Grow Your Neighborhood by jolinmilioncherie


									December 2006/Janurary 2007   Volume 20 Number 11

                                          “Grow Your
                                          Neighborhood!”                                                                                 By Alexis Bell, Editor

                                                 he Corcoran Neighborhood Organization                Avenue. The avenues will be broken down like this:
                                                 (CNO) would like to introduce you to our             Cedar/Longfellow, 19th Avenue, 20th Avenue, 21st
                                                 “Grow Your Neighborhood!” fundraising                Avenue, 22nd Avenue, 23rd Avenue, 24th Avenue, and
                                          campaign. Two board members, Kevin Reuther and              25th/26th/27th Avenues. Each month we will break
                                          Gerry Tyrrell, have secured a $5,000 dollar matching        down the number of donors, showing which Avenue
                                          grant fund from area resident Kim Lund to help CNO          has the most participants growing the neighborhood.
                                          with general operating expenses. The money will             It looks like 21st Avenue is in the lead. Make your
                                          match any individual donations made to CNO up to            block proud! Donate and encourage your neighbors to
                                          $5,000.                                                     donate today.
                                          How does the matching grant work?                            The Neighborhood Advocate—CNO’s e-mail
                                           Our goal is to raise $5,000 from individual donors in      newsletter—will also be updating you with the same
                                          order to receive a match of $5,000 to bring our total       information once per month via email. (If you don’t
                                          money raised to $10,000. Here is how it works: let’s        already receive the Advocate, go to our website to
                                          say that I have decided to donate money to CNO. If I        sign up.) You can also access our website at www.cor
                                          make a one-time donation of $250, the matching grant for the most current and up to
                                          will match my donation bringing the total donated to        date information regarding the progress towards our
                                          $500. Another option would be a recurring (pledge)          goal.
                                          donation; you pledge to donate, say, $25 per month           In February, at our annual Volunteer Recognition
                                          using our online donation option found at our website       Dinner, residents will have a chance to meet Kim
                                 Your total pledge             Lund, the grantee. We will have more information
                                          would be $300 and with the match the total donated          about our efforts as well as our progress to date.
                                          would be $600!
                                                                                                       When you drive by our office located on the corner
                                          Why should you donate?                                      of Cedar and 35th, take a look at our window to check
                                            Let’s take a look at our mission statement: “We,          out the progress of our campaign. There will be a large
                                          the Corcoran Residents, in all our diversity, will          version of the flower graphic in our window showing
                                          strive to strengthen and protect our unique character,      how close we are getting to our goal of $5000.
                                          livability, and social fabric of our neighborhood. We       I want to help my neighborhood grow. How can I
                                          will endeavor to encourage and empower all residents,       donate?
                                          businesses and property owners to unite in addressing
                                          our common issues.” CNO strives to continue the              There are many ways that you can donate to help
                                          endeavor of making Corcoran a better place to live,         your neighborhood grow. The easiest way is to donate
                                          work and raise our families. In order to continue           online. All you have to do is go to our website www
                                          to maintain and strengthen our mission, we rely on and click on the Donate
                                          donations that allow us to continue working with the        button. You can sign up to have the money taken
                                          community.                                                  directly out of your checking account via electric
                                                                                                      funds transfer or your bank card. You just enter the
                                          Where does my money go?                                     amount you wish to have taken out each month and
                                           The money we receive from your donations and               they will send you an email reminding you of the
                                          the matching grant will cover program expenses              upcoming withdrawal. Save your emails and you are
                                          for our non-profit organization. You may have               able to use it as a tax write-off.
                                          received flyers in the past alerting you to upcoming         While you are on our website, check out the list of
                                          neighborhood meetings and keeping you abreast of            Minnesota companies that will match their employees’
                                          what is happening in the neighborhood. The money            donations to non-profit organizations. My friend
                                          helps pay for the paper, the ink and the time it takes to   works for 3M and they match his donation to CNO
                                          deliver these notices. CNO also has donated paint to        dollar for dollar. What does that mean for our drive?
                                          the mural projects in our neighborhood (Cedar Avenue        It means if he donates $300 per year himself, his
                                          Shell Station this fall) as well as creating the annual     company donates $300 and the grant will match his
                                          National Night Out Planning BBQ that takes place            original donation bringing the grand total to $900!
                                          every June. A few more examples: this newspaper
                                          that you are reading right now, the Corcoran                  You will also find a return envelope inserted in this
                                          Neighborhood News, The Neighborhood Advocate,               issue of the paper. Just fill it out and mail it or drop

    Watch Your                            graffiti removal, Problem Properties Caucus, events,        it off at the office. Each month there will also be a
                                          Clean Sweep, citizen participation, housing programs        cutout in the paper which you can fill out and mail to

Neighborhood Grow!                        and Latinos en Accion.
                                          What is the “Grow Your Neighborhood!
                                                                                                      us or drop off.
                                                                                                       CNO is very excited about this new fundraising
                                                                                                      effort. We would like to thank Kim Lund for this
                                                                                                      wonderful opportunity. We would also like to thank
                                           Each month the Corcoran Neighborhood News                  joAnn Blohowiak at Art of This for working with us
                                          (CNN) will publish the flower graphic (seen at left)        on the visuals for this campaign. We sincerely hope
                                          with an update of how close we are to reaching our          that you, the Corcoran residents, will be as excited
                                          goal. As you can see, as of the end of November we          about this effort and reach into your pocketbooks to
                                          have reached $1863 in individual donations towards          help continue to make Corcoran a great place to live.
                                          the goal. Everyone likes a friendly competition,            Please feel free to call or stop in the office for more
                                          right? We will also be including a graph (seen lower        information on “Grow Your Neighborhood.”
                                          left) showing how many donors have given on each

PAGE 2                                                                  November 2006                                                         CORCORAN NEWS

