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Greater Utica Sunrise Rotary Club


									 Greater Utica Sunrise Rotary Club –7150
  Meetings at 7:00 a.m. every Tuesday at the Heritage Health Care Center - Sunset Ave, Utica, NY
Officers                                        Board of Directors
President         Anita Brown                   Sadieann Spear Past President
President-Elect   Cal Lyon                      Scott Williams
Vice President    Rick Parker                   Audrey Johnson
Secretary         Terry DeCola                  Mike McCoy
Treasurer         Cathy Raymonda                Ed Jekel

                                    December 9, 2003
                                     WELCOME, GUESTS!
Our Guests Today:           Audrey Ives, DG, Baldwinsville
                            Bob Craig, Baldwinsbille
                            Patsy Glista, Prospective new member
                                   Weekly Activities

December 16, 2003                                                 TRIVIA FOR TODAY
REGISTRATION: Scott Williams
PROGRAM: Linda Beha’s Holiday Special                        Dr. Trivia, Rick Parker is back
December 23, 2003                                      Who was the first African-American to
HAPPY HOLIDAY!                                         win the Heissman Trophy?

December 30, 2003                                      GUESSES: Jim Brown was the most
HAPPY NEW YEAR!                                        popular answer given.

January 6, 2004                                        ANSWER:        Ernie Davis #44
PROGRAM: Bruce Davis

January 13, 2004
PROGRAM: Club Assembly

      DECEMBER BIRTHDAYS                                           50/50 WINNER

Jim Collis           December 11                                   John Pawloski
Allan Smiley         December 13
                              MEMBER MOMENT MIKE MCCOY

  Mike was born and raised in New Hartford, New York. He attended Oswego State
  College. He married and moved around a lot; he lived in South Bridge, MA, Milford,
  MA and moved to Little Falls in 1974. He has three children: one daughter at Geneseo,
  a son in the 10th grade and a daughter in the 7th grade. Mike participated in the
                                  DATES TO REMEMBER
  Salvation Army bell ringing this weekend and was surprised at the little kids who had to
  donate. Even the high school and college kids were big on giving. The youth are
  coming through!

                                       CLUB BUSINESS

                                 December 10, 2003 – Holiday Party
     The holiday party date is set for December 10th; the event will take place at Hart’s Hill Inn.

                                   Salvation Army Bell Ringing

 A warm thank you to all the bell ringers on Saturday! We actually had a very nice location and
pleasant atmosphere just outside Target’s but inside the mall. It was amazing how much more we
collected this year – not certain whether it was the year or the location. Little kids tugged at
parents for change for the kettle, and groups of teenagers emptied their pockets of change.

                                   Christmas Party – December 10th
This party is the highlight of our year! Each person brings two gifts, one a gag gift and one gift
around $10 to $15. All gifts are wrapped and will be auctioned off that night. Bruce informed us
that we will have envelopes with “mystery” prizes in them. (The envelopes will have a list of what’s
in them, but no one knows on what they are bidding.) The money that is raised is split among
three clubs.

                                      Red Cross Car Raffle
Today is the day GUS does the ticket sales at the mall; we still have some slots open. Bruce and
Scott are doing two hours during the lunch shift. Patsy Glista reported that 430 tickets have been

                                       Board Meeting
December 11th at the Moose River Restaurant.

                                   GUS Rotary Program Listing
Is being revised since we have had some member changes. We have lost Linda Henry (who has
resigned due to work and hopes to rejoin) and Trey Miller (family reasons) and have added Patsy
Glista. Anita will have a new listing for us by December 16th.

                                           Rotary Dues
Dues for the second half of the year are due. Cathy Raymonda will send out reminder notices for
those who have not paid.

                                 Holiday Meeting Next Week
Don’t miss our next meeting. Linda Beha puts together a really fun program!
                                   Centennial Committee
Eleanor Moran reported that the committee has the chairs and subcommittees. She will send out
this list next week.

