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					             Phoenix 3.0
             University marks milestone
             (We’re 40!) and welcomes
             its third generation

             Andrew Mulloy compares notes (his on
             a laptop, hers in a textbook) with his
             grandmother, Kathryn VerKuilen ’70, one of
             UW-Green Bay’s first ‘returning adult’ grads

APRIL 2010
Notes from 2420 Nicolet…

 Students shine for
   UW-Green Bay
Greetings from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay!

One of my roles as chancellor is being an ambassador for this University. It’s something I enjoy and find
relatively easy to do; we have plenty of success stories to share.

There are times, though, when I am reminded I am not this University’s best ambassador. That distinction
rests instead with our students and graduates.

The ninth annual Academic Excellence Symposium illustrates this perfectly. It was an absolute delight to
browse the exhibits, chat with some of our top students and see the high level of academic achievement in
their research projects, independent studies and artistic achievements. I took great pride in seeing these
students so confidently display their work to campus and community visitors.

Another proud moment came not here, but in Ames, Iowa, with the UW-Green Bay women’s basketball
team in the NCAA Tournament. The Phoenix came within an eyelash of the Sweet 16. As important, the
players and coaches, pep band, cheer squad and fans represented us with spirit and class, winning admira-
tion for their sportsmanship. We’re still fielding compliments directed their way.

Among the best stories told during “March Madness” was one away from the court, regarding Phoenix
guard Celeste Hoewisch and her ongoing work with special fan Zach Heugel of Green Bay (photo below).
Celeste was a star of her team’s upset win over Virginia. If you saw coverage on TV or on our website,
however, you know her greatest contributions will have more to do with her studies in biology and exercise
science, and her absolute commitment to helping others.

One other story you might have seen involved “green” ink in Green Bay. When our Computing and
Information Technology division announced a move to a less ink-intensive font as our default typeface, it
became national news. The attention was timely as we approach the 40th anniversary of the first Earth
Day, and alumni return for a major conference celebrating the occasion.

It has been a great spring for your University. Thank you for your continuing interest,
and Go Phoenix!

Thomas Harden
 Inside UW-Green Bay
        April 2010
     Volume 36, No. 2
                                9    Mr. Housing
                                     Honors for Class of ’70 grad           9

      Chris Sampson            16 2020 vision
                                     Ideas for UW-Green Bay’s future

      Editorial Staff
      Chris Sampson
       Sue Bodilly             17    Phuture is now
                                     First alumna arrives on compus

  Contributing Writers
    Terry Anderson
        Paul Mee
     Jennifer Klein
                               18 Long-lost games
                                     Coach‘s gift preserves memories

       Yvonne Splan
        Eric Miller
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       Adam Koenig
                                18   Alumni notes

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    In 1970, new campus
    meant new life
    Forty years old, a stay-at-home mother and
    suddenly widowed with four children ages 4
    through 16, Kathryn VerKuilen surveyed her
    Something happening across town, on Green
    Bay’s east side, caught her eye.
    It was early 1968 and ground had been bro-
    ken on a new four-year university. At the time,
    the Green Bay Center on Deckner Avenue
    offered only freshman/sophomore-level classes
    as a feeder to the main University of Wiscon-
    sin campus in Madison, 140 miles away.
    The placebound VerKuilen had never been
    much interested in the Center. Having started
    school in Madison before starting a family, she
    already had two years of college. When she
    looked to the construction on Nicolet Drive,
    though, she saw a future.
    “I had to do something, I had to find a job,”
    she says now. “I had volunteered a lot at Jack-
    son School where my kids went to school and I
    thought, I’ll go back and finish my degree and
    become a teacher. Plus, I’d be off when the
    children were off.”

                                                      VerKuilen enrolled as one of UWGB’s first stu-      who grew up on a South Dakota reservation
                                                      dents. She got her bachelor’s from the College      and spoke so reverently of native culture.
                                                      of Community Science in December 1970.
                                                                                                          “That first year it was a small school and the
                                                      “I think I was the oldest one in that class,” she   students and faculty were very close,” she
                                                      recalls. “The younger kids were all very nice...    says. “In my anthropology class, we thought it
                                                      professors, staff… a wonderful experience.”         would be fun to have a dinner, and I said ‘Why
                                                                                                          doesn’t everybody come over to my house?’
                                                      Within a month of graduation she had a job,
                                                      at Morgan L. Martin Elementary. A year later,       “I set up card tables all over the house, and
                                                      she transferred to the new MacArthur School         all the college-age students and the professor

    About that Phoenix                                closer to her west side home. She taught there
                                                      for more than 20 years before retiring.
                                                                                                          and his wife came, too. They were from India,
                                                                                                          and she was wearing a beautiful saari and had
       In May it will be 40 years since the student                                                       the ornamental (bindi) dot on her forehead,
                                                      Each of her own children went on to graduate
    vote that gave UW-Green Bay the Phoenix.                                                              and we enjoyed each other’s company and
       Dean Tremble, a retired military officer       from college. Two grandchildren including
                                                                                                          cultures. I’ll always remember that evening.”
    now living in Sparta, wrote recently to attach    one at UW-Green Bay (facing page) are follow-
    a name to a longstanding mystery. He said         ing her lead into education careers.                VerKuilen still has some of her old textbooks.
    he and Omega Kappa buddy Fred Bloedhorn                                                               She hauled out a favorite, Earth and Man, for a
                                                      VerKuilen’s UWGB memories include a speech
    contributed the idea and art behind the entry                                                         photo prop. It was written by a favorite UWGB
                                                      course with Prof. Jack Frisch that first summer
    submitted anonymously to the contest. Trem-                                                           professor, Frank Byrne, on a topic she enjoyed
    ble’s inspiration was that, from the humble old   after her husband’s death. She recalls lectures
                                                                                                          studying, geology.
    Deckner Avenue campus, a great new univer-        by transportation expert Donald Gandre, who
    sity on the bayshore would arise out of the       described the tradeoff of precious farmland         Actually, there were few classes she didn’t
    ashes. “Every time I see the Phoenix on TV, I     being paved over by the region’s first four-lane    enjoy. It was, after all, her new life.
    have to say, ‘That was my idea,’” Tremble says.   highways. She remembers an independent
                                                                                                          “There were just a lot of really good people. It
    “My little claim to fame.”                        study with economics professor Jim Murray,
                                                                                                          was a perfect fit.”

2                   April 2010
                                                                                                       Names of
                                                                                                       June 1, 1970
                                                                                                       listed in program:
                                                                                                       John Beauchamp, Managerial Systems
                                                                                                       Barbara Ward Belschner
                                                                                                       Humanism & Cultural Change
                                                                                                       resides today in Tulsa, Okla.
                                                                                                       Richard Berceau, Humanism
                                                                                                       & Cultural Change, Prior Lake, Minn.
                                                                                                       Cynthia Manders Besson
                                                                                                       Modernization Processes, Green Bay
                                                                                                       Pat Sturchio Bhatt, Communication &
                                                                                                       the Arts, Chino Hills, Calif.
                                                                                                       Margaret Kirschling Borremans, HCC
                                                                                                       Dale Buckmaster, Managerial Systems
                                                                                                       Middleton, Wis.
                                                                                                       R. Scott Burkhardt, Environmental
                                                                                                       Control, Oconto, Wis.
                                                                                                       Virginia Carpentier, Communication &
                                                                                                       the Arts, Green Bay
                                                                                                       Yvonne Nortwen Chambers, Humanism
                                                                                                       & Cultural Change, Conover, Wis.
                                                                                                       Robert Cherry, Humanism & Cultural
                                                                                                       Change, Milwaukee
                                                                                                       Patricia Koester Davis
                                                                                                       Humanism & Cultural Change

Future teacher follows in
grandmother’s footsteps
                                                                                                       Joyce Herlache DeBauche, Human Biology
UW-Green Bay has been             Mulloy transferred in after                                          Deceased
around long enough that two-      attending the University of
generation Phoenix families are   St. Thomas in the Twin Cities.                                       Gary DeGrave, Regional Analysis
common. Now, it’s time for a      He’s on track to student teach     UW-Green Bay is perfect for       Corpus Christi, Tex.
third generation.                 in fall and receive a bachelor’s   him, too, He’s saving expenses    John DePauw, Ecosystems Analysis
                                  in Education with a minor in       this semester by living at her    Green Bay
When Drew Mulloy ’10 recently
                                  Environmental Sciences.            home. He also has the benefit
took his grandmother, Kathryn                                                                          Nancy Ably DePrey, Regional Analysis
                                                                     of homework help from a tal-      Green Bay
VerKuilen ’70, on a driving       He plans a career in elementary
                                                                     ented grad with professional
tour of his school, it was also   education, inspired partly by                                        Florence Killsdonk Doverspike
                                                                     expertise in his chosen field.
her school. And she couldn’t      his grandmother (story on fac-                                       Humanism & Cultural Change, Antigo
believe all the changes.          ing page). Widowed young but       “It’s fun because we’re always
                                                                                                       Kathleen McDonough Gerds
                                  intent on a better life for her    comparing what has changed,
“The whole time we were driv-                                                                          Humanism & Cultural Change, Pulaski
                                  family, she built upon credits     the different teaching methods.
ing around, she went on and on                                                                         Eugene Geurts
                                  earned many years previous         How do you handle challenging
about all the new buildings and                                                                        Ecosystems Analysis, De Pere, Wis.
                                  and persevered to graduation.      students? How do you teach
how different everything was,”
                                                                     reading? She’s interested in      Helen Halpern Glickman
Mulloy says.                      “I have always admired how
                                                                     all the new methods, and I’m      Humanism & Cultural Change, Green Bay
                                  strong she was for doing that,”
While their alma mater has                                           interested that in many areas
                                  Mulloy says. “I also appreciate                                      Janet Hart, Modernization Processes
changed radically — in 1970                                          the pendulum seems to have        Deceased
                                  how perfect it was for her that
there were only three buildings                                      gone back to methods from her
                                  this university opened in her                                        John Harvey, Managerial Systems
— there’s a family resemblance                                       days in college.”
                                  city at just the right time.”                                        Burnsville, Minn.
in their Green Bay experiences.

                                                                                                             April 2010                       3
    Card games, Shorewood and draft-lottery memories
    Kicking back at the old Shorewood Club.
    Playing cards in the Deckner Center caf-
    eteria. That’s what a few of UW-Green Bay’s
    first graduates remember about student
    life that first year at the new University.
    Harold Baker ’70 says his student job was
    as a bartender. It was an era when it was
    legal for 18-year-olds to consume beer.
    Baker worked the bar at Shorewood, which
    was the old clubhouse of the former private
    golf course on the site.
    “Shorewood hosted dances, some bands
    and the like,” says Baker. “My main memory
    was the day (Dec. 1, 1969) when we
    watched the very first military draft lottery
    on TV at the club. There were cheers, and
    probably tears, as each birth date was
    drawn from the tub and was assigned the
    next priority number to be drafted.”
    Keith Pamperin ’70 says Shorewood “really
    was the place to meet and greet after
    class and school functions, serving as our
    student union.”
    Baker, who went on to a 30-year career
    with Thrivent Financial for Lutherans after
    receiving his Managerial Systems degree,

    “For those of us who were there,
    it’s hard to believe that it’s going
    to be our 40th!”
    Michael McDaniel, MGS
    Sedona, Ariz.                                   takes it a step further. For many students,     tickets to students to express their opin-
                                                    the club was the new campus.                    ions with a maul or sledgehammer. Politics
    Retired airline captain                                                                         and civil-rights issues also played out in
                                                    “That first year, some of us pretty much did
                                                                                                    student theatre productions of the era,
    Hobbies: Hiking, skiing, motor-                 all our class work at the Deckner campus,”
                                                                                                    Opicka remembers.
                                                    Baker recalls. “To be sure, we spent very
    cycles, travel and volunteering at              little time at the new site, other than being   Readings and teach-ins, either at Shore-
    the Animal Shelter                              at the Shorewood Club.”                         wood or the Deckner Center (above) would
                                                                                                    draw attentive student audiences.
                                                    Ron Opicka ’70 remembers the cafeteria
                                                    at the Deckner Avenue center filled with        Another early campus fixture was the
                                                    classmates intently focused on… their           “Bluewhale Coffeehouse.” It was little more
                                                    cards. “Sheepshead, cribbage, a lot of          than a makeshift stage and wooden sign
    William Hearden                                 chess, and bridge was popular at the time,”     for a backdrop, set up on Saturday nights
    Urban Analysis, Green Bay                       he says.                                        at the old Shorewood Club, but it anchored
    Kenneth Hogg, Humanism                                                                          the student music scene. The “Whale” went
                                                    Other memories include the popular
    & Cultural Change, Duluth                                                                       away by 1987 when the old clubhouse was
                                                    fundraiser of spray-painting a junker car
                                                                                                    torn down and the new union expanded.
    Robert Hyde, Humanism &                         with slogans or drawings and then selling
    Cultural Change, Three Lakes                                                                    The coffeehouse music scene has revived
                                                                                                    this decade with the Common Grounds
    Philip Ihlenfeldt, Managerial                                                                   Coffeehouse proving popular at the Uni-
    Systems, Green Bay
                                                                                                    versity Union.
    Marjorie Brick Jehle, Modern-
    ization Processes, Manitowoc
    Dale Johnson, Managerial
    Systems, Neenah