  Corcoran Neighborhood News is                                                                             Dear Editor,
  Now Hiring for a Part Time Position
                                                                                                                just wanted to thank you and the others for
                                                                                                                printing the article last month about the
   Position: Advertising sales for a small, well-established, neighborhood newspaper.                           deceased kitty. The owner contacted me and
                                                                                                            was very glad to know what had happened and
   Hours: Approx. 20 hours per month. This is a very flexible job; perfect for a college                    also very happy to learn that the kitten they had
   student, stay at home parent, or as a second job.                                                        adopted from my neighbors was actually their
   Salary: $10.00 per hour.                                                                                 grand-kitty!
                                                                                                                            ~ Amy Dolan, Corcoran resident
   Duties Include:
     § Selling ad space in the Corcoran Neighborhood News (CNN). CNN has a list of
         potential advertisers to contact, must also find additional options.
     § Ensure that monthly billing totals at least $600/month, customers are happy                          Christmas Joy
         with their ads, deadlines are met, and layout is approved by the Editor.                                t is Christmas once again.
     § Work with the Editor on the layout of the advertising page using InDesign and                              The same Christmas and unchanging, with
         Adobe Photoshop software (experience preferred but not required).                                       the same deep meaning it has always had.
     § Creating ads for customers who do not have something electronically.
                                                                                                             The same summons to all men to have faith,
     § Preparing invoices for billing and sending out renewal notices.
                                                                                                            not in any one faith, but to have faith in
     § When inserts are sold, finding volunteers to help stuff the newspapers before                        themselves, in mankind, in each other.
                                                                                                             Because if all the earth be laid in ruins and
   Preferred qualifications:                                                                                all our yesterdays and all man’s wonders
      § Experience with Adobe Photoshop and InDesign computer software (not                                 become smoke and ashes, if love remains, then
         required).                                                                                         everything remains.
      § Interest in advertising (experience preferred).                                                      Christmas isn’t just once a year – Christmas is
      § Self-motivated and detail oriented.                                                                 always, flowering in late December.
      § Outgoing and personable.                                                                             A time for unselfishness, a time for each other,
   For more information, contact Amy Arcand at 612-724-7457.                                                for goodwill, love, understanding, and deep
                                                                                                            respect for all our fellow men. For all we have

Lake Street Road Construction Update
                                                                                                            on earth is each other.
                                                                                                             That’s what Christmas is all about

                                                                                                            – reaffirming our love for each other and
           ll major work is         decorative fencing at various       contractor continues to install
           completed except         locations. The roadway is open      sidewalks on the south side of
           for placing the final    to four lanes of traffic from 5th   Lake Street and will continue        May all of life’s good blessings be showered
2” bituminous wearing course        Avenue to 21st Avenue.              through November 20th. Trees        on you this Christmas – and always.
from 14th Avenue to 21st             The contractor has completed       and shrubs are being installed.                                         By Maynard Swanson
Avenue. This work will be           placing the bituminous base         Construction work will be
completed in the early summer       and binder courses and              suspended by November 24th.
of 2007. The contractor             the concrete curb & gutter          However, the new streetlights
continues to complete               from 27th Ave through 37th          will be installed throughout the
minor work items including          Ave. The roadway will be            winter months.
installation of site amenities,     opened to four lanes of traffic
installing shrubs, and installing   on November 20th. The

Riche’s Kicken Café Opens                                                                                   Register to receive CNO’s free e-mail
                                                                                                            newsletter, The Neighborhood Advocate, by
                                                                                                            visiting www.
                                                                               By Matt Wieland, CNO Staff
                                                                                                               • up-to-date news & information

                                                     I decided on a bowl of chili, an easy decision            • neighborhood events
         iche’s Kicken Café opened its doors                                                                   • volunteer opportunities
                                                     on my volunteer budget. I have since gone back
         to customers at 3445 Cedar Ave S                                                                      • receive about once a week
                                                     for more, and I believe my chili tally currently
         on October 3rd, giving area residents
                                                     stands at four bowls. I have also heard positive       Each issue of The Neighborhood
another dining option. Owner Richard Flax                                                                   Advocate allows you to end your
                                                     reviews by fellow co-workers here at Corcoran
opened the restaurant at the former site of                                                                 subscription if you choose.
                                                     Neighborhood Organization, who have ordered
Coffee Eclectic, and before opening decided
                                                     meals such as BBQ chicken pizza on pita bread,
to keep the coffee machines in place. Richard
                                                     jerk chicken sandwiches, and twice baked
continues to serve fair-trade coffee at his café.                                                              THE CORCORAN NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS
 I recently ate lunch at Riche’s Café, and                                                                   Next Issue: January 26, 2007
                                                      Riche’s Kicken Café also features Richard’s            Copy & Ad Deadline: Monday, January 15, 2007
walked in to a pleasant mix of humor and                                                                     Published by Corcoran Neighborhood Organization, delivered
                                                     very own barbeque sauce. Richard has been               monthly door-to-door in and around Corcoran Neighborhood.
sensibility, while maintaining a quant café feel.
                                                     making the BBQ sauce for 16 years, but began            Boundaries:
The restaurant certainly has its quirks, which                                                                       E. Lake St. to E. 36th St.: Hiawatha Ave. to Cedar Ave.
                                                     professionally bottling the recipe this past June.      Chief Editor:                                        Alexis Bell
include its name, random pictures on its local                                                               Email Editor:        
                                                     You can come in and order from the menu to
flyers (which include a kangaroo reaching                                                                    Phone Editor:                Leave a message at 612-724-7457
                                                     taste test the sauce, and if you approve, buy a         Newspaper Volunteers:           Gerry Tyrell, Jessica Ward-
into its pouch), and advertisements written on                                                                                                    Denison, Johnny Jones, Jr.
                                                     bottle for $4 dollars at the café.                      Ad Sales:               Contact CNO at 612-724-7457 for rate
chalk sandwich boards outside the restaurant                                                                                             sheet and information about special
begging for a rivalry between Riche’s Café            Riche’s Kicken Café is open Tuesday-                                                          discounts and classifieds.
                                                     Saturday, 11:00 AM—8:00 PM, and Sunday-                 Circulation:                                              2,200
and Famous Dave’s. Even the menu makes                                                                       Delivery:                                         612-724-7457
you smirk. The café features barbecued meats,        Monday, 11:00 AM—7:00 PM. On Sunday,                    Printing:                               Finance and Commerce
                                                                                                               A CPED Community Development Block Grant provides
soups, sandwiches, baked goods, and of course,       November 26th, Richard will begin serving a             partial funding through Citizen Participation funding to CNO.
fair-trade coffee. Perhaps the restaurant should     Sunday brunch from 11:00-2:00. Richard also              Opinions and viewpoints expressed in CNN are those of
have simply changed names to Café Eclectic.          caters, so keep Riche’s Café in mind for your                    the writer and may not reflect the views of
                                                                                                                                   CNO or its funders.
While the menu hosts a wide array of choices,        next business event or family gathering. Contact
                                                                                                                          The Corcoran Neighborhood News
complimented by daily specials, I have yet to        the Café at 612-722-1121. Bon appétit!                             Corcoran Neighborhood Organization
be disappointed by a meal. On this lunch hour,                                                                       3451 Cedar Ave. So., Minneapolis, MN 55407
PAGE 3                                                         December 2006/January 2007                                              CORCORAN NEWS

