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					                                                                 JAYNE ENGLE-ALLEN’S                                                          Summer 2011

                                                                 A Quarterly Newsletter for Friends and Clients of
                                                                     Engle & Associates Insurance Brokers


                                                            With the taste of pineapple and the smell of a warm Maui breeze still fresh in my mind, I am relaxed and
                                                            ready for Summer!! We just returned from our first ever, real family vacation and when I say family, I mean
                                                            the WHOLE family. There were 19 of us in our group, read on to hear why…
                                                                        You might         be
                                                            wondering what possessed us
                                                            to pack up 19 people,
                                                            including 7 kids ages 3 and
                                                            under, and fly across the
                                                            Pacific Ocean. Well, last May,
                                                            I became an auntie for the
                                                            second time. My nephew,
                                                            Rocco, was born 5/5/2010. At
None of us can predict the future, but for                  5 days old, his doctor found
most business owners, year after year,                      that he had a heart murmur.
workers compensation insurance companies                    He was referred to Children’s
ask you to do just that. Not anymore! With                  Hospital in Madera for follow
                                                            up. An echocardiogram
our exclusive Pay As You Go workers
                                                            revealed that Rocco’s heart
compensation program, we will calculate                     had developed with 2 holes in
your workers comp premium based on                          it. He was diagnosed with Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD). Although we’d hoped that his body might heal
actual payroll, then automatically deduct                   itself, at just four months old he required open heart surgery to repair his heart. My brother and sister in
and remit the premium directly to your                      law had to hand their baby, and his life, over to doctors and nurses. This was one of the most difficult days
insurance carrier on your behalf. Experience                of my life, and my emotions pale in comparison to what my Brother and Michele were feeling.
improved cash flow, and a predictable                                   The hours felt like days as our entire family sat in the waiting room, trying to comfort one
                                                            another, while we waited for updates from the nursing staff. Yai Yai, who, long story short, is a second
insurance budget, while eliminating big                     mom to my brother and I, and therefore a grandma (or Yai Yai in Greek)
deposits and audit surprises!                               to our kids, out of the blue said: “when this is all over, and Rocco is
                                                            healthy, we should all go to Hawaii to celebrate.”
ELIMINATE:                                                              When Rocco’s surgery was finally finished and they were Aloha …………………..………....…Pg. 1
                                                            taking him to PICU, Michele’s father asked, “so on a scale of 1 to 10, Did you WIN? ………………..……Pg. 2
 Large Down Payments                                                                                      how’d it go?”         The
 Late Fees                                                                                                surgeon replied “10.” AARP members SAVE …..…..…Pg. 2
                                                                                                           The entire waiting room
 Audit Surprises (based on inaccurate payroll estimates)
                                                                                                           let out a synchronized Summer Produce Tips ……...…Pg. 3
 Writing Monthly Checks                                                                                   sigh, and then everyone
                                                                                                                                        Scott’s Financial Focus ..……...Pg. 3
                                                                                                           cried. The worst part was
                                                                                                           over and now onto recovery.
Call My Office Today: 805-544-8929                                                                                   About a month or so after Rocco’s surgery, Yai Yai
                                                                                                           brought up the Hawaii trip again. Her father, who was
Did you know we offer all these services?!?                                                                always a positive man and put his family above all else, had
PERSONAL INSURANCE:          BUSINESS INSURANCE:                                                           recently passed away. His famous response to just about any
                                                                                                           request from his family was “And Why Not…” So, in his
    Home Insurance               Workers Comp               The Cousins: Enzo, Rocco, Baylee, & Hayden
                                                                                                           memory, and to celebrate Rocco’s fantastic recovery, she
    Auto Insurance               General Liability
    Boat Insurance               Products Liability
                                                            was insistent that we all make the trip, no matter what it took. And with Yai Yai, once she sets her mind to
    RV Insurance                 Commercial Property      something, you will not change it. So, about 2 weeks before I delivered baby Hayden, we booked 19 airline
    OHV Insurance                Commercial Auto          tickets, 5 rental cars, and a combination of 5 hotel rooms and condos. Finally, 7 months later, we had 10
    Motorcycle Insurance         Inland & Ocean Marine    days of fun in the sun and family time on the beach - No Ka Oi (The best). As you can see in the picture
    Life Insurance               Professional Liability   above, Rocco is a happy, healthy 1 year old. We are happy to report that he has no long term effects from
    Health Insurance             Employment Practices
    Flood Insurance              Cyber Liability
                                                            his heart condition and requires no more surgery! Just a few extra checkups here and there, and a rapidly
    Earthquake Insurance         Group Health             fading scar on his chest.
    Personal Umbrella            Bonds                               As we were boarding our flight home, Yai Yai asked if we would want to do it again. And you
    Annuities                    Key Person               know my response? “And Why Not …”                                               -Jayne Engle-Allen

