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     Our young legends are not only very       Warana, Wurtulla and Meridan Plains. The        Unity College Motto : Unite,
     clever, they are also caring of people    collectors raised over $8,000, which takes      Inspire, Succeed;
     and the environment in which they live.   the 8 year total to over $35,000.
                                                                                               Student population divided into 3
                                               Further to this effort, in 2010, the students   committees: Unite Committee, Inspire
                                               held a free clothes day, where, instead         Committee, Succeed Committee;
                                               of a gold coin donation, students were          This vertical division of the school
                                               encouraged to bring in cans of food, and        enhances social interaction between
     Caloundra Salvation Army in its annual    bring in food they did. Over 1,200 cans         all year levels;
     Red Shield Appeal. In that year, 21       of various foods, 40 plus cans of baby
                                                                                               The “Buddy System” also operates
     students and 2 staff were involved. The   formula, and 38 packets of disposable
                                                                                               within the school. Year 12 students
     collectors covered 16 suburban blocks     nappies were donated.
                                                                                               “buddy up” with Prep children and
     in the Wurtulla region and collected an
                                               Students, staff and parents are to be           Year 1 students, so 16 year olds
     amazing $1,100. In the years that have
                                               congratulated on their efforts which go         mentor 4 and 5 year olds;
     followed, the student, parent and staff
                                               towards helping the Salvation Army to           The 3 school committees also fund
     enthusiasm has sky rocketed.
                                               reach out and help families in need.            raise during the year;
     In 2010, over 160 students, staff and
                                                                                               As College is a partnership between
     parents were involved in the collection   UNITY COLLEGE SOCIAL
                                                                                               Catholic and Uniting churches,
     covering the suburbs of Pelican Waters,   DEVELOPMENT                                     moneys raised are donated to Caritas
     Kawana Forest, Creekside, Currimundi,
                                               Unity College is one of our co-                 (Catholic) and Uniting World (Uniting)
                                               educational colleges which is important         charities;
                                               in the education of 1,000 young people          In 2011, separate fundraising activities
                                               of Caloundra. There are many activities         have occurred to raise money in aid
                                               carried out in the College which aim
                                               to develop in its students a practical          cyclone;
                                               awareness of the relationship between
                                                                                               Year 12 students are also members
                                               each member of our society.
                                                                                               of Rotary Interact and learn correct
                                                                                               meeting procedure as well as the aims
                                                                                               of Rotary Club.
                                                                                               Many students later become members
                                                                                               of Rotary.

