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Internet Marketing - Why You Should Avoid Developing a Website in Flash


									                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                               Site Design....Site Disaster....What Do Your Visitors See?
                                                            By Debbie Reyes

  Site Design....Site Disaster....What Do Your Visitors See?
 by: Debbie Reyes

So you got your own website now. Exciting isn’t it? You're ready to start putting your website to work
for you. What will you do first? So many ideas going through your want to make it the best
website on the internet. You want to make it unique and different from anyone else's.

So many ideas popping in and out of your head you want to do so much. After all besides things in our
home, when do we really get to design anything? Before we know it we have added a little of this and a
little of that and maybe some more of this. It's almost like waving a magic wand over everything giving
it color and making it pretty. To us, our web site looks great we have color and we have animated
graphics we also have a lot of content, after all that is what gets website recognition, isn‘t it?

But wait, take a closer look, is all that content really necessary? We know google likes content but
maybe some of us are confused as to which kind of content google is looking for. I admit, I once
thought content is content. But I was very wrong, not all content is created equal. If your website is a
business related site then your content should be business related as well. Your content should be
interesting and helpful. Something you know your visitors would enjoy. Color and graphics is not useful

Many websites have articles on their site. This is probably one of the best contents to have on your
site. Most articles are interesting and provide useful information. What makes articles on your site even
better? If they are your articles. Articles are not hard to write just pick a subject you are familiar with
and write an article about it. Just remember to keep your article topics related to the type of site you

Let's talk color, is all that bright color really what our visitors want to see? Some colors are way too
bright and can be sensitive to peoples' eyes. If you need to have color make them more down to earth
colors not something that is going to make your visitors want to run from your site. Not having any color
is also good . Color is optional, just choose it wisely.

Animated graphics, who is guilty of those? I know I am, and it's understandable as they are cute and

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

neat to look at. Or are they? Too many things flashing on your site is not appealing. Also, too many
graphics will draw the attention away from what is really important - and that is your text. Your text is
your message to your visitors. If you insist on having them on your site then I suggest just having
maybe one. Make sure your visitor focuses more on your text, not the graphics.

Another point to keep in mind is “keyword rich text”. You want to mention your keywords throughout
your website. Every chance you get mention your keywords. Work them into your sentences. When
writing articles make sure you add some of your keywords to your article title. This also helps your
website get noticed by the SE (search engines).

I write this article because I want everyone to learn from my mistakes. I am guilty of all of the above. It
took a new computer to realize how loud my color was (old computer color looked dull) . After realizing
how bright it was I panicked. It was like a slap in the face because I thought what an awful color and if I
thought that of my own site what were my visitors thinking? I asked the advice of a good friend and
thank