4                    April 2010

                                                                                                          Rock concert publicists.
                                                                                                          That’s the assignment
                                                                                                          students Josh Braun and
                                                                                                          Kassie Schnell are embracing
                                                                                                          in their roles with the Good
                                                                                                          Times Programming student

E-vote calls the tunes
UW-Green Bay students are            Actually, in a sign of the times,
stoked about an April 24 concert
by a red-hot band at the 4,000-
                                     Good Times used the internet
                                     and an e-mail survey even
                                                                           Finances got you down?
seat Kress Events Center.            before booking the concert, to        Comics git ‘er done
                                     gauge student preference as           This spring’s Weidner Center lineup confirms a trend: Standup
The band is called The Red
                                     to big-name acts. (Sorry, Owl         shows by Larry the Cable Guy on May 16, a visit by sketch-com-
Jumpsuit Apparatus, or RJA, and
                                     City, Cartel, Flyleaf, Motion City    edy legend Tim Conway on May 22, and a “No Reservations”
their music is described as a “mix
                                     Soundtrack and Jack’s Manne-          evening June 11 with the funny-in-a-sardonic-way Anthony
of pop-punk, pop, screamo, and
                                     quin, but in the student vote, the               Bourdain are selling tickets.
metal.” Big songs include “Pen
                                     Apparatus owned you.)                            “There’s a definite increase in comedic programming
and Paper” and “Face Down,”
which made Billboard’s Top 25.       The April 24 show will be the first               this year, and maybe people are looking for laughs
                                     major student-booked concert                       because of the economy,” says Weidner Center
The promoter is the student                                                                   Presents, Inc. president Katie Green, Class
                                     in two-and-a-half years since
organization Good Times                                                                          of 1999.
                                     Switchfoot and Relient K rocked
Programming. The big-time show
                                     a sold-out Kress Center (inset                             Comedy has always played well on cam-
means valuable professional-level
                                     photo above). That show kicled                             pus, she adds, with George Carlin, Lewis
experience for PR coordinator
                                     off grand opening festivities in                            Black, Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Cosby, and Jeff
Josh Braun and special events
                                     November 2007.                                              Foxworthy as previous draws.
director Kassie Schnell. They’re
using posters, press releases,                                                                  “Most of our ticket-buyers are drawn from
internet channels and word of                                                               the community, but we also see a good num-
mouth to push ticket sales.                                                                 ber of UW-Green Bay students,” Green says.

                                                                                                                    April 2010                 5
    First across the stage: Memories of June 1,1970
    Most of today’s graduates began their studies in the
    Center System. When it became definitely known
    about two years ago that UWGB was to open offi-
    cially in September 1969, they were moved by their
    interest and pride in the new institution to seek
    to become its first graduates. Today’s ceremony,
    then, is a tribute to their pioneering spirit and
    — Text from first Commencement booklet
    Forty years ago this spring, on the first
    Monday of June 1970, 78 “pioneers” received
    the first degrees awarded by the University of
    Wisconsin-Green Bay.
    The event capped UW-Green Bay’s inaugural
    year at its bayshore location and second since
    upper-level courses debuted at the former
    freshman/sophomore Deckner campus.
    Scheduled for the plaza above the Instruc-
    tional Services Building, the ceremony was
    moved by iffy weather to the gym at Deckner a
    few miles away.
    Gary Kuchenbecker ’70 remembers walking
    down the aisle to shake hands with Chancellor
    Edward Weidner and Gov. Warren Knowles,
    who just five years earlier had signed the
    legislation that would create UWGB. Knowles
    would deliver a speech lauding the institution

    “Of roughly 1,200 graduates I have
    taught in my 36 years, I have 10
    science doctorates from Tigerton —
    I’m very proud of that… As for fond                    for representing “a new wave of educational       Nancy Leicht Lambeau, niece of the Packers
    memories… fall of 1969, walking                        thought” and being “destined to become a          founder. Max Lerner of the New York Times
                                                           truly great university.”                          (“world-wide syndicated columnist”) was flown
    into the Lab Sciences Building with                                                                      in to deliver the commencement address.
                                                           As for Kuchenbecker, “I was just happy to be
    paint cans, ladders and construction                   graduating,” he recalls. “But looking back        There was no student speaker.
    tools strewn all over… I remember                      now at it being Year One, that was simply         Ron Retherford ’70 remembers the day for
                                                           downright neat.”                                  its music. While the official record notes a
    pounding noises during the first lec-
                                                           Many of the graduates were 30 or older. About     prelude concert and triumphant recessional
    tures, and although I can’t remember                   half were married. A newspaper clip records       by the Concert Band under the direction of
    what course it was (probably genetics                  that Mrs. Helen H. Glickman of Green Bay, the     Robert J. Bauer, Retherford maintains that at
                                                           senior member of the class at age 47, had first   some point a little barbershop harmony burst
    with Dr. Ihrke), I remember two guys                                                                     forth.
                                                           started college in 1940.
    knocking on the door, interrupting                     Processing in alphabetical order, Nancy C.        “Since we had no school song, Ken Hogg and
    the lecture, asking when the room                      Ably of Green Bay was the first to receive her    two other graduates and I wrote, rehearsed,
                                                           degree, in regional analysis. Ably, now Nancy     and sang the first ‘official’ graduation song,”
    would be free because they had to                                                                        he says. “The song was unusual, but represen-
                                                           Deprey and a retired educator, has returned
    put up some more blackboards.                          to campus many times since — including the        tative of the kind of silliness and fun we had as
                                                           2008 commencement ceremony when she               the first graduating class of our brand new —
    What a hoot!                                                                                             and also unusual —college.”
                                                           helped the Alumni Association welcome the
    Gary Kuchenbecker, ECA                                 institution’s 25,000th graduate.                  As Retherford and Hogg tell the story — and
                                                           Ably’s sister Peggy was in the same graduating    with his “Creative Communication” degree
    Tigerton, Wis.                                                                                           and status as an ordained Methodist minister,
                                                           class. Befitting the first graduating class in
    Science teacher, Tigerton H.S.                         Green Bay, the cohort included a Lambeau,         who could doubt Retherford? — the student
                                                                                                             quartet donned Shakey’s Pizza Parlor straw

6                    April 2010
                                                                                                               Eric Johnson
                                                                                                               Humanism & Cultural Change
                                                                                                               resides today in Seattle
                                                                                                               Harry Katch, Regional Analysis
                                                                                                               Patricia Warne Kluth
                                                                                                               Regional Analysis, Green Bay
                                                                                                               Lennie Mecca Kramer, Moderniza-
                                                                                                               tion Processes, Cottage Grove, Wis
                                                                                                               Gary Kuchenbecker, Ecosystems
                                                                                                               Analysis, Tigerton, Wis.
                                                                                                               Gerald Lange
                                                                                                               Humanism & Cultural Change
                                                                                                               Marina Del Rey, Calif.
                                                                                                               Steven Lauson
                                                                                                               Managerial Systems, Manitowoc
                                                                                                               Ronald Lodes, Managerial Systems
                                                                                                               Retired from career in industrial
                                                                                                               advertising in the automotive
                                                                                                               aftermarket, Racine, Wis.
                                                                                                               Nancy Leicht Lambeau Makuen
                                                                                                               Humanism & Cultural Change
                                                                                                               Estero, Fla.
                                                                                                               Michael McDaniel, Managerial
                                                                                                               Systems, Sedona, Ariz.
                                                                                                               Theodore McQuiston, Managerial
                                                                                                               Systems, Fredericksburg, Va.
                                                                                                               Neoma Seidl Michalski
                                                                                                               Modernization Processes, deceased
                                                                                                               Mary Munsinger Mollica, Manawa
                                                                                                               Humanism & Cultural Change

hats and held up huge cardboard letters,           Press Gazette, with a picture of me and a
U-W-G-B, to deliver their ditty:                   classmate explaining why we would forgo the

                                                   caps and gowns, and then replace them with
U is for the happiness YOU bring me
                                                   pants versus the much more appropriate and
W means twice as much to me, to me,
                                                   conventional skirt.”
G we’re glad you’re here
So together we can B                               (To see the newsclip, visit Inside online.)
(To hear an audio file of the “first school        Those were different times, certainly, but
song,” go to Inside online.)                       Broadwater says her appreciation only
                                                   increases with distance.
There would be another UW-Green Bay
commencement in December, with all of the          “We were idealistic… I often tell others of
degrees but little of the hoopla. With only        the experience I had on that first Earth Day
40 graduating, the ceremony was held in            at Eco-U… I also have great memories of my       Spring Commencement 2010
the Preble High School auditorium and the          time in the ‘warehouse’ art studio. I learned
seniors agreed to dispense with formality,         to love clay and made many friends in that        • Saturday, May 15, 11:30 a.m.
including caps and gowns.                          drafty old place…. The first trip to London? I    • Kress Events Center (capacity of
                                                   was there. I was married and my husband fully
That non-traditional approach raised a few                                                             5,000 with floor seating)
                                                   supported and encouraged me to go, but my
eyebrows, recalls Deb Gibson Broadwater,
class of ’70, now a retired U.S. Army colonel
                                                   married friends just couldn’t understand how      • Record graduating class of
living in Virginia.
                                                   I could leave home and husband for even a           nearly 750
                                                   short time.
“In today’s world it’s difficult to believe, but                                                     • Total alumni will top 27,000
                                                   “They just didn’t understand the spirit of
when a few of the graduating young women
                                                   UWGB and the opportunities to think outside
decided to wear ‘pant suits’ it was considered
                                                   the box, at a time when most universities were
revolutionary,” she says. “It even made the
                                                   wallowing in traditionalism.”
                                                                                                                    April 2010                      7
    ‘A sea of oozing slime’ at
    birth of campus housing
    Forty years ago this summer, construction of the Bay
    Apartment complex put nine two-story buildings with
    the capacity to house nearly 600 students right next
    door to the new UW-Green Bay. And a prolonged rainy
    spell put the first tenants ankle-deep in mud.
    “It was just a sea of oozing slime out there. No landscap-
    ing, just mud and straw,” recalled Class of ’71 grad David
    Kohn, who moved into one of the units in August 1970
    and snapped these photos. “Construction wasn’t even
    complete on many of the units, and I had to sleep on the
    floor of someone else’s place until mine was finished.”
    “The Bay Apts” began as a commercial operation man-
    aged by Inland Steel Development Corp. Their devel-
    oper, David Carley, an anti-war candidate for Wisconsin
    governor, was a public figure in those days; in March
    1971 students celebrated the opening of a coffeehouse
    in the Building 107 basement by naming it Carley’s
    Place in their then-landlord’s honor.
    By 1980 the apartments were purchased on behalf of
    the University, providing the core for new residence hall
    and apartment-suites buildings and today’s Residence
    Life complex of nearly 2,100 beds.
    Worth noting: The yellow school bus in the 1970 photo
    was most likely the “Deckner Shuttle,” which trans-
    ported students between the new Shorewood site and
    the downtown UW Center campus on Deckner Avenue,
    where many classes still were held.

