AS tory of Quality Journey- ISO 9001:2008 by HC120606221212


									A Story of Quality Journey-
      ISO 9001:2008

           Pr.CCA, Tamil Nadu Circle
 We cannot live better than
in seeking to become better
Principal Controller of Communication Accounts
               Tamil Nadu Circle
         ISO 9001:2008 Certified


                 Pr. CCA

LF& Spectrum-
and Collection

ISPs                                 USPs

        To leverage and lead on its
           strategic positioning as
a unique institutional assurance of DOT
        in its policy assurances and
   implementations at the ground level”

      To excel in its role
as a professional interface
     DOT and its various
                        Quality Policy

The office of the Principal CCA, Tamil Nadu Circle, Chennai
         commits to provide quality service delivery
        to all its stakeholders – DOT/BSNL retirees,
         Universal Service Providers and Licensees
               improvingly on sustaining basis
   by standardizing the work processes, practices and
           by leveraging the available resources.
                           Quality Objectives
Superannuation Retirement     Within 10 working days at least in 90% of the cases
Settlement of Pensioners      Acknowledgement within a week
    Grievances                Within Three weeks
o Internal                    Within a month from the date of receipt of the data
o With DOT/BSNL               Forwarded within a week
o External
                           Universal Service Obligations
USO Claims Received           To be assessed 100% and sanction issued at least to
                                  90% of the cases within the specified period in
                                  the USO agreement
                             Licence Fee and Spectrum
Scrutiny of AGR statement     Within one month
Verification of Deductions    100% within two months- Report to the DOT HQ in
                                 90% of the cases
                     Milestones Covered

   Three awareness Programmes to all
   Business Process Reengineering
                       Milestones Covered
Preparation of Documents
     Vision
     Mission
     Quality Policy
     Quality Objectives
     Quality Manual ( 55 pages)
     Procedure Manual( 49 pages)
                             Milestones Covered

   Preparation of Documents
       Work Instructions ( 48 numbers)
       Local Orders ( 18 numbers)
       List of Forms (46 numbers)
       Flow Charts(7 numbers)
                             Milestones Covered

   Internal Quality Audit training
       The first for three days covering 17 officers
       The second for two days covering 24
                             Milestones Covered
   Management Review Committee meetings
       Seven meetings held to review the results of
        quality audit
   Internal Quality/Mock audits
       IQA1: No of NCs raised: 50
       IQA2: No of NCs raised: 42
       IQA3: No of NCs raised: 36
       Two mock audits
                                Milestones Covered

   Adequacy audit on 02/08/2010
   Preliminary visit/pre audit on 09/08/2010
   Initial Audit (Certification audit on 26/08/2010
   QMS Certification Licence for ISO 9001:2008
    issued effective from 01/09/2010 for 3 years
    valid up to 31/08/2013
                                     Key Contributors

   BIS
   A Team of BSNL Retired Officers
       J. Santhanakrishnan
       G.Ramanujam
       A.Sadagopan
   Team Pr.CCAtn
       The staff and the officers
If what you did yesterday seems big,
  you have not done anything today
                      Lou Holtz (1937)
                      Foot Ball Coach
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