    Call us Toll Free: 877-544-8929                                           
Thanks to all our clients who graciously re-
ferred their family, friends, and associates
to our agency. We build our agency on          My home is worth $275,000. Why does my insurance company
your positive comments. We couldn’t do it      want me to insure it for $375,000?
without your help!                                     Comparing market or real estate value of a home and
                                               Replacement cost of a home is like comparing apples and
James Wilson           Candice Whittsett       oranges. Market value is the price for which you could sell your
Mike Fitzgibbons       Barry Purchase          home. Market value takes into consideration: land value,
Louise Payne           Carly Diodati           neighborhood, comparable sales, and more. Replacement or
Christian Smith        Franklin Wakefield      reconstruction cost is the amount of money it would take to
Lori Steed             Greg Hadley             rebuild your home, with like kind and quality, at today’s costs.
Michelle Brown         Cary Maffioli           Replacement cost reflects the cost for building materials, code
                                               compliance, demolition, construction labor, and more.
Kings Mortgage         RK Builders
                                                       In the current economy, many people are under the
Bill & Kelly Lynch     Tiffany Brewer          assumption that construction costs have reduced as much as
Holland Ranch          Cathy Gibbons           property values. This is simply not the case. The fact of the matter
Cindy Ashley           Jeremy Engle            is, today, you can buy an existing home for much less money
Susan Polk             Neil Penney             than it would cost to build that very same home. Although you
Peggy McCain           Corrina Cortez          may hear from a friend that they got someone to do some work
John Gonyer            Todd Thomas             for “super cheap,” this is the exception to the rule. Contractors’
Bob Crosby             Beatriz Fosse           overhead hasn’t reduced much, and cost for building materials
Charlie Ritterbush     Elizabeth Reynolds      hasn’t decreased dramatically either. Contractors are just like
Terry Joslin           Mimi Peralta            everyone else, they need to put food on the table, and I don’t
                                               know many non-profit construction companies out there.
Phoenix Catering       Jeanette Garcia
                                                       The bottom line is, if you’re not sure, give us a call to
Doug Noble             Eric Obranovich         conduct a current replacement cost analysis of your home. The
Gulliver’s Travel      Paige Covell            amount of coverage you need, should be based on the true
Bridgett Ritterbush    Roger Tyler             reconstruction costs of your home, regardless of current market
Paul Irving                                    value.

