The showing of political corruption surrounding protecting Robin Arrowwood s actions by dN5O7g


									Mr. Hancock:

The following communication attached is a letter sent to Dr. Daniel Juliano, PhD. Dr.
Juliano is the DES appointed psychologist assigned to my six year old daughter Allyson
Arrowwood. DOB 12/06/95.

Robin Jill Arrowwood DOB 01/25/57, at the beginning of August of last year suffered a
massive heart attack after shooting speed. She was living in the Prescott National Forest
when this occurred. Ms. Arrowwood was admitted to the intensive care unit of Yavapai
Regional Medical center. My child was in the care of a vagrant living in the woods for
about 10 days until Lance Putz, Prescott office of CPS caseworker took a State
dependency action and secured the child.

The showing of political corruption surrounding protecting Robin Arrowwood's actions
from accountability for her drug abuse or abuse of her children is extensive. Those
involved in this conduct were and are several individuals from the Yavapai County Court,
local office of CPS, Law Enforcement within the City of Prescott, and several Politicians
both in Prescott and operating on a state level.

I have over 3500 pages of documentation as to confirming the above statements, as well
as affidavits, and availability of many witnesses to back up the above. The only partial
investigations done to date were from those that needed to be investigated as they spun
the results of their findings motivated in covering up their own misconduct, spurred by
self interest.

The complexity and consistency of the misconduct and intentional criminal orchestration,
has caused egregious damage to my immediate family and myself over the last 6 to 7
years and continues to this date.

Please consider this communication as a FORMAL COMPLAINT in these maters.

I have available to provide to you all documentation and contact telephone numbers of
the many witnesses that will and can formally verify the above noted activities. Do not
hesitate to contact me with any needed information that you may require.


Walter J. Burien, Jr.

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