                                          POLIO PLUS

   Linda Beha’s neighbor has a son in the Peace Corps in Malia. In honor of their
   son, they donated $100.00 for Polio Plus. Linda Beha and Rick Parker, Polio Plus

                               TODAY’S PROGRAM
                        DISTRICT GOVERNOR ANDREA IVES

Bob Craig, aide to the Andrea provided the introduction:

Andrea Ives is the first District Governor from the Baldwinsville Club and the first woman Governor
for District 7150. She has served as President and chairperson for each avenue of service. She is
a Paul Harris Fellow and a member of the bequest society. Andrea is a member of the florist
industry and design work. She is very interested in Literacy as evidenced by her membership in
the US Programs of the Lau Bach Literacy International in Syracuse and the Literacy Task force in
this zone. Her life skills include flying an airplane and riding a motorcycle.

District Governor Andrea Ives prefers breakfast clubs; she cites the energy level of the Intercity
Syracuse Club as an example. They started the “Hoops for Peace” program where Junior High
School age boys and girls join a team and play in competition with other schools and
organizations. They have moved on to Phase 2, which is getting involved with suburban schools.
The club also was involved in getting dictionaries to third graders. In two months they made the
decision, spent the money and got the materials.

If Andrea were to describe herself, the one word she would use would be education “I am a life
long learner.” She has been a Literacy tutor since 1973 and now works with other tutors. She has
taught high school English and adult education in floral design.

Rotarian: The important thing is not why you became a Rotarian but why are you still here. Why
aren’t we talking to other people about this? It is the duty of every Rotarian to get out there and
talk about Rotary. “Rotary is a house of many rooms, and there is a place for everyone in Rotary.”
Talk from your heart, your own feelings and emotions. Be informed.

District: Provides resources and education opportunities. There is a District Assembly every
spring for the Service Chairs. Ed Paparella taught Rotary 101 for anyone who joined Rotary in the
last year. The Rotary Foundation assembly is in the fall. Membership and Retention training was
last Saturday. President Elect training seminar is held in March.

Group Study Exchange: What an amazing group from South Africa! We have a team going out in
the spring. Ward Vuillemot is the team leader; there are two members from Utica and two from

Conference: a learning opportunity with wonderful speakers. Great people from our own District
were present. We achieved everything we wanted to in the atmosphere of a friendly setting.
M & M’s: (bags of M&M’s for every Rotarian) - Money and Membership
The District has resources available to us. It is the job of the District Governor to be a steward for
these. The District is a conduit for information: from clubs to Rotary; from Rotary to the clubs.

Money: Good news! Polio Plus has $116 million in cash and pledges. The minimum goal was
$80 million. Honor that pledge. It means inoculation and ongoing support.
Pledges to Polio Plus have detracted from other giving. “Why save a life if you condemn that life to
poverty.” We need to concentrate on annual fund giving also. Last year the District goal for annual
giving was $68,000; we fell $10,000 short. The goal for this year is $125,000 which is an average
$78.00 per person: less than 25 cents a day or less than 2 Duncan Donuts coffee each week.
Note: In three years the annual program funds come back to the District to fund GSE or CAP

Makeup and Jewelry: This is part of being an educated Rotarian. Do a makeup at another club;
see how other clubs work. Network. Wearing your “Jewelry” identifies you as a Rotarian: wear
your pin to church, social events, work. It is a great opening to talk about Rotary when someone
asks about your pin.

Other District Programs: Literacy and Newsletter Training

“Lend a Hand”
      What Rotarians have always done – Friendship, Fellowship, Support
      Youth Exchange
      Help to those in need

RI President is from Nigeria; his concerns are Aids/HIV, literacy, hunger/poverty and a support
system for those in need.

Family of Rotary:
We as Rotarians belong to a “family.”
We have our own families; make them a part of our programs, for example, highway cleanup
We have an extended family of Rotary: past members who cannot belong for personal or business
reasons, spouse of deceased. Keep them a part of Rotary through projects, social events.

District Fund Raiser: 100% silk, limited edition necktie and scarf with Lend a Hand motif at $25.00
each. Two ties have been signed by President Jonathan and will be auctioned at the Foundation
Dinner. “We will take cash, checks, credit cards!”

   Bob Craig, aide to Andrea, moved to Baldwinsville from Rochester. Bob has a 20-year
   perfect attendance program!

Please send your news tips to:
Laraine Dell Phone: 735-2554

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