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         Approaches Consulting offers creative customized solutions for maximizing
         employee performance and satisfaction in today's rapidly changing work

         Through a unique combination of consulting and training, we assist organizations in
         driving meaningful change and measurable results through more effective and
         productive employees.

         Upfront collaboration and analysis allow us to offer specific, customized programs
         that address unique organizational needs and result in long-term improvements.

                                        Patricia F. Vernon
Phone: (303) 290-9027   Fax: (303) 290-0503      4875 S. Monaco St., Suite 403   Denver, CO 80237
                                      Company Profile

         Approaches Consulting was founded in 1984 to help organizations develop
         employees to optimize business performance. We constantly focus on new
         approaches to help employees meet the changing needs of an increasingly
         competitive business environment.

         We offer innovative and customized approaches for many manufacturing,
         engineering and high tech Fortune 500 companies. In addition, we service other
         businesses and healthcare organizations in the private sector, as well as educational
         institutions and government organizations in the public sector.

                                         Our Mission

         We design and deliver value added human resource processes that maximize
         employee performance to drive business success. We provide solutions through:
                                       Organizational Assessments
                                       Consulting
                                       Internal Educational Seminars

                                        Patricia F. Vernon
Phone: (303) 290-9027   Fax: (303) 290-0503      4875 S. Monaco St., Suite 403   Denver, CO 80237

           We create organizational change through:

           Team Development
                Assess people resources and develop plans to improve work alignment and
                 employee effectiveness.
                Reorganize traditional work environments into teams, from start-up
                 through self-directed, incorporating design and implementation strategies.
                Provide consultation and training support in team development, including
                 management team development, cross-functional project teams and semi-
                 autonomous administrative and production teams.
                Provide a customized plan and assistance to work environments that wish
                 to gradually transition from a traditional workforce to teams.

           Customized Solutions Previously Provided Include:
              Successfully developed and trained numerous traditional work forces into
                self-directed work teams across a wide spectrum of business and functional
                disciplines. Transitions resulted in documented process improvements,
                significantly increased productivity and reduced operating costs.
              Helped distressed teams remove roadblocks and transition into more
                effective performers.
              Assisted manufacturing teams to gain early process improvements resulting
                in measurable results that provided immediate bottom-line impact.

           Products Supporting Our Services Include:
               Working With Teams in a Traditional Environment - a program that takes a
                hard look at why teams fail in a traditional environment, and how everyone
                in the organization can work to prevent that failure.
               Toolkit for High Performing Teams - a complete hands-on manual of core
                skill development topics and supporting materials.
               Steps of Team Development and Observation Tool - a tool for teams, team
                leaders and coaches to use to monitor a team's growth and development
                and determine the next steps for continued development.
               One-Day Team Start-Up - a step-by-step program to jumpstart teams.
               Self-Directed Work Team Toolbox - a guide to helping a work group
                through the beginning steps of developing as a Self-Directed Work Team.

                                        Patricia F. Vernon
Phone: (303) 290-9027   Fax: (303) 290-0503      4875 S. Monaco St., Suite 403   Denver, CO 80237
           Employee Effectiveness Solutions
                Assess people resources and develop plans to improve work alignment.
                Develop performance management systems linked to strategic objectives
                 and designed to improve employee performance.
                Conduct organizational assessments to determine how organizational
                 processes and resources impact the effectiveness and efficiency of meeting
                 customer needs and business objectives.

           Customized Solutions Previously Provided Include:
              Developed and conducted organizational assessments for a variety of
                organizations. Results provided clients with an objective assessment of the
                impact of their processes on the success of their organization, as well as a
                recommendation on the appropriate placement of their employees.
              Re-designed performance management systems for many manufacturing,
                high-tech and healthcare organizations by helping them to use effective
                communication strategies. This service included developing the process,
                training the employees and assessing the results.

           Products Supporting Our Services Include:
               Setting and Evaluating Personal Objectives that Link to Your Organization
                - a program to help organizations and employees to understand the benefits
                and needs for writing clear objectives that link to the organization's goals, as
                well as how to write these objectives and "actualize" them.
               Effective Communications for Performance Management - a program for
                managers and their employees to focus on the discussion necessary in a
                good performance review; primary learning through role-play and video
               Results Based Communication - a program on how to change your business
                culture and drive business success through better communication across the

                                        Patricia F. Vernon
Phone: (303) 290-9027   Fax: (303) 290-0503      4875 S. Monaco St., Suite 403   Denver, CO 80237
           Training and Facilitation
                Conduct small, customized, internal training sessions to meet specific
                 organizational needs.
                Design and conduct large-scale meetings to address organizational change
                Teach and certify trainers to train

           Customized Solutions Previously Provided Include:
              Designed customized training programs to address a wide variety of needs
                in a broad cross-section of businesses. Included programs in conflict
                management, negotiations, building trust and visioning.

