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									                           NCBC Missionary Information

Name of Ministry: Ralph and Cindy LaRosa

Name of Individuals: Ralph and Cindy LaRosa

Country/Region of Ministry: Philippines

Description of Ministry:

Ralph and Cindy arrived in the Philippines in 1975 and began their ministry, centered in
Lucena City on the Island of Luzon, in 1978. From Lucena City, doors have opened
throughout all of the CALABARZON (an acrostic for five industrial provinces of southern
Luzon). Their ministry includes Bible classes and services, church school, day-school,
and centers for Bible training, youth, and the deaf. Their purpose is to evangelize
unbelievers, teach sound doctrine to believers, train and equip pastors and leaders, and
launch local churches with the objective of helping them to become self-sustaining.

Ralph and Cindy built Lucena Bible Church and International Learning Center in 1979.
Renovation and expansion begun in 2002 have added four classrooms. Work continues
with construction of a large classroom set to begin in June 2009. Day school enrolment
has grown dramatically in recent years, and projections for 2009-2010 foresee over 200
students. Please pray for Cindy and her 22 teachers and assistants as they finish up the
current year and prepare for the next. Long-time friend and associate, Jonathan Tusalem,
has begun a college for some of those who attend Bible class at the Deaf Ministry Center
several times weekly. Correspondence from Ralph to NCBC in February 2009 indicated
they hope to visit our group and give a live report in January or February 2010.

For Further Information:
http://ralphcindy.tripod.com (as of March 2009, had not been updated since Jan 2008)

Procedures for Giving: Contact: Operation Grace World Missions; P.O. Box 19508;
Houston, TX 77224-9508; USA; Phone (713) 951-6965;

Contact Info:

Mailing Address:
Not available


Phone Number:
(713) 951-6965 (Operation Grace World Missions)

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