                                             2      QUEENSLAND’S YOUNG LEGENDS

PACIFIC LUTHERAN COLLEGE                     boardwalk that is being constructed by           All young volunteers must become
FORESTRY AREA                                the students allows visitors to access the       members of Junior Night Eyes to be
                                             very heart of the green “jungle” area.           involved.
                                                                                              Adult Members of Night Eyes
                                             JUNIOR NIGHT EYES
Plains is a wonderfully natural forestry                                                      accompany the Junior members to
area. This lush tropical forest is on land   Some ten years ago, a small group of             northern Bribie.
owned by the College, but there is an        dedicated volunteers saw the need to             Rubbish collected is brought back to
Environmental Protection Order (EPO) on      offer some protection for Pumicestone            base for disposal.
the area. This EPO prevents the college      Passage. From this small group Night Eyes
                                                                                              Junior Night Eyes members can become
from removing any of the vegetation          now boasts a membership exceeding 300
                                                                                              members of Night Eyes at age 18.
growing in the forest area.                  from all walks of life.
                                                                                              Junior Night Eyes members learn
To allow students and the members of the     The prime task of this group is the removal      much about the environment and
school community to enjoy the beauty of      of all types of rubbish, but the operations      protecting it.
the area, there is a master plan for the     extend to seagrass, estuarine and
development of the area.                     mangrove monitoring of the Passage with       ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS
                                             a watchful eye kept on all local animal,      AT CALOUNDRA STATE HIGH
                                             bird and water life.                          SCHOOL
                                             Night Eyes patrols the waterways with         At Caloundra State High School, there are
                                             a boat which was obtained with a              many practices implemented to develop
                                             Queensland Government Grant from the          environmental awareness in the students.
                                             Community Gambling Fund.                      In the course of a busy High School
                                                                                           year, with a very crowded curriculum, a
                                                                                           variety of activities have already been
                                                                                           introduced to develop in each student an
                                                                                           awareness that littering can cause great
The main point of the master plan is to
                                                                                           problems in the environment. The aim of
provide, over time, a wooden boardwalk
                                                                                           these activities encourages students to
into and through the treed area.
                                                                                           become more aware that NOT littering
   Lush green semi-tropical vegetation                                                     helps the environment. Simply picking
   grows in the area.                                                                      up litter does not appeal to anyone,
   Manual arts students are constructing                                                   especially people of High School age. By
   a boardwalk through forest vegetation     A Junior Night Eyes Club has now been         showing the students the serious damage
   Boardwalk meanders through                formed for young people aged 4 years to       that litter can cause, (eg. littered plastic
   vegetation, as no vegetation may          17 years. This group meets every Saturday     can eventually enter our waterways and
   be removed.                               morning either at the Power Boat Club or      cause painful death to some species of
                                             at the jetty near Gemini Resort. The boat     our wildlife), it is hoped that students will
   At intervals, quite wide platform
                                             will transport 10 passengers per trip, so     take more care of the environment and
   area allow class groups to utilise
                                             members of Junior Night Eyes are ferried      not destroy it by littering.
   vegetation area.
                                             10 per trip to the northern end of            Some of the approaches to create
   Very attractive area for all students     Bribie Island.
   and community members.                                                                  awareness in the students are:-
                                                 Members of Junior Night Eyes                 Addresses at school assemblies
   Near vegetation area plans for
                                                 spend some time each Saturday
