletter, everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving and a very Merry
Christmas and Happy New Year!! In closing, I am leaving you with a
thought for the day. "Our lives pass so quickly, and the present
stresses will seem insignificant and remote. What will matter to you
at the end of the day will be the loving relationships you build with
your family, friends and God."

Pam Thomas
Corresponding Secretary


Wow what an awesome Leadership/Fall Council we had! If you didn’t get to make it you need to
make sure you put on your calendars now to not miss Spring Council because I know Denise will
have great plans again for all of you! Don’t forget toughs dates are March 10th and the 11th. We
learn a lot about “Attitude” and had two great speakers!! Thanks Denise for a job well done!!
What a great autumn morning for running! I ran 3.5 miles this morning as I am getting ready to
run in the Half Marathon for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. I can’t wait to see all of my sisters
from around the different states!! This is time for relaxing with them and enjoying time with not
meetings!! I have become a hero which means I committed myself to raise money for St. Jude,
so far I have raise $4600! I had set my goal for $5000 and I am almost there and I still have two
more months to go!!
Please encourage your Chapter to donate to the Love Fund and Disaster Fund; you never know
when you might would need to use these funds! These are two great Funds! I will be letting you
know soon on what two baskets I will be having at State Convention. I will be asking each
Chapter to bring one thing for each basket at Spring Council!!
Enjoy this nice weather we are having and I will be talking to you soon!! If you have any
question about the Love Fund or Disaster Fund please don’t hesitate to call me!!

Love in ESA
Deann Stewart
Jr.Past State President

 My question for you this month is ‘Are you being a leader? Or are you a presiding officer? Or a
 Do you know what your officers and chairs are doing? Do they have questions regarding
  their jobs? Do you ask? Do they ask?
 Do you have a calendar? What is the advantage of planning Ahead? What happens when
  you don’t plan?
 Do you communicate? With email you can contact the entire chapter in one message. Do
  you send them notes of
  encouragement? Reminders of         Hi ‘Sole Sisters’ - I would absolutely break
  meetings at least 3 - 4 days ahead  my neck if I tried to wear a pair of these       of
  the meeting date?                   shoes! I did 30 years ago- wear them, not
 Do you encourage them to attend     break my neck!
  State meetings? At the end of               I am sure some of you would be very
  your agenda do you have             comfortable in them - as with everything each
  reminders of the next meeting?      of us have different talents and ways of
  Next State Meeting? Next social,    achieving our goals.
  fund raiser, etc.? As with all of                                                    us
  we do need to plan our calendar
  more than a day at a time!

Enjoy this beautiful fall weather!! Good luck to all and let me know if I can be of help to
anyone. Love you all!! Ann Becker, Chapter President Chair


Hello Arkansas ESA Sisters
I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Fall Weather. It was good seeing and visiting with
everyone who attended the Fall Council Meetings. Good Job Denise, the meeting was a good
one. I want to thank each of you for letting me know about members who need our prayers and
good wishes. It seems like all we hear about is sad news so don't forget to share happy news also.
Right now we need to remember Floye Davis, Ruthie Talbert, Butch Turnbull, Kathy Riggs and
Pat Daw as they continue to recover their health. Also remember our sisters who have lost loved
ones this year. I know that we are all touched when we receive cards from our sisters; it’s a nice
warm feeling to know that others care for us when we are facing difficult times. Enjoy these
beautiful fall days and don't work so hard raking those leaves that you forget to enjoy the fall
colors. Heavenly Father, the leaves are falling. They are beautiful shades of yellow, orange, and
red. Some are brown and brittle. It is so awesome to think that you know when it is time for each
leaf to fall. Your creation is wonderful to watch. Thank you for autumn. Amen

Agape' Brenda Swagerty-Luper, State Chaplain


ESA Foundation – Glenn Gay
I was thrilled that we signed up 11 new members at Fall Council. There is a contest for anyone
sponsoring a new member to the Foundation. Remember a member of the Foundation DOES NOT have
to belong to ESA but it would be great to sign them up if they don’t already belong. Membership fee is
$25 and your name is put on the “FLIP OUT” form and you are entered into a drawing for a Lifetime
Membership to the Foundation that is worth $500.00. I am attaching a “FLIP OUT” form to the newsletter.
I would encourage all of you who belong to the Foundation to enlist one new member. Annual dues are
$15. If you sign before March 1, 2012 you want have dues due until March 1, 2013. Congratulations to
Linda Cotterman, who won the Foundation, give away basket at Fall Council. It was filled with Bath &
Body Works bath goodies and hand care products from Mark Kay Cosmetics.