         “I ended up being good friends with
         founding chancellor Ed Weidner.
         He was just brilliant.”
         Kathleen McDonough Gerds
         Pulaski H.S. teacher, adviser
         ‘Eco U’ claim to fame: Helped
         organize first Earth Day extrava-                              Pamperin Hall
         ganza at Brown County Arena for
                                                                        • Three stories, 51,000 square
         college honors project
                                                                          feet, $8 million cost
                                                                        • 32 suites housing 126 students
    Marilyn Neitzel Moore
    Modernization Processes                                             • Precast concrete and steel
    resides today in Green Bay
    Ronald Opicka
    Ecosystems Analysis, Casco                                          • Each suite has living room
    Michel Paque, Regional                                                and kitchen, private bedrooms,
    Analysis, Oklahoma City
    Bernard Petras, Modernization
                                                                          toilet and shower rooms
    Processes, Green Bay
                                                                        • Rental rate approximately
    Mary Lucci Quarters, Green Bay
    Humanism & Cultural Change                                            $4,350/year for a private room

8                    April 2010
                                                                                                           The Bay Apartments opened in 1970, his senior
                                                                                                           year. He was selected a “resource student” and
                                                                                                           provided an efficiency apartment, which he
                                                                                                           shared with Resource Student Patrick Madden
                                                                                                           (later an Iron County judge and distinguished
                                                                                                           alumnus, himself), until Madden’s apartment was
                                                                                                           “My building was named after the diplomat Dag
                                                                                                           Hammarskjold,” Pamperin recalls. “Back then
                                                                                                           there were no sidewalks, and we walked planks
                                                                                                           through the construction mud to get to our
                                                                                                           apartments… It was a small, tightly knit group.
                                                                                                           At some point in the day you probably saw every
                                                                                                           student attending the University.”
                                                                                                           When Pamperin graduated in 1970 with a B.S. in
                                                                                                           Urban Analysis, he had every intention of return-
                                                                                                           ing to UW-Milwaukee for grad school. But before
                                                                                                           he could take a single class, he received a call
                                                                                                           from the city of Green Bay and a job offer. They
                                                                                                           needed someone in the Planning Department
                                                                                                           who could work with property acquisition and
                                                                                                           develop a newly mandated housing relocation
                                                                                                           plan for the Don A. Tilleman (Mason Street)
                                                                                                           Bridge and the Gregby downtown redevelopment
An original tenant then,                                                                                   Pamperin, who received UW-Green Bay’s
                                                                                                           Distinguished Alumni Award for community
today Pamperin has Hall of his own                                                                         service in 1994, retired last year after 38 years
                                                                                                           with the Green Bay and Brown County Housing
It’s appropriate that the newest residence          University Village Housing. Of UW-Green Bay’s          Authorities but remains active in community and
hall nearing completion on the University of        6,500 students, 2,100 will live on campus.             University affairs. He is a director on the boards
Wisconsin-Green Bay campus be named in honor                                                               of a dozen organizations ranging from University
                                                    “I feel so very honored, and I am excited that this    Village Housing Inc. to the Wisconsin Wildlife
of Keith A. Pamperin. No other alumnus has been
                                                    new building is as close to a ‘green building’ as is   Federation, NeighborWorks Green Bay and the
as instrumental in furthering UW-Green Bay as a
                                                    practical to build,” Pamperin said. “This dorm will    NEW Community Shelter.
residential campus.
                                                    be centrally located and includes features that
Pamperin ’70 lived in the first housing unit on     students have requested.”                              “I think the most fun back then was that we were
campus. Later, as a community development                                                                  the grass roots, creating a campus,” he said. “It
                                                    A Green Bay East High School graduate, Pam-            was a great opportunity for student involvement.
specialist for Green Bay and Brown County, he
                                                    perin began his college career in Milwaukee but        I was part of the Chancellor’s Student Advisory
worked with Chancellor Edward Weidner and
                                                    returned home to recuperate following a serious        Committee and we would have monthly meetings
Associate Chancellor Donald Harden to develop
                                                    motor-scooter accident and an 8-month hospi-           at the Chancellor’s home and he would share with
a bond/financing process that paved the way
                                                    talization. He enrolled part time at UW-Green          us his vision for the University.
for University Village Housing Inc., a private,
                                                    Bay and discovered he liked being a student
not-for-profit corporation, to build high-quality                                                          “When I see today how the campus has grown,
                                                    on the ground floor of a developing university
residential facilities on campus.                                                                          the academic buildings, the Weidner Center, the
                                                    dubbed “Eco U.” Still on crutches, he enjoyed the
When it welcomes its first residents Aug. 31 on     ease of getting from class to class on a compact       Kress Events Center and student housing, it’s
fall move-in day, Keith Pamperin Hall — a 126-      campus, and the fact that “as juniors and seniors      amazing how much it has followed that original
bed, apartment-style residence hall — will be       we had classes with nationally recognized full pro-    vision. I’ve been blessed to be a part of the
the 17th residential building built and owned by    fessors, and fewer than a dozen students.”             University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and this
                                                                                                           (Pamperin Hall) is a wonderful honor.”

                                                                                                                                 April 2010                     9
     ‘Green Innovations’ marks
     Earth Day 40th at Eco U
     UW-Green Bay will celebrate sustainability during Earth
     Week with Green Innovations 2010.
     The two-day conference begins Thursday, April 22, with
     keynote speaker David Wann addressing “The New Normal:
     Finding Real Wealth in a Sustainable Lifestyle.” Wann is co-
     author of the best-selling book Affluenza: The All-Consuming
     Epidemic. His presentation at 7 p.m. in the Phoenix Room of
     the University Union is free and open to the public.
     Green Innovations continues on April 23 at The Meadows
     Conference Center, Kepler Drive, Green Bay, with a full day
     of breakout sessions on sustainability in transportation,
     wind energy, regional health and regional sustainability.
     The conference and appearance by Wann (photo below)
     coincide with the week’s anniversary of the first Earth Day
     in 1970. The sponsor is UW-Green Bay’s Environmental
     Management and Business Institute. EMBI is a vehicle for
     reaffirming the University’s leadership in environmental
     initiatives, bridging gaps between sci-
     ence, public policy and business; and
     keeping the green in UW-Green Bay,
     an institution known as ‘Eco U’ long
     before being green became trendy.
     The conference fee for Friday’s
     sessions covers materials and lunch.
     Registration info is available online
     at, or
     by request at (920) 496-2117.

     A closing reception for Green Innovations 2010 will take place
     from 4 to 5 p.m. Friday, April 23. Alumni and friends of the
     University are invited to join the gathering, free of charge, with
     an advance RSVP to Alumni Relations Director Mark Brunette
                                                                               then                        Alumnus to earn first
                                                                                                           ‘Earth Caretaker Award’
                                                                                                           New at this year’s Green Innovations
                                                                                                           conference will be presentation of the first
                                                                                                           Earth Caretaker Award. The honor recog-
                                            A new state law banning used oil filters and absorbent
           Changing                         materials from landfill disposal got a major boost from a
                                                                                                           nizes a UW-Green Bay graduate who has
                                                                                                           gone on to make contributions in his or
                                            student at UW-Green Bay.
         the system,                        Graduate student Adam Snippen (photo, left) and Prof.
                                                                                                           her field of study and to the environment.

      and closing an                        John Katers helped champion Assembly Bill 256, which
                                            goes into effect on December 10, 2010. State recycling
       oily loophole                        law already prohibited the disposal into landfills of steel,
                                                                                                           40 years of memories…
                                            paper and oil, but the old rules never directly addressed
                                            used oil filters.                                              What are yours?
                                            Two years ago, Snippen revisited an earlier report and         Memories are meaningful and meant to
                                            recalculated how much waste oil may be going into state        be shared. Take a walk down memory lane
                                            landfills as part of his work with the UW-Extension Solid      — in this case, 2420 Nicolet Drive — by
                                            and Hazardous Waste Education Center. Not only did             enjoying some of the early photographic
                                            Snippen gather the data, he was called upon to testify         images from campus. If they trigger a
                                            about his findings before the Assembly Committee on            memory, or you can identify place, time, and
                                            Natural Resources.                                             people, we’d certainly enjoy hearing about
                                            “I like getting turned loose on a subject and having to        it, and sharing with Inside readers in the
                                            problem solve,” Snippen said. “I took a look at high and       future. Take a look:
                                            low estimates and found that on the high end there could
                                            be up to a million gallons of oil getting into landfills.”

10                    April 2010
                                                                                                           Ronald Retherford
                                                                                                           Humanism & Cultural Change
                                                                                                           resides today in New Berlin, Wis.
                                                                                                           Rick Riehl, Humanism
                                                                                                           & Cultural Change, West Bend
                                                                                                           Associate Athletics Director, SID
                                                                                                           Concordia University
                                                                                                           Marilyn Krause Rotter, Humanism
                                                                                                           and Cultural Change, Green Bay,
                                                                                                           returning adult student who
                                                                                                           graduated at 33, still active with
                                                                                                           volunteer work
                                                                                                           Harry Schaefer, Modernization
                                                                                                           Processes, Manitowoc
                                                                                                           Lucille Ely Schwarz, Managerial
                                                                                                           Systems, Cheyenne, Wyo.

                                                                                                            “I think I must be one
                                                                                                             of the few 1970 grads
                                                                                                             still working.”
                                                                                                             Ronald Opicka
                                                                                                             Ecosystems Analysis
                                                                                                             CEO of East Shore
                                                                                                             Favorite faculty: Al
                                                                                                             Loomer, Paul Sager,
                                                                                                             Chuck Rhyner, George
                                                                                                             Petrie, Lloyd Nesberg

Student sustainability intern
says, ‘Watch your waste’                                                                                now
Aerosol cans, print toners and      ness of recycling here… and
batteries have joined paper,        the price we pay if we don’t.
cans and plastics as must-          “Paper, disposable cups and
recycle items at UW-Green Bay.      silverware, and packaging all
In many ways, history is repeat-
ing itself at a place that helped
                                    have a price,” Collard said. “The
                                    less we use, the less we pay for.”
                                                                          Still charged up about recycling
                                                                          Camera batteries, watch batteries, car batteries… 9v, AA,
model recyling as one of the        Collard believes that by raising      AAA, C, D… lithium, nickel cadmium, lead-acid and more. When
region’s first major institutions   awareness and competing this          batteries have given their last spark of energy to the University
to embrace the practice 40          spring in a national competi-         and re-charging isn’t an option, there’s now a safe place they
years ago (photo on facing          tion involving schools nation-        can call home. UW-Green Bay
page, above).                       wide, UW-Green Bay lives out          support staff members and the
As the sustainability intern at     its environmental mission.            Classified Staff Advisory Council
UW-Green Bay, Molly Collard         “We were founded on environ-          have been promoting a new bat-
(above) has focused her atten-      mental principles, and were           tery recycling program with drop-
tion on spreading the word of       once known as Eco U,” Collard         off points across campus. The
“RecycleMania” to the campus.       said. “Being vigilant about           batteries — bagged in plastic or
Collard is looking, along with      recycling is a great way to show      with terminals taped to minimize
the University’s Sustainability     we still are striving to live up to   fire hazard, leakage and corrosion
Committee, to heighten aware-       that mission.”                        — are then gathered for recycling.

                                                                                                                April 2010                      11
     For first grads, UW-Green Bay meant something different
     UW-Green Bay began life as an experimental
     university with a highly innovative curriculum.
     Interdisciplinary research and problem solving
     were founding principles.
     The first grads, however, experienced a blend.
     “We were a transition class,” recalls one
     December grad, Harold Baker ’70. “We started
     in a two-year school that was changed to a

                       then                                                       now
                                                                                  four-year school while we were there, so we
     Mary Renn Shaw                                                               actually followed the Madison curriculum. The
     Modernization Processes
     bed and breakfast owner
                                            “Memories? The                        one exception was that we did complete twelve
     Lincoln Park area, Chicago             feeling that we were getting a        credits of LES, Liberal Education Seminars.”
     Helen Siebers, Humanism                small, private-college atmosphere     Incoming students didn’t have majors,
     & Cultural Change, Sun Prairie                                               they had “concentrations” with names like
                                            at state college prices. Sitting in   Communication-Action, Ecosystems Analysis,
     Maxine Lichterman Smith
     Modernization Processes, deceased      the lecture hall while they were      Environmental Control, Growth and Develop-
                                                                                  ment, Modernization Processes, Population
     Kathleen Hunkele Sosnouski             still hammering and sawing in the     Dynamics and the famous Analysis-Synthesis.
     Modernization Processes,Fitchburg
                                            rooms next door. How miserably        (Many thought its institutional abbreviation,
     Scott Storm, Managerial Systems                                              ANAL SYN, was naughtily amusing.)
                                            freezing it was to walk from the
     Jan Swokowski, Communication                                                 While that early terminology has evolved,
     & the Arts, Mishicot, Wis.             parking lot to the buildings when     interdisciplinarity and problem solving remain
     Michael Thor                           the winter winds were blowing in      cornerstones. And early grads still swear by it.
     Managerial Systems, deceased
                                            off the bay. Brrrrrrr!... “           “I tell everyone that the broad-based educa-
     Kathleen Seymour Vander Velden                                               tion I got at UWGB was the best preparation
     Urban Analysis, Appleton               Kathleen Seymour Vander Velden        possible,” says Sherry M. Steffel ’70, today an
                                                                                  environmental attorney for the state of Wis-
     Linda Vanderloop, Humanism
     & Cultural Change, deceased
                                            Urban Analysis, Class of 1970         consin. She studied ecology here, then earned
     Mary Van Slyke Wink, Growth
                                            Chaplain at Bethel Home,              master’s in limnology and land-use planning,
                                                                                  and a law degree, from UW-Madison. “When
     & Development, Appleton                Oshkosh                               all my friends from high school went off to
     Alice Raith Yoder-Whitmore                                                   college, I stayed in Green Bay, my home town.
     Humanism & Cultural Change                                                   The best decision I ever made.”