Effectively Addressing Problem Properties                                                                                     By Gerry Tyrrell, Corcoran resident

                                                     officers the ability to address whatever issue         3. Call Corcoran Neighborhood
         his summer saw increasing safety and
                                                     concerns you. Concerned about a group of              Organization (CNO) and Minneapolis
         livability issues in Corcoran, especially
                                                     youth congregating? Then call 911 and report          Police’s Community Crime Prevention
         along Cedar Avenue and Lake
                                                     “blocking of the sidewalk or loitering” or even       Specialist (CCP) - You are Not Alone. It
Street. Corcoran Neighborhood Organization
                                                     “suspicious activity”. Otherwise, the police          is important that you let the Neighborhood
is bringing neighbors together to effectively
                                                     would be unable to intervene. Try to make             Office and the Community Crime Prevention
address crime and livability issues. One highly
                                                     detailed and descriptive statements to the 911        team know what is happening. They can pull
successful example was CNO’s concerted
                                                     operator. The more detailed information you           additional resources and energy toward solving
effort to organize block clubs to participate in
                                                     can provide the better equipped police will           your problem.
National Night Out on August 1, 2006, with
                                                     be able to address the situation. Documented           CCP/SAFE Specialist Contact CPS Karen
close to 80% of blocks participating. Corcoran
                                                     repeat 911 calls to an address alert the police       Notsch at 612-673-2856 or
Neighborhood Organization’s Problem
                                                     and landlords that there is a chronic problem
Properties Caucus – a concerted effort of CNO
                                                     that needs to be addressed. Although the 911           CNO Community Organizer Contact Eric
Staff together with the 3rd Precinct, Crime
                                                     operator will ask you for your name, you don’t        Gustafson at 612-724-7457 or
Prevention Specialist Karen Notsch, Council
                                                     have to give your name to the 911 operator if
member Gary Schiff’s office, block clubs, and
                                                     you wish to remain anonymous. Also, give the
landlords–successfully addressed many chronic                                                              4. Call the Landlord - Hold them
                                                     operator the address of the property you are
problems identified by Corcoran residents last                                                             Accountable. Often landlords hold the key
                                                     concerned about - otherwise your address will
summer. Caring Corcoran Neighbors is starting                                                              to addressing problem properties, and they
                                                     be documented as the source of the call.
a problem property subcommittee to foster                                                                  often want to know how their tenant’s behavior
increased involvement by residents in these           2. Talk to Your Neighbors - You are Not              is affecting the community. With your help,
efforts.                                             Alone. There is strength in numbers. Often            they can evict problem tenants as appropriate.
                                                     those closest to the problem are fearful that they    You can find out who the landlord is and how
 Here are a few tips we’ve learned to help hold
                                                     will be targeted as the source of police calls.       to contact them by looking on the Hennepin
law breakers accountable and keep crime in
                                                     Talk to your block club leader and ask other          County Property Tax website and go under
                                                     neighbors to make calls as well. Some blocks          “Property Information Search”. Search by
 1. Call 911 - Alert and Document. Don’t             are more organized than others. If you don’t          “Property Address” and you can see who owns
hesitate to call 911 if you see illegal,             have a block club, take the initiative and start      the property and how to contact them. If the
threatening, or suspicious behavior. Legally,        one. Staff at the Corcoran Neighborhood office        landlord is not responsive, get others involved
police need “probable cause” to intervene            are available to help you.                            in contacting her/him (block club, CCP Safe,
in the community. Your phone call gives
                                                                                                           CNO, City Council office).

Community Effort Brings Quick Turnaround at 3043 Longfellow
South Minneapolis Homes and Caring Corcoran Neighbors Contribute
                                                                                                                                    By Eric Gustafson, CNO Staff

                                       the Caring Corcoran Neighbors,           my crew was here securing the           emphasized that her role was part
          ne bad apple can spoil
                                       and additional efforts by CNO            house with new locks, deadbolts,        of a community effort. “Before
          the bunch. For the 3000
                                       staff, helped lead to two summer         and lighting. I credit the neighbors    I bought the house, the Caring
          block of Longfellow
                                       raids in which Minneapolis Police        for keeping watch and preventing        Corcoran Neighbors group was key
Avenue, that apple was number
                                       seized narcotics and boarded the         further problems.” Restoration of       in identifying the problems, and
3043, which went from quiet
                                       doors at 3043.                           the home, Frost explains, occurred      making sure they were addressed
to drug house almost overnight
                                        Today, just weeks after the             not only in physical terms but in       quickly and effectively,” she said.
last summer. A combination of
                                       boarding, the home is clean, nicely      its reputation with the problem         “This project has been inspiring.”
circumstances and manipulation
                                       rehabilitated, and available for         individuals.                             To inquire about South
of the owner brought activity by
street prostitutes into the house,     purchase. Sitting in the living           I asked Cynthia what she’d most        Minneapolis Homes, contact
which became business as usual.        room, I chatted with Corcoran            like people to know about her           Cynthia Frost at 612-360-4440 or
The reputation of the property and     resident Cynthia Frost, who              work. “We restore the housing  Also look for a
the block grew, and drug and gun       spearheaded the acquisition and          stock in our community, because         paid insert in this issue, featuring
activity followed close behind. But    remodeling. She does this for            we live here. Our focus is              more information about South
the crime activity was not without     a living as president of a small         providing quality houses for sale.”     Minneapolis Homes and several
witness. Frequent 911 calls by         company called South Minneapolis         As with many of the distressed          available properties for sale.
residents, including members of        Homes. “Within an hour of closing,       homes she’s touched, Cynthia