           Products Supporting Our Services Include:
               Managing Conflict - a self-evaluation of individuals' conflict styles and
                understanding how that style impacts others; learning a proven process to
                handle any conflict situation.
               Negotiating Rationally - learn how to obtain what's important to you
                without alienating others by using a proven step-by-step negotiating process
                that leads to win-win solutions.
               Facilitating Work Groups - understand the process of facilitation. Acquire
                hundreds of tips that will make your meetings more effective while you
                practice facilitating.
               Presentation Skills - a program to teach anyone how to speak with
                confidence through effective speaking techniques. This includes how to
                develop the best presentation for your specific audience and use various
                media appropriately.

                                        Patricia F. Vernon
Phone: (303) 290-9027   Fax: (303) 290-0503      4875 S. Monaco St., Suite 403   Denver, CO 80237
           Leadership Solutions
                Educate leaders on how to ensure their organizations are doing all they can
                 do to demonstrate great leadership, to have an electrified culture and to
                 captivate customers during turbulent times.
                Educate and develop coaches, team leaders and team members to function
                 effectively as they transition and, ultimately, carry-out their new roles.
                Provide personal coaching for managers to develop and implement
                 successful organizational change.

           Customized Solutions Previously Provided Include:
              Designed and implemented a program to train an organization's field team
                leaders to effectively manage their field teams for meeting corporate
                objectives. Included team development skills, leadership training, role
                clarification and business responsibilities.
              Successfully focused leaders and enabled them to uniformly carry out their
                responsibilities, as well as the corporate objectives.
              Provided leaders the tools to increase team effectiveness and enhance
                performance in order to meet the organization's increasingly higher

           Products Supporting Our Services Include:
                Assessing Your Organization’s Leadership, Culture and Customer
                 Impact – an instrument used to determine what your leadership needs to
                 do to lead your organization through turbulent times.
                Team Leader Toolkit - a guide for leaders to understand their role and
                 responsibilities, as well as techniques for leading groups and managing team

           Our newest service…

                                                                …contact us for more information
                                        Patricia F. Vernon
Phone: (303) 290-9027   Fax: (303) 290-0503      4875 S. Monaco St., Suite 403   Denver, CO 80237
                                        Client Profile

           Manufacturing, Engineering, High Tech
           Allied Signal, Inc.                           Bird Air
           Corning, Inc.                                 Dresser Industries
           Dresser Rand                                  Friend Labs, Inc.
           General Dynamics                              Hexcel
           MKE Quantum Components                        PerkinElmer Optoelectronics
           Phillips Cable                                RBP Chemical Corporation
           Rockwell Automation                           Schweizer Aircraft
           Wall Technology

           Franchise Business                            Healthcare
           Burger King Corporation                       Corning Hospital
           Diageo                                        Oxford Health Plans
                                                         Southern Tier Health Management
           Public Sector/Education
           University of Colorado, Health                Barbados Light and Power
              Sciences Center                            Corning Community College
           State University of New York                  Campbell Central School District
           State of Colorado, Dept. of Education         College Center of the Finger Lakes
           State of Colorado, Dept. of                   State of Colorado, Dept. of Human
              Regulatory Agencies                           Resources

           Non-Profit                                    Transportation
           Southern Tier Hospice                         Conrail
           Chemung County Volunteer Center
           American Red Cross - Chemung
              County Chapter
           Association of Junior Leagues

           “What I liked about the way you work is that you didn't attempt to overlay a pre-
           designed template on our organization. Rather, you took the time to understand
           what we have, what we do and how we do it, recognizing several things we were
           already doing well, and designed an ‘Approach’ for achieving our goals. You
           captured the situation precisely with your phrase ‘the right people doing the right
           things for the right reasons’.” -President, RBP Chemical Corporation

                                        Patricia F. Vernon
Phone: (303) 290-9027   Fax: (303) 290-0503      4875 S. Monaco St., Suite 403   Denver, CO 80237
                                   Meet the President
           Patricia Vernon is the founder of Approaches Consulting and has managed the
           firm since 1984. She has the following skills and expertise:
                Extensive background in organizational behavior and human resource
                  development, as well as extensive training in problem solving and process
                Successfully designed strategies and developed and implemented
                  customized programs for numerous Fortune 500 companies as well as for a
                  variety of smaller businesses, health care organizations, public sector and
                  educational institutions
                Outstanding at troubleshooting and problem diagnosis and can quickly
                  develop comprehensive plans and programs to meet unique situations
                She is an excellent trainer of both large and small groups

           Patricia holds a master’s degree in business administration with a major in
           organizational behavior from Syracuse University.

                             Meet the Senior Consultant

           Ginny Kannenberg is a Senior Consultant with Approaches Consulting. She has
           the following skills and expertise:
               Broad background in creating human resource development programs with
                  experiences in manufacturing, health care, and service organizations
               Strong business communication skills which allow her to guide
                  organizations through both internal and external communications issues,
                  whether problems are employee or customer-focused
               Extensive experience in training and implementation of employee
                  effectiveness programs

           Ginny holds a Masters degree in Journalism and Communications from Northern
           Illinois University.
                                        Patricia F. Vernon
Phone: (303) 290-9027   Fax: (303) 290-0503      4875 S. Monaco St., Suite 403   Denver, CO 80237