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Winter 2007
Save Big Time

Take The Leap And Contribute More                                                                                               Dreaming of a
                                                                                                                                relaxing mid-winter
Did you know the annual RRSP                                  Whatever you choose to do, it’s always
contribution limit is growing in leaps                        quick and easy with the help of your                              vacation?
and bounds? This year, the top limit has                      Member Service Officer and the expert                             We’ll make it fly!
risen from $16,500 to $18,000 and in five                     assistance of our Investment Advisor.                             Looking for a smart,
years it will be as high as $22,000. While                    We offer the full range of options that                           sensible way to make
most Canadians don’t have that kind of                        any other major financial institution                             your getaway during
extra cash around to tuck away each year,                     has, including term deposits and mutual                           these cold, dreary
it is a sign that, perhaps we should be                       funds through Credential Securities Inc.                          months?
making an effort to contribute more to                        and Credential Asset Management Inc.
ensure we’ll truly be able to enjoy our                                                                                         Bring those sunny travel brochures in
retirement years. In fact, the average                                                                                          today and talk to us about a low rate,
                                                              2 Minutes To Tax Savings                                          vacation loan. It’s the better way to
Canadian contributes about $4,800
annually according to Statistics Canada.                      Our 2-Minute RRSP and RRSP Loan                                   pay, because we’ll tailor the payments
                                                              Applications provide you with the fastest,                        to suit your budget and you can avoid
                                                              most convenient way to complete your                              excessive credit card rates. So you can
How can you save more this year?                              2006 contribution. You’ll find 2-minute                           be relaxing on the beach or ski slopes
The Police Credit Union is ready to help!                     applications in branch or online at                               soon, knowing it’s a well-deserved
The easiest way to contribute each and                        tpcu.on.ca.                                                       break that won’t be breaking the bank.
every year is through automatic payroll
                                                              There are so many reasons to contribute
deductions. It’s out of sight and out
                                                              as much as you can to your RRSP,
                                                                                                                                Pack Peace of Mind too!
of mind, and saves you the hassles of                                                                                           The Police Credit Union also offers
                                                              including greater tax savings and a
coming up with a big chunk of cash                                                                                              value-added travel insurance
                                                              bigger retirement fund. Plus, remember,
when the deadline rolls around. If you’ve                                                                                       through CUIS at exceptional prices,
                                                              there are added benefits like using RRSPs
already got automatic deductions,                                                                                               with excellent perks. For a FREE
                                                              as a down payment on your first home
why not consider increasing it this year?                                                                                       quote, call 1.800.561.2557 or
                                                              through the HomeBuyer’s Plan or to
Often members choose to put their                                                                                               416.226.3353 and find out what
                                                              further your education through the
raises directly into RRSP savings –                                                                                             a great deal they offer.
                                                              Lifelong Learning Program.
what you don’t see, you won’t miss!

Remember – Thursday, March 1 is the deadline!                                                                                 >> RRSP TIP: How much can you
                                                                                                                              contribute this year? Just check the
     Compare rates – Earn more at your Credit Union!                                                                          Notice of Assessment you got from
   Years         Police CU             Police CU                Royal            Scotiabank*            TD Canada             the Canada Revenue Agency last
                REWARDS*               Regular*                 Bank*                                     Trust*              year. Or phone the T.I.P.S. line, a free
   One            4.00%                 3.65%                 3.00%                 2.90%                2.90%                automated tax information phone
                                                                                                                              service, at 1-800-267-6999. You will be
   Five           4.05%                 3.70%                 3.15%                 3.15%                3.15%
                                                                                                                              asked to provide your social insurance
      * Posted term deposit rates as of November 28, 2006; subject to change without notice. Some terms & conditions apply.
                                                                                                                              number, your month and year of birth,
                                                                                                                              and the total income you reported on
                                                                                                                              line 150 of your 2005 return.
To set up an RESP, start here.
Generous government
grants help you invest in
your child’s education
Free money from the government?              It’s well worth it to start an RESP as soon   Canada and around the world. While
No wonder so many parents are using          as possible. Unused grant room can be         you’re saving for your children, it’s nice
Registered Education Savings Plans to        carried forward from 1998, so an older        to know your investments are working to
save for their children’s post-secondary     child can qualify for retroactive grant       make the future brighter for all children.
education. When parents set aside money      money if you make catch up payments.          Read more at www.ethicalfunds.com.
in an RESP, the federal government
                                             Grant money is paid directly to your          Speak to a Credential Asset Management
sweetens the deal through a generous
                                             RESP, which can hold cash, term               Inc. Mutual Funds Investment Specialist
grant program. With the skyrocketing
                                             deposits, mutual funds and other              to find out how easy it is to set up an
cost of post-secondary education, parents
                                             securities. Earnings on your                  RESP for your child.
(and kids) need all the help they can get.
                                             contributions and on the grant money          Mutual funds are offered through
Unlike the RRSP contribution deadline,       grow tax sheltered inside the plan.           Credential Asset Management Inc. and
which is March 1st, the RESP                                                               mutual funds and other securities are
                                             For more information, visit the
contribution deadline is December 31st.                                                    offered through Credential Securities Inc.
                                             official CESG website at                      Commissions, trailing commissions,
And while it’s too late to contribute for
                                             www.hrdc-drhc.gc.ca/cesg or call              management fees and expenses all
2006, this is the perfect time to start an
                                             Peter Giftakopoulos at 416.224.6708           may be associated with mutual fund
automatic savings program to make
                                             or e-mail him at peterg@tpcu.on.ca.           investments. Please read the prospectus
sure you maximize your 2007 RESP                                                           before investing. Unless otherwise stated,
contribution.                                Why choose Ethical Funds
                                                                                           cash balances, mutual funds and other
                                             for your child’s RESP?                        securities are not insured nor guaranteed,
It’s called the                                                                            their values change frequently and
Canada Education Savings Grant               You can open a well-diversified socially      past performance may not be repeated.
                                             responsible RESP with The Ethical             Credential Securities Inc. is a
Under the CESG program, the
                                             Funds Company™. Ethical Funds                 Member - CIPF.
government pays a 20% bonus on the
                                             compete with other mutual funds when          ® Ethical Funds is a registered mark
first $2,000 in annual RESP contributions
                                             it comes to helping you obtain a good         owned by Ethical Funds Inc. and is
for each child beneficiary up to age 18.                                                   used under licence.
                                             return. Unlike other mutual funds,
That’s up to $400 extra each year, with a                                                  ® Credential is a registered mark owned
                                             Ethical Funds work to advance the best
lifetime grant limit of $7,200 per child.                                                  by Credential Financial Inc. and is used
                                             social and environmental practices in
                                                                                           under licence.

