chapter12vocabularyquiz05 answers by 2R206m


									1. The random distribution of the maternal and paternal members of each
homologous chromosome pair to the daughter cells during meiosis is
called ___________ assortment.

     Correct Answer(s):
     a. independent

2. A new cell wall forms between the double membrane of the cell ______
during cytokinesis in plants.

     Correct Answer(s):
     a. plate

3. A ____________ is a type of structural chromosome abnormality that
occurs when two nonhomologous chromosomes exchange parts.

     Correct Answer(s):
     a. translocation

4. ___________ is a phenomenon in which one gene interferes with the
expression of another gene.

     Correct Answer(s):
     a. Epistasis

5. During cell division, chromosomes line up along the ______ plate
before the sister chromatids are pulled to opposite poles of the cell.

     Correct Answer(s):
     a. metaphase

6. Gametes are _________ because they have only one copy of each

     Correct Answer(s):
     a. haploid

7. During ________, sister chromatids move toward opposite poles of the

     Correct Answer(s):
     a. anaphase

8. The majority of individuals of a species in a natural environment
have the __________ phenotype.
     Correct Answer(s):
     a. wild-type

9. A _______ is used to determine whether an individual is homozygous
dominant or heterozygous.

     Correct Answer(s):
     a. testcross

10. A __________ cross analyzes two individuals that differ in two

     Correct Answer(s):
     a. dihybrid

11. Individuals that are heterozygous for a recessive disease allele
are called ____________.

     Correct Answer(s):
     a. carriers

12. ___________ alleles are expressed in an individual's phenotype,
even if only one copy is present.

     Correct Answer(s):
     a. Dominant

13. Chromosomes are duplicated during ________ phase of the cell cycle.

     Correct Answer(s):
     a. S

14. Binary _____ is a type of asexual reproduction where a parent cell
splits into two daughter cells.

     Correct Answer(s):
     a. fission

15. _________ genes are located on the same chromosomes and are
inherited together more frequently than would be expected from their
independent assortment in meiosis.

     Correct Answer(s):
     a. Linked
16. ____________ is a pattern of inheritance in which both alleles are
expressed in the phenotype of heterozygotes.

     Correct Answer(s):
     a. Codominance

17. Chromosome nondisjuction leads to a cell that has either gained or
lost one or more chromosomes; this condition is called _______.

     Correct Answer(s):
     a. aneuploidy

18. _____________ chromosomes carry genes for the same traits and are
separated from each other during meiosis I.

     Correct Answer(s):
     a. Homologous

19. The mitotic __________ consists of an array of microtubules
critical for the proper distribution of chromosomes and other cellular
components to the nuclei of the two daughter cells during mitotic

     Correct Answer(s):
     a. spindle

20. The physically observable translation of a genotype is called a

     Correct Answer(s):
     a. phenotype

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