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Eno06/06/12                                                                    Weekly Newsletter of the
                                                                               KIWANIS CLUB OF ARLINGTON
                                                                               Mailing Address: P.O. Box 100131
                                                                               Arlington, VA 22210-3131

    Meets at 12:00 pm every Wednesday at the Knights of Columbus, 5115 Little Falls Road, Arlington
              Direct Membership Inquiries to David Levy: (703) 314-4667, e-mail: david.levy21@verizon.net

John H. Finlator                                             Co-Editors: Jim Thomas - Richard Barr – Rachel Sparico
Editor in Memoriam                                                          Editor of the Week: Jim Thomas

Volume: 79                                                             September 15, 2010            Number: 46

Vice President-Elect Julia Wright called the meeting to order. Salvation Army Captain
Vance Murphy delivered the invocation and he later provided the benediction. Our
Songmeister II Joe Mann led the group in singing the patriotic song "The Battle Hymn of
the Republic” and the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag was led by Pres-Elect Vasaly. He
led the group in welcoming WPG Ed Novak, who introduced his wife Natalie: and Chuck
introduced Richard Barr's wife, Amy; and he asked Jack Melnick to introduce his guest,
Andrew Youhas (who submitted a Membership Application today). A regular, and
always welcome guest was Christiana Oduro who was accompanying the Bankhead
Davies duo.

Member Welfare: Dave Carlson announced that WPG Novak reported that his doctors
have told him that he is now clear of all of his recent maladies and Dave also reported
that Debbie Powers' father is still missing (following attendance at a regular weekly
luncheon with many of his Senior Citizen friends).


Julie Martin-Mangis reminded members that their active participation (including
"meeting and greeting" activities) at the Arlington InterService Club Council’s Chili
Cook-off at the Clarendon Day celebration on September 25th has the potential for great
Kiwanis recruitment "visibility" within our Community, and this event could be coupled
with the sale of Entertainment Books (see below) to provide a new fund raising venue for
our club. More help is still needed to tear down and assist in hauling everything away at
the close of the day - call Julie.

Julie reminded members that she's still holding Entertainment Books for the few
members who haven't picked up the minimum of two that they are expected to sell. She
also reported - happily - that some members have called to get additional BOXES of
books to sell. If you would like out-of-town books, please let Julie know (since those
books may either be sent directly to the customer for a $5 shipping fee, or mailed to Julie
free of charge). Note that a new “Smartphone App" is available to permit use of the
Entertainment Books without the Book even being present.

Edd Nolen reminded the members that we need at least three more Ushers for the
performance of the Grand Military Band at Kenmore Middle School at 6:30 pm on
September 18th. Ushers may bring, free of charge, a guest with them.

Remember that Krista Gates announcement last week that Doorways for Women &
Families is holding a “Brighter Futures” Breakfast fundraiser at the National Rural
Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA), 4301 Wilson Blvd on Friday, Sept 24th, 8:00
a.m. – 9:00 a.m.

PP Ted Kramer announced that he has Application Forms for membership in the “soon-
to-be-opened-in-Falls Church” branch of “BJ’s Wholesale Club." Arlington Kiwanians
will receive discounted membership fees – and 3-months extended time of memberships -
and “BJ’s” will donate $5.00 to our Club’s treasury for each of our members who join.

There’s only one shift left uncovered for our Annual// Peanut Sales fundraiser at the Ft.
Myer Commissary – Saturday, October 2nd, 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. All assistance is
appreciated. Please contact Paul to volunteer: 703-276-1000, or,
paul.melnick@verizon.net, or paul.melnick@melnickandmelnick.com.

Our Annual “Oyster Fest/Barbecue” will go forward this year on October 30 from 5:00
p.m. to 8:00 p.m. The pork barbecue will be purchased this year instead of Kiwanian
volunteers cooking pork all day and then cutting it up. Everything else will be the same.

Treasurer Bankhead Thornton Davies described the Budget Committee's and Board of
Directors' examinations of our Annual Operating Budget, adjustments and "cuts" made
thereto based upon our current economy and dwindling membership considerations, plus
the recent decision to increase Capital District membership dues ($16 per person),
resulting in the tentative decision to raise our annual dues for the FIRST TIME IN
SEVEN YEARS: Active Members dues will increase $52 (to $592) and "Senior Status"
dues will increase $40 (to $380).

                                              WEEKLY PROGRAM

Amy Barr, a volunteer Forensic Auditor for the Arlington County Sheriff’s Department,
introduced our guest speaker, Master Police Detective (and Deputy U.S. Marshall) Chris
Dengeles. Detective Dengeles has been with the Arlington Police Department for 25
years, 14 of which were in uniformed positions. He is currently assigned to the Criminal
Investigations Division in the Automobile Crimes Unit. Detective Dengeles is best known
in this region for having started the “Bait Car Program” here in Arlington. Since the
program’s inception in 2002 (the first one on the East Coast (after Detective Dengles had
examined a like-program in Minneapolis), Arlington has had a 53 per cent reduction in
auto theft. After introducing his boss, Lieutenant Gay Hayslett, he quickly shifted to
showing a TV Channel 7 special program about “Arlington Bait Cars.” (The
brands/models of the cars are frequently changed to ensure they accurately represent the
top five that are the “targets” of criminals in Arlington. The “Bait Cars” are modified to
add special electronic equipment that provides two-way connections between them and
Arlington’s Emergency Communications Center (ECC) when the cars are tampered with.
Those electronics enable the ECC’s location of the cars through GPS devices (which
permits directing patrol cars to their locations), remotely locking the cars’ doors, and
turning-off the cars’ engines; they also allow the capture and recording of both audio and
video evidence that can be subsequently used in Court. This program has yielded 195
felony and 94 misdemeanor arrests and a 100 PERCENT CONVICTION RECORD.
Plans for the future include adding more target vehicles, continuously upgrading the
technology being employed, and launching a more widespread media campaign (to
ensure that the “Bad Guys” are aware that the program exists – and that it works).
Support for the program – beyond the obvious of taxpayers’ funds – comes from
monetary Grants, seized assets (from drug arrests/confiscations, etc.), and the National
Insurance Crime Bureau. During the Q & A Period, Detective Dengeles noted – with
appropriate pride – that the Virginia State Police have examined Arlington’s “Bait Car
Program” and is using what they learned to export it to other jurisdictions in the

Derick Malis drew the “Red Dot” and wiped-out the $224.50 pot for our “50/50

CLUB Officers
President                  Will Wilson         703-228-0071
President-Elect            Chuck Vasaly        703-538-3606
Vice President             Julia Wright        703-527-3010
 Secretary                 Richard Barr        703-524-6520
Assistant Secretary        Cynthia Engquist
Treasurer                  Bankhead Davies     703-273-0319
Assistant Treasurer        Ben Chatfield       703-538-7044
Immediate Past President   Khalid Siraj        703-280-8342

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