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					                                    DONNA CHERRY

An actress, comedic performer and singer extraordinaire, Donna Cherry is known for her incredible
versatility backed up by amazing talent.

Sometimes described as a cross between a homecoming queen and a class clown, Donna is the
daughter of a preacher and a teacher who were missionaries to Costa Rica and Columbia, where she
was born. The youngest of five kids, she entertained herself by listening to records for hours on end,
day after day. Imitating them became her delight – to the chagrin of others! At the age of 5, she
imitated to perfection her Thumbelina and Sound of Music records – including the scratches!

After living in Latin America and New Jersey, her family settled in California. Her high school acting
teacher inspired her to pursue show business, so she went on to study at the American Academy of
Dramatic Arts, where she honed her acting skills. Then during the course of completing her
Bachelor of Music Degree (with a concentration in Vocal Performance) from California State
University, Northridge, she was approached while working as a singing waitress by none other than
Miss America herself, Debbie Maffett. Impressed by her operatic performance, she encouraged
Donna to enter the Miss America Pageant, convincing her it could be a great vehicle for
transitioning from college to career. The preliminaries took place the next day and somehow Donna
made the cut. After a complete makeover, which included losing 25 lbs., she won Miss West Los
Angeles and then, three months later, the title of Miss California, wowing them with her series of
impersonations of the famous dives, from Madonna to Streisand.

From the Miss America Pageant, she was then selected to be one of the top five to represent the
pageant that year for various corporate events ranging from Gillette to American Greeting to K-
Mart. USO Tours followed to the Mediterranean and the Middle East, including appearing with Bob
Hope. The pageant also let to her participation in festivities for both the Olympics and the
Presidential Inauguration.

Donna became known as the Miss California who was funny. Hence, she was booked as a
comedienne in Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe and other resort destinations. She then moved to New York
where she hosted a national television show, appeared in various off-Broadway productions and met
her future husband. After that, Donna received the Dramalogue Critique’s Award for her portrayal
of Fanny Brice in Funny Girl and starred in several independent films that went on to The Cannes
Film Festival.

Upon returning to California, she auditioned for Mitzi Shore at The Comedy Store. Mitzi loved her
and put her on as a regular performer keeping her busy performing in Las Vegas, San Diego and Los
Angeles. It was through The Comedy Store that she met Barry Manilow and joined his World Tour,
performing in such prestigious venues as Madison Square Garden, Universal Amphitheatre and
London’s Wembley Arena. She also made appearances on the Tonight Show and Arsenio Hall.
Donna continued to tour, performing for Royal Carribbean and Norwegian Cruise Lines. It was at

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that time that she was hires serendipitously to work a corporate event involving the company of her
future husband, Jim Caldwell. They married six months later. Literally 9 months after that, she gave
birth to a bouncing baby boy named Carson, born in NYC. During her pregnancy, Donna studied at
Juilliard – wanting to be productive in a variety of ways!

After moving back to Los Angeles with her new family, she buckled down, focusing on her acting
career. “Playing accessible leading ladies, attractive to men but not intimidating to women, Cherry
plays moms and career women that have an unusually humorous way of dealing with life” notes
Cine Paris. “She possesses the rarest of all acting combos: the qualities if a true character actress and
the charisma of a leading lady – a dazzling one-two punch.”

She scored and HBO/FOX sitcom pilot with Gregory Harrison and Bobcat Goldwaite as well as a
political comedy pilot called Shouting Match, a take-off on Crossfire. She completed a 6 month run at
the Tiffany Theatre in an award-winning new comedy called Twist of Fate, which earner her much
acclaim for her sympathetic portrayal of a superficial TV executive whose life was a house of cards.
She then portrayed the First Lady in the recent New Line film, Most Wanted with Keenan Ivory
Wayans, Jon Voight, Paul Sorvino and Eric Roberts… and her voice-over career burgeoned,
working for the likes of Disney, Rick Dees and various television shows, including the highly rated
documentary, EVITA: The Life of Eva Peron.

Today, Donna performs across the country delighting audiences with her stand-up act and Trophy
Girls, her one-woman show. With her unending diversity and energy, you’ll surely be seeing a lot of
the talented Donna Cherry.
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