   development of a wetland area.                                                             Poster competitions
                                                 collecting rubbish.
   Wetland area will form a pond in which                                                     Library displays
                                                 The aim is to make collecting rubbish
                                                 a fun project.                               Involvement in Clean Up Australia Day,
   water creatures.                                                                           World Environment Day
                                                 All members of Night Eyes and Junior
   Wetland area will also provide water in                                                    Installing nesting box with camera
                                                 Night Eyes are volunteers.
   drought for vegetation area.
                                                 There is always a game e.g. beach            Developing a school garden
Having had a walk through the forestry           cricket after rubbish collecting.            Monitoring energy production and
area, I congratulate the school community                                                     consumption at school
                                                 A sausage sizzle is part of the
on what is quite a spectacular area
                                                 Saturday routine.                            Developing sustainable practices
so close to the school campus. Such a
                                                 Children learn to protect the                e.g. recycling
beautiful lush green shaded area is very
refreshing for any visitors, and the great       environment in a “fun” way.
     GOLDEN BEACH STATE SCHOOL                            Many jobs done at working                   skating or walking to school on National
     Stephanie Alexander Kitchen                          bee:- Walls built, corrugated               Ride2School Day. The goal was to
     Garden Foundation.                                   garden beds prepared, slab                  motivate more people in the school
                                                          for the chicken house laid,                 community to embrace riding as an
     In 2010, the Golden Beach State School                                                           alternative mode of commuting to school.
                                                          landscaping done, water
     Community decided to establish a school
                                                          tank connected.                                Research shows riding to school makes
     kitchen garden, and a staff member was
     appointed Garden Specialist to work with             Financial support received from:-
     the children in the garden club as well as           Queensland Government Community                Student riders arrive at school
     a Kitchen Specialist.                                                                               more alert.
                                                          Grants; The Australian Government              Riders have higher concentration
     The purpose of the club is that through
                                                          Volunteers Grants
     actively participating in caring for                                                                Riding provides extra exercise
     a garden, children gain a greater                    Grant; Coles Junior Landcare                   for students
     knowledge of food production and the                 School Garden, many Caloundra
                                                                                                         Riders suffer less from obesity
                                                                                                         All schools are encouraged to take
     produced food. The underlying belief in              Vegetable plots are being refurbished
                                                                                                         part in this activity
     this project is that by the introduction of          after school holidays
                                                                                                         National Ride2School Day is the
                                                          New vegetable crops being planted
                                                                                                         largest celebration of walking and
     children’s food choices in ways that may
                                                       RIDE TO SCHOOL DAY, 2011                          riding to school
     not have been tried before.
        Sunday, 18th                                   Students from Currimundi State School
        bee held.                                      joined more than 140,000 students
                                                       from across Australia on Wednesday,
        Over 130 people attended
                                                       March 16 as they rolled into school for
        working bee.
                                                       national Ride2School Day. As part of the
        Representatives from Caloundra                 government’s Travelsmart campaign for
        Westpac Bank, Pelican Waters Garden            2011, it encouraged parents, students
        Club, Caloundra Rotary attended                and staff to leave the cars at home
        working bee.                                   and join in the fun by riding, scooting,


