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                                                      IF- The Wonders of Investing
                                                            By Kemberly Wardlaw

  IF- The Wonders of Investing
 by: Kemberly Wardlaw


If it seems as if all investors are selling, who is buying?

If trading has become entertainment for you, it may be time to refocus on profits.

If your stock has reached an annual low, can it go any lower?

If your stock has reached an annual high, can it go any higher?

If all the television analysts jumped off a bridge, would anyone care?

If your portfolio is based solely on fundamental analysis, perhaps it is time to learn technical analysis.

If I said you had a beautiful portfolio, would you hold it against an index?

If you are tired of losing value on the long side, perhaps its time to learn both sides of the market.

If you do not have a written financial plan, you should.

If you could put aside $205 at the beginning of each month for thirty- five years, with an 11%
annualized return you may save over $1 million.

If you have stopped looking at your portfolio statements, does that mean your game plan is off?

If a fool and his money are easily separated, who introduced the two?

If buy and hold is your philosophy, why do you need a broker?

If a tree falls in the forest, does it ruin the stock market for the day?

31 Days To Real Estate Investing Riches
How to Start a Successful Real Estate Investing Business.
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If someone invented a computer program for investments that proved 100% correct all the time, we
would never know about it.

If you think the market capitulated, you are not in a state of selling hysteria.

If 1,000,000 lemmings jump, can they all be wrong?

If you want to know what Greenspan thinks about economics, count the times he smiles.

If you expect nothing of your portfolio, you will not be disappointed.

If you are a rational investor, can you benefit from an irrational market?

If you managed your money like the government, you would take money from your neighbor and spend
it on stock options that expire this week.

If you are confused with the opinions of the media, create your own.

Kemberly Wardlaw has been involved in the fields of investments and insurance for over twelve years.
The author's belief is that familiar life elements best illustrate practical investment strategies; not typical
investment jargon. For comments and questions, please contact the author.

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                                      Is Virtual Real Estate Investing Really Possible?
                                                             By Duncan Wierman

? The internet has made many practices simpler and more straight forward, and one of these practices
involves investing in real estate. In the past, investing in real estate meant buying properties to hold or
buying properties to flip, investing into those properties and then hoping for a sale.

As a result of the internet and its mighty influence over the market, virtual investing or virtual
wholesaling has now become a popular practice for buying real estate properties on the cheap and
then utilizing internet marketing techniques to advertise the properties for sale until they can be sold for
a profit.

Now that the internet has connected the world, paperwork no longer has to be signed in person, and
buyers are not normally dead set on seeing a property first hand before they purchase. Now real estate
listings do not have to be handled by agents on a local level, but rather than be bought and sold over
long distances by the investors websites.

Using the internet for investing is the way to go now when it comes to RE investments, thanks to the
internet and the powerful connections that it has created.

The first signs of internet investing or virtual investing came in the form of day trading, which has been
a popular endeavor online for quite some time now. Virtual wholesaling and virtual investing does not
quite the same as what day trading demands in the online stock market, however, showing that the
concept of virtual investing is actually growing and changing over time.

The internet has made it significantly easier and significantly faster for investors and buyers to find one
another in the real estate arena. Using the internet, you can now purchase a property, close on it and
then resell it at a profit within as little as a few hours. Virtual RE investing has become nearly as fast as
stock day trading as a result.

It is important to understand that there are some important considerations that need to be made in the
virtual investing arena, at least when real estate is involved, because contract negotiations as well as
appraisals are still often demanded in conversations between buyers and sellers.

There are still traditional real estate transaction elements that have to exist, meaning that in some
circumstances, the buying and selling process for virtual investing in real estate is still going to take
more than a simple few hours to complete, and this type of real estate investing may require telephone
conferences or face to face meetings in order for the real estate transaction to be completed. Despite
these needs, the internet has still worked wonders in speeding up the marketing and negotiating
processes associated with virtual investing in real estate.

Contract negotiations can occur largely via e-mail and instant message and all of the marketing for the
property can be carried out via social networking and social media channels rather than through
traditional marketing techniques. For these reasons, virtual investing is revitalizing the real estate
investment arena, breathing life into a previously dying market.

Real Estate Investing eBooks
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Duncan Wierman is an Ex Software company CEO turned Real Estate Investor and Marketer. Discover
how to use creative online marketing methods to do more deals online. For more details on how this
type of automated internet marketing system works for real estate investors his free report can be
found at .  Duncan is also offering readers a complimentary
copy of his software at

Wholesaling/Rehab Real Estate Investing
Real Estate Investing.
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