2006 Year-End GL Checklist by xeXDkp4t


									                                GENERAL LEDGER
                                FY2006 CLEANUP CHECKLIST

                                GENERAL LEDGER USERS

     TASK                             HOW TO ACCOMPLISH
 Move Balances    Prior to requesting the inactivation of a chartfield value agencies
  for Inactive    must create GL Journal Entries to move balances to active chartfield
  Chartfields     values.

                  For example, prior to inactivating a Department for the new fiscal
                  year, check to see if there are any ledger balances for that
                  Department. Agencies must create GL Journal entries to move
                  balances from the old DeptID to one that will be active for the new
                  fiscal year.

                  Inquiry to review ledger balances:
                  General Ledger> Review Journal/Ledger Data> Ledger
                  General Ledger> General Reports> Trial Balance

  Maintain or     Changes to your present department of budget structures must be
 Revise FY2006 finalized through the Comptroller’s Office no later than Wednesday,
 Departments /    May 31, 2006.
Budget Structures
                  No department changes will be implemented during the course of
                  the fiscal year in progress.

                  To review your agency’s budget structure, please see GL Fiscal
                  Year-End Job Aids.

 Post Agency      EPM Reporting Tools> Query> Query Manager>

                  Any changes to agency budget definitions were due to OSC by May

                  The Budget Reference of 2007 will be available for use June 20th.

                  Agency Budget Journals must be posted before any transactions will
                  pass budget checking.

                  Post Budget Journals with a Journal Date of 07/01/06 or later.
                                GENERAL LEDGER
                                FY2006 CLEANUP CHECKLIST

  **NEW for       For Budgeted Funds, where carry-forward balances have been
    FY06**        approved by OPM, Agencies are required to enter their own Budget
Carry-Forward     Journals…
Budget Journals   for the Agency and Project Budget definitions only.
 for AGY and
 PRJ Budgets      Navigation:
                  Commitment Control> Maintain Budgets> Budget Journals> Enter
                  Budget Journals


                  Budget Journal Upload

                  Important Note: Carry-Forward Journals will continue to
                  automatically be created for Continuing Funds for AGY1, PRJ1, and
                  PRJ3 Budgets.

  Review and      Commitment Control> Review Budget Check Exceptions
    Budget        Correct or Delete transactions in budget error.
   Review         Commitment Control> Review Budget Activities> Budget Inquiry>
 Budget Status    Budget Details or Budget Overview

                  Pre-Encumbrance balances must be zero by July 5th.

                  Encumbrance balances for all Closed POs must be zero by July 5th.

                  Negative encumbrance balances should be researched ASAP.
                  Should you need assistance, please contact the help desk.
                                  GENERAL LEDGER
                                  FY2006 CLEANUP CHECKLIST

Analyze / Clear     Commitment Control> Review Budget Activities> Budget Reports>
 Encumbrance        Pre-Encumbrance/Encumbrance Report
                    Analyze the documents that make up encumbrance balances.
                    Purchase orders should all be closed by July 5th.
                    Requisitions should all be closed by July 5th.

                    Encumbrance balances should be zero for Budget Period 2006 after
                    all POs and Reqs have been closed and/or Rolled.

                    Use the following EPM Query to determine if Journal Entries were
                    used for encumbrance corrections.

                    EPM Reporting Tools> Query> Query Manager>

                    Should you need assistance closing a document or reversing the
                    encumbrance please contact the help desk.

  GL Journal        EPM Reporting Tools> Query> Query Manager>
     Posted         CT_CORE_FIN_GL_AGY_VALID_JRNLS

                    General Ledger> Journals> Journal Entry> Create Journal Entries

                    Correct or Delete any coding errors.
                    Edit any journal entries that have a status of N.
                    Communicate with OSC to ensure that Valid journal entries are
                    posted by July 14th.

 Journal Entry      Journal Entries to correct FY2006 transactions must be valid and
 Corrections for    budget checked by July 14th.
                    For help creating either online or spreadsheet journal entries see
                    General Ledger Job Aids.

     Other          Flexible Ledger Analysis Report
 Recommended        GL Trial Balance Report
    Reports         Budget Status Report
                    Budget Transaction Detail Report

                    Please see the Online Report Catalog for more assistance running
                    these, and other GL and Commitment Control Reports

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