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					                                       PRAVEEN KUMAR TAK
                                       Date of Birth :- 9 August, 1967
                                       Marital Status :- Married
                                       E-mail :
                                       Passport Number H. 1402885

Experience Summary
Over 19 Years of Planning, Administrative, Teaching and Entrepreneurial experience in the field of Education
and Information Technology. The summarized details are as follows:-
   (1) Presently (Sept,2010 onwards) working to implement Educational Consultancy & Advisory services in
       varied sectors through portal .
   (2) Worked as General Manager [Education] during [March,09-Aug,10] at Acharya Shree Nanesh Samta
       Vikas Trust, Danta , Chittorgarh (Rajasthan). The job profile includes overall Incharge of 4 Educational
       Institutes run by the Trust i.e. College of Information Technology & Management, Sr. Higher
       Secondary School, Industrial Training Institute & English Medium Primary School . Leaded a Team of
       150 staff & 1000 students. All the 4 Educational Heads & Administrative officer reported to me
   (3) As an independent Principal worked at College of Information Technology run by Acharya Shree
       Nanesh Samta Vikas Trust, Danta for more than 7 years [2003-2010] from its start which is approved by
       AICTE and affiliated to University of Rajasthan, Jaipur & Rajasthan Technical University, Kota. There,
       involved in planning & execution of works & policies related to Academics, Examination, Admission,
       HR, Placement, Liaison with AICTE & Universities, Hostel & Accounts .
   (4) In the panel list of inspection team of Rajasthan Technical University, Kota for MCA affiliation &
       paper setter for University of Rajasthan & Kota University.
   (5) Taught Undergraduate and Graduate students the subjects of Computer Application, Computer
       Science, Computer Engineering and Information Technology. Also, developed job oriented and
       need based courseware on computer applications.
   (6) Consistently demonstrated leadership skills by developing & mentoring strong professional team
       of 500 members and guiding about 9000 students to slaughter their career to new heights.
   (7) Promoted new Computer Training Company & developed its Franchise network in Rajasthan.
       Played a key role in establishing DTP setup, cybercafe & mind power & spoken English institute
       and managing data automation job of banks.
   (8) Involved in analysis & providing web/software/hardware solutions to government & private
   (9) Served as a member in GSS, an organization working for development of rural villagers.
   (10 Effectively designed & deployed budget, financial, manpower/machine utilization reports &
       projects for various organizations.
   (11)Delivered great seminars on IT, personality development & meditation and organized numerous
       workshops, conferences and events successfully.

       (a)    Master of Computer Applications [MCA] (72%marks) (1993)
              M.B.M. Engineering College,Jodhpur.
              (Jai Narain Vyas University,Jodhpur(Raj))
       (b)    B Sc. (Electronics) (1988)
              Lachoo Memorial College of Science, Jodhpur.
              (Jai Narain Vyas University, Jodhpur (Raj))
       (c)    Oracle/D2k (certificate course from SSI, Pune) (1999)
         I earned few awards and recognitions like UGC scholarship, certificate from Chief Minister of
         Rajasthan for preparing CD on career in IT, appraisal on Republic day by Rajasthan Govt. for
         Spreading Computer education & its implementation in remote area, certificate from SBI for
         automation job and University certificate for representing college in football & hockey.

Professional details[year wise]    Post                                  Duration   Job/Achievement
  1.      General Manager                       March,2009 Job: (a) Incharge of all 4 Educational Institutes (College,
          [Education]                           – Aug,2010 Sr. Sec. School, ITI, Primary School). Except Primary
          [Acharya Shree Nanesh                            School all are residential.
          Samta Vikas Trust,                               (b) Also the Incharge of following units :- Administration;
          Danta(Chittorgarh(Raj)]                          Repair & maintenance ; Purchase.
                                                           ( c) Leaded a Team of 150 staff members & 1000 students.

