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After eight years of unsuccessful treatment for physical pain, severe depression and insomnia I recently recovered and the reason was I made a connection between tension in the central nervous system and mind speed, which affects the predominance of our positive and negative thoughts. As stressors in life cause our bodies to release chemicals and hormones I believe the increased mind speed causes our thoughts to become more and more negative and decreases our ability to control them. And what starts as nervousness becomes depression if not successfully treated. The stress comes from life in general and disease, and agitates our CNS and without managing that tension and mind speed through exercise, which I believe calms the CNS thereby slowing the mind. But for those physical limitations there are ways to slow the mind, which in turn serves to soothe the CNS. If left unresolved, I believe the increasing mind speed pushes us through a progression of nervousness, anxiety, insomnia and depression. If you plot them by incidence on a bell curve reflecting CNS tension and mind speed you see the condition worsens as the incidence decreases and I believe that shows they are connected by more than common symptoms. And I believe this same phenomenon exists with ADD patients, which is very similar to depression but with different energy levels. This is the first chapter of a book I’m writing and it discusses how I managed my CNS tension and mind speed and the amazing recovery that happened by complete fluke.

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