12                    April 2010
                                                                                                                                   CAMPUS NEWS

                                                    Retiree group looks ahead
                                                     to history, scholarships

The Retiree Association and
the Alumni Association are
gearing up for a major effort
that could finally attach names,
dates and details to hundreds
of photographs from UW-
Green Bay’s early years.
The University was diligent in
documenting facilities, people,
events and activities of the late
1960s and 1970s. From film          When about 75 UW-Green Bay             its $5 per year membership fee          curriculum. Committee members
negatives to black-and-white        retirees and their guests met          this July 1, when all current and       are combing the Cofrin Library’s
prints to color slides, those       last fall in the Phoenix Room          future retirees will automatically      collections. Interviews are under
images have been preserved          to reflect on 40 years at their        become members.                         way with the help of a UW-
and protected. Few, however,        favorite institution, it was a blend                                           Madison oral-history specialist.
                                    of old and new.                        The group’s president, Ken
carry captions or subject IDs.                                             Fleurant, also announced that           “The hope is to tap into the
An initial selection of photos      The “old” was the dinner itself        the Association would award its         memories of our early faculty and
                                    — retirees have held an annual         first student scholarship ($500)        staff,” Fleurant said, “and have
will be archived to the web as
                                    reunion at UW-Green Bay for            this semester.                          those memories preserved.”
a forerunner to a larger and        more than a decade — but the
more systematic project. Your       “new” describes a number of            Perhaps the biggest develop-            Retiree Association officers are
help in ID’ing familiar faces and   major initiatives.                     ment involves the launch of an          Fleurant, Mike Murphy, Betty
scenes is welcome. You can                                                 oral history project. Chaired           Brown, Sally Mancoske, Dennis
                                    For starters, the UW-Green Bay         by Betty Baer, it will focus on         Rader, Beverly Hendricks and
check in on the project at www.
                                    Retiree Association, founded           UW-Green Bay’s first decade and         Barbara McClure-Lukens. Their                   in 2008, has elected to drop           the creation of the distinctive         website is

                                    Any Phoenix                                                   Paging your memories:
                                    treasures in                                                   ‘Sheepshead’ revisited
                                    your attic?                                                  Sheepshead Review, UW-Green Bay’s student-
                                                                                                 published journal of the arts since 1975, is pulling
                                    We know it’s unlikely anyone still
                                                                                                 together a special alumni edition, and they’re also
                                    has the original mascot costume
                                                                                                 looking to add alumni content to their website.
                                    stowed away… but maybe you
                                    hold rare Year One souvenirs like                            “If you held a position with the journal or were pub-
                                    the Bay Badgers pennant on our                               lished in any issue, we want to hear from you,” says
                                    back cover. Don’t sell it on e-Bay.                          Jennifer Stallsmith, this year’s editor-in-chief.
                                    Special Collections in the Cofrin                            The collection of fiction, poetry and visual art was an
                                    Library is always on the lookout                        annual project for 25 years before dropping out of circu-
                                    for items of possible historic                          lation in 1999. It re-launched in 2003 with a dedicated
                                    interest. E-mail our librarian/                         core of students and a modified title (Review instead of
                                    curator Deb Anderson (ander-                            Revue). Today, the number of active contributors exceeds
                           if you think your           40 and content has expanded to include creative nonfiction pieces,
                                    find might be one-of-a-kind.              acclaimed author interviews, and special theme sections. Alumni inter-
                                                                              ested in re-engaging should visit

                                                                                                                            April 2010                     13

     Fans, team celebrate special season for Phoenix women
                                                                                                                            “Our strength coach would be happy
                                                                                                                             because my vertical increased by
                                                                                                                             two feet,” junior Heather Golden
                                                                                                                             said at the time. “I practically
                                                                                                                             jumped through the roof.”
                                                                                                                            The players hadn’t been optimistic
                                                                                                                            after an upset loss in the Horizon
                                                                                                                            League tournament, but the NCAA
                                                                                                                            bid was a mark of respect. That
                                                                                                                            judgment was validated when
                                                                                                                            Green Bay upset ACC power Vir-
                                                                                                                            ginia 69-67 in the tournament’s
                                                                                                                            first round.

     They won their first 16 games. They       Yet, in a season of special moments    Absolute       pandemonium
     rose to No. 17 in the AP rankings         for UW-Green Bay women’s bas-          broke out when UW-Green
     and No. 14 in the USA Today/ESPN          ketball, the wildest celebration       Bay’s name appeared on the
     coaches’ poll. They finished 28-5,        took place off the court, in the De    TV screen with a surprising
     came within a game of the Sweet           Pere living room of assistant coach    at-large invitation to “The Big
     16 and earned the program’s 10th          Mike Divilbiss.                        Dance.” A video of the screaming,
     NCAA Tournament bid in 13 years,          That’s where players and coaches       leaping, deliriously happy players
     and second in three seasons under         gathered March 15 to watch the         continues to get hits on the Phoe-
     head coach Matt Bollant.                  NCAA selection show on ESPN.           nix Athletics website.

      Ad Scientiam Renovandam
        That’s the new Latin motto for         Renovandam comes from a verb
        UW-Green Bay, recently approved        that means “to renew,” “re-create,”
        by the Faculty Senate. Ad means        or “innovate.” The phrase ties in to
        “toward” or “for.” Scientiam is the    the University’s original innova-
        source of the word “science,” but in   tive focus but also to the Phoenix
        the Latin of ancient Rome it meant     re-emerging from the ashes. The
        both “learning” and “knowledge,”       phrase could find use in academic
                                                                                             Bauer-Dantoin                    Clark                 Staco
        and thus spans the teaching and        ceremony and on official institu-
        research aspects of academic life.     tional documents.                                 ‘Dash for Cash’ approach
                                                                                                   brings help for Haiti
        Like The Phoenix, Building 109 Rises Again                                         UW-Green Bay faculty, staff      “We were all so pleased with the
        Seven months after sustaining heavy damage by fire, Building 109,               and students — like many            generosity,” said Prof. Angela
        one of UW-Green Bay’s original apartment buildings, was rebuilt and             Americans — responded with          Bauer-Dantoin, who assisted and
        reopened in time for spring semester. An early-morning electrical fire          personal donations following        advised the drive.
        in the unoccupied building — vacant for summer — gutted a good                  January’s devastating earth-           Also garnering attention was
        portion of the structure last June 25. The incident took 17 units and           quake in Haiti.                     the facsinating online blog and
        63 beds off-line for fall, but some students opted to live off-campus              The campus community took        cross-country quest of former
        for the semester while others were accommodated by doubling up in               the additional step of mobi-        Phoenix runner Abe Clark ’09.
        apartment-suite units nearby.                                                   lizing a “UWGB Stands With          On Feb. 15 he set off from Ocean-
                                                                                        Haiti” group response. Students     side, Calif., pledges in hand,
                                                                                        from the Pre-Med Club, the          headed for a June 30 finish in
                                                                                        Social Work Club and the stu-       Atlantic City, N.J. His 2,800-mile
                                                                                        dent chapter of the Wisconsin       run is raising money for an aid
                                                                                        Education Association staffed       organization repairing quake-
                                                                                        donation tables and also fanned     damaged wells in Haiti.
                                                                                        out during timeouts at Phoenix         Another recent graduate,
                                                                                        basketball games in “dash for       Carl-Eric Staco ’08, a native of
                                                                                        cash” collections. They raised      Haiti, e-mailed on-the-ground
                                                                                        nearly $5,000 for the medical       perspective in the days after the
                                                                                        relief agency Partners in Health.   disaster.

14                    April 2010
                                                                                                                                                            CAMPUS NEWS

                                                                                                                                        Student chefs have
                                                                                                                                        recipe for success
                                                                                                                                        Students Leah Korger and
                                                                                                                                        Rhianna Kunes — the “Edible
                                                                                                                                        Alchemy” team — took home top
                                                                                                                                        honors in UW-Green Bay’s first
                                                                                                                                        Iron Chef-style competition at the
                                                                                                                                        Cloud Commons dining room.
                                                                                                                                        Their creations included tomato
                                                                                                                                        slices lightly breaded and fried,
                                                                                                                                        served with an avocado sauce;
                                                                                                                                        seared flank steak with pine-nut-
                                                                                                                                        infused couscous and asparagus;
                                                                                                                                        and spiced apple slices topped
                                                                                                                                        with coriander whipped cream
                                                                                                                                        and caramel. Runner-up teams
                                                                                                                                        were “Small Hall, Big Flavor,” “The
                                                                                                                                        Cheesy Macs” and “We’re Golden,
                                                                                                                                        Not Burnt.”
It had to be one of the most pop-              pus appearance by eco-activist             speed. Both NASCAR and Indy
ular lunchtime specials in the long            and NASCAR hopeful Leilani                 Car teams are well-positioned to
and colorful history of the Uni-               Munter.                                    pilot projects involving alternative
versity Union’s Cloud Commons                                                             fuels and clean energy, she said.
                                               Munter, an accomplished racer
(formerly the Nicolet Room).                                                              Munter’s visit was hosted by the
                                               and stunt driver, shared her mes-
An oversized model racing layout               sage that even drivers and rac-            Office of Student Life as part of
drew participants and spectators               ing fans can achieve sustainable,          UW-Green Bay’s yearlong Com-
to the Commons on March 2. The                 carbon-neutral lifestyles, despite         mon Theme focus on sustainabil-
track was used to promote a cam-               their high-octane passion for              ity and environmental awareness.

                                                                  FACULTY and STAFF
   Whether trying to recreate the armor        awarded single-semester releases.          In January, UW-Green Bay granted          Teaching of Psychology, which has
   that made Alexander’s armies great,         “Emerging Intelligence in Artificial       emeritus status to 11 newly retired       more than 4,000 members nationwide.
   or sifting through centuries-old            Neural Networks and Genetic                members of the faculty and academic       He will become president in 2011.
   Roman trash, Humanistic Studies Prof.       Programming” is the topic of Peter         staff. Those honored for long and         History Prof. Andrew Kersten has
   Gregory Aldrete is gaining national         Breznay of Information and Comput-         distinguished careers were William        been awarded the Frankenthal Profes-
                         recognition.          ing Science. Heidi Fencl will develop      Conley, Business Administration;          sorship for a five-year term through
                         When Aldrete          an online tutorial for introductory        Sue Keihn, former dean of students;       2014. Recipients receive a stipend for
                         received a 2009       college physics. Cheryl Grosso ’78         geographer William Laatsch; Craig         research expenses or special projects
                         Excellence in         of Arts and Visual Design (music) will     Lockard, Social Change and Develop-       benefitting students or service to the
                         Teaching Award        pursue new compositions and develop        ment; Barbara McClure-Lukens,             community. Kersten is the seventh UW-
                         from the Ameri-       an interdisciplinary course on the         a staff member in Outreach and            Green Bay faculty member (and second
                         can Philological      work of avant garde composer John          Extension; economist Larry Smith;         Kersten) to be awarded the title. His
                         Association, he       Cage. Laurel Phoenix of Public and         Sandra Stokes of the Education            father, Prof. Emeritus Frederick I. Ker-
                         was named “best       Environmental Affairs will examine         faculty and the Women’s and Gender        sten, was a philosophy and humanities
                         classics professor    environmental policies of the eight        Studies unit; former Counseling and       scholar who held the Frankenthal from
               Aldrete in the nation”          states and two Canadian provinces          Health Services director Karen Swan;      1984 through 1988.
                         by the leading        that border the Great Lakes, and her       poet and Humanistic Studies faculty
   association of classics professors. He      colleague Denise Scheberle will            member Denise Sweet; Jan Thornton,        One of UW-Green Bay’s founding
   also traveled to Rome to share his          complete a book of case studies for use    longtime leader of Outreach and Adult     faculty members and most well-known
   analysis for the documentary series         in her Environmental Law class.            Access; and Lynn Walter of the Social     personalities, Prof. Ganga Nair, died
   “Trashopolis” on the ways sanitation                                                   Change and Development faculty.                                 March 10 in Green
                                                                     Homer Simpson
   and garbage have influenced the                                                                                                                        Bay at age 80. Nair
                                                                     Marches on Wash-     The Green Bay Area Chamber of Com-
   world’s great cities.                                                                                                                                  was an interna-
                                                                     ington: Dissent      merce selected two from UW-Green                                tionally known
   To enhance their teaching, three                                  through American     Bay for its 2010 “People You Should                             researcher who
   professors have been granted full                                 Popular Culture is   Know” list in Bay Business Journal                              advised the United
   sabbaticals by the UW System Board                                the eye-catching     magazine. Credited with making                                  Nations and
   of Regents for 2010-11. Historian                                 title of a new       significant contributions to their                              forestry organiza-
   Clifton Ganyard of Humanistic                                     book co-edited by    professions were Associate Provost for                          tions worldwide
   Studies will investigate the secret state                         Prof. Tim Dale,      Information Services Kathy Pletcher                             on tree diseases
   police forces in Germany and Japan                                Social Change        and Director Christina Trombley                          Nair and deforestation
   during the 1930s and 1940s. Warren          and Development. The book examines         of UW-Green Bay’s Small Business                                issues. Also pass-
   Johnson of Human Biology will pro-          how dissenting voices have become          Development Center.                       ing away earlier this year was longtime
   duce a textbook on biotechnology for        pop-culture staples — from televi-
                                                                                          Karen Lacey, senior lecturer in           typist and secretary Marie Garot,
   non-science majors. E. Nicole Meyer         sion sitcoms to talk shows to hip-hop
                                                                                          Human Biology and director of the         familiar to students and alumni in the
   of Humanistic Studies will develop          music. Also recently published is the
                                                                                          Dietetic Program, is president-elect of   College of Creative Communication,
   a Great Works course and complete           Encyclopedia of Urban Studies; Prof. Ray
                                                                                          the Wisconsin Dietetic Association.       and the Rev. Charles Mocco, a Catho-
   a manuscript regarding childhood,           Hutchison of Urban and Regional
                                                                                          Prof. Regan A.R. Gurung of Human          lic priest who served at the Ecumenical
   family and autobiography in French          Studies contributed content and
                                                                                          Development and psychology is             Center in the 1990s.
   literature. Five faculty members were       served as general editor.
                                                                                          president-elect of the Society for

