; The Farce of the G-20
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The Farce of the G-20


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									The Farce of the G–20
Executive Summary – It is the G-20 nations running around threatening sanctions on the weaker nations for not complying with their dictatorial cross border tax information sharing requests. We need to look at some of these G-20 nations and see what a real farce this is. China – China is one of the G-20. Do they have free elections oh of course they do. One small glitch though, they are one candidate elections. The candidate is recommended by the Politburo of the Chinese Communist Party. Enough said. Saudi Arabia – Here we have a country that is a ruled by a king. No free elections, no democracy, religious discrimination, sexual discrimination, and no real justice system. They are a Moslem country under sharia law. Women have no rights to speak of. Non-Moslem men have no rights to speak of. Yet this is a country on the G-20 dictating economic policy to your country. Great. You let your politicians go to bed with such a country and this is what you will get. Indonesia – This is the fourth largest country in the world. It has the largest Muslim population. It is recently putting itself under Sharia Muslim law, in parts of the country. This means nonMoslems have no rights (religious discrimination), women have no rights (sexual discrimination) and they adapt the Moslem code of justice (forget a fair trial by an impartial jury of your peers). It appears Obama is a citizen of this country and was certainly educated there. Turkey – Well here we have a nation where 99% of the people say they are Moslems. They have 75,000 mosques. Turkey has a lot of what is called “secularist” Muslims as well as more zealous ones who would like to be under Sharia, Moslem law. Do you believe in Sharia and want it for your family and children? South Africa – Here is a really great country to be influencing your economy. They have eleven official languages so we can see they are off to a good start. They have a 25% unemployment rate with people living on under $1.25 a day. 31% of their pregnant women are HIV positive. South Africa has 55,000 rapes per year and 55 people are murdered every day. Their population is 44,000,000. So you have the elected officials from this country influencing your own economy through the G-20. Look how successful these politicians are on their own home front. Argentina – Well here are some real economic geniuses. Remember their currency crash a few years ago from which they are still recovering. They have their people file every page of every monthly bank statement of every bank account they have anywhere in the world with their annual tax return. This really sounds like a great choice for setting economic policy. Those who cannot do, administrate. Great place to visit, nice people, good food, beautiful country. This is a shot at their government only. Australia – Another high tax nightmare. They routinely cancel passports of those traveling abroad who owe taxes. We are told there can be debtors prison for those owing taxes. Nice people, great beautiful country – government has awful fiscal policies and practices.

Russia – Here is a real example of freedom and justice. Great to know they are involved with the economy of your country isn’t it. Discussion – The people who live in free countries should be ashamed of themselves for letting their politicians work with such countries in controlling economic decisions that will deeply impact their countries. This is what happens when you fall asleep and start thinking politicians will do the right thing and it will be okay. Many staunch enemies of personal and economic freedom sit on the G-20. Some losers who cannot take care of their own economy or people sit there as well. http://www.panamalaw.org

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