Independent Novel Activities for Term Three by dN5O7g


									        Independent Novel Activities for Term Three
As we have discussed in class there are a number of outcomes in English Language Arts
in Grade 7 – 40 of them to be exact. So far we have covered 35 of them at least once,
some of them more than once. This term we will be doing some class work together and
some of it will be done individually so that each student can achieve the highest level of
success possible. Please read all directions carefully.

                                     Assignment One
                                          PART A
                               (at least one paragraph each)

   1. Discuss how the main character is like or unlike someone you know.
   2. Pretend that you are the author and describe the part that was the most fun or
      hardest to write.
   3. Describe an experience you’ve had that was like the experience of a character in
      the book.
   4. Write a poem about your book (minimum of four stanzas, four lines each).
   5. Write an obituary for one of your characters (refer to the newspaper to see how
      these are done).
   6. Explain how a character in the book changed from beginning to end.
   7. If the book has a villain, why was his or her punishment justified?
   8. Explain why you would like to have one of the characters as a friend.

                                            PART B
   9. Draw a colour map (with legend) to show where a major event in the story took
   10. Write a review of the novel that encourages someone else to read it.
   11. Tell what you think happened before this story began.
   12. Write another part of the story where you describe what happened to the main
       character after the story ended.
   13. Explain how you would make your book into a movie. Who would play the main
       characters, where would you film it, etc. You must explain your choices.
   14. Write a different ending to your book.
   15. Write a letter to the author of your book.
   16. Write a newspaper article that would have been published at the time of a major
       event in your book.
   17. Write an interview with one of the major characters.
   18. Write several diary entries that would have been made by one of the characters in
       your book.
   19. List 15 new or interesting words in your book and tell what they mean and why
       you found them interesting.
   20. What problems did the main character have and how did they solve them?
   21. Make a crossword puzzle to go with your book.
   22. Write a review of a movie or another book that is like your novel (has a similar
       plot or theme).

                                           PART C
   23. Do a collage of a major theme of your novel or one that represents a certain part
       of your novel.
   24. Review the book that you read and compare it to a movie that is like your book.
       What happened in each, which was better and why?
   25. Find three (3) songs that seem to relate to your novel. Write out the lyrics and
       explain how they relate to your work.
   26. Pretend you are a character in the novel and describe the other characters in the
       novel and what you think of each of them and why.
   27. Make a scrapbook of pictures about one of the main characters. You could cut out
       pictures of people and animals that you think look like the characters and places
       in the novel or draw them yourself. NO COMPUTER IMAGES or CLIP ART!!!
   28. Compare your book with several TV shows (past or present) that have a similar
   29. Make a video of a scene in your book.
   30. Do a piece of art that represents something from your book. Include a brief
       written description to go with it.

                                 Assignment Two
                               Formal Book Report

When you finish your novel, complete a book report which includes the following:
      1)        Title page with the name of your book and the author as well as your
                name, class and the date you pass it in.
      2)        Table of Contents telling about what is one each page. Look at another
                book to see how this is done.
      3)        Plot summary - Write a short plot summary of your novel. This should
                be about 250 words. Include information such as where and when the
                story happens, who is telling the story and whether or not you enjoyed
                the plot and your reasons why you did or did not like it.
      4)        Character sketch – Write a 250-word description of a character of
                your choosing that includes the following details: a) appearance – how
                they looked; b) actions – what they did; c) thoughts – what did they
                think; d) personality – how they acted; e) interaction – how did they
                relate to other characters. You should also explain why you chose this
                character and why they are important to the novel.
      5)        Critical analysis – A critical analysis looks at why the book was
                written and should include the following information in complete
                sentences: a) who is the intended audience for the book? b) was the
                author successful in reaching this audience? c) what was the message or
                theme of the book? d) what were some good and bad points about your
                novel? Include examples from the book to support your analysis.

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