                                                                                                                                                   April 2010                   15

     UW-Green Bay seeks community, alumni input on plan
     What is your vision of the Uni-
     versity’s future? Where do you
     see a competitive
     advantage…       a
     strategic oppor-
     tunity… an exist-
     ing initiative or
     area that deserves
     increased atten-
     UW-Green       Bay
     has scheduled a
     series of open-
     forum opportuni-
     ties for citizens
     and stakeholders
     to include a pair
     of    community-
     and-alumni ori-
     ented sessions. The second is set
     for Saturday, April 24, from 9 to
     11 a.m. in the 1965 Room of the
     University Union on campus.
     The University is seeking input
     as it prepares a strategic plan to
     guide institutional priorities over   Harden emphasized that the Uni-         “Strategic planning is a compo-       cise, but promised the UW-Green
     the coming decade.                    versity’s growth agenda will con-       nent of the growth agenda. We         Bay strategic planning process will
     “I need your help in identifying      tinue to explore ways to support        need to find more ways to gradu-      yield a blueprint for action. “We
     major areas for enhancement,          “moderate” growth. In that vein         ate more students,” he said.          simply don’t have time to waste on
     advancement and investment,”          Harden noted that a major push                                                something we’re not going to use,”
                                                                                   In remarks to faculty and staff, he
     Harden said in extending his invi-    at the local and national level is to                                         Harden said.
                                                                                   noted he has participated in, or
     tation to campus and community.       produce more college graduates.
                                                                                   led, strategic planning at previ-     To join the conversation, alumni
     “These are the big ideas that pro-    Just as America has lost ground in
                                                                                   ous institutions and seen it done     and others may access the Chan-
     vide the basis for a shared vision.   being the world’s most educated
                                                                                   well, very well and not so well. He   cellor’s web page at www.uwgb.
     What are your dreams for this         nation, Northeastern Wisconsin
                                                                                   acknowledged the general skepti-      edu/chancellor/.
     University?”                          has lagged behind much of the
                                                                                   cism that sometimes accompanies
                                           state in producing college grads.
                                                                                   any institutional planning exer-

        With resumes polished and hopes undimin-
        ished by a sluggish economy, there was a solid
        turnout — of both employers and potential
        employees — at the 2010 Spring Job and
        Internship Fair held in early March at UW-
                                                                                                                            The annual and always-
        Green Bay.
                                                                                                                            popular spring reception of
        According to Linda Peacock-Landrum, director                                                                        the UW-Green Bay Founders
        of Career Services, it was a positive day for                                                                       Association is scheduled for
        the steady stream of students who took the                                                                          Tuesday, May 4. The gather-
        opportunity to meet with business recruiters.                                                                       ing will take place from 5:30 to
        More than 60 employers were on hand to talk                                                                         7:30 p.m. in the Grand Foyer
        with prospective employees and interns. That                                                                        of the Weidner Center for the
        number compares favorably with previous                                                                             Performing Arts. Invitations to
        fairs, despite the nationwide economic down-                                                                        Founders members were to be
        turn many have called the worst in decades.                                                                         mailed by mid-April; to RSVP,
                                                                                                                            contact Shane Kohl in the
        Peacock-Landrum said many local employ-
                                                                                                                            Office of University Advance-
        ers continue to actively recruit prospective
                                                                                                                            ment at (920) 465-2018, or
        employees, either for current hiring or expan-
        sion as the economic outlook improves.

16                  April 2010
                                                                                                                                     CAMPUS NEWS

Phuture is now for
 first Phreshman
Ka Vang is the fresh face of the
Phuture Phoenix program.
In fall, members of the original
fifth-grade cohort are sched-
uled to arrive as new freshmen.
As a mid-year graduate of Preble
High School, however, Vang beat
them to the door.
The daughter of Hmong immi-
grants who spoke little English,
                                         WPS Weyers gift helps power college dreams
she was 11 when she made that        Leaders of the Phuture Phoenix program at UW-                  The Phuture Phoenix program is a university/com-
first visit: “I remember the tour    Green Bay were ecstatic to receive word of a large             munity enterprise inspiring at-risk, underprivileged
and it was fun, but I can’t say      gift earlier this year from the Wisconsin Public               youth to attend college. The program has already
that I knew at that moment I was     Service Foundation, but not surprised by the name              served more than 10,000 students in its seven-year
going to college. I suppose it was   it honors.                                                     history with campus visits, tutoring and mentoring
planting a seed.”                    That’s because former CEO and WPS president                    partnerships.
Vang, a Human Development            emeritus Larry Weyers has long been associated                 With the first participants now reaching college-age,
major, was greeted here by her       with the support and promotion of education in                 the importance of scholarships grows. In total, about
Phuture Phoenix mentor and           the region, and the gift seemed like a natural fit.            20 renewable scholarships of $1,000 each are avail-
friend, Kacey Thomson (above).       The Larry L. Weyers Phuture Phoenix Scholarship                able to assist the first Phuture Phoenix arrivals. For
For more on Vang’s trailblazing      will provide 31 scholarships over five years to assist         more on the Weyers scholarship and previous major
success, see Inside online.          students attending UW-Green Bay.                               gifts to the endowment, visit Inside online.

                                       New Founders president grateful for ‘gift’
Scholarship recalls
 Bayfest creator
Arts Management students will
benefit from a new scholarship
in memory of Tim R. Quigley,
Bayfest founder and longtime                                                                                                Extra Points
promotions director for Phoenix                                                                                         A $4,000 grant from the
Athletics, who died last April at                                                                                       Green Bay Packers Founda-
age 68. He acted in early theatre                                                                                       tion will help kick off a
productions and studied ceram-                                                                                          spring program for parents
ics at UW-Green Bay, and built        Scott Wochos knows quality in higher education. A Duke University grad            of Phuture Phoenix students.
a national reputation as a festi-     with a Harvard law degree, he can also be considered this community’s             The initiative will make a
val director who celebrated the       No. 1 booster of UW-Green Bay. Wochos is incoming president of the                point of bringing parents
arts, culture and community.          school’s Founders Association, succeeding John Heugel on July 1.                  to campus for a tour and
His daughter, Tina Quigley ’90,                                                                                         consultation with Financial
                                      “Last year, we had something like 2,000 individuals contribute to our
heads Arts Events, Inc., a local                                                                                        Aid and Admissions staff.
                                      efforts,” he said in remarks on campus. “Faculty, staff, students, alumni...
organization partnering on the                                                                                          Says Phuture Phoenix staffer
                                      and people like me who live here and want to see UW-Green Bay succeed.            Stephanie Cataldo-Pabich
scholarship. To make a gift to
                                      This University is an absolute gift to have in this city.” Wochos is senior       ’91, “Parent involvement is an
the fund, contact Lisa DeLeeuw
                                      vice president and general counsel for Green Bay Packaging, Inc. For more         essential component.”
                                      on his remarks about the Founders Association, visit Inside online.

                                                                                                                              April 2010                     17

                                                                                                                                           Daniel Keegan
                                                                                                                                           ’72 communica-
                                                                                                                                           tions, director of
                                                                                                                                           the Milwaukee Art
                                                                                                                                           Museum, delivered
                                                                                                                                           the December
                                                                                                                                           ment address
                                                                                                                                 Keegan and shared early
                                                                                                                                          UWGB memories.
                                                                                                                        He told the 400 graduates: “What-
                                                                                                                        ever you do from this day forward,
                                                                                                                        make yourself indispensable… You
                                                                                                                        are stepping into a world that is
                                                                                                                        vastly different, … in an economic
                                                                                                                        environment stressed like no other
                                                                                                                        in recent memory. But ladies and
                                                                                                                        gentlemen, that is precisely your
                                                                                                                        opportunity. If everything were
                                                                                                                        going along beautifully why would
                                                                                                                        the world need you?... You are the
                                                                                                                        future. And the world needs you.”
                                                                                                                        Russ Roland ’72 managerial sys-
                                                                                                                        tems, was featured in The Business
                                                                                                                        News for his work starting Bay Lakes
                                                                                                                        Commercial Realtors in Green Bay,
                                                                                                                        which recently marked 31 years in
                                                                                                                        Diana Brown ’76 growth and
                                                                                                                        development, has won accolades
                                             Pictured above, the 1969-70 Bay Badgers basketball team, seated from       for her work with N.E.W. Curative
                                             left: Bob DeVos, Bob Popp, Ray Willis, Dennis Woelffer, Bruce Johnson,     Rehabilitation, in particular her
                                             Wayne Wilson; back row: Assistant Coach Chuck Aslakson, Marc               work with seniors and individu-
                                             Schmidt, Terry Schott, Jim Hafeman, Bud Mocco, Coach Dave Buss.            als with disabilities. She founded
                                                                                                                        the agency’s Adult Day Programs
                                                                                                                        to serve families and individuals

     Long-lost films bring 1969 team into focus                                                                         affected by dementia, and created
                                                                                                                        a new class for those in the early
                                                                                                                        stages of memory loss. She earned
                                                                                                                        the Ruth Von Berhen Award from
                                            Former University of Wiscon-           “Back then we shot 16 mm             her national professional associa-
                                            sin-Green Bay head basketball          films of the games and it was        tion in recognition of this work.
                                            coach Dave Buss didn’t want the        really expensive,” said Buss, now
                                                                                                                        Paul Wozniak ’78 science and
                                            Phoenix program’s first seasons        retired and living in Horseshoe      environmental change and ’94
                                            to fade into obscurity.                Bay, Texas, a community about        master’s of environmental science,
                                                                                   50 miles west of Austin. “This       has accepted the position of senior
                                            Thanks to his generosity, more                                              consultant-energy practice with
                                                                                   was the only recorded evidence
                                            than 100 long-forgotten game                                                Navigant Con-
                                                                                   of their playing careers and the
                                            films from the earliest seasons                                             sulting, based
                                                                                   film was deteriorating. I thought    in Madison. His
                                            of the men’s basketball program
                                                                                   if we don’t save it now, it’s not    responsibilities
                                            have been converted into digi-                                              include measur-
                                                                                   going to be preserved.”
                                            tal format and will be available                                            ing impacts from
                                            for public viewing through the         The collection includes the Uni-     energy efficiency
                                            University Archives at Cofrin          versity’s very first game, a 99-70   improvements in
                                            Library.                               defeat of Milton College on Dec.     homes and busi-
                                                                                                                        nesses.                   Wozniak
                                                                                   3, 1969. Guard Dave Haglund
                                                                                   scored the program’s first bas-      James Olds ’76 communication
                                                                                                                        and the arts, Dane County juvenile
                                                                                   ket, taking a pass from Ray Willis   court commissioner, retired in
                                                                                   on a cut down the lane.              December having presided over
          Interested in ordering a copy of one
                                                                                                                        25,000 juvenile cases in 22 years.
       or more of these Buss Era games? You                                        You can view a list of games
      can contact the UW-Green Bay special                                         available on DVD, and a brief        Bryan Boettcher ’78 regional
                                                                                   clip of Haglund’s historic bas-      analysis, of Quick Signs, Green Bay,
     collections unit within the Cofrin Library                                                                         is the 2009 board of director’s vice
                     at (920) 465-2539, or                                         ket, online at http://blog.uwgb.     president for The Military Avenue Each disc is $7.                                       edu/inside/index.php/featured/       Business Association. Other board
                                                                                   giving-back /02/25/vintage-          members include Michael Cuene
                                                                                   basketball/                          ’89 business administration and
                                                                                                                        economics, of Broadway Automotive
                                                                                                                        in Green Bay, and Dan Burich ’90
                                                                                                                        business administration, of Bay
                                                                                                                        Motel and Restaurant.
18                    April 2010
                                                                                                                                           ALUMNI NOTES

