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Profile Associao Brasileira de Franchising


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THE OFFICIAL FRANCHISE GUIDE OF ABF 2007 – Brazilian Franchising
Association (ABF) is the most complete publication about franchise chains,
suppliers and consultants, making it an indispensable consultation guide for
setting up new businesses in the franchising sector.

It contains all national and international franchises, consultants and
suppliers -associates of ABF- operating in the country.

Its editorial content is for generating knowledge about franchising, in
collaboration with various specialized consultants and entrepreneurs
connected to the franchise system in the country.

The Official Franchise Guide of ABF 2007 is planned, traded, produced and
distributed by Lamônica & Associados.


Official Support: ABF - Associação Brasileira de Franchising (Brazilian
Franchising Association)

Planning and Management: Lamônica & Associados

Nationwide Distribution: Distribuidora Distmag / DINAP Abril

Interval : Annual – from April 2007 until March 2008

Format: 20.5 cm X 27.4 cm

Colors: 4 colors

Paper: Couche

Circulation: 100 thousand copies

Readers: 800 thousand

                                                          Planejamento & Gestão
Distribution Network

*Newsstands and bookshops of the following capitals and cities:

São Paulo / Greater São Paulo, Campinas, Jundiaí, Santos, Sorocaba, São
José do Rio Preto, São José dos Campos, Santos, Ribeirão Preto, Bauru e
Presidente Prudente - Rio de Janeiro e Grande Rio - Curitiba, Londrina,
Maringá, Cascavel Ponta Grossa – Salvador, Feira de Santana – Aracajú -
Brasília – Belo Horizonte, Uberlândia. – Porto Alegre, Nova Hamburgo e
Caxias do Sul – Recife – Belém – Goiânia – Fortaleza – Manaus – Vitória –
Maceió – Cuiabá – Florianópolis, Itajaí, Blumenau, Criciúma, Joinville - Porto
Velho – Campo Grande – João Pessoa e Palmas. (Distributor DINAP Abril –

*To the mailing of ABF associates, franchisors, franchisees, consultants and
to the mailing of suppliers, potential franchisors and potential franchisees.

*Distribution and sale at the São Paulo ABF Franchising Expo 2007 (June
2007) at the Rio de Janeiro - Macaé ABF Franchising Expo 2007 (October
2007) FISPAL (July), TOTAL VAREJO (September), Brasil Promotion (July) e
Brasil Shopping (June)

*Important wholesale events such as Brasil Shop, Fispal – Brasil Promotion.

*ABF Headquarters during the entire year of 2007.

*SEBRAE/Nacional Stands


ABF Editorial

Interview and foreword of ABF’s President

Present stand of maturity and the future of franchising

Articles with consultants and collaborators on the Innovations and Values of
Brazilian franchising

Franchising Indicators

Complete register of all franchise trademarks associated to ABF (with the
hallmark of trademarks certified with the seal of Excellence), Consultants
and Service Providers.

                                                            Planejamento & Gestão
Complete overall glossary and index, by subject and in alphabetical order.

Price Chart and Formats

    Format                            Cm            Investiment
    01 Page                       20,5 x 27,4       US$ 5.800,00
    2/3 of a Page                 13,0 x 27,4       US$ 4.400,00
    1/2 Page                      20,5x 13,0        US$ 2.780,00
    1/3 of a Page                  6,5 x 27,4       US$ 2.550,00
    ¼ of a Page                   11,0 x 13,0       US$ 1.060,00
    Double Page                   41,0 x 27,4       US$ 11.050,00
    2nd Cover + 3rd page          41,0 x 27,4       US$ 16.100,00
    2nd Cover                     20,5 x 27,4       US$ 9.200,00
    3rd Cover                     20,5 x 27,4       US$ 8.050,00
    4th Cover                     20,5 x 27,4       US$ 11.200,00

Technical Specifications

- Advertising (Closing-date): until March 5th, 2007
- Delivery of materials: until April 10th, 2007
- CMKY Digital Material with 350 dpi resolution, with the .TIF / .EPS / .JPG
extensions, in 4 colors, send to: regina@revistafranquiaabf.com.br (11)
- Authorizations forward to phone/ fax (11) 3266- 6608 c/o Maria José (11)
3251-3476 mariajose@revistafranquiaabf.com.br
-Odd colors and formats, inserts and special projects, please contact us.

Client Information

Editora Lamônica
José lamônica
 55(11) 3256-4696 / 3251- 34.76 - 9132 – 9771

ABF – Associação Brasileira de Franchising (Brazilian Franchising Association)
Sr. Rogério Feijó
55 (11) 3814.42.00

                                                           Planejamento & Gestão

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