The Turn-Around Fund is that portion of the ESA Foundation that enables members of the Foundation to
obtain contributions from businesses / individuals to contribute to philanthropic projects / organizations.
Depending on the status of the donor, these contributions may be tax deductible. The Turn-Around Fund
consists of internally funded grants..

Checks sent to the Turn-Around Fund must be made payable to the ESA Foundation.

    1. Checks or donations must be for $25 or more.
    2. ESA Foundation Turn-Around Fund checks may only be issued to other IRS designated 501(c) 3
       charitable organizations. The recipient entity’s 501(c) 3 valid determination or exemption letter,
       and EIN # must accompany the request.
    3. ESA Foundation Turn-Around Fund checks not cashed within 120 days of the date of issue will
       be considered a donation to the ESA Foundation General Fund.
    4. The IRS does not allow the following: Turn-Around checks issued directly to an individual or
       reissued to a chapter or state council, ESA Disaster Fund and State / Regional Love or Care

NOTE: The EIN # for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is 62-0646012. A list of 501(c) 3 approved
organizations will be compiled, updated as needed, and accessible through the ESA Foundation website.

If you are uncertain about your charity / organization, you can check them out on the following website: This site lists almost all IRS authorized 501(c) 3 entities.


From Alpha Xi –

 Hope everyone is enjoying the fall temperatures and a few changing trees. This is my favorite
time of the year. I’ve always wondered what the correlation is between a person’s favorite
season of the year and their personality. I can see a lot of things in this time of year that describe
me. Of course, the more moderate temperatures and weather suits me well but also the whole
concept of trees and nature changing into their hibernation state and preparations for that time,
intrigues me as well. Enough for self reflection…..It was wonderful to see everyone at Fall
Council and I’m getting ready to head to SERC in Charleston. Of course, the additional vacation
on the way to Charleston is even more exciting.
 Our chapter is preparing to start our fall pecan sales for ways and means and plans are underway
for our St. Jude’s auction the first of November. All of our members are on the mend and doing
very well again. We are all very thankful for that. Hope everyone else around the state is doing
as well and enjoys their upcoming holiday season with family and friends.

Ann Southall
Chapter President

Alpha Alpha, Fort Smith
  Our little chapter is growing!! We have added 2 new members to our roster,
Kathy Ware and Pam Powell. We are so glad to have these new sisters in our
chapter. We have also done some major planning for the year ahead. Plans
include a Fund Raising Chili Supper and Silent Auction, volunteering at the
Christmas Angel Tree in the mall for Salvation Army, and plans for education
programs for chapter meetings. This month we will have a chocolate and wine
pairing taste test. In September we went to Chili's to support St Jude. It is
always fun to get together with good friends for good food and know you are
supporting a good cause. Hope everyone is enjoying these cool days and cooler
nights. It’s so nice to have the hot days of summer over. We continue to pray
for those in poor health and those whose lives are in a state of flux.
Pam Dalke, President
Alpha Alpha

Beta Alpha #3293 – Pea Ridge
Home of the Blackhawks

Beta Alpha was chartered in 1964, and has been serving the Pea Ridge and the surrounding
community in many ways ever since. We try to have fun in all the activities we do. Just ask
Miss Dorothy Williams, our charter member, who said she had never been to Hooters and
wanted to go. So we took her to Hooters and had a great time and some really good food.
Every year we host an Easter egg hunt for all area youths from 0-10 years old. This past year,
we even had the Easter bunny show up!
Beta Alpha has adopted a 2 mile stretch of HWY 72, that we clean a minimum of twice a year.
We have found some pretty interesting things along the road.
Since 1971 we have sponsored the Pea Ridge Fair (a 60 year tradition), providing a carnival and
entertainment for the surrounding community. During the fair we also have our Miss Pea Ridge
pageants, and our summer parade. In 2011 we added 3 new age groups, to give an opportunity
for more to participate. Our winners go on to compete in the Miss Benton County pageant. We
have also been establishing a charity car show during the summer.
During the morning of the Pea Ridge Mule Jump, the second Saturday in October, you will find
us at the 4-way stop providing directions to the event and collecting donations for St. Jude’s
Children Hospital, what we call our “Road Block”.
The Saturday before Thanksgiving, we provide a free traditional Thanksgiving dinner to all the
senior citizens of Pea Ridge and the surrounding community. And for those that are home
bound, or those that need an extra meal we provide take home meals. Any food that is left over
goes to a local women’s shelter.
The first Saturday in December, you will see our Christmas Parade, where entries are judged and
awarded prizes. We have always sponsored angels off of the local Angel Tree and in 2010 we
started sponsoring teens from the Teen Action Support Center. These are families of teenagers
who need help buying Christmas gifts and are harder to find sponsors for.
In addition to the events we host, we also partner with other organizations. We help pay for the
books the seniors receive at Pea Ridge High School’s Baccalaureate, and serve refreshments
after the ceremony. We provide 4 - $100 scholarships for local seniors each year also. If there is
a need in Pea Ridge, we do whatever we can to help.
We are a relatively small chapter, but we get a lot done.