Cheri Ebert-Sheehy ’79 commu-            Sherry (Bardouche) Berg ’85              Maria (Fisher) Lasecki ’89 psy-          International Basketball Association
nication and the arts with a special                    managerial                chology and human development,           and American Basketball Associa-
interest in music, is a music special-                  accounting, is a          is the operations manager with the       tion. He resides today with his fam-
ist for the La Crosse Public Schools.                   CPA and partner           NEW Zoo of Brown County.                 ily in Fort Wayne, Ind., and works
                                                        at Anderson, Tack-                                                 for the financial software company
Laura (Bogard) Griffin ’80 com-                                                                                            Investigo.
                                                        man & Co., PLC,
munication and the arts, is an art
therapist for RCS Empowers, Inc.,
                                                        a regional firm
                                                        headquartered in
                                                                                  1990s                                    Stacy (Davister) Bouche ’95 busi-
                                                                                                                           ness administration and economics
Sheboygan.                                                                        Terri Bonino ’92 communication
                                                        Green Bay.                                                         and a 20-year veteran of the bank-
                                                   Berg                           and the arts and communication
                                                                                                                           ing industry, is the mortgage sales
                                                                                  processes, is a member-at-large
1980s                                    Yue Rong ’86 Master’s in environ-
                                         mental science
                                                                                  with the Lakeshore Area Human
                                                                                  Resources Association and works
                                                                                                                           manager at Baylake Bank’s Luxem-
                                                                                                                           burg Financial Center.
William Seleen ’80 humanistic                                                     for ABR Employment Services,             Dr. Vickie Marie Cloutier ’95
                                         and policy, works
studies, is a local director for Habi-                                            Manitowoc.                               human biology and psychology, is
                                         with groundwater
tat for Humanity. He oversees the                                                                                          a family practitioner at ThedaCare
                                         contamination                            Kenda (Gerbers) Brunette ’93
organizations “ReStore” in Green                                                                                           Physicians-Shawano.
                                         issues as program                        communication processes and
Bay, which accepts donations of
                                         manager for                              business administration, is a sales      Tim Dunne ’95 communication
new and used building materials
                                         the California                           associate for Coldwell Banker, The       processes and human development,
with proceeds benefitting Habitat
                                         Regional Water                           Real Estate Group Inc., Green Bay.       is a senior field sales engineer with
                                         Quality Control                                                                   Baldor Dodge Reliance, an interna-
Ivan Delbecchi ’82 business              Board, Los Ange-                 Rong    Tom Eggert ’93 business adminis-
                                                                                                                           tional manufacturer and distributor
administration, has been named           les region. He serves on the scien-      tration and human development, is
                                                                                                                           of industrial electric motors, trans-
managing director of Baylake Insur-      tific advisory board for the annual      an account executive for FulfillNet,
                                                                                                                           missions, drives and generators.
ance Agency Inc., Green Bay.             conference of the Association of         Green Bay.
                                         Environmental Health and Sciences.                                                                   Holly (Terrien)
Daniel Conley ’83 masters of                                                      David Meyer ’93 business admin-
                                         Rong also is associate editor for the                                                                Rottier ’95 music
                  environmental sci-                                              istration and economics, is a senior
                                         peer-reviewed journal Soil and Sedi-                                                                 and secondary
                  ence, a professor                                               financial advisor for Ameriprise
                                         ment Contamination and the Journal                                                                   education, was
                  at Lund University                                              Financial, Marshfield.
                                         of Environmental Forensics. In 2008,                                                                 appointed last
                  in Sweden, has                                                  Tania (LeCloux) Meyer ’93 busi-                             summer as schools
                                         he was re-elected board president
                  been awarded a                                                  ness administration and managerial                          director for the
                                         of the Southern California Chinese
                  2010 Pew Fellow-                                                accounting, is a financial advisor for                      Catholic Diocese
                                         American Environmental Profes-
                  ship in Marine                                                  Ameriprise Financial in Marshfield.                         of Green Bay, with
                                         sional Association.
                  Conservation to                                                                                                    Rottier responsibility for
                  examine solutions      David Wage ’86 physics, is the           Jay Wille ’93 business adminis-
          Conley for reducing                                                                                              62 schools. She was formerly princi-
                                         recipient of his local Chamber           tration and political science, of
                                                                                                                           pal of a Catholic elementary school
                  nutrients in the       of Commerce “Speak Up Award,             MetLife Greater Wisconsin, was
                                                                                                                           in Little Chute.
Baltic Sea. The award provides           “acknowledging his support for vari-     awarded the Life Underwriters
Conley $150,000 for a three-year         ous Manitowoc County causes and          Training Council Fellow designa-         Penny Schampers ’95 accounting
study of so-called “dead zones”          organizations. He and his wife are       tion.                                    and business administration, is a
where oxygen depletion has all           co-owners of HFM Innovations and                                                  CPA with Hawkins, Ash, Baptie &
                                                                                  Scott Jaeger ’94 communication
but eradicated marine life. A Fort       Heavy Metal Fabricators. He has                                                   Company, LLP, serving as chair-
                                                                                  and the arts and communication
Lauderdale, Fla. native who earned       been chamber chairman, and been                                                   person of the firm’s not-for-profit
                                                                                  processes, is a videographer for
his undergraduate degree at Tulane       involved with the “Thunder on the                                                 division.
                                                                                  Discover Mediaworks. He has shot
University before earning his mas-       Lakeshore” air show, the MetroJam
                                                                                  for programs including Discover          Amanda Johnson-Vergara ’96
ter’s in Green Bay, he went on for       festival and other Lakeshore-area
                                                                                  Wisconsin, Into the Outdoors, Trail      communication and the arts,
a Ph.D. in chemical oceanography         events. “I love our community … it
                                                                                  Nation, American Snowmobiler, and        psychology and women’s studies,
at the University of Michigan. For       is a wonderful place to live and raise
                                                                                  Family, Inc.                             is the team manager of Bank of
more on Conley and his work, see         a family,” Wage says.
                                                                                                                           America’s Home Retention Division
Inside online.                                                                    Patricia (Intribus) Montour ’94
                                         Tom Feld ’87 science and environ-                                                 in California.
                                                                                  accounting and business adminis-
Chuck Stark ’83 business admin-          mental change, joined Foxwood
                                                                                  tration, is a CPA currently employed     Ryan Kauth ’96 human biology, is
istration, is a sales and service rep-   Associates Inc., a Green Bay-based
                                                                                  as controller for Castle Rock Renew-     a business banker at Investors Com-
resentative for Lifetouch National       management-advisory company, as
                                                                                  able Fuels, LLC, Necedah.                munity Bank in Manitowoc.
School Studios in Eau Claire.            an adviser within Foxwood’s finan-
                                         cial services practice.                  Nicole (Merkel) Reetz ’94 English        Navy Lt. James Stockman ’96
Michael Dempsey ’84 communica-
                                                                                  and humanistic studies, has been         human biology, is a Navy public
tion and the arts, is a designer and     Diane (Engel) Mier ’87 managerial
                                                                                  working through AmeriCorps Vista         affairs officer at U.S. Africa Com-
the director of technical training       accounting, is a quantitative risk
                                                                                  for the Stockbridge Munsee Family        mand located at Kelly Barracks,
for the Pacific Conservatory for         analyst with Integrys Business Sup-
                                                                                  Services in the after-school pro-        Stuttgart, Germany. Africa Com-
the Performing Arts in Santa Maria       port, LLC in De Pere.
                                                                                  gram and teen mentoring program.         mand has administrative respon-
Calif. He designs scenes, lighting
                                         Chee Ong ’87 business administra-                                                 sibility for U.S. military support to
and costumes for the professional                                                 Logan Vander Velden ’94 Regional
                                         tion and economics, is an executive                                               U.S. government policy in Africa,
conservatory theatre. He is also                                                  Analysis, returned to campus for
                                         director with UOB Kay Hian Pte                                                    and includes military-to-military
the immediate past national chair                                                 an alumni event earlier this year.
                                         Ltd., an amalgamation of eight                                                    relationships with 53 African
of design for the                                                                 He spent a half-season on the
                                         stockbroking houses in Singapore.                                                 nations.
Kennedy Center                                                                    Los Angeles Clippers roster and
American College                         Martin Webber ’87 business               appeared in 15 games for the NBA         Kelley Hinton ’97 English and
Theatre Festival.                        administration and communication         team in 1995-96. His international       secondary education, is an aca-
His work has                             processes, is a self-employed com-       playing career was much longer           demic librarian and one of five at
been published in                        modities trader.                         and included a year in Switzerland       UW-Waukesha named an Arthur M.
recent editions of                                                                and overseas in Portugal, Japan,         Kaplan Fellow for 2009-10, recog-
the textbook Scene                       Carol (Sweetland) Karls ’89              Venezuela, Uruguay and Chile, and        nizing outstanding contributions
Design and Stage                         communication and the arts, is the       back in the United States with the       to education made by UW Colleges
Lighting.                    Dempsey     business and community develop-          Continental Basketball Association,      faculty and staff.
                                         ment manager at Wisconsin Public
                                         Service in Green Bay.

                                                                                                                                    April 2010                     19

                                                                                                                                    Greg Babcock ’03 political science

              Adult Degree grad has drive to excel                                                                                  and public administration, is now
                                                                                                                                    with Wanezek & Jaekels of Green
                                                                                                                                    Bay, specializing in family law, civil
       For Vickie Dansbury ’06, pursuing                                                                                            litigation and general practice.
       her UW-Green Bay degree meant                                                                                                Rachel Galetka ’03 business
       weekends away from home and on                                                                                               administration and communication
       the road.                                                                                                                    and the arts, is the senior staffing
                                                                                                                                    specialist for Flex-Staff, Inc. in Eau
       The Beloit resident used the Uni-                                                                                            Claire.
       versity’s Adult Degree option to                                                                                             Andy Gurka ’03
       complete much of her coursework via                                                                                          communication
       the internet. Still, there were many                                                                                         processes and
       times she would leave her job at the                                                                                         political science,
       Dane County Mental Health Center                                                                                             is the director of
       in Madison on a Friday night, drive to                                                                                       Living Learning
       Green Bay for Saturday classes, and                                                                                          Programs for the
       make the three-hour commute home                                                                                             University of Rich-
                                                                                                                                    mond.                           Gurka
       on Sunday.
                                                                                                                                    Bryan Hermus ’03 business admin-
       That persistence paid off. Dansbury
                                                                                                                                    istration and psychology, is the vice
       earned her bachelor’s in interdisci-                                                                                         president of sales at Louis Hoffmann
       plinary studies in December 2006.                                                                                            Co., an ornamental-metal manufac-
       (That’s her, at right, celebrating with                                                                                      turer in Menomonee Falls.
       friend and UW-Green Bay mentor            Education, service to others, and the    Vickie’s parents, born in the 1920s       Marcus Reitz ’03 communication
       Dottie Stepian.)                          desire to address community needs        and from a time when few African-         processes, is the director of client
       Dansbury later followed up with           are motivating factors.                  Americans could even consider higher      satisfaction for FulfillNet, Green Bay.
       a master’s in marriage and family         With her own education, she cites her    education, had never before seen a        Lori Wachter ’03 nursing, is the
       counseling from Edgewood College,         husband, Robert, for helping her re-     college commencement.                     consumer safety officer for the
       Madison. She is now a member of the       start a journey begun decades ear-       “I think that watching me graduate,       Department of Health and Human
       Board of Directors for the Wisconsin                                                                                         Services in Silver Spring, Md.
                                                 lier. Robert proudly rented a bus so     they ‘got it.’ They understood why I
       Association of Marriage and Family        dozens of family members and friends     had been gone all those weekends,”        Heidi Kleinhans ’04 communica-
       Therapists.                               from southern Wisconsin could see        Vickie recalls.                           tion processes, is the marketing
                                                 her graduate from UW-Green Bay.                                                    planner and coordinator for Nsight
                                                                                                                                    Telservices, Green Bay.
                                                                                                                                    Jennifer (Hallam) Nelson ’04
     Matt Schueller ’97 nutritional              Veronica Brieno-Rankin ’99 earth          Michelle Shea ’01 human develop-                          social change and
     sciences, is senior vice president of                        science, recently        ment, is a case manager for the Hol-                      development, is the
     marketing for Enzymatic Therapy. A                           returned from a          iday House of Manitowoc County,                           executive director
     recent profile in a Green Bay Area                           10-day field pro-        Inc., which provides services to                          for Literacy Green
     Chamber of Commerce publication                              gram, the “Research      individuals with disabilities.                            Bay, Inc. and was
     noted his success in anticipating                            Experience in Car-                                                                 recognized as one
                                                                                           Mathew Bartkowiak ’02 individual
     trends in the marketplace including                          bon Sequestration.”                                                                of Green Bay’s “40
                                                                                           major, is an assistant professor of
     a new product line, organic dietary                          She is president of                                                                Under 40 People
                                                                                           English at UW-Marshfield. His first
     supplements.                                                 GeoSeq Interna-
                                                                  tional, an energy
                                                                                           book, The MC5 and Social Change:                  Nelson You Should Know,”
     Bill Milne ’98 business administra-                  Rankin                           A Study in Rock and Revolution, was                       in 2009. She also
                                                                  consulting firm                                                   serves on the Brown County Plan-
     tion, economics and Spanish, has                                                      published in 2009 and his second
                                                 South Range, Mich.                                                                 ning Commission on Transportation.
     joined the law firm of Weld, Riley,                                                   book, Sounds of the Future: Essays on
     Prenn and Ricci S.C. in Eau Claire. He      KaraLynne Moore ’99 business              Music in Science Fiction Film, will be   Adam Seitz ’04 urban studies, is an
     is a member of the firm’s business, real    administration, joined the business       out this year.                           apprentice for Azco industrial con-
     estate and estate planning section.         services team of Community First                                                   struction services in Appleton.
                                                                                           Michael Brown ’02 urban and
                                                 Credit Union, headquartered in
     Women in Management-Fox Cities                                                        regional studies and ‘04 master’s of     Maria (Goin) Seitz ’04 psychology,
     Chapter announced appointments                                                        science in environmental science         is a training specialist for Prospera
     of three UW-Green Bay graduates:            Ryan Ruzziconi ’99 political sci-         and policy, is a planner for the vil-    Credit Union in Appleton.
     Cully Sheahan ’86 communica-                ence and public administration, is        lage of Montgomery, Ill.
     tion and the arts,                          general counsel for Diplomat Spe-                                                  Amanda (Bergene) Sitkiewitz
                                                                                           Brian DeBauche ’02 business              ’04 Spanish, was singled out by
     of Robert W. Baird                          cialty Pharmacy, Inc., in its Schwartz
                                                                                           administration and social work,          the Manitowoc County Chamber’s
     & Co. as president;                         Creek, Mich., headquarters.
                                                                                           is an advanced business process          young professionals organization as
     Mandy Soland ’98
     human develop-
     ment and psychol-
                                                 2000s                                     analyst for Thrivent Financial for
                                                                                           Lutherans in Appleton.
                                                                                                                                    a “Future 15” person to watch. She is
                                                                                                                                    a branch manager-commercial loan
     ogy, of Elexco Inc.                         Kathryn Goffard ’00 environmen-           Alissa (Huntley) Langenberg              officer for Shoreline Credit Union.
     as the awards chair;                        tal policy and planning, is a new         ’02 business administration, is an       Cathy (Wagner) Vosters ’04 busi-
     Amy Austin ’07                              employee of Fox Valley Technical          account relationship specialist for      ness administration, is a treasury
     elementary educa-           Sheahan
                                                 College as a medical/administrative       Gannett Wisconsin. She earned            management sales representative for
     tion, of Prospera Credit Union as           coding instructor.                        company Pinnacle Advertising             Citizens Bank in Green Bay.
     treasurer.                                                                            Awards for March and December
                                                 Jerome Morris ’00 political science,                                               Amanda Zeman ’04 business admin-
                                                                                           last year.
     Michael Zahn ’98 business admin-            coordinates the state GEAR UP (Gain-                                               istration, was named manager of the
     istration and economics, is the             ing an Early Awareness and Readiness      Kristy Watzlawick-Hensley ’02            tax team of Kroening, Stangel, Swetlik
     owner of the Truyman-Haase-Zahn             for Undergraduate Programs) services      business administration, is a career     & Zinkel LLP CPAs in Manitowoc.
     insurance agency of Green Bay.              for the Newton-Conover (N.C.) City        services specialist for ITT-Technical
                                                 Schools. He is also a music minister      Institute in Carmel, Ind.                Elizabeth Zeman ’04 urban studies,
                                                 for Greater Faith Missionary Baptist                                               works as a grants coordinator for the
                                                 Church.                                                                            Rawhide Boys Ranch in New London.
20                     April 2010
                                                                                                                                                   ALUMNI NEWS

