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									 10A - Savannah Morning News, Friday, July 22,1994 * *

Savannah Man Beaten                                                                 Authorities Bust
Staff Report
                                          Waters told police that                   Immigration Scam                                              SHOP: FRIDAY AND SATURDAY
    Lawrence Waters, 35, of East
32nd Street was badly beaten shortly      three or four men at-                     The Aaaodatad Prata                                             9:3OAM-9:OOPM
before midnight Wednesday at 32nd         tempted to rob him.                           NEW YORK - Three people
Street and Waters Avenue, police                                                    were arrested Thursday for al-
said.                                     dent in the past.
                                              In other police news Wednesday,       legedly arranging marriages ~
    Waters was bleeding from the                                                    for $5,000 each - so illegal aliens
mouth, nose and arms when police          Sanchez Gardner, 17, of the 600 block
                                          of West Gwinnett Street was arrest-       could obtain green cards.
arrived at the scene at 11:45 p.m. He                                                  The arrests came after a sev-
was treated at Candler Hospital.          ed for firing a pistol two times about
                                          7:20 p.m. at Gwinnett and Martin          en-month investigation of Third
    Waters told police that three or                                                World Personnel Services Inc.
four men attempted to rob him, then       Luther King Jr. Boulevard.
                                              Gardner was arrested at his              Third World allegedly prom-
started beating him. Two of the men                                                 ised to assist an undercover
hit him with boards and all of the at-    grandmother's home, where he
                                          lives. Police found the pistol hidden     agent from the U.S. Immigration
tackers kicked him. police said.                                                    and Naturalization Service in se-
    Waters told police he had served      in a lampshade in his bedroom.
                                              Gardner told police he was shoot-     curing a U.S. citizen wife, charg-
time in prison and the assault                                                      ing him $5000 for the service.
stemmed from a drug-related inci-         ing at a man at a car wash.

 Daughter: Lobster Boy Like Satan Himself
                                          lowed earlier in the day by Judge his father's drunken attack. "My fa-
The Associated Press
                                          William Fuente, who ruled that Mrs. ther was on top of her, choking her,"
                                          Stiles was not in imminent danger at he said.
    TAMPA, Fla - Born with the            the time of the slaying.                   "He would constantly threaten to
same claw hands and stump legs as             Late Thursday, Mrs. Stiles took kill her, constantly," the 25-year-old
their father, two children of a side-     the stand for the second time in the Ms. Berry said.
show performer known as the Lob-          two-week trial, acknowledging that         A daughter of Stiles who was
ster Boy hoisted themselves to the        her husband did not abuse her the born with no defects, 30-year-old
witness stand Thursday and de-            night of the slaying but saying pre- Donna Miles, described how in 1978
scribed him as a brutal drunk.            vious threats against her made it a her father asked to meet privately
    "He was like Satan himself. ...       case of kill or be killed,              with a man she hoped to marry
Very cruel, very cold-hearted, very           "I knew on that day (he) was ei-       "I heard a bang and then I heard
sadistic," Cathy Berry testified at       ther going to have to die, or at any another one," she testified, saying
the trial of her mother, Mary Stiles.     moment myself or my children were Stiles had shot her boyfriend. The
    Mrs. Stiles is charged with mur-      going to be killed/' she said.          young man stumbled out of the
der for paying a teen-age neighbor           Mrs. Stiles, 56, could get life be- house and died.        <
$1,500 to shoot and kill her husband,     hind bars if convicted.                    She said her father poked his
Grady Stiles Jr., two years ago.             The victim was known to carnival head out a window, smiled and said
    She must rely entirely on her own     audiences as Lobster Boy because of "Better him than me.'"
words and those of her children to        his pincerlike hands, a result of a        Stiles was convicted of third-de-
convince a jury that years of abuse       rare genetic condition.                 gree murder in 1979. He was sen-
left her no choice.                          Grady Stiles III, 17, testified that tenced to 15 years probation, partly
    Experts who were ready totes-         only days before his father's 1992 because he had liver cirrhosis from
tify that she was a battered spouse       slaying, he broke through a locked heavy drinking and emphysema
acting in self-defense were disal-        door to rescue his stepmother from from smoking three packs a day.

Double DUI Offender Sentenced To Six Months
By VICTOR EPSTEIN                                             ing the hearing, will serve the six-month sentence in the
Statesboro Bureau
                                                              Southeastern Probation and Detention Center and then
                                                             resume a two-year period of court supervision.
     STATESBORO - A Statesboro teen-ager who killed              the first DUI occurred Nov. 17 when he struck Ike
 a Savannah ironworker last year while driving drunk         outside a Bulloch County tavern and produced a .10
rand later was arrested on another DUI charge received       blood-alcohol content; the state's legal limit is .08,
 a six-month prison sentence Thursday for violating his
 probation.                                                      The second DUt offense occurred in March while the
     Christopher Dosier, 19, of 210 Lee Dr. was sentenced    teen was free on bond, facing criminal charges for Dee's
Thursday by Bulloch County State Court Judge John            death, and under a court order not to consume alcohol.
Roberts Turner, after police found him intoxicated and           After his convictions in June, Dosier once again was
in possession of alcoholJuly 5.                              forbidden to drink or drive and ordered to continue to at-
     It was the second time the Georgia Southern Univer-     tend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and to complete
 sity freshman, who is undergoing treatment for alcohol-     an alcohol-dependency program at WUlingWay Hospi-
 ism, violated a court order forbidding him to consume       tal.
 alcohol after hitting and killing 37-year-old Joel Ike in
    Ike, a Wilmington Island resident, is survived by his
37-year-old wife, Becky, and three young children.
                                                                 He also was supposed to be taking regular doses of a
                                                             drug that causes nausea when combined with alcohol.
                                                             However, he still produced a .12 BAG when arrested for
                                                             illegal possession and consumption of alcohol by a f mi-
                                                                                                                          A SPEC
    Dosier, who declined to speak on his own behalf dur-     nor July 5.
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