The above photos are ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos take of the living room at 3043 Longfellow Avenue. Carpet was removed and the hardwood floors refinished.
Finishes from floor to ceiling were replaced or refinished. Photos taken by Cynthia Frost.
PAGE 4                                                         December 2006/January 2007                                             CORCORAN NEWS

In The Heart of The Beast Puppet
& Mask Theatre is Taking the
Nativity Story to the Streets                                                                              Just when it’s really getting cold

                                                                                                           out there, the holidays arrive-the
         xperience the Christmas Story as you         Performance Dates:
         never have before. The story of the holy     December 15: 6:30pm                                  occasion for more celebrations with
         child being born in our midst – here in      December 16: 6:30pm                                  neighbors, friends and colleagues
Midtown Minneapolis. This innovative holiday          December 17: 4:30pm                                  than at any other time of the year.
presentation will combine puppetry, street                                                                                                        -Tom Allen
theatre and a traditional Latino “La Posada”          $20/adult
procession. And you’ll be a part of the action!       $15/child under age 12
 Audiences will move with the performers among        $15/person for groups of 10+ Only $10/
three different locations:                           person for groups & individuals who live in            CNO’s Mission Statement: We, the
                                                                                                          Corcoran residents, in all our diversity, will
 -First, meet “Maria and José” in the Mercado        the Powderhorn, Central, Phillips or Corcoran        strive to strengthen and protect the unique
Central.                                             neighborhoods!                                       character, livability, and social fabric of our
 -Across the street in the Avalon Theatre, you’ll     Performed in English and Spanish.                   neighborhood. We will endeavor to encour-
discover shepherds and star-seekers.                 Approximately 2 hours long including fiesta.         age and empower all residents, businesses
                                                                                                          and property owners to unite in addressing
 -Then, in a colorful torch-lit procession, follow   Ticket price includes food. Audiences must
                                                                                                           our common issues.
Maria & José as they look for refuge down 15th       be mobile and dressed appropriately for the
Avenue to St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church,      outdoors; the procession is 2.5 blocks long.           La Misión: Nosotros, los residentes
where all will be welcomed for the Nativity.         Please notify us of any special needs at least       de Corcoran, en toda nuestra diversidad,
 -Finally, join the fiesta in St Paul’s Fellowship   one week in advance.                                 procuramos reforzar y proteger el carácter
Hall – complete with music, food and games.                                                               único, vida llevadera, y la tela social de
                                                      Space is limited, so reserve early. Call 612-721
                                                                                                          nuestro vecindario. Nosotros procuraremos
 Told with HOBT’s signature visual beauty and        2535 for tickets.                                    alentar y habilitar a todos los residentes, ne-
soulful live music, “La Natividad” will be an                                                             gocios y dueños de propiedades para unirlos,
utterly unique community celebration. Come                                                                 hablando de nuestras cuestiones comunes.
join us!

                                                              LEFT: Scene from ‘La
                                                              RIGHT: mask from In
                                                              the Heart of the Beast
                                                              Puppet and Mask

                                                        CNO E-Board Minutes 11/1/06
Attendees: Amy Arcand, Alexis Bell, Sue              November 2, 2006. The proposal is a request         match program will apply to individual gifts
Duoos, Kath Lenk, Jessica Ward-Denison, Billy        for $70,000 of two years. The funds are for         and pledges. It will not apply to other matching
Weber                                                general operating expenses. CNO has applied         programs, in-kind gifts, or sponsorships.
Motion: Approval of the August E-Board               for and received funding from McKnight in the       Jessica Ward-Denison Volunteer
minutes, with the following amendment: The           past. Amy Arcand, Sue Duoos, Jessica Ward-          Jessica announced that she will be volunteering
Events Committee reported on preparations            Denison, Eric Gustafson and Billy Weber will        in the office over the next several months as she
for the book sale.                                   be present for the site visit.                      transitions between jobs. She will be working
Made by Alexis, second by Sue, motion carried        Discussion-General Membership Meeting               on special projects.
unanimously.                                         The Board continued planning for the                Committee Reports
Selection of an Elector for NRP                      November general membership meeting. The            Events – Kath Lenk. Book sale was a great
The board discussed and chose an elector             meeting will be held at Corcoran Park. The          success raising $1,100! The added second day
representative to the NRP Policy Board.              topics for the meeting are the Energy Challenge,    this year was slow, so next year the committee
The person will participate in voting for            presented by Kath (Eric G. will be absent);         is likely to return to a one day event. The
neighborhood representation on the Policy            Caring Corcoran Neighbors, Individual giving,       committee is already working on the next event,
Board on December 12, 2006. The policy               and introduction of the new city attorney. Sue      Volunteer Recognition, which will be held in
board is made up of NRP and city staff, elected      Duoos will prepare the minutes in the absences      February.
officials, and citizens.                             of Billy W.                                         Market – Harvest Fest, the celebratory last day
Motion: CNO Board nominates Jessica                  Discussion-Individual Giving Planning               of the market was a great success. Bringing to a
Ward-Denison to represent CNO and vote               Jessica W.-D. briefed the board on the giving       close the fourth season for the market.
for the policy board representative on the           plan being prepared by the task force of board      Latino’s en Accion – Angel Morales’ last day
behalf of CNO.                                       members in order to maximize giving and the         was October 27, 2006. A job will be posted
Made by Billy, second by Sue, motion carried         match. The program will launch on December          soon for his replacement.
unanimously.                                         1, 2006. An emphasis will be made on the            Motion: Motion to adjourn.
Discussion-McKnight Grant:                           participation of on-line giving. A graphic will     Made by Alexis, second by Billy, motion
The Board reviewed and discussed the                 be developed to track progress in the CNO           carried unanimously.
McKnight Foundation grant proposal in                paper and office. 100% of the board and staff
preparation for the foundations site visit on        are already participating totaling $1,840. The
PAGE 5                                                            December 2006/January 2007                                          CORCORAN NEWS