Josh Bayer ’05 human biology, is a         Aubrey (Sutter) Brennan ’07 music,        Angela Walschinski ’07 busi-               Caitlin (Olsen) Fraser ’08 theatre,
staff pharmacist with King Soopers         is a volunteer and site coordinator for   ness administration, an account            is helping to start a company,
Corporation in Longmont, Colo.             the Green Bay Botanical Gardens.          assistant with Leonard & Finco             Chamber Theater, in Santa Fe, N.M.
                                           Ashlie DuChateau ’07 public               Public Relations, Inc., was named
James Boeck ’05 computer science,                                                                                               Shiyanke Goonetilleke ’08 com-
                                           administration, is assistant market-      by the Green Bay Area Chamber of
is a senior multi-disciplined engi-                                                                                                                 munications, is a
                                           ing coordinator with Vorpahl Fire         Commerce as one of 10 rising pro-
neer for Raytheon Missile Systems,                                                                                                                  graduate student
                                           and Safety, Green Bay.                    fessionals to watch out for in 2010.
Tucson, Ariz.                                                                                                                                       in the college
                                                                                     She won praise for her professional
                                           Megan Karas ’07 psychology, is                                                                           counseling and
Ben Elsner ’05 business admin-                                                       achievements as well as for organiz-
                                                               a second-year                                                                        student develop-
istration, is a provider claims                                                      ing a clothing drive for the needy in
                                                               AmeriCorps member                                                                    ment program at
resolution specialist for United                                                     Brown County.
                                                               and serves on the                                                                    St. Cloud State
Healthcare in Green Bay.
                                                               WIARC board, which    Heather Workman ’07 human                                      (Minn.) University.
Orin Kipp ’05 business administra-                             involves 700 Ame-     biology, is a registered dietitian.                Shiyanke He is the service-
tion, graduated from William Mitchell                          riCorps members in    She received her master’s degree                               learning, events
College of Law in May and passed the                           Wisconsin. She has    in public health nutrition from the        and marketing graduate assistant for
Minnesota Bar Exam in October. The                             won recognition for   University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.       the institution’s Volunteer Connec-
Stillwater native practices real estate                        her Project Youth                                                tion office, and a coordinator for the
                                                       Karas                         Bill Curtis ’08 political science,
law with his father at Kipp & Kipp, LLC.   efforts with at-risk youth and families                                              Gender Violence Prevention Program.
                                                                                     is deputy director for Winnebago
Mike Klemens ’05 urban studies,            in Sheboygan County.                      County Emergency Management.               Daniel Keiser ’08 mathematics, is
is a transportation liaison for the        Debbie Lucas ’07 social work, com-        He is completing his master’s              a foreign exchange specialist for M&I
Will County Governmental League            pleted a year-long term with OeDae        degree with studies in threat and          Marshall & Ilsley Bank in Milwaukee.
in Joliet, Ill.                            Language Institute in South Korea         response management at the Uni-
                                                                                                                                Kayla (Gries) Kiehl ’08 business
                                           where she taught English.                 versity of Chicago.
Robert Logemann III ’05 business                                                                                                administration, is a personal banker
administration, is a lead teller for       Vanessa (Sobeck)                          Molly (Cox) Demrow ’08 elemen-             for Community Bank & Trust in
Harbor Credit Union in Green Bay.          Moran, ’07 elemen-                        tary education, is a kindergarten          Plymouth.
                                           tary education,                           teacher for the Oshkosh Area
Troy Smits ’05 human development           teaches third grade                                                                  Samuel Pecard ’08 communication
                                                                                     School District.
and psychology, is the head cheer-         in the Howard-                                                                       and the arts, graduated from the U.S.
leading coach at DePaul University         Suamico School                            Lawrence Eslinger ’08 master’s in          Coast Guard Recruit Training Center
and is also an adviser trainer for         District at Meadow-                       environmental science and policy,          in Cape May, N.J.
Aveda at the John Hancock Center           brook Elementary                          a research assistant at UW-Green
                                                                                                                                Kevin Panzarella ’08 business
in downtown Chicago.                       School.                                   Bay, was appointed aquatic invasive
                                                                                                                                administration, is a disability insur-
                                                                            Moran    species coordinator for Oneida
Katie (Legler) Wagoner ’05 human           Debra Niesen ’07                                                                     ance underwriting specialist for
                                                                                     County in northern Wisconsin’s
biology, is a health promotion             nursing, is an allied health instructor                                              the Northwestern Mutual Financial
                                                                                     lakes region.
consultant for Franciscan Skemp            at Fox Valley Technical College.                                                     Network in Franklin.
Health Solutions in La Crosse.
Jessica Allen ’06 business admin-
istration, is working in human
resources with AEI Dish in Seymour.
Margaret Bendzick ’06 humanistic
studies, is the associate dean of stu-
dents and faculty for the Minnesota
School of Business, Richfield campus.
Brian Dimmer ’06 social change
and development, graduated from
                    Marquette Law
                    School in 2009 and
                    began work for Petit
                    & Dommershausen,
                    S.C. as an associate
                    attorney focusing         TV reporter returns
                    on criminal defense
                    and criminal appel-       home to a winner
          Dimmer late law.
Andrew Mertig ’06 communications,             Jill Wunrow, a 2002 UW-Green           “Big Dance” and claimed its high-
is a resident director for Concordia          Bay communications graduate            est national ranking, 14th in the
University in Mequon.                         and former sportscaster, picked        coaches’ poll, midway through
                                              the right time to return home to       the season. Throw in big years for      Her boss and colleague, Phoenix SID
Kelly Samz, ’06 human biology, is             her alma mater.                        men’s basketball (another 20-win        Drew Harris, says Wunrow shares
the dietitian for Shady Lane Nursing
                                                                                     campaign and newfound tour-             much of the credit for helping posi-
Care Center and Laurel Grove Assisted         Wunrow joined the Phoenix Ath-
                                                                                     nament success) and women’s             tion the UW-Green Bay program as
Living and Sunrise Rehabilitation,            letics staff last August as assis-
Manitowoc. She is responsible for                                                    swimming and diving with a sixth        a leader in video and internet expo-
                                              tant sports information director
quality assurance and the nutrition                                                  straight Horizon League champi-         sure. Her “Monday Minute” weekly
                                              and an in-studio host for the
assessments including the creation and                                               onship, and it has been a publi-        wrapup show generated thousands
                                              program’s internet TV shows. It’s
monitoring of nutritional care plans for                                             cist’s dream.                           of hits for the site.
                                              been a win-win — or better said,
residents. She earned a master’s degree       a win, win, win — ever since.          Wunrow interned at the Phoenix          For an expanded version of this story,
in food and nutritional sciences from                                                Sports Information Office during
                                              The men’s soccer team made its                                       
UW-Stout. A member of the Wisconsin
                                                                                     college, and graduated to jobs as
Dietetic Association, she serves as the       first NCAA tournament appear-                                                  — Story by Lauren Muench ’09
                                                                                     a television sportscaster, photog-
new-member communications repre-              ance in 30 years. The women’s
                                                                                     rapher, and reporter in the Green
sentative.                                    basketball team won 28 games,
                                                                                     Bay, Peoria, and Wausau markets.
Danielle Behrle ’07 communica-                earned its customary bid to the
tions, is a designer with the corporate
offices of Shopko stores in Green Bay.
                                                                                                                                          April 2010                      21

