Attachment 2: NSW Police by YSUoKDY


									      Client death policy and procedures: Attachment 3 – NSW Police notification of death letter
                              (August 2004, Amended September 2010)

                                                                     Attachment 3:
                                                                       NSW Police
                                                                     Notification of
                                                                        death letter

NSW Police Service
[Insert address]

[Insert date]

Dear [insert name],

I write to formally notify you of the death of [insert name] on [insert date] at
[place of death].

[insert name] had been a resident at [insert address] since [insert length of
time at facility]. This [insert type of facility] is an Ageing, Disability and Home
Care, Department of Human Services NSW (ADHC) residence.

It is mandatory that deaths of clients who reside in ADHC services, whether
the client is physically in or out of the facility at the time of death, are reported
to the Police and Coroner in accordance with the Coroners Act 2009 s24 (e)
and s35 (2).

I hope that this information is of assistance. If you require further detail,
please contact [insert name] Regional Director [insert Region] on [insert
telephone number].

Yours sincerely

[insert name]
[insert position]

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