A Helping Hand and an Opportunity to Lend a Hand                                                                   By Jessica Ward-Denison, Corcoran resident

                                               Services Offered                 the food shelf, donating toys        Army received over 7,000 calls
        he Salvation Army,
                                            Year round services: food           for Toys For Tots, coats for         requesting help with utility bills.
        an international
                                           shelf, hygiene items, diapers,       the annual Coats for Kids            The Salvation Army served over
        organization started in
                                           formula, vouchers for clothing,      drive, staffing phone banks and      25,000 families from its five
London in 1865, has centers in
                                           furniture & household items,         contributing money through the       metro food shelves last year.
111 countries. Here in the metro
                                           transportation assistance, and       Red Kettle program. Currently        Through the Salvation Toy Shop
area there are 26 Salvation Army
                                                 HeatShare (utility bill        volunteers are answering phones      nearly 125,000 presents were
                                                  assistance.) Services are     for the Toys for Tots program        distributed in 2005. In 2005 the
                                                  offered based on certain      sign up and toy distribution. To     Salvation Army helped 3,427
                                                  criteria, call 612-767-       volunteer call 651-746-3425 and      families pay their utility bills
                                                  2700, with questions and      ask for volunteer services.          through HeatShare.
                                                  to make an appointment.        The Salvation Army is a faith        The Salvation Army is located
                                                     Holiday Offerings          based organization and offers        at 1604 E. Lake St., 612-767-
                                                                                church services on Sundays           2700. Hours are 8:30 to 12:00
                                                     Local families in need
                                                                                at 11:00 am, Sunday school at        & 1:00 to 4:00 Monday through
                                                    of extra help around the
                                                                                10:00 am. Both are bilingual         Friday.
                                                    Holidays can participate
                                                                                (English & Spanish) services.
                                                    in the Toys for Tots
                                                                                Beginning in January there
                                                    program toy distribution.
                                                                                is a weekly kids after school
                                                    Families can call 651-
                                                                                program with Captain
                                                    746-3595 to sign up to
                                                                                Cedarvall on Wednesdays
                                                    receive toys. (Volunteers
                                                                                from 4:30 to 7:30 pm with
                                                    are needed to staff
                                                                                dinner provided, call 612-767-
                                                    those phones – see next
                                                                                2708 for more information.
Salvation Army employees Patty Munuz (left)         section.)
and Tracy Privratsky sort food that has been                                    You do not need to be a
donated. Photo by Jessica Ward-Denison              Have a hand to help?        congregation member to
                                                   Salvation Army               receive services at the social
Centers, including one at 1604             volunteers participate in many       service office.
E. Lake St. that serves Corcoran           ways; visiting nursing homes          Some Stats
and surrounding neighborhoods.             and hospitals to provide gifts
                                                                                 In fall 2006 at the East Lake
In 2005 over 76,000 volunteer              to the elderly and lonely at
                                                                                office, about 800 children
hours were logged to help serve            Christmas, serving over 1,200
                                                                                received coats and vouchers
over 200,000 people in the                 meals on a daily basis, donating
                                                                                for coats. From August to
Metro Area.                                food to your local office for
                                                                                September 2006 the Salvation       Donations. Photo by Jessica Ward-Denison

                                                      General Membership Minutes 11/13/06
 Meeting opened by CNO Board Chair                       Paula Kruchowski. Scott Christenson was     concerns of prostitution and crime.
Jessica Ward-Denison.                                    recognized for nine years of great service  Achievements of the committee include:
 Thank you to Corcoran’s newest business,                as City Attorney through the 3 Precinct.
                                                                                                         • A distribution list of 70 members
Riche’s Kicken’ Café, for providing BBQ                  We wish him the best as he moves on to          • Visit to Volunteers of America
samples for the meeting.                                 the Minnesota Supreme Court. Gwen also              program to assist former prostitutes
No approval of August 2006 General                       welcomed Paula Kruchowski to the 3    rd
                                                                                                         • Refined goals through education in
Membership Minutes as this meeting was                   Precinct and our community. Paula spoke             problem properties and drug crime
part of National Night Out celebrations on               of her departmental and community goals.        • Saturday summer kick off event with
August 1.                                                She asked the community to stay in contact          media coverage on new lawn signs
                                                         with her through 3PAC meetings on the           • Wednesday and Sunday walking
 CNO staff person Eric Gustafson gave a
                                                         fourth Wednesday of each month from 6:30-           patrols
presentation on the state-wide, Minnesota
                                                         8:00 pm.                                     Market Advisory Committee Chair Gerry
Energy Challenge. Eric projected the
Center for Energy and Environment’s                       CNO Board Members Gerry Tyrrell and        Tyrrell reported in on successful closing of
Challenge website onto the wall and                      Kevin Reuther were publicly thanked for     the Midtown Public Market. Committee is
demonstrated how to take the Energy                      finding a community resident and donor      rolling into the planning season for the fifth
Challenge. More info is available at ww                  who agreed to match all CNO donations up season in 2007. The website                     to $5000. The “Grow your Neighborhood”       CNO Events Chair Kath Lenk reported
calculates your possible energy savings                  fund drive is ongoing. The residents who    that the annual Book Sale brought in over
for home and business. Points granted are                comprise CNO’s Board and Staff are all      $1000. Upcoming event is the Volunteer
based on your pledge toward energy saving                participating. $1800 has been donationed as Recognition Dinner on February 5th, 2007.
actions. These points can be ‘assigned’                  of the end of October. Look for more info   Please contact the CNO office with
towards your neighborhood or other                       in future issues of The Corcoran News and   Volunteer of the Year nominations.
community group.                                         The Neighborhood Advocate.
                                                                                                      Next General Membership Meeting is
 Gwen McMahon, CNO Board Member                           Caring Corcoran Neighbors (CCN).           February 5, 2007.
and member of the 3rd Precinct Advisory                  History and update provided by Committee
Council (3PAC), introduced Minneapolis                   Chair Mary Buhr. The program began
City Attorneys Scott Christenson and                     by resident Sara Blanch out of common
PAGE 6                                                                December 2006/January 2007                                                 CORCORAN NEWS