                                                                               “You are never going to get rid of it, so you may as well
          the learning. A Sunshine Coast school is trialling four iTouch
          classes, in which students use their Apple iPod touch or             Caloundra High School teacher.
          iPhone in lessons.
                                                                               Parents supply the iPod touch (about $200) and teachers
          While most schools battle to suppress such devices,                  have sourced about 30 apps – most of them free or costing
          Caloundra State High School has embraced the                         only a few dollars.
          technology in maths, science, English and the social
                                                                               The teachers adhere to standard Education Queensland
                                                                               curriculum, using the iPod as a learning aid.
                                                                               One Maths and Science teacher is quoted as saying
          sums, construct atoms and perform interactive grammar tests.
                                                                               students thought the class was “pretty cool”, which is quite a
                                                                               compliment from a modern teen.
          1700s or turn on the calculator. The trial has sparked
          interest from other schools inspired by the children’s
          improved grades and attitudes.
          The idea came from the Caloundra teachers who realised
          the resistance of parents and students to banning the

                                               2       QUEENSLAND’S YOUNG LEGENDS

LIFE SAVING AND SURF SKILLS -                      Adventure Education – a more physical            changes in attitude and work ethic in
CURRIMUNDI SCHOOL                                  program than is usual;                           the students. Students learn, among
                                                                                                    other things:-
Because of its location so near to the             Crunch & Munch – activities planned
                                                   around the hospitality industry;                 An awareness of safety issues involving
beach, Currimundi State School offers its
                                                                                                    the elderly
students an annual course in Life Saving           Kawana Companions – a program
                                                   with a focus on the elderly;                     The need for punctuality at work
offered to any parents interested in taking                                                         To dress appropriately when at “work”
part. The course is offered by the school’s    KAWANA COMPANIONS
                                                                                                    The need to work as a team
Physical Education Teacher, ably assisted      This full day activity gives the student an          The ability to use public transport
by members of the Dicky Beach Surf Life        opportunity to understand and empathize
Saving Club. The Beginners’ Group is for       with the elderly generation. The love
students from Prep to Year 7, while the                                                             from volunteering
                                               and attention given by the elderly, who
other group is for children who are more       are usually very lonely themselves, has a
capable swimmers and focuses on                                                                  CAR-FREE CHALLENGE DAYS
                                               mutually positive effect on the self esteem
                                               and the happiness of both parties.                As part of the program developed at
   The beginners’ course covers Life           The ability to empathize with another             Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic School
   Saving Skills.                              human being is a skill that is usually much       in Caloundra to reduce the carbon
                                               needed by people with Autism                      footprint, there are held monthly “Car-Free
   The beginners’ course is conducted
                                               or Aspergers Syndrome.                            Challenge Days”. These challenge days
   before school.
                                                                                                 are also a great adjunct to the school’s
   The advanced group is named                 Students undertaking this subject attend
                                                                                                 physical education program.
                                               a respite centre with elderly people once
                                               a week on a regular basis. The activity is        As the name suggests, on the car-free
                                               funded by Suncoast Transport and Care             days, children do not arrive at school by
   conducted during school hours.
                                               (STAC) and the “Companions” themselves.           car and be set down at the “drop-off
   Members of the Dicky Beach Surf Club                                                          zone” near the school. The car-free days
   help in conducting both courses.            Students help older volunteers with:-
                                                                                                 call on the support of school staff and/or
                                                   Setting up the hall                           parents. These adults act as responsible
   the Quicksilver Pro on the Gold Coast.          Greeting the companions                       leaders of the walking group of students.
   Attending the Quicksilver Pro allows            Running various activities                    There are three “depots” where the
   exposure to some of the best surfers in                                                       ‘walking buses” set off from. Adults await
                                                   Serving lunch and drinks
   the world.                                                                                    students at Kings Beach, Moffat Beach
                                                   Farewelling the elderly
   As a culminating activity to the course,                                                      and Caloundra State School. When a
   the school holds its own Surf Carnival          Packing up                                    reasonable and manageable group
   for its students.                               An hour is set aside for the use of the       of students has arrived at one of these
   Many students from Currimundi State             library and literacy activities. Activities   points, an adult sets off the “walking bus”
   School are also members of the Little           such as helping the elderly read              in the direction of Our Lady of the Rosary
   Nippers at Dicky Beach Surf Club.               bingo cards, Hoy cards, and singing           School.
                                                   from song books unobtrusively help
THE LIGHTHOUSE CENTRE                              develop literacy and numeracy skills
                                                   in students. The repetitive nature of
Because the title “Special Education Unit”         the chores required to run the day
has negative overtones, the unit at The            successfully help the students become
Caloundra High School is instead called”           very good at their “jobs” and therefore
THE LIGHTHOUSE CENTRE”. Students                   a feeling of success and ownership is
with mild or moderately mental disabilities,       attained. Relationships built between
aged from 13 to 17 are educated in
the unit which is part of the High
School Campus.
In the Lighthouse Centre the curriculum
followed is adapted to suit the abilities
and skills of the students. Three programs
which are offered in the Centre are:-


