Tantalis GATOR


Click on Tantalis GATOR Main Menu:


Search by legal description:
   Under Survey Parcels, click on Legal Description
   Select land district from dropdown
   Enter district lot or section, township, etc.

       From the land district dropdown list, enter the first letter of the land district to speed
          up scrolling.
       Unless the lot is huge, don’t enter any subdivision information.
       For Vancouver Island lots which may be E&N, enter a percent sign (%) after the
          district lot number.

Click here to view the interests (leases, reserves, Crown grants etc.)
Click here to view a report of the primary parcel, subdivisions (up to 50), and the encumbrances
for each.
Click here to list the subdivisions (50 at a time).
Click here to view the survey information.

Search by file number:
   Under Interests, click on File number
   Key in the file number and hit the submit key

Click here to view the interests

Hint: - Interests which are linked to multiple parcels will be displayed multiple times (once for each
parcel – the difference will be in the pin number). In the example above, there is only one active
lease on the given file number, but it shows up twice because there are two parcels.

Search by Name:
   Under Interests, click on Interested Party
   For an individual, enter the last name and (optionally) the first name
   For a company, enter the name in the Legal Name field

Hints: - Tantalis GATOR is NOT case sensitive. The % is the wildcard. Entering only part of the
name followed by a % will bring back more results.

   Click on the client that you are searching for
   Refer to the Search by file screen capture to determine where to go next.

Hints: - The client will be displayed multiple times if there are multiple addresses. Clicking on a
client will display all the tenures for that client, not just those at that address.

There are many other options for searching in Tantalis GATOR. These are just the most
commonly used options.

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