Community Calendar
    See what’s going on in our community this month… Arts, entertainment, education, meetings, & more!               December 16, 17, 22, 23: Holiday
Every Wednesday: Walking Patrol. 6: December 2: Midtown Public Market                                                Art Sale. 1pm to 6pm on the 16th and 17th, 3pm to
                                                                                                                     8pm on the 22nd and 23rd at Art of This Gallery and
30pm on the corner of 31st and Longfellow.                 Advisory Board Retreat. 8am to 1pm at Midtown
                                                                                                                     Design Studio at 3222 Bloomington Ave. S. Participate
                                                           YWCA, 2121 E. Lake St.
Every Sunday: Walking Patrol. 10am at                                                                                in a salon-style affordable art exhibition/sale.
the corner of 31st and Longfellow.                         December 7: CNO Events & Fundraising January 3: CNO Executive Board Meeting.
                                                           Committee. 5:30pm at CNO.
Every Sunday: Corcoran Knitters &                                                                                    6pm at CNO.
Crocheters. Noon to 3pm at Fire Roast Mountain             December 9: 14th Annual Women’s Arts                      January 4: CNO Events and Fundraising
Café at 3619 E 38th Street. Hosted by Susan Hensel         Festival. 10am to 5pm at Midtown YWCA, 2121 E.
                                                                                                                     Committee. 5:30pm at CNO.
welcoming all knitters, crocheters, menders and            Lake St.
                                                           December 11: CNO Housing Committee. January 5: Wethe family vacation. 5pm
                                                                                                                  Drove, We Saw, We Ate:
December 1-3 Soul Tonic’s 9th Annual                       6pm at CNO.
                                                                                               Mike Elko explores
                                                                                                                     to 9pm at the Susan Hensel Gallery, 3441 Cedar
Holiday Sale at the Ivy Building, 2637 27th Ave S.
Friday, Dec. 1st, 3 to 7 pm, Saturday, Dec. 2nd, 10 to 4   December 15-17: La Natividad. 6:30pm                      Ave. S. A picnic reception for the artist on opening
                                                           (4pm Sunday) presented by In the Heart of the Beast       night, show runs through February 28th, 2007. You
pm, Sunday, Dec. 3rd, 11 to 2 pm. Over 30 local artists,
                                                           Puppet and Mask Theatre. For more information including   never knew art could be so funny! Mike’s work is
one-of-a-kind handcrafted gifts, fair trade and vintage
                                                           location, see article on page 4.                          lighthearted, even though it often has a point to
items. More info at
                                                                                                                     make. This time his point is, Family Vacations are, by
                                                           16: The Last Gasp Holiday
December 2: Holiday Arts & Crafts Sale. December 4pm at Susan Hensel Gallery, 3441
                                        Gift Sale. 10am to
                                                                                                                     definition, weird!
12 to 5pm. Powderhorn Park Center, 3400 15th Ave S.
                                                           Cedar Ave. S. Beautiful handmade arts and crafts for a    January 15: Land Use & Transportation
December 2 & 3: An Early Christmas                         fair price, most items are under $100. Featuring work     and Housing Meeting. 6pm at CNO (please call the
in Minneapolis. 1pm to 5pm at the John H. Stevens          by artists Susan Hensel (journals, handspun yarn,         office to confirm).
House, 4901 Minnehaha Ave in Minnehaha Falls Park.
Christmas sing-along with cider and refreshments.
                                                           woolen goods), Pauline Mitchell (ceramic sculpture,
                                                           beaded jewelry), Beth Sullivan (cards and books),
                                                                                                                     January 10: Midtown Public Market
                                                                                                                     Advisory Board Meeting. 6:30pm at CNO.
Bring your kids to make Christmas or Native                Devin Gallison (knitted items, tiny paintings and
American Gifts. Admission is free. Children must be        miscellaneous cool things), and Kari Gunter-Seymour       January 18: Caring Corcoran Neighbors
with an adult.                                             (cards & mini-posters from Diary of a Military Mom).      Meeting. 7pm at CNO.

                                                                                                Minnesota Energy Challenge
      Recycling Saves                                                                           Mpls Neighborhoods partial standings as of 11/27
                                                                                                                              lbs CO2        avg per         $ saved

      Energy Use,
                                                                                                                              saved          home
                                                                                                  Fulton                      85,492         18 %            $7,802
                                                                                                  Longfellow                  73,560         18 %            $5,236

      Reduces Waste
                                                                                                  Windom Park                 59,335         17 %            $4,215
                                                                                                  Linden Hills                58,573         28 %            $5,062
                                                                                                  Armatage                    49,485         37 %            $3,752
                                                                                                  McKinley                    43,695         14 %            $3,809
        It takes less energy to make new stuff out of old stuff. You may
      not be able to see it, but recycling in Minnesota saves enough                              SE Como                     42,669         30 %            $3,241
      energy to power 615,000 homes. In just one year, it also conserves                          Seward                      41,627         14 %            $2,354
      5.75 million trees, reduces the need for 232,000 tons of coal, and                          Nokomis East                36,654         13 %            $3,079
      reduces our greenhouse gas emissions by the equivalent of 2.3                               Hale/Page/Diamond Lk        35,169         17 %            $2,759
      million cars. There is a lot of recyclable paper that is going in
      the garbage in Minnesota. Almost one-quarter of all our garbage-                            Lynnhurst                   33,403         15 %            $2,783
      816,000 tons-is recyclable paper, including newspaper, magazines,                           Whittier                    32,488         34 %            $2,884
      catalogs, cardboard, office paper, and other paper grades.                                  Windom                      30,480         19 %            $2,262
                                                                                                  Cleveland                   29,652         17 %            $2,341
                                                                                                  Waite Park                  29,224         23 %            $2,602
                                                                                                  Corcoran                    28,715         17 %            $2,573