     These walking buses set off at regular
     intervals and continue whilst ever there
     are students waiting.
     It is hoped that these car-free days
     encourage awareness in the children
     that we have to try to reduce our carbon
     footprint, by not relying on motor vehicles
     for every movement. Walking to school
     together also develops social interaction          The project also showed care for the       be congratulated on their wonderful entry
     between students who chat with each                creatures in the catchment area;           and their success in the state
     other as they walk. The exercise of walking                                                   wide competition.
                                                        A town plan for Silvan Valley
                                                        accompanied the entry;
     pupils on the walking bus.                                                                    UNITY COLLEGE – LITTER
                                                     Points noted on the town plan                 PREVENTION
     WATER SUSTAINABILITY FOR                        included:-
                                                                                                   A visit to the grounds of Unity College
     OUR FUTURE                                                                                    indicates the effectiveness of the Anti-litter
     In term 2, 2010, the curriculum studied            houses;                                    policy of the College. With 1,000 students
     by year 3 students of Ms K Reynolds             b. there are many catchment creatures         aged from 4 to 17 years, one might
     featured energy conservation, while the            living in the town;                        expect to see some litter in the grounds.
     focus in term 3 was water conservation.         c. there is a hydro-power station;            However on a recent visit to the College
     Ms Reynolds and her class attend                                                              and a walk around the campus, I must
                                                     d. farm animals have a shock collar to
     Caloundra City Private School, which is                                                       admit no litter was to be seen. Because of
                                                        stop them from drinking and polluting
     situated at Pelican Waters. After 2 terms                                                     the pleasant surrounds of lush lawns and
                                                        the water;
     of good work on these subjects, the class                                                     lots of gardens full of Australian natives,
                                                     e. bigger farms are settled away from the     there is also perhaps an external pressure
     decided to combine the two terms’ of
                                                        town houses and have wind turbines to      on the students to keep such a lovely
     work and enter a competition run by SEQ
                                                        generate energy;                           area tidy. But the College must take credit
     Water Grid.
                                                                                                   for developing in the students the need
         In preparation for the project, the class      2 storeys high, with courtyards and        to respect the environment with regards to
         invited a speaker from SEQ Water to            garden areas for relaxation;               litter control.
         address the class;
         Children learned about how SEQ                                                            The College has as its mantra: Respect for
                                                        bins, pop-up taps and solar panels;        Self, Respect for Others, Respect for the
         Water catches, stores and treats
                                                     h. buses and cars run on solar energy         Environment. This mantra drives the anti-
                                                        that can be stored. As a back-up,          litter policy of the College. The students
         Class chose topic “Urban Design” for           natural gas can be purchased from          are encouraged to Think Globally, but
         their project;                                 the Community Eco Shop;                    to Act Locally. This advice overcomes
         Much brainstorming and discussion           i. roads made from a mixture of cement        the idea that some students often have
         among classmates followed;                     and recycled materials and designed        of setting out to save the world, and
         Students designed and planned their            to cause least harm to the environment;    overlook a need which confronts them in
         town of Silvan Valley;                      j. roads clearly signed so the catchment      their daily life. The focus in this mantra is
         Silvan Valley – a new town- built in           creatures are looked after;                to bring needs to the student’s immediate
         a beautiful catchment that includes                                                       environment. One practical way of acting
                                                     k. there is a town pool with a cover, and
         a river, bushland, mountains and                                                          locally is to keep the College surrounds
                                                        no individual pools;
         small farms;                                                                              tidy and attractive.
                                                     l. gardens and parks have water tanks
         The town designed by Year 3 students           connected to bubblers and there            To encourage re-cycling, there are
                                                        is park seating made from recycled         recycling bins in evidence in the college
                                                        materials;                                 grounds. Waste paper, cartons, boxes
         shops, businesses, houses, roads,                                                         are all recycled in these bins and are
         sportsgrounds, and parks;                   The children submitted their entry with       collected by the waste management
                                                     many photographs and plans and they           trucks on a regular basis. Soft drinks are
         Student project demonstrated how
         innovative technology, excellent                                                          not sold in the college tuck-shop, nor are
                                                     was selected as the winning entry for the     they allowed on campus. In this way,
         planning and urban design can
                                                     Prep to Year 4 competition. They were         there are no cans brought on to the
         provide a sustainable water supply for
                                                     awarded $500 for their school as well as      college grounds.
         now and for the future.
                                                     individual prizes each. The children are to
                                                 2      QUEENSLAND’S YOUNG LEGENDS