                                         HIGH HOPES FOR ESA
Hi Sisters!

My Chapter does not meet in the summertime. After State Convention, this year, I was very
Grateful. Ha!

Once we started to meet again in Sept., though, we have really stayed Busy. We gained 2 new
members during the summer and another new Pledge this month. One of our girls came all the
way from Montana. We are so happy to have all of them.

The first thing we did was a Joint Project for Easter Seals. It was a Music Party at Helen Allen's
House, with Chinese Auction netting over $230.00. We had more food than we needed, and
Cindy Beemer gave us an Educational on Doggie Training for the Elderly, etc. What a fun Day
with 3 purposes, to boot, Philanthropic, Social, and Ed.

The next thing was to make some Money. We had a Giant Garage Sale on the 24th. and netted
over $750.00. The Girls divided the left-over’s to be donated to the Women's and Children’s
Shelter, The Dog Pound, A girl's Home, and another Women’s shelter. The last of it was given
to a Church. We give this each year, where it will do the most good.

Four of our Girls attended State Leadership, and had a Great time. We each came back with new
ideas, and encourage the other girls to go next time.

Our chapter has had its share of illness and troubles. Every Family is touched in some way, but
we try to help each other and pray for those we can't reach.
I am looking forward to the Jonquil Outing this weekend. Never been to Hardy, but I guess I
will go. I sure need a Break.

I Have HIGH HOPES for Beta Omicron this year, and all of ESA.

Kathy Harrison,
Pres. Beta Omicron
Beta Chi just finished a week at the Rodeo selling Cotton Candy and Candy Apples for our
Finance Project. We have done this for over 30 years. We have tons of repeat customers that
come just to us to buy our home made Candy Apples! We had some pretty good weather for it
too!! Now we have our funds for the year to take care of all our Philanthropic projects we have
decided to do!! We help CASE each year; each month we have something we bring to our
meetings that they need and the Chapter buys food for them too. We also help Centennial
Fellowship Church, they have an after school project to help children. We also are going to do a
Hope for Hero’s project along with buying gifts for the Angel Tree.
We are always looking at ways to grow and since so many of us are not around other people it’s
very hard to find new members, but I think we just might have two new ones join us very soon.
Since my momma was down this year at Rodeo it really cut us short on help, so I called up my
Sister and Niece for the rescues. My niece has talked about joining a couple of times, so I talked
to my sister about it and it looks like they are going to come visit!! They both live about 45
minutes away, so maybe we can get them into ESA and then they can start a new Chapter closer
to where they live!!! I am so excited to have them!!
I hope all you enjoy the Fall Weather and I look forward to seeing ya’ll soon!!
Love in ESA!!

Hello from Kappa Sigma,
The weather is getting cooler and we are all glad. Our summer
is almost over and now we have to get in gear. Upcoming events
include a garage sale, our 30th anniversary and rush, our “Hobo”
social, St. Jude’s Pancake Breakfast, and of course, our
educational led by Kelly Carter identifying the constellations
in the sky. Those have been quite interesting, so far.
(Sometimes, they are “over” our head (in more ways than one). We
also have philanthropic projects where we help provide supplies
to Restoration Village and Victory Walk, and money & gifts for
Restoration village for Christmas and the Food Bank. This week,
we are providing 200 dessert servings for Shiloh Museum in
Springdale.   On Monday night (Sept 26th), about 8 members plus 5
guests met at Chili’s to help with the St. Jude Chili’s night.
We have some challenges in our chapter just as everyone else
has. Patty and Brianne Wolford are taking care of Patti’s
mother who suffered a stroke. One of our members lost her job.
Another one lost her father in law and yet another one lost her
husband’s cousin. We are asking that you keep all of our
sisters in your prayers. And, still, we have one member (Glenn
Gay) who is remodeling her kitchen. She does need your
Three of us, (Dot Bush, Glenn Gay and myself) are going to SERC.
We are all excited to see Tammy Akins be installed as 1st VP.
And, Charleston is such a beautiful city.
Nothing much more to report. So, we will keep accentuating “The
Star is “YOU”.
Theda L. Hall
President, Kappa Sigma #4940

