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A.        BASIC DATA

Job description                                  : Accountability Adviser
Duty station                                     : Juba/ Joint Donor Team (JDT)
Job level                                        : Adviser
Position involving confidentiality               : Yes
Duration in months                               : 12 months


The Accountability Adviser will be responsible for supporting the development of a joint
donor position on anti-corruption. This work has been undertaken by the Joint Donor Team
(JDT) Senior Governance Adviser up to mid-2012 with the support of a short-term adviser.
This full-time position will continue the work done to date to develop a strategic framework for
JDT’s anti-corruption work. S/he will have expertise in anti-corruption work and public
financial management and will work closely with the adviser for civil society (who will
be managing the demand side of accountability) and the advisers working on capacity
building as the Technical Secretariat (TS) of the Capacity Building Trust Fund (CBTF).
S/he will mentor the Governance Adviser who will be responsible for implementing
capacity building projects with institutions of accountability (, Anti-Corruption
Commission, Audit Chamber, Legislative Assemblies (national and state levels) and
promoting Access to Information with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
under the Accountability Window of the CBTF and advise donors on support to other
key supply-side accountability institutions of the Republic of South Sudan (RSS)

The Adviser will:

         nurture good relationships with senior RSS officials in key RSS accountability
         provide support to oversight of Joint Donor Partnership (JDP) funded
          accountability projects or project components;
         support the development of further joint donor approaches to anti-corruption;
         consolidate the information base on issues pertaining to corruption in South
         lead technical donor/inter-agency coordination;
         support the development of sector anti-corruption work;
         support the development of increased transparency and accountability of aid and
          international NGO operations.

      mentor the Governance Adviser working on the Accountability Window of the
      work closely with the Civil Society Adviser, Gender Adviser and the other two
       CBTF Advisers;
      contribute to the design of the final annual JDT Work Plan for 2013 up to
       closure by September 2013, to be agreed by the Strategic Management Board
       (SMB) of the six Joint Donor Partners;
      suggest suitable ideas for support of governance reform initiatives using JDT
       programme funds under the Technical Assistance Fund and manage any
       accepted activities.

The Accountability Adviser will need to be able to operate effectively in a challenging
environment, preferably with experience as a field representative for a donor
government. S/he will have at least 8 years’ experience of project management of
international development projects, including design, contractual elements, and
monitoring. S/he will have good strategy and programme development skills with a
strong focus on results and be able to provide evidence of being influential. S/he will
be able to advocate at the highest levels and work behind the scenes to get results, yet
maintaining good linkages to the reality on the ground and front line service providers
S/he will be able to demonstrate aptitude for strong relationship management,
sensitivity to political issues, the willingness and ability to support all six Governments’
interests and excellent team working skills. S/he will have the ability to work
constructively in a multinational team, respecting and promoting diversity and
addressing gender and poverty issues. Knowledge of anti-corruption and public
financial management is essential. Knowledge of civil society capacity building, aid
effectiveness and different aid modalities is desirable. Experience of working in a
fragile and/ or post conflict state environment is desirable.

Specific competencies required are:
 Ability to coordinate
 Ability to work with others
 Analysis and use of information
 Influencing
 Coaching and leadership skills
 Managing change

The Accountability Adviser will have a professional background in development co-
operation including relevant qualifications at first degree and Masters’ degree levels
and on-the-job professional experience in mentoring colleagues and project/programme
financial oversight.


C1. Describe briefly the JDT (work load and total staff size) and the physical
environment in which the candidate is expected to work.

Policy environment
Emerging from 20 years of civil war in 2005, South Sudan was one of the least
developed areas in the world. Some progress was made during the period covered by
the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA – 09 January 2005 till 09 July 2011), but
achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) MDGs is seriously off-
track and the country has among the world’s highest rates of infant and maternal
mortality and illiteracy. Oil provides some 98% of the Government’s income, and even
though this results in a GDP/capita higher than some of the surrounding countries, the
large spending on security and on central government have left little room for
development in the social sectors. It is expected that the overall level of development
aid will be intensified in the years to come. However, the lack of successful
negotiations of final settlements of outstanding issues of the CPA with the Government
of Sudan has in early 2012 led to a shut-down of oil production and a reduction by 98%
in government revenues, which could have serious impact on the viability of a wide
range of government functions. The engagement of the international donor community
will depend on the ability of the Government of the Republic of South Sudan to
respond effectively to governance challenges, including maintaining internal peace and
stability, and combatting corruption.

Thus, the environment is providing a unique window of opportunity, but sensitivity to
the local culture and mentality, often requiring negotiating skills, calmness and
patience, is the basis for successful operations.

The Netherlands acts as the host donor of the JDT to support the development process
in South Sudan, in partnership with the Canada, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and the
UK. The Team provides technical assistance and advice to the JDPs, Government,
analyzing and reporting on aspects of development, monitoring and advising on the use
of joint funding mechanisms, managing a Capacity Building Trust Fund, a Technical
Assistance Fund, and is in the progress of establishing a civil society funding
mechanism as requested by the SMB. As the host donor, the Netherlands provides all
the operational and administrative support services.

Place of work
All staff posted to South Sudan are housed in small but comfortable bungalows in the
JDT compound. The limitations of the living accommodation should be taken into
account when deciding what household effects to bring and advice is available from us.
Office accommodation is of a good standard. All the basic amenities are present, so the
work facilities are guaranteed in a pioneer environment. The security situation in Juba
is carefully monitored and there have been no major incidents involving JDT staff. The
international community in Juba has greatly expanded over the past six years and
comprises UNMISS civilian and military personnel, and representatives of
governments, aid organizations (UN and World Bank) and international NGOs.
Recreational facilities are generally poor but increasing slowly. There are several
opportunities for socializing with the international community. Juba is a generally dusty
city with minimal public services. Situated on the White Nile, it has a hot savannah
climate – the rainy season lasts on and off from May to October. A minimal standard of
medical care is provided through a local internationally staffed clinic, but most patients
are referred to hospitals in Nairobi. JDT international staff are entitled to be
accompanied by their spouse or partner, but Juba is currently classified as a no-child

C.2 Provide a short introduction on the composition of the team in which the
candidate will be working.
The Accountability Adviser will be the lead adviser on accountability and anti-
corruption work and public financial management reform. S/he will work closely with
the team working on the Capacity Building Trust Fund and with the Adviser Civil
Society who is concentrating on setting up a Civil Society Capacity Building Fund.
Advisers are required to work closely with the Gender Adviser on all aspects of their

The Joint Donor Team was established to support the implementation of the
Comprehensive Peace Agreement to December 2011 on behalf of the six donor
countries. Its mandate was extended to December 2014 and this was revised in early
2012 to close by September 2013. Thus, this appointment is for a period of 12 months.


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