No Waste Holiday Ideas                                                                          Take the Challenge at

       he holidays are upon us and          -Reusable gift bags                         Tree Ornaments                             -Cloth napkins and rings
       one thing that definitely            -A plain box decorated                      -Memorabilia                               -Gift basket with non-toxic
       occurs is more waste. Gifts          -Last year’s holiday paper                  -Old jewelry                               household cleaners
with their excess store wrappings           Bows and Ribbons                            -Small stuffed animals and toys            -Personalized “coupons”
are then wrapped again with paper           -Bows saved from other gifts                -Cookie cutters                            -Gourmet dinner for a busy couple
and ribbon. Holiday decorations             -Scrap fabric                               -Buttons tied on a length of string        -House plant
that only last one season are tossed.       -Scarves                                    -popcorn and cranberry strings             -Car safety kit
More guests than normal can lead            -Reusable items such as hair bows           (can be fed to birds)                      Donation Opportunities
to recyclables being inadvertently          or shoelaces                                Party Waste Reduction Tips                 -Give to your local food shelf
tossed. These are just a few of the         -Last year’s holiday cards cut up           -Use reusable tableware                    -Donate outgrown clothes or
many ways we waste over the                 for gift tags                               -Rent tableware                            clothes you no longer wear
holidays. Here are some ideas to                                                        -Cut up last year’s holiday cards as       -Make a cash donation to your
cut down this year:                         Packing
                                            -Air-popped popcorn (with a note            placeholders                               local community organization
Gift Wrapping                               it can be fed to birds)                     -Clearly mark recycling containers         Information taken from Minnesota
-Old posters and maps                       -Colorful neckties                          Gift Ideas                                 Office of Environmental Assistance
-Old newspapers and magazines               -Used packing peanuts                       -Free babysitting service                  and Anoka County.
-Pages from a child’s coloring              -Crumpled ads from newspapers               -Reusable food storage containters
PAGE 7                                                           December 2006/January 2007                                                     CORCORAN NEWS

     Corcoran Park

  Winter Building Hours
     Monday – Friday           1 PM – 9 PM
     Saturdays                 9 AM – 4 PM
     Sundays                   CLOSED
    Please call 612-370-4919 for more information or
  visit them at, and select
       Corcoran Park from the Park & Lakes finder.

                                                        Corcoran Park coaches pose with guest speaker Carl Eller (Football Hall of Famer) at the annual football banquet
                                                        held at the park. Pictured left to right: Corey Coakley, Chris Fischer, Walt McFadden, Carl Eller, Tom Carpenter,
                                                        Paul King. Photo by Peter Jaeger

                                                        Sign up now for winter sports at Corcoran Park. Boys Basketball Ages 9-11 years, Girls Basketball 10-12 years
                                                        old. Wrestling ages 6-12 years old. Space is limited, so sign up soon.

Preschool                                              Disney Adventure: (Ages 3-5 years)
                                                       Dates: Mondays (01/08/07 – 02/26/07)
                                                                                                                  Classic Story Time: (Ages 3-5 years)
                                                                                                                  Dates: Wednesdays (01/10/07 –02/28/

Classes At
                                                       1:30-2:30pm. $20.                                          07) Time: 2:30-3:30pm. Free.
                                                       Toddler Time: (Ages 0-5 years with                         Crafty Kid’s: (Ages 3-5 years) Dates:
                                                       a parent) Dates: Mondays (01/08/07                         Thursdays (01/11/07 – 03/01/07)

                                                       – 02/25/07) 2:30-3:30pm. $10.                              Time: 1:30-2:30pm. $25.
                                                       Naturally Creative: (Ages 3-5 years)                       Time to Learn Your ABC’s Dates:
                                                       Dates: Mondays (01/29/07 – 02/02/07)                       Thursdays (01/11/07 – 03/01/07) Time:

                                                       11:00am-12:00pm. $10.                                      2:30-3:30pm. Free.
                                                       Super Snowy Stories: (Ages 3-5                             Nature Babies Winter Fun: (Ages 0-3
                                                       years) Dates: Mondays (02/26/07 – 03/                      years with parent participation)
                                                       19/07) 11:00am-12:00pm. $10.                               Dates: Fridays (01/12/07 – 02/02/07)
For more information about                             Kinder Tots: Preschool Program:                            Time: 11:00am-12:00pm. $10.
these classes, please go to                            (Ages 3-5 years must be potty trained)                     Tumbling Tots: (Ages 3-5 years) or call 612-                  Tues/Wed/Thurs (01/09/07 – 03/01/07)                       Session1: Fridays (01/12/07 – 02/16/
370-4919. Register at 3334 20th Ave S.                 10:00am-1:00pm. $100.                                      07) Time: 10:30-11:30am. $25.
or online at                 Science Play: (Ages 3-5 years) Dates:                      Session2: Fridays (02/23/07 – 03/31/
Registration begins Monday Dec. 11th, 6:               Wednesdays (01/10/07 – 02/28/07)                           07) Time: 10:30-11:30am. $25.
00pm. Space is limited. Sign up soon!                  Time: 1:30-2:30pm. $20.