  2.      Principal                             May,2003         Job: As an independent Principal from the start of residential
          [Acharya Shree Nanesh                 – Aug,2010 college responsible for planning, organization, administration
                                                [Promoted as     and execution of overall works related to admission, teaching,
          Samta Mahavidyalaya,                  GM of Trust also
          Danta(Chittorgarh(Raj)]               from March,09 ]  examination, placement, HR, accounts, hostel and liaison with
          (Approved by AICTE & Affiliated                        AICTE/ DCE / University etc.
          to University of Rajasthan, Jaipur,
          MLSU, Udaipur & Rajasthan                            Achievement:
          Technical University, Kota).
                                                               Designed and implemented a revolutionary approach of
                                                               running the residential college with BCA, PGDCA, M.Sc. &
                                                               MCA courses on Gurukul pattern. As a direct result of this
                                                               approach, the college is full in admission and is producing
                                                               professional, ethical and behavioral pleasing students with
                                                               100% result and placement.
                                                               As a leader built and guided college team of 40 and service
                                                               team of 20 members and helped them to slaughter their career
                                                               to new heights.
                                                               Designed policy book, team responsibility manual, bulletin,
                                                               prospectus, placement brochure & website of the college.
  3.      Chief Officer                         May,1999 –     Job: As Chief officer operations of CGT , a company which
          Academics / Director                  April,2003     arranges need based education via own created unit &
          [CGT,Jodhpur–15                                      franchise of International company and provides commercial
          Franchise setups of                                  web /software solution, was responsible for managing/
          Computer training in                                 supervising /executing /inventing :-
          Rajasthan]                                            -Technical/marketing/HR/placement/courseware design /
          [Flower Computers-                                     documentation for training division and its franchise network.
          Sumerpur, Rajasthan]                                  -Software/web analysis, development & promotional works.
                                                               As Director of flower computers was responsible to start &
                                                               manage computer education in schools of rural Rajasthan and
                                                               corporate units and provided hardware to individuals, units &
                                                               Built & leaded a strong professional team of 200 staff.
                                                               Started new computer training company, designed highly
                                                               enrolled courses/courseware for it and exited high growth to it
                                                               by creating franchise network of 20 centers in Rajasthan.
                                                               Developed and implemented software “Traffic Police Control”
                                                               using VB/Access for Jodhpur Police Control. Also developed
                                                               software “Enquiry Followup” & websites (,
                                                               Achieved contracts to provide computer education to corporate
                                                               like Rajasthan Police, Army,Banks etc. and to various schools
                                                               in Rajasthan at Sumerpur, Kalandri, Sarupganj, Jodhpur etc.
  4.    CONSULTANT                    Oct.,1996-     Job: Acquired & managed teaching contract of computer
        [M.S.J. College,              Dec.,1998      subjects for BCA students of M.S.J College, Bharatpur for
        Bharatpur(Raj.)]                             session 1996-97 & 1997-98.
        [Solutions, Jodhpur(Raj.) ]                  As consultant/Team leader for Solutions, an organization
                                                     dealing in software development, software marketing and
                                                     conduction of computer training programs to corporate, was
                                                     responsible for its overall operations.
                                                     BCA students of M.S.J. College, Bharatpur scored good marks
                                                     and I developed various course based education tutors for them.
                                                     Implemented Software “EXIN” using VB/Access for handicraft
                                                     export units of Jodhpur. Introduced new computer training unit
                                                     (along with need based new courses) at low fees for students of
                                                     Jain Samaj, Jodhpur.
  5.    CENTRE HEAD                   April,1994–    Job: The job responsibility includes managing overall areas
        Ajmer, Bikaner & Jodhpur      Sept.,1996     like academics, marketing, placement, HR, Liaison, finance,
        [Franchise of Brilliant’s                    accounts & in house software development of three centers at
        Computer Centre(Part of                      Ajmer, Jodhpur & Bikaner.
        Brilliant Tutorials,
        Madras)]                                     Achievement:
                                                     Managed the three centers as profitable units from the startup and
                                                     developed professional team of 100. As an effective innovator,
                                                     marketer and career guider flooded the center with students.
                                                     Maintained & Coordinated relations with various agencies &
                                                     departments. Promoted the selling of career magazine “First
                                                     circle”. Motivated & developed with students various software.
                                                     Delivered seminars & organized press conference, workshops &
                                                     charity matches. Promoted the start of DTP units & IT ventures.
  6.    LECTURER                      April, 1991-   Job:As lecturer at BCS, Jodhpur the job involves teaching
        [Bharat Computer studies]     March,1994     Computer Science & Application subjects.
        Operating                                    At SCPL, Jodhpur the job was working on office
        [SCPL, Jodhpur]                              automation packages.
                                                     Certification of merit received for taking the classes and
                                                     working in office on computer packages.
Personal Traits
       I am very dedicated, innovative, analytical, hard working, goal oriented and efficient team leader.
       I am an effective marketer, quick learner and good technical writer. Possess capability to manage
       change in both startup and mature environments. I possess skills to make any education venture a
       big success. I enjoy playing, touring, reading and guiding students.

       Present Residence
       12, New Jai Shree Colony,
       Behind Bohara Ganeshji mandir, Udaipur (Rajasthan).
       Permanent Residence
       B-2, Sanghi Ka Hatha, High Court Colony,
       Ratanada, Jodhpur (Rajasthan).

       1.   Mr. O.P. Jain [Project Head, Birla Cotsyn Limited, Mumbai ; 9829098180, 9921316406]
       2.   Mrs. Vandana Tak [Associate Professor, Engineering College, Kota ; 9413276271]
       3.   Prof. K.K. Sud [HOD, Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur ; 9928435363]
       4.   Prof. B.L. Chawat [Retd. From MLSU, Udaipur & presently Director at ASNSM; 9887755002]

                                                                                              (Praveen Kumar Tak)