                             Charlotte McFarland, President

Hello to all my chapter sisters and brothers across Arkansas. This has been a great year for our
Blytheville chapter. We started the year off busy and I don’t think we have slowed down.
Our chapter installation took place in April. We enjoyed good food and fellowship during this
Then, it was off to State Convention, where our own Denise Holdaway was installed as Arkansas
State Council President along with Marjorie Champion, Recording Secretary and Pam Thomas
as Corresponding Secretary. We all had a wonderful time.
Ways & Means projects caught up with us in May. We held our annual Springtime on the Mall
where we cooked our famous polish sausages and made some good money for our treasury.
Then it was time for our annual Loretta Smith Memorial Golf Tournament. The weather was a
little shaky at first, we thought it was going to rain us out, but Loretta must have been watching
over us because the sun started to shine and our golfers had a super day. We were able to
complete the Loretta Smith Nursing Scholarship endowment. This was an awesome milestone
for us.
We conducted the installation of our first Élan chapter. We have five young ladies who are so
enthusiastic about helping us, especially with St Jude Children’s Research Hospital projects. So
great to have young ladies involved and hopefully they will continue to work in ESA for years to
I was unable to attend IC Convention, but congratulations to our ESA Organization for raising
$9,142,732 for St Jude. So proud of our Arkansas Council for all the hard work during the year
and for all the awards received at convention.
We just completed our 18th Nucor-Yamato/St Jude/ESA/Roy Pearson Memorial Golf
Tournament on October 3rd. We registered, sold raffle tickets, super tickets, completed an
auction (both live with Bill Kenner as auctioneer as well as a silent auction). We were honored to
have our ALSAC representatives in attendance on Sunday evening for dinner & the auction. I
think they were quite impressed with our event. All monies are not in, but hopefully we passed
the $100,000 mark. We did have a hole-n-one on Monday which was really exciting, especially
for our member, Tammy McCormick, who witnessed the hole-n-one. The gentleman won a
Harley Motorcycle, $2000 cash and a digital camera. Awesome!
Next on our chapter agenda is our annual Chili Cook-off. Again, we will cook our polish
sausages and hope to make lots of money!!! WHEW!!! What a year we are having!!!!!
Go Arkansas ESA!!
Love in ESA,
Charlotte McFarland,
Theta Epsilon Chapter

From State Convention Chair –

Hello my fellow ESAer’s… How about planning a great weekend on Petit Jean Mountain April
20-22 for our State Convention. It is going to be fan-tabulous….. Even though we all live in
Arkansas and for some reason, people don’t think we wear shoes…. We are going to show the
whole world (at least at Petit Jean) we not only know how to wear shoes….. We are going to
show them how to “Strut Our Stuff”. No matter what shoes you wear, we will all have a super
time. The fun will start early Friday afternoon and won’t stop until the last one leaves on

 Attached to Denise’s newsletter is a registration form and a form for a program ad. This can be
from your chapter or from someone else. It isn’t too soon to start getting these items tended to. I
will have information regarding hotel arrangements after the first of the year but the entire area is
blocked off for us so there will be plenty of room so don’t be alarmed about having to wait till

 Also, remember there is no breakfast provided nor will the restaurant be open on Saturday
morning so prepare for that. You will have a microwave and refrigerator in your room. There is
a Wal-Mart in Morrilton, just before you start up the mountain, so you can always make a last
minute stop. Breakfast Sunday is included in your registration fee.

 Just mark your calendars and get ready to strut yourself right up the mountain. If you have any
questions, just let me know.

Ann Southall
Convention Chair 2012

            Just a little follow up from Leadership about your Attitude!
 You’ve probably heard the saying “Don’t judge someone until you’ve walked a mile in
  their shoes.” It’s a reminder that we can never know what it’s like to be that person:
perhaps they’re struggling with problems which we’ve never seen, or never guessed at.

