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Heights Newsletter Sep Oct


									 Dottie Sunio                                                                                        June 09

New Maintenance Form:                                           Walk-Through Results:
        . To provide a method to communi-
                                                                         The Directors conducted the annual walk-
cate to the site manager that there is a need
                                                                through of the neighborhood this past March. Most
for repair in common elements, the Board
                                                                homes reflected the obvious pride that homeowners
approved a new maintenance work order
                                                                have in keeping them in top notch condition. Howev-
form. A copy is enclosed with this newsletter. Addi-
                                                                er, there were some which are in need of repair. The
tional copies will be available on the website
                                                                most common discrepancies observed: faded house or at the site man-
                                                                paint; homes with multiple colors of house paint;
ager’s mailbox behind the Lodge. Fill out one of the
                                                                deteriorated chimney siding; deteriorated house sid-
forms when you see the need for a repair, and drop it
                                                                ing; garage doors needing repair or painting; and
off with Lynne or at the same site manager mailbox
                                                                utility doors in need of replacement or repair. The
behind the Lodge. The site team will do their best to
                                                                Board is send out letters to those owners who need to
address the concern or provide an explanation as to
                                                                make repairs to their homes. The necessary modifica-
why there will be a delay in the fix. Some may re-
                                                                tion forms and explanation of repair or replacement
quire coordination with the Board or Architectural              criteria are outlined in the Heights at Wailuna Archi-
Committee before they can be addressed.                         tectural Guidelines. You were mailed a copy in Octo-
                                                                ber 2008They are also posted on our website.
                    On street Parking
                   To curb the on-street parking                Money Talk:
                   within the Heights, the Board is                     The year is half over and there is
                   considering the use of “parking              both good news and not-so-good news
violation stickers” which adhere to the front wind-             regarding the Association’s finances. We
shield of the car. They are difficult to remove – you           continue to achieve our monthly set aside for reserves
don’t want to get one!                                          and to meet all mandatory and budgeted expenses.
                                                                One bright spot is that utility expenses are currently
                                                                running below budgeted values. However, we contin-
**Use of Sherwin Williams Paints**                              ue to experience a consistent monthly shortfall in
                                                                collection of association fees and recreation associa-
The Board approved a policy to require all future               tion fees (over $2000/mo). We have already spent
repainting to use Sherwin Williams paints. The cur-             over $4,000 in legal fees this year to pursue these
rent palette of authorized colors was a special mix of          delinquencies. One obvious consequence of this
Sherwin Williams colors. Over the last few years,               monthly shortfall is that the Board has not re-hired a
allowing contractors to attempt to match paint samples          vacancy in one of the site maintenance positions. The
with other manufacturer's paints has not resulted in            Board continues to look at other ways to reduce ex-
consistent colors. You will soon receive a letter stating       penses as a result.
this policy. Please keep the letter on file for your
future reference.

9 Ways to Save the World                                       Savers (which benefits Big Brothers Big Sisters of
(Reprinted from “Hawaii Home and Remodeling                    Honolulu) all accept reusable items.
                                                               Avoid phantom load: You've heard it before, but
Mahalo for removing your shoes: Dirt on your                   look around your home or office again for electric
shoes can carry pathogens that cause disease. Reduc-           devices (especially computers, monitors, printers and
ing dirt also lowers the amount of chemical and vacu-          all those chargers for cell phones, music players and
um cleanup -- saving all around.                               PDAs). While plugged in, these vampires (sucking
                                                               electricity from the socket) actually use more electrici-
Don't lose your cool: Test the seal on your fridge by          ty in the many hours they are not in use than they do
closing the door over a dollar bill. If it slips out easily,   in the few hours they're in use.
you are probably losing cool air and wasting valuable

Test your toilet: Pour a few drops of food coloring
into your toilet tank and wait two hours. If any color
seeps into the bowl, your toilet flapper is leaking.             Emergency:
Replacing it could save thousands of gallons of water            Wailuna Security                           282-7299
per month.
                                                                 Board of Water                             748-5010
                                                                 Gas Leak/Problem                           526-0066
Look beyond the lint trap: Clean your dryer's vent
every so often, in addition to your lint filter before
                                                                 Electrical Outage/Problem                  548-7961
each load. Getting rid of the highly flammable fluffy
                                                                                                            or 7311
stuff will boost your dryer's energy efficiency.

Don't dismiss your dishwasher: Washing a full load
in your dishwasher is a much more efficient use of
water AND electricity than doing the same amount by                             Board of Directors
hand -- even more so if the dishwasher is ENERGY                   Lecia Ortiz            President        456-5564
STAR certified. Better yet, for less dirty loads, put              Dottie Sunio           Vice-President   455-7574
dishes in without rinsing, use the short cycle and turn            Christine Santa Ana    Secretary        456-3933
off the heater dryer for full efficiency.                          Chet Malins            Treasurer        456-3933
                                                                   Rich Marshall          Director         456-5103
Drop in dryer balls: Add reusable, non-toxic dryer                 Betty Ann              Director         456-8585
balls to your clothes dryer with each load to eliminate            Yrizarry
the need for softener sheets. You'll cut your drying               Norma Lavy             Director         455-2429
time by 25 percent. Try Dryer Max dryer balls, avail-              Curtis Schryer         Director         454-1437
able at Walgreens and Shirokiya.                                   Mary Kaanana           Director         455-4119

Paper, not plastic: When possible, pass on plastic
goods in favor of paper goods or aluminum cans.
Forty-eight percent of paper can be recovered to make
new products, while only 25 percent can be recovered
from plastic. Better yet, choose reusable dishes when-
ever you can.

Freecycle: Instead of throwing away item you no
longer want, donate them to someone who can use
them. Goodwill Industries, the Salvation Army and


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