Sean Dwyer

					Sean Dwyer

I’m very indebted to New Zealand for giving me and my family the opportunity of
a new life here but am also just so thankful that this country has given me the
pleasure of getting involved in franchising. Franchising is not just any industry – it
is an industry with soul!! It is an industry that I’ve become very passionate about
over the last 7 years and would now be so appreciative of an opportunity to
become a board member and be in a position to be able to give more of my time
and effort back to the franchising community.

I’m proud to be a part of banking as we are significant players in the franchising
community. I’m National Franchise Manager for ANZ & National Bank and as
such we bank one out of every three customers in New Zealand. However,
although we affiliates (banks, solicitors, accountants, consultants etc) are so key
to the industry it is the franchisors and thus the franchisees that are the industry. I
believe that one critical aspect of FANZ is our growth in numbers and I am very
keen to see our numbers grow – an aspect that I’ve already been enthusiastically
working on this year and have introduced FANZ to several prospects already.

I’m also very grateful to my two nominators - Laser Electrical (Winner of Supreme
Award - Franchise system of the Year in 2005 and 2006) and Robert Harris
(oldest café franchise in NZ) for supporting me in my board nomination.

Some further career facts:
  I have 25 years banking experience, the last 7 spent in NZ franchising
  I have operated my own business (“Be Our Guest”- a catering company) for
   12 months
  I have taught at two tertiary institutions for almost 1 year

Nominated by – Scott Carr, Laser Systems Ltd
Seconded by - David Thackery, Cerebos Gregg's Ltd

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