                                         e r so iates
                                  rre d h ssoc
                              refe e & A OD!
                       K elly Engl an IP
                              o         n
                          n, t nd wo
                      Rya       a
  Call us Toll Free: 877-544-8929                 
                                                                                                            “An o
                                                                                                             worth ce of preve
                                                                                                                  a po        ntio
                       New Preventative Health Care Benefits = Savings                                        Benja und of cu n is
                                                                                                                   min F       re.”
                                                                                                                         ran         klin
                      Did you know that in 2011, preventative health care benefits are covered at 100%
                      with the deductible waived on most individual health plans. If you purchased your health plan or
                      changed your plan after March 23,2010, it is likely that your preventative care is covered with no out of
  pocket expense. If you’ve had the same health plan since before March 23,2010, then you do not have this preventative care
  benefit. If you’re not sure, check with your company or agent to see if your plan includes preventative care benefits with no
  out of pocket cost.
          I am talking about Preventative Health Care Benefits right now to bring awareness to these coverages. Some
  examples of preventative care include: well check visits, regular immunizations, annual exams, mammograms, and more.
  Remember that you will still be responsible for your deductible and have out of pocket costs for diagnostic care. (Here’s the
  difference- PREVENTATIVE: Your doctor recommends having a colonoscopy because of your age or family history.
  DIAGNOSTIC: Your doctor recommends a colonoscopy to investigate symptoms you’re having.) Using these new preventative
  care benefits will save you money for care and services you used to pay for under your deductible. Even more important,
  regular checkups, can head off major illness and may even save your life. Better health leads to a better life.
         If your health insurance plan is pre-March 23, 2010, call me at 805-544-8929, to discuss the pros and cons of changing
  your health plan. If you have health insurance through your employer, contact your plan administrator to see if these benefits
  apply. Most group plans will have these benefits at their renewal this year.
  For any questions you might have about health insurance, please don’t hesitate to call me. -Scott Engle

Summertime is a great time for fresh local produce. On average people throw away 25% of the produce they buy because it spoils. Follow these
rules and the storage tips in the chart to get the most out of your produce. Three quick tips: 1. Only buy what you can eat in a few days. 2. Keep
fruits and veggies separate. 3. One bad apple can spoil the whole bunch - no joke… promptly remove any spoiled items before spoilage spreads.

            Summer Produce                                    Shelf Life                                         Storage Tips
                                           Best to eat immediately; 2-3 days for              Place blackberries and raspberries in single layer
 Berries                                   blackberries and raspberries; 7 days for           on plate, cover loosely and refrigerate; refrigerate
                                           blueberries                                        blueberries in container.

 Cherries                                  2-4 days                                           Keep in open or holed bag in refrigerator.

                                                                                              Keep in loose plastic bag in coldest part of
 Corn                                      Best to eat immediately, but lasts up to 3 days

 Cucumbers                                 3-5 days                                           Keep in plastic bag toward front of refrigerator shelf.

 Green Beans                               3-4 days                                           Keep in plastic bag on refrigerator shelf.

                                                                                              Wrap in dry paper towels and put in open plastic
 Lettuce and Chard                         5-7 days                                           bag in crisper drawer away from apples, oranges
                                                                                              and melons.

                                                                                              Ripen at room temperature until slightly soft, but still
 Stone Fruits (Peaches, Plums,
                                           3-6 days                                           firm; when ripe, refrigerate in plastic bag. Taste best
                                                                                              at room temperature.

 Peppers                                   3-5 days                                           Keep in plastic bag on refrigerator shelf.

                                                                                              Store at room temperature away from sunlight until
 Tomatoes                                  3-5 days                                           ripe; eat immediately. Do not refrigerate whole

                                                                                              Store whole at room temperature; store cut slices in
 Watermelon                                5-7 days
                                                                                              refrigerator in airtight container.

 Zucchini and Summer Squash                4-7 days                                           Keep in open plastic bag in crisper.
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“We recently had my car broken into and had           “Our family was fortunate enough to have Engle Insurance review
many valuable items stolen. It has been a very        our auto, home and personal liability coverages. Sarah did a
emotional process of loss and violation, and to add   terrific job on our daughters auto insurance too. We saved so
to the situation, the claims process wasn’t going     much money over one year, it was great! I would recommend
smoothly. Jayne stepped in and was the middle         Engle Insurance to anyone!” - Maem Sheehy, San Luis Obispo
person in it all and ended up taking excellent care
of us and the situation. That personal touch and      “I personally have been extremely satisfied with Engle &
knowing Engle is there and always willing to help     Associates attention to detail and friendly staff. You folks
is why we’ll be lifelong customers.”                  have been proactive to take care of any situations before they
                                                      can become a problem. Keep up the good work.”
        - Kelly & Tim Parsons, Granite Bay, CA                       -Kari Arnett, Visalia