 Other people’s behavior can be frustrating, irritating, and hard to understand. In many
situations, though – whether in your professional or personal life – it’s hugely important
                          to be able to empathize with others


In keeping with my love of shoes, and knowing the holidays are
around the corner, I thought what better than a recipe about shoes.
I went to the trusty ole’ internet to see if possible and look what I found.
Hope you try and enjoy!


 For the crumb part:
 1/4 c. shortening
 1 c. brown sugar
 1 1/2 c. flour
 Work the above ingredients together.
 For the liquid part:
 1/4 tsp. baking soda
 1/8 tsp. nutmeg
 Ginger, cinnamon, cloves
 3/4 c. molasses
 3/4 c. hot water
 1/4 tsp. salt
 Mix well together and add hot water. Into an unbaked pie shell, combine
 crumbs and liquid in alternate layers with the crumbs on bottom and top.
 Bake 15 minutes at 450 degrees, then 20 minutes at 350 degrees
                                2012 Arkansas State Convention
                                 “Struttin’ On The Mountain”

                                        April 20-22, 2012
                        Winthrop Rockefeller Institute - Petit Jean Mountain

Name: ______________________________ Chapter Name & Number: ___________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________________

Phone: _________________________ Email: ________________________________________________
Men/Guest Registration

Name: ______________________________ Guest of: _________________________________________

                                 By March 11, 2012                         After March 11, 2012

FULL REGISTRATION (Member)                  $110.00 _______                            $135.00 _______

PARTIAL (Member, Men & Guest)
 Friday Mixer              $        36.00    _______                       $   40.00   _______
 Saturday Luncheon         $        25.00    _______                       $   30.00   _______
 Saturday Banquet          $        40.00    _______                       $   45.00   _______
 Sunday Brunch             $        15.00    _______                       $   20.00   _______

CHECK (if applicable)
Past State President              _______
Voting Delegate                   _______
1st Time Convention               _______
Do you have any special needs?
Please send your registration form and check to:

        2012 ESA Arkansas State Convention
        Judy Tomlinson                                    Phone: (H) (870) 748-2724
        Post Office Box 157                                       (C) (870) 918-4982
        Calion, AR 71724                                     Email:

Local Chairman: Ann Southall 870-814-9024
Co-Chairman: Tammy Akines 870-370-0923
                     Winthrop Rockefeller Institute, Petit Jean Mountain
                          1 Rockefeller Drive, Morrilton, AR 72110
                                    Phone: 866-972-7778
               Room Rates: President’s Lodge -$79 + tax; The Meadows-$69 + tax
               Arkansas State Convention Program Booklet Advertising

Show your appreciation for your chapter members and officers by placing an ad in the 2012 Convention
Program Booklet. Promote your business in the Booklet or advertise your upcoming events.

Advertising placed by __________________________________________________________

Contact Name_________________________________________________________________

Telephone #/e-mail ____________________________________________________________

Address _____________________________________________________________________

City __________________________________State______________ Zip_________________

Ad size requested:

Business Card Size (3-1/2” x 2”)     ___________________ $15.00

Quarter Page (3-1/2” x 4-3/4”)       ___________________ $25.00

Half Page (7” x 4-3/4”)              ___________________ $50.00

Full Page (7” x 9-1/2”)              __________________ $100.00

Make checks payable to 2012 State Convention

Copy ready ads may be sent electronically to:

Mail this form, check and/or copy ready ad to:
       Charlotte Garrett
       121 Edward Street
       Pine Bluff AR 71602

Need help designing your ad? Call me and discuss your ideas: (870-247-1249)

Deadline for inclusion in the Program Booklet is March 12, 2012.
                               ESA Shirt Order Form
                            Long Sleeve Button Down/Light Blue
                                  $18 Small-XLarge               $20 2xl & up
                            Send Form: Denise Holdaway
                                       902 Pierce
Design and Color Of Shirt              Blytheville, AR 72315

Name____________________________        Chapter______________________________

           Ladies Size                                Quantity
Small_________________________                 _________________

Medium______________________                   _________________

Large________________________                  _________________

XLarge______________________                   _________________

2XL_________________________                   _________________

3XL________________________                    _________________

           Men’s Size                                 Quantity

Small_________________________                 _________________

Medium______________________                   _________________

Large________________________                  _________________

XLarge______________________                   _________________

2XL_________________________                   _________________

3XL________________________                    _________________

              AMOUNT DUE______________________

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