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									                                       Corporate Policy Internet Use


This policy applies to all Pinnacle West Capital Corporation Companies except SunCor. The term
“Company” will refer to all entities covered by this Policy. Use of the term “Internet” throughout this Policy
is inclusive of all similar connections such as Intranet and Extranet. This Policy pertains to all uses of the
Internet including e-Business, e-Commerce, and Knowledge Management. The term “Users” applies to
any persons using electronic information on behalf of the Company including employees, telecommuters,
contractors, temporary employees, vendors, partners, etc. The Users definition applies to everyone,
except if specifically noted otherwise.


The Company’s connection to the Internet is intended to enhance the business productivity of the
Company, its employees and contractors. This Policy applies to all Company Internet services including,
but not limited to, all access to the Internet using Company computing assets or access to the Internet
through remote connection to the Company’s computing network. This policy also applies to the use of
electronic mail accessed through the Company’s computer network, and the maintenance of the
Company’s Web sites.

Proper Use of Company Internet Resources

Users are generally provided with Internet access to perform job duties. However, this access may be
terminated at any time at the discretion of management or Human Resources. Users are responsible and
accountable for the use of the Company’s Internet services and ensuring it is consistent with meeting
individual job responsibilities and/or enhancing job productivity. Limited personal use of the Internet is
permitted if it does not negatively impact or impede the User’s business productivity and if it is not in
conflict with Company policies, including Policy 54 entitled, “Electronic Information Security
Management;” Policy 26 entitled, “Workplace Principles;” Policy 27 entitled, “Policy Against Harassment
and Retaliation;” and Policy 10 entitled, “Corporate Ethics Policy,” which contains numerous sections
dealing with conduct in the workplace.

All Company Internet services, including e-mail, and instant messaging are not considered private; they
are subject to monitoring by the Company. If inappropriate messages such as offensive jokes or other
material, solicitation, chain letters, or other non-work related messages from persons outside the
Company are received, then they should be deleted without response and one’s leader should be
notified. Such messages shall not be forwarded to other users. If inappropriate messages are received
from another User, immediately notify you Leader and follow his/her instruction. In no event may an
employee or contractor use electronic mail for solicitation purposes.

Using Company computer resources to access a personal e-mail account or for accessing on-line
services for personal use is prohibited. Software associated with these types of services should not be
loaded on Company equipment.

The following are activities that are specifically prohibited by this Policy:

    -   Users may not use Instant Messaging or Chat services unless you have received written
        authorization from the IPS Department.
    -   Users may not intercept or attempt to intercept electronic mail.
    -   Users may not upload or download files that contain software or other material protected by
        intellectual property rights without a license or specific permission from the owner of such rights,
        or for personal use (for example but not limited to: movies, videos, music).
    -   Users may not publish post, distribute or disseminate defamatory, copyrighted, obscene or other
        unlawful material or information.
    -   Users may not user Company computer or network resources for a personal business.
Management of the Company’s Internet Presence

Any new Internet web site (or significant changes to an existing site) shall be reviewed by the appropriate
organization before publication, as stated below.

The Company has multiple Internet sites, each with differing objectives. Although each site has unique
and specific objectives, they will not contradict the primary Company objectives.

The e-Business Review Council is responsible for managing this Policy and the process for publishing to
the Company’s Internet sites. Business organizations have primary responsibility to review content and
ensure that it does not contradict the Company’s objectives.


Employees and contractors are responsible for their use of Internet services according to this Policy.

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