A smarter way to handle
holiday bills? A low rate line of credit!
Your December credit card bill just came     (46%) were paying more interest than          you’re looking for,
in and the balance is higher than you can    they needed to. Carrying a balance on         plus pay a lower rate,
handle with just one payment. Why pay        credit cards can be a major contributor       so you won’t be throwing
the inflated credit card rate when you       to this problem.                              money down the drain.
could be cutting your interest by more
                                             A personal line of credit from the Police     Talk to your Member Service
than 50% with a low rate line of credit
                                             Credit Union will help you ease through       Officer today about all the
from the Police Credit Union?
                                             those times when bills are higher or          advantages of a low rate
A recent Ipsos-Reid survey found that        sudden financial emergencies arise.           line of credit. And start 2007
almost half of the people they contacted     You’ll have the flexibility and control       the right way!

   Department store                  Credit cards*                     the Police Credit Union*
     charge card*              (i.e. Visa, MasterCard)           PLOC Regular             PLOC REWARDS
    Rate         Interest          Rate       Interest         Rate          Interest        Rate          Interest   * Rates as of November 28,
                                                                                                                      2006; subject to change
   29.9%          $2,990          19.5%       $1,950          9.25%              $925       7.75%           $775      without notice.

Interest amount based on a $10,000 outstanding balance for one year.
     Attention First-Time Home Buyers
     RRSPs can help make
     it happen faster!
     Retirement might seem a long ways off,                                                 minimum annual payment will be added
     but owning your first home could be                                                    to your income and you will pay tax on
     just around the corner. The Home                                                       that amount.
     Buyers Plan (HBP) is another great
                                                                                            For more about all the ins and outs
     reason to start contributing to an
                                                                                            of the Home Buyers Plan you can
     RRSP as soon and as much as you can.
                                                                                            visit www.cra-arc.gc.ca or talk to
     Since 1992, over 1.4 million Canadians                                                 your Member Service Officer today.
     have taken advantage of this popular
     plan which allows qualified home buyers
     to withdraw up to $20,000 from an RRSP
     (or up to $40,000 per couple) without                                                        Did you know?
     penalty to use as a down payment on
     your new home.                                                                               You can educate yourself with RRSPs
     To qualify for this plan, you must be
     considered a first-time home buyer.                                                          It’s a program many aren’t familiar with, but it’s helped nearly 50,000 Canadians
     You are still considered a first-time                                                        pursue higher education since 1999. The Lifelong Learning Plan (LLP) allows
     home buyer even if you own a rental                                                          you to withdraw up to $20,000 from your RRSPs to head back to school. The
     property, but you have not recently                                                          withdrawals can be for a maximum of $10,000 in any one year and can be spread
     owned a property within the five years                                                       over four years. Repayment is on a 10-year schedule.
     prior to applying for the Home Buyer’s                                                       For all the abc’s of the Lifelong Learning Plan, you can visit www.cra-arc.gc.ca
     Plan. The money must be repaid to your                                                       or talk to your Member Service Officer today.
     RRSP over the next 15 years or the

For 25 years, we’ve                                                                                                                   Pare nts and
               been there for you.                                                                                                      Gra ndpare nts!
                                                     As a member of the Police Credit Union,
                                                                                                                                       Check out our new web pages for the Little Tykes
                                                     you can count on DirectProtect Group®.
                                                                                                                                       Savers Club and Cool Teens Savers Scene! There’s
                                                                                                                                       all kinds of new things to do while learning about
                                                                                                                                       finances in their language. You’ll have fun too!
                                                                                                                                       It’s another great reason to start your kids off on
                                                                                                                                       the right financial foot at the Police Credit Union.
                                                                                                                                       Visit www.tpcu.on.ca/youth today!