     Jennifer Schanen ’08 social               Abe Clark ’09 communication                   Ryan D. Miller ’09 business admin-
     work, graduated from AmeriCorps
     National Civilian Community Corps
                                               and the arts, set off Feb. 15 from
                                               Oceanside, Calif., on a five-month,
                                                                                             istration, is a credit analyst at The
                                                                                             Business Bank, Appleton.
                                                                                                                                               Marriages &
     (AmeriCorps NCCC) Pacific Region,
     wrapping up ten month of commu-
                                               2,860-mile run to Atlantic City, N.J.
                                               A former Phoenix cross-country
                                                                                             Wade Moder ’09 environmental                      Unions
                                                                                             policy and plan-
     nity service nationwide. She is now       runner, Clark is raising money for                                                              Maria Fisher ’89 to
                                                                                             ning, began a
     the community outreach specialist         Living Water International, a Chris-                                                            Chad Lasecki
                                                                                             six-month term for
     with Wise Women Gathering Place           tian organization dedicated to help-
                                                                                             Wisconservation                                   Laura Anderson ’01 to
     in Green Bay.                             ing communities secure clean water.
                                                                                             Corps in Madison.                                 Jerry Kaczmarek
                                               The beneficiary will be residents
     Brian Bar ’09 psychology, was part                                                      He serves on the
                                               of Haiti where the organization is
     of a team of AmeriCorps NCCC                                                            board of directors                                Kristy Watzlawick ’02 to
                                               repairing hand pumps damaged by
     (National Civilian Community                                                            for Yahara River                                  James Hensley
                                               the January earthquake. Clark was
     Corps) members responding to a                                                          Grocery Coopera-
                                               documenting his epic journey at                                        Moder
     flooding disaster in Greater Atlanta.                                                   tive in Stoughton.                                Lori Wachter ’03 to
     His team removed five tons of                                                                                                             Gerald Podskalny
                                                                                             JoAnna (Marineau) Monfils ’09
     debris, gutted five houses, sanitized     Terry Evans ’09 human develop-
                                                                                             chemistry and human biology,                      Kim Gregory ’04 to
     three houses, and coordinated 34                            ment, is enjoying
                                                                                             works in research and development                 Ivan Jaquez
     volunteers.                                                 a spectacular
                                                                                             as an encapsys lab technician for
                                                                 season, as could
     Sarah Benzshawel ’09 business                                                           Appleton Papers, Inc.                             Laura Neuens ’06 to
                                                                 be expected, as
     administration, works with WS                                                                                                             Eric Studee ’06
                                                                 an American                 Kimberly Vickman ’09 environ-
     Packaging Group, Inc. in Green Bay.
                                                                 basketball import           mental sciences, is a laboratory                  Courtney Hendricksen ’07
     Elizabeth (Chapin) Breitenfeldt                             with the RSV                technician for Food Safety Net                    to Warren Wippert
     ’09 accounting and business                                 Stahnsdorf club in          Services in Green Bay.
     administration, is an associate                      Evans the German pro                                                                 Molly Cox ’08 to
                                                                                             Steven Wicks ’09 human develop-                   Eric Demrow ’06
     accountant at Integrys Business                             league’s second
                                                                                             ment and psychology, has enrolled
     Support in Green Bay.                     division. A club webpage, translated
                                                                                             in the Ph.D. track in human                       Kayla Gries ’08 to
                                               from German, suggests that the
                      Autumn Brown ’09                                                       development and family studies at                 Casey Kiehl
                                               former Phoenix standout has been
                      communications,                                                        Oregon State University, and serves
                                               one of the team’s top rebounders,
                      is employed by The                                                     as a graduate teaching assistant in               Melissa Kemps ’08 to
                                               and it also reported that in one win,
                      Diamond Factory                                                        the subject of human sexuality.                   Bradley Zuleger ’08
                                               “Terry Evans opened the game with
                      LLC jewelry store in
                                               a dunking.”                                   Gabrielle Zander ’09 communica-                   Caitlin Olsen ’08 to
                      Green Bay.
                                                                                             tions, works two jobs at Columbus                 John Fraser
                                               Nicholas Hitt ’09 communications,
                                                                                             (Wis.) Community Hospital. One of
                                               is a veteran service representa-
                                                                                             her jobs there is as a switchboard                Elizabeth Chapin ’09 to
              Brown                            tive for the Department of Veteran
                                                                                             operator and registering patients at              Seth Breitenfeldt
                                               Affairs in Milwaukee.
                                                                                             night. She was just hired as a mar-
                                               A.J. Kasten ’09 social change and             keting and foundation assistant/                  Ashley Ferraro ’09 to
                                               development, works with LTE Resi-             event planner. She is also a phar-                Mathew Gruentzel
                                               dence Services and the Office of              macy technician at a drug store.
                                               Residence Life for UW-Green Bay.

         The Lean Team: UW-Green Bay crew helps kids eat right
        When the Green Bay Boys and            that is both nutritious and tasty, and
        Girls Club expanded its fitness        easy for them to make at home. The
        program to include lessons in good     goal is to provide tools and motiva-
        nutrition, it called on UW-Green       tion for children to make healthy
        Bay’s dietetic internship program      choices, and not just “because mom
        to help.                               told me to.”
        Every Tuesday, Casey McKenzie          As a dietetic intern, McKenzie is
        and three of her fellow students       prepping for the Registered Dietitian
        lead kids in an evening of games,      Exam. The 37-week internship pro-
        physical activities and simple les-    gram is but one aspect of a rigorous
        sons on healthy living. “We try not    certification process.
        to structure the classes like a lec-   UW-Green Bay assigns its students
        ture — they get enough of that at      to settings that include hospitals,
        school,” says McKenzie. “Our main      long-term care facilities, a college
        focus is to help them understand       cafeteria, public school food-service
        the link between eating the right      operations, community health clinics,
        foods and staying active.”             a Native American health center, and
        She makes sure that when the           UW-Cooperative Extension agen-
        youngsters snack, it’s something       cies. Areas of study include medical
                                               nutrition therapy, food service and
                                               community nutrition.
                                                                                      Sarah Jadin, Casey McKenzie, Kim Beyer and Jessica Schroeder try to get local school-
                                               — Story by Paul Mee, editorial intern, children to realize that eating right and exercising can be fun. The four are students in
                                               Marketing and University Communication UW-Green Bay’s dietetic internship program.

22                    April 2010
                                                                                                                          ALUMNI NEWS

                                                                                             Just add water:
                                                                                           Alumni volunteers
                                                                                           aid 8,000 runners
                                                                                                     Join us Sunday, May 16, as
                                                                                                 approximately 8,000 marathon-
                                                                                                ers and half-marathoners pass our
                                                                                                  way during Green Bay’s Cellcom
                                                                                                  Marathon. The Alumni Associa-
                                                                                                 tion staffs a water station from 7
                                                                                                 to 10 a.m. before we head to the
                                                                                                  finish line for food and refresh-
                                                                                                 ments. It’s a great time, and vol-
                                                                                                unteers receive a free t-shirt. Call
                                                                                                  or e-mail to volunteer, at (920)
                                                                                                 465-2586 or

It’s time for the annual Scholarship Golf Outing                     To affinity…and beyond!
Enjoy a day of golf and fun with fellow graduates and friends        The Alumni Association partners with nationally recognized,
in the 30th annual Scholarship Golf Outing. Proceeds benefit         pre-approved companies to offer discounted products and services
student scholarships. The event is Friday, June 11, at Royal Scot    to UW-Green Bay graduates. These are called affinity programs.
Golf Course in New Franken. Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. The     Often, when a graduate takes advantage of the offer, a fee/dona-
cost is $80 for an individual and $320 for a foursome. We can pair   tion is made to the Alumni Association from the partner company.
you up, if needed. The day includes a putting contest, 18 holes      Plus, the personal savings can be substantial. Find out more at
of golf with power cart,                                    To name just a few:
lunch, raffle, hole events,
hors d’oeuvres reception                                               • Go Next Travel – first-class overseas trips to
and more. Prizes awarded                                                 Europe and Asia
for team play, low gross and                                           • Bank of America – credit card
low net (using a handicap                                      
scoring system). Want to
donate a prize or sponsor                                              • Liberty Mutual – home and auto insurance
a golf hole? Contact the
Alumni Office at (920)                                                 • American Insurance Administrators – group life insurance,
465-2586, or alumni@                                                     health insurance and financial services plans                                                              • Phoenix Bookstore – 10% off in-store and online
                                                                         gift apparel purchases
See you at the ballpark
Your Alumni Association will be gathering for two baseball games       • Three Green Bay Area hotels – offer discounted rates
this summer:
                                                                     A scholarship for your little Phoenix? Apply by July
  • The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers host the Burlington Bees at        UW-Green Bay-bound students who are following in the footsteps
    Fox Cities Stadium, Grand Chute, at 6:35 p.m., Saturday, June    of their parents, step-parents, legal guardians or grandparents
    26. Tickets are $8.50 each. Tailgating in Grid #9.               can apply for the Alumni Association’s Legacy Scholarship. One
  • Tuesday, Aug. 10 is UWGB Alumni Night at Joannes Stadium,        $2,000 scholarship starting the 2010-11 academic year will
    Green Bay. The Bullfrogs host the Wisconsin Woodchucks           be awarded. The application is due at 4 p.m. Friday, July 30.
    at 7 p.m. Tickets are $10 each and include your admission,       Selection will be made by Friday, August 6, 2010. All application
    a Bullfrogs hat, and a hot dog and soda voucher.                 materials are subject to verification by the Alumni Association.
                                                                     Call (920) 465-2586, or e-mail with any
Watch the alumni calendar of events for details and updates.         questions. Award criteria and an application can be found at
Or contact the Alumni Office at (920) 465-2586, or         

                                                                                                                April 2010               23

                                    Congratulations to
                    ‘distinguished’ and ‘outstanding’ alumni honorees

              Three UW-Green Bay alumni were              Jason Hellwig ’96, an attorney with        local and statewide organizations;
              selected for recognition as “distin-        Winston & Strawn Law Office in New         Betty Amuzu, M.D. ’83, an associate
              guished” and two young alumni were          York, and Sam Huber ’03, a teacher         professor of obstetrics and gynecol-
              deemed “outstanding” in advance of          in the Milwaukee area school               ogy with the UW Medical School
              the 2010 Alumni Awards Night on             district and founder and president         and long-time friend to UW-Green
              campus Saturday April 17.                   of Eco-Runner, are the outstanding         Bay; and Tim Nixon ’87, an attorney
                                                          recent alumni. Selected to receive         and shareholder in the Green Bay
                                                          distinguished-alumni status were           law firm Godfrey & Kahn and a
                                                          Patricia Finder-Stone ’73, a retired       team leader of business finance and
                                                          nurse and community activist in            restructuring practice group.

                                   Band gigs, video game design,                 Find us on Facebook and LinkedIn
                                   surgery? It’s all new for you with            Don’t be left out. Your Alumni Association is using Facebook and
                                                                                 LinkedIn in a big way. Jobs, networking, events, photo sharing
                                    summer camps for all ages                    and more. The first step is to visit our website and sign up for the
                                 Is summer your favorite time of year? It        UWGB alumni group.
                                  is for alumna Mona Christensen ’80 and
                                  ’96, UW-Green Bay director of camps and
                                       conferences. She says to watch for
                                       new class opportunities in the music
                                      and art camps including adding drum-
                                      mers to Guitar Camp so students can
                                     experience ‘real-life’ band gigs, and the              Upcoming Alumni events
                                     additions of Video Game Design and             APRIL
                                    Silk Painting to Art Camp. Innovation           Sat. 17 –          Alumni Awards Night, Weidner Center
                                   and Inventors’ Camp and Life’s a Lab
                                   Camp will bring exposure to trends in            Fri. 23 –          Alumni Earth Caretaker Award
                                   innovation and careers in medical sci-                              presentation, The Meadows
                                    ence. In Life’s a Lab Camp, with partner        MAY
                                    Bellin College, students will take biol-        Fri.-Sun. 7-9 –    Alumni Family and Friends Weekend,
                                     ogy and anatomy classes in the morning                            Wilderness Resort, Wisconsin Dells
                                     and take tours of an emergency room,
                                      radiology clinic, physical therapy            Sat. 15 –          Commencement Reception, 8 to 10 p.m.
                                                                                                       Titletown Brewing, Green Bay
                                      and sports medicine facilities, and if
                     scheduling allows, a viewing of a live surgery.                Sun. 16 –          Alumni Association at the
                                                                                                       Cellcom Marathon, 7 to 10 a.m.
     Adult camps include Grandparents University, Arts Enrichment
     for Adults, and Spanish Immersion for Professionals. For more on               JUNE
     all of the Outreach and Extension sponsored camps, visit their                 Fri. 11 –          Alumni Association Annual Scholarship
     website,                                                                 Golf Outing, Royal Scot Golf Course

     Stay connected!                                                                Sat. June 26 –     Alumni and Friends at the Timber Rattlers
     New job? Change of address? Got married? Update us on your                                        Baseball Game
     latest happenings. It’s just a click away ---                    JULY
     alumni/updates/ or send us your information by mail, attention                 Thurs.-Fri. 8-9 – Grandparent’s University
     Mark Brunette. Don’t be a lost alum!                                           Fri. 30 –         Alumni legacy Scholarship Application Due
     — Alumni notes written by Jennifer Klein                                       Tues. 10 –         Alumni and Friends at the Bullfrogs Game

24                      April 2010
Endowment gives life to library
A new endowment will provide needed financial assistance to
the heart of UW-Green Bay — the David A. Cofrin Library.

Strategically located at the heart of the
University, the Cofrin Library was established
as the lifeblood of learning on the UW-Green        Dr. Debra

Bay campus. Now, an endowment created by            Ann Reilly

Dr. Debra Ann Reilly, sister of UW-Green Bay
Prof. Clif Ganyard, and his wife, Cofrin Library
Director Paula Ganyard, will help secure its
viability for years to come.

To read the full story about the Robert L.
                                                       Do you have a love of libraries and learning?
Ganyard Library Endowment, the vision for its
                                                          Please consider a gift to help grow the
use, and the man behind the heartfelt gift, go to
                                                         Robert L. Ganyard Library Endowment.
University of Wisconsin-Green Bay                                                                                    Nonprofit Org.
2420 Nicolet Drive                                                                                                    U.S. Postage
Green Bay, WI 5431 1-7001                                                                                                PA I D
                                                                                                                     Green Bay, WI
                                                                                                                     Permit No. 66


                        ‘Bay Badgers,’ anyone?
                        Exactly forty years ago, UWGB students chose the fiery Phoenix (inset)
                        as the new school’s permanent mascot. Sent to the ash can were the Bay
                        Badgers nickname and the weird, water-skiing Bucky logo, which survives
                        in the UW-Green Bay archives only as a single, felt pennant. Is there any
                        pre-Phoenix memorabilia in your attic? We’d love to see it. See page 13.

                                     PARENTS: If this issue is addressed to your son or daughter who no longer
                                lives at home, please notify UW-Green Bay Alumni Relations of the correct address.
                                              PHONE: (920) 465-2586 E-mail:
                                    This publication is made possible through private donations