Growing/Starting Seeds in the Winter                                                                                               By Johnny Jones, Jr., Corcoran Resident

                                                       you do the first and second steps, but don’t              we are trying to grow here. One more thing –
          id you know that in the winter a lot
                                                       get the third step completed you will be                  go very light on the fertilizers or they will burn
          of nature dies? Just kidding! When
                                                       disappointed. Most experts say, use a soil-less           your seeds out. Remember, as the plants grow
          that happens I am very sad. I am sad
                                                       mix, but others say use a mix that is used for            they will need to be fed.
to see all the beautiful colors go brown. I have
                                                       containers.                                                Seeds can be started in any kind of container.
nothing against brown (a beautiful color in its
own right), but give me some more color. There                                                                   When you select the container, it will need to
is a solution: try starting some seeds this winter                                                               be kept warm and moist (use a spray bottle
to a least cut in to some of nature’s down time.                                                                 set to the mist setting to keep seed moist) for
I will try to help you with that process. Let’s                                                                  success with seed starting and it will need
apply some rules of seed starting.                                                                               to be cling wrapped. It will also need to be
                                                                                                                 place under a light source and that source can
 When starting seeds, there are a number
                                                                                                                 be sunlight or shop lights. Also, to keep the
of things to consider. You need to start with
                                                                                                                 container warm, try bottom heat from heating
“fresh” seeds, seeds that were marked for the
                                                                                                                 pads or near a heating unit. Follow these rules
current year. Most seeds are good for one year,
                                                                                                                 for success. These should cut into nature’s
with a few exceptions. The second thing you
                                                                                                                 down time! Happy holidays and enjoy that
want to consider is germination rates printed
                                                                                                                 green color!
on the package, and if that number is lower for
that variety, increase the sowing rate in your                                                                    Johnny Jones, Jr has a home-base business selling
containers. The third thing to consider is temp,                                                                 bedding plants! Contact at
                                                        Make sure the mix is weed free or you will
seed starting materials, light and moisture. If                                                                  or 612-724-4817.
                                                       have a great crop of weeds which is not what
PAGE 8                                                                         December 2006/January 2007                                                         CORCORAN NEWS

   Corcoran Classifieds                                                HENRY W. ANDERSON
    Have an item to sell? A service to offer?
   Advertise in the Corcoran News classifieds.                            MORTUARY
                   Call 612-724-7457                                 3640 – 23rd Avenue South - 612-729-2331
   -------------------------------------------------------------    FUNERAL AND CREMATION SERVICES
3305 Cedar Ave S – Easy Private Mortgage - Will                              PRE-ARRANGEMENTS
finance almost anyone!!! 3 bed/2 bath – beautiful,                             Our 75th year in the Corcoran area.
newly rehabbed – huge kitchen, hardwood floors,                      Family owned and operated for 3 genereations – Est. 1931
tile bathrooms, 9ft ceilings, new carpet and paint
throughout $199,900 - We say “YES” when banks
say “NO” Call or email Ryan 952.698.4173 or
                                                                      Home Improvement Loans
                                                                             CEE Financial Resources
Office Space                                                          A division of the Center for Energy and Environment.

                                                                     Serving the Corcoran Neighborhood Organization

  for Rent
                                                                     for over 5 years and homeowners for over 20 years.
                                                                            Great Rates - Great Service
The Corcoran Neighborhood Organization                                 Call (612) 335-5885 for more information.
 has a single office available immediately
     in their building for a non-profit
   organization or community service                                                          BROTHERS ELECTRIC                     Metropolis Construction
   organization with a similar mission.                                                                                           General Contractor - Bonded and Insured
         Rent is $400/month                                                                                                                   MN License Number 20072698
  Included: utilities, use of kitchen,                                                        3447 Cedar Ave South                        2223 E 35th St, Ste 1 612-728-3817
                                                                                              Minneapolis, MN 55407             Metropolis, a local construction and remodeling company
   common storage space and DSL                                                                                                 serving S. Minneapolis since 1991, is a ful service general
                                                                                                                                contractor specializing in older homes. Call us for an estimate
               hook-up                                                                           FREE ESTIMATES                 on your remodeling projects such as kitchens and baths, doors
   Not included: phone, insurance,                                        Don’t be   SHOCKED by our low prices                  and windows, wood siding, garages and additions, fences
                                                                                                                                and decks, general carpentry and drywall, porches, skylights,
               cleaning                                              PHONE: 612-721-1606 FAX: 612-721-7995                      attic and basement finishing, structural work.
 An additional space is also available. For
  more information, please contact Amy                               Photocopy & Fax Service
         Arcand at 612-724-7457
                                                                        As a community service, CNO offers
                                                                     photocopy and fax service at the CNO office.
    Visited Corcoran’s Website?                                                         Photocopies:
   Subscribe to the Neighborhood Advocate                                             10 cents per copy
       Find Out About CNO Programs                                                       Fax Service
        Join a Neighborhood Forum                                    Local: $1 first page, 50 cents each additional page
               Make a Donation                                        Out of area: $2.50 first page, $1 each add. page
                                                                      Out of country: $6 first page, $3 each add. page
                                                                             Sorry, No incoming faxes accepted.                       TAX PREPARATION
                                                                                                                                       David K. Hogan                                                                                                       Individual Income Tax
                                                                                                                                 Seven days a week by appointment
                                                                                                                                        Same Day Service!
                                                                                                                                                  (612) 729-3283
                                                                                                                                 2216 E. 34th St., Minneapolis, MN 55407

                                                                                                                                  PROVIDENCE PLACE
                                                                                                                                   FORMERLY NILE HEALTH CARE CENTER

             Jill Stefansen                                                                                                      A 210 bed, not-for-profit, multi-specialty residence
                                                                                                            � Short-term Rehabilitation
                                                                                                                                               � Hospice Care
 JILL SELLS SOUTH MINNEAPOLIS!                                                                                                       � Alzheimer’s/Memory Loss Care
                                                                                                                                        � Traditional Long-term Care
                                                                                                                                               � Respite Care
                         Ornamental Steps & Rails                                                                                      � Women’s Memory Loss Unit
                                   Plain & Fancy                                                                                 � Patio/flower garden for resident use and
                                   New & Repair                                                                                                    enjoyment
                      Wooden Basement Stairway Railings                                                                            Providence Place – dedicated to providing
                       Basement Glass Block Windows                                                                               personalized, quality care in a setting where
                          Metal Window Guards
                              Cement Steps                                                                                                    staff and residents
                           Small jobs welcome!                                                                                       work together toward mutual goals of
                                                                                                                                          independence and mobility.
                Licensed, Bonded & Insured
        Al Hansen 612-729-1190                                                                                                       Contact admissions: 612-724-5495
                                                                                                                                  3720 23rd Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55407

  Get the goods and services you need and support the Corcoran News at the same time!

                                                                   Please support our advertisers.

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