                                                                                                                           Important Notice
                                                                    You never expect to be in an auto
                                                                    accident. But if it happens, at least
                                                                                                                           April is just around the corner…
                                                                    you can expect great coverage and
                                                                    OneStep® 24/7 claims service from                      Plan to join us at the 61st
                                                                    DirectProtect Group®. For a fast,
                                                                    no-obligation quote on your home and                   Annual General Meeting of
                                                                    auto insurance call 1-800-387-1963
                                                                    or visit www.directprotectgroup.com
                                                                                                                           The Police Credit Union Limited
                                                                    Web ID # 88156                                         Monday, April 30, 2007 at 7:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                           Grand Baccus Banquet and Conference Centre
Group Insurance Plans for Home and Auto*
                                                            from The Co-operators Group                                    2155 McNicoll Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
DirectProtect Group® and OneStep® are registered trademarks of The Co-operators General Insurance Company, used
under license. Administered by HB Group Insurance Management Ltd. *Auto insurance not available in MB, SK, BC.
Qualifying conditions apply. Respecting your privacy and protecting the confidentiality of your personal information are
important to us. For more information on our privacy policy, please visit our website at www.directprotectgroup.com.
                                                                                                          HBG106 EN/06
Members who opened a new term
deposit before November 24, 2006 were
                                                      Member Enjoys Superior
automatically entered in the weekly
draw to win one of fifteen $50.00 travel
                                                      Investment Service
vouchers from Carlson Wagonlit!
Congratulations to the following
                                                      At The Credit Union
                                                      She’s worked at a credit union and at                   Planning For The Long-Term
T. Ormsby             J. Robinson
                                                      banks, so Susan Harmsen is very good at                 Susan and her husband have made
K. Elgar              L. Parwicki
                                                      articulating what the big differences are.              smart financial moves over the years
J. Nechay             K. Forde
K. Aubrey                                             Explains Susan, “We’re here because                     and recognize the need to save as much
                                                      “member service” is stronger than                       as they can for their future.
                                                      the “customer service” you get
                                                                                                              “Who knows what will happen to
                                                      at banks. You know your best
ATTENTION                                             interests are always being
                                                                                                              the economy? You can’t rely on
                                                                                                              the government pension being
                                                      looked after.”
ALL MEMBERS                                           A member for nearly twenty years now,
                                                                                                              there when we’ll need it, so you
                                                                                                              have to rely on yourself.”
                                                      Susan and her husband Peter (who                        A regular savings plan makes RRSP
Change Cheques NOW                                    works at 52 Division), have become                      time a lot easier every year.
All members MUST                                      active users of the investment and
                                                      financial planning services offered by                  “Originally, we were just scraping
have the newly formatted                              the Police Credit Union and are taking                  by like everybody else, so it was
cheques by May 31, 2007.                              full advantage of the expertise Peter                   hard to make an RRSP contribution.
                                                      Giftakopoulos has brought to the table.                 We used to take out RRSP loans
If you have a chequing account,                                                                               but now we have automatic
Line of Credit or MERITline,                          “Peter has been really helpful                          deductions every pay cheque –
you need to replace your old                          and informative. He has the                             if you don’t see it, you don’t miss it.
chequebook.                                           experience to point people in the                       And we certainly appreciate the
                                                      right direction. We’re not big risk                     tax savings each year.”
Cheques are being standardized                        takers. We’re in what I’d call
throughout the financial services                     “comfortable” mutual funds.                             From deciding how to invest their
industry so members must have their                   We’ve worked hard for our money                         RRSPs to long-term financial planning,
cheques replaced by May 31, 2007.                     so I don’t want to just toss it in                      Susan and her husband have discovered
                                                      the wind.”                                              that Peter offers a wealth of knowledge.
As of June 30, 2007, old cheques
will not be accepted.                                                                                         “I ask a lot of questions and he
                                                                                                              has answers. We speak to him
To order your new cheques today,                      Wishing all of our members                              quite often and he’s always happy
call your branch or the Call Centre
at 416.226.3353 or toll free at                       HAPPY NEW YEAR                                          to talk to us. Right now, we’re
                                                                                                              looking at a long-term plan because
1.800.561.2557.                                       from your staff and Board
                                                                                                              we want to see what our future
                                                      of Directors at the Police
                                                                                                              will look like. Peter has made many
                                                      Credit Union. We look
                                                                                                              helpful suggestions and given us
                                                      forward to serving you                                  good options to think about.
                                                      in the year ahead!                                      He’s definitely an asset to the
                                                                                                              credit union!”

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