Vegetable waste is re-cycled by use in
the worm farms which the children in the
primary school manage. Regularly the
worm farms are drained and the waste
product is used as fertiliser for the
College gardens.
These ways are some of the ways in which
Unity College educates its students in
caring for the environment and removing                                                         programs for boys, 6 for girls and 6
litter from our surrounds.                                                                      ‘mobility’ programs, which guarantee jobs
                                                 Coast Regional Council lifeguard is in         for the participants when the course ends.
ANNUAL SURFABOUT RALLY                           attendance to safeguard all entrants.
In July each year, Staff of Our Lady of          There are events held for individual           clubhouse was used by Beyond Billabong,
the Rosary School (OLR) at Caloundra             entrants aged 10 years and over. During        but Caloundra’s involvement with the
organize a two-day competition named             the carnival, there are team events. The       program is very active. The team leader of
“Surfabout”. Other schools are invited           team events are for 8 surfers from the one     this group (Clint Miller) is from Caloundra
to enter individuals and teams for the           school and individual team members are         originally and 50% of the mentors in the
competition and in 2010, a total of 11           judged, with the winning school having         program are from Caloundra and district.
schools were represented. OLR contacts           the highest aggregate for team events.
                                                                                                Living at the clubhouse was a great
sponsors who generously donate money                                                            experience for the boys as they were able
                                                 event. This event pitches teams of 5, each
over the two-day carnival.                       member from a different school, with at
                                                                                                friendliness of the patrons as they came
                                                 least 2 girl team members, against each
In the lead-up to the Surf Carnival, all                                                        and went. In this way, they could see that
                                                 other team. The 5 surfers use the same soft
the lessons in most school subjects focus                                                       there is no real difference between black
                                                 board, with each team member riding a
on aspects of the surf - the natural                                                            and white people; all that is needed is
                                                 wave, before handing the board on to
environment of Our Lady of the Rosary                                                           respect for each other’s culture.
                                                 the next team member. The winning team is
School. In conjunction with the theme,                                                             Beyond Billabong offers a personal
                                                 the one with the highest aggregate points
                                                 for the event.                                    development program;
beach; there is an art competition in which
                                                 This rally is a wonderful way of joining          The program offers new skills
students are asked to design a T-shirt, or
                                                 many of our Sunshine Coast schools                to Aboriginal youth;
culture, during which children learn of local    together in friendly rivalry, using the surf      The program is a 4 week
                                                 (one of our best environmental assets), as        residential course;
                                                 well as promoting safe use of the surf. It        5 adult mentors accompany
                                                 is gratifying to see this school, Our Lady        each intake;
In partnership with the University of the
                                                 of the Rosary, planning such a wonderful          Most youths are aged 15 plus;
Sunshine Coast, children at OLR do
                                                 learning experience for students, taking
and learn about multi-media activities.                                                            Activities offered ‘romance’ youth
                                                 advantage of the local environment.
Reporters from the local newspaper visit                                                           in to training;
the school and students learn about the                                                            1 week at the beach is an important
                                                 SURF LIFESAVING CLUB HOSTS
art of journalism with respect to surf reports                                                     part of the course;
                                                 INDIGENOUS YOUTH
                                                                                                   Activities offered – horse riding,
As part of the Surfabout Rally, students         In the last week of February, Dicky
                                                                                                   leatherwork, art etc;
produce movies, writings and photos              Beach Surf Life Saving Club hosted 11
which are reproduced worldwide via               Aboriginal youths who were taking part in         Participants at the Dicky Beach intake
the internet.                                    a 4 week residential program offered by           came from Goondiwindi, Toomelah and
                                                 Beyond Billabong. This organization was           Moree;
As the culminating activity for the Rally, a
                                                 founded in Longreach 2.5 years ago                Beyond Billabong aims to expose
surf carnival is held. Competitors attend,
                                                 with the prime purpose of offering                youth to the wide world and convince
coming from schools from as far as Noosa
                                                 personal development programs to                  the youth that they deserve and have
to Caloundra. Entry monies are raised
                                                 indigenous youth.                                 the right to everything they see;
to support Currimundi Special School.
Prizes for Individual and Team entrants are      During 2011, 18 programs will be offered          “Aim high and it can be yours”.
awarded during the rally and sponsors            to Aboriginal youth by Beyond Billabong,
                                                 with 12 participants in each intake – 6


         Worms are really important to planet Earth.
         Their castings are a great source of nutrient for the soil
         and plants.
         My Grandma and Grandad bought me a worm farm for
         Christmas and my Pop and Nana gave me the idea of
         selling the castings as I had been selling pumpkins which my
         Pop grew.
         My sisters and I made a stall to sell our worm castings.
         It was a really successful deed.
                                                                        We set up our stall at 21 Pakenham St Aroona.

         On Wednesday the19th of January, 2011, my team and I,          We set up this stall because we wanted to help those
         Jazz and Zara commenced sales that were really successful.
                                                                        Our Mum and Dad then matched the $200 that
         We stayed open for 3 days.                                     we made.
                                                                        When we sent it to Woolworths they matched
         castings and set up the stall, opening for 9 hours or less.    our total.

         Then I would do it all over again, 3 days running.             We were responsible for creating $800.

         Jazz was the sign writer, Zara was the treasurer and I was     My worms are the quiet achievers and the heroes
         the fundraising president.                                     of the day!!!!!

         My worms have worked so hard to produce all these
         bottles of worm castings. I always leave them our
         vegetables scraps for them to eat.