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									Our Ref:
                            Allan Ainsworth & Co.,
                                       Licensed Conveyancing Services

                                                    Commissioner For Oaths

                                      Client Re-Mortgage Details
Client Full Names                                             Joint Client Full Names

                                                               Address (of property being Re-Mortgaged if different from
Address                                                        Current Address)

Telephone No. Home                                              Telephone No. Home

                Work                                                            Work

                                         Client Financial Details
If you have an existing mortgage, please confirm:
Name and Address of Existing Lender                   Mortgage Account No.:

                                                       Second Mortgage Account No.:

Please identify all Persons other than Vendors that reside in the Property over 18 years of Age as they may have to sign a
disclaimer in favour of the Lender.

Please provide us with details of any extensions or improvement works carried out to the property in the
last four years together with copy building regulations, planning consents or guarantees.

Please provide us with details as to whether or not you purchased this property from the Local Authority
within the course of the last three years and whether you received a discount.
  Please note that your existing Lending Institution may charge you with a full months redemption figure irrespective of
  when you redeem in the month. Under the circumstances you may well wish to instruct us to redeem such mortgage at the
  end of the month. Alternatively your existing Mortgage may require you to give three months notice to redeem and you
  may well be charged a penalty for early redemption. Please check this with your Lender and advise us of any special
  requirements that arise from your particular Mortgage.

Please complete in respect of your New Mortgage Application:
Name and Address of New Lender                                    Details of your New Mortgage:


                                                                    Application Number:

Please complete if the Property is Leasehold:                     Details of your New Mortgage:
 Landlords Name and Address:                                        Managing Agents Name and Address:

 Telephone Number:                                                  Telephone Number:

   Rent Details:                                                  Service Charge Details:

   Amount of Rent Paid                                            Amount Service Charges Paid
   per annum                       £                              per annum                            £
   Payable in Advance/Arrear                                      Payable in Advance/Arrear

   Paid to Landlord/Management Agents?                            Amount of Buildings Insurance       £
                                                                  If paid separately from Services Charges
   Others (please specify):

  Please will you let us have the sum of £225 made payable to Allan Ainsworth & Co, on account of costs to offset the
  incidental expenses incurred in the early stages of the transaction. This is not in excess of any final account payable
  but a part payment of that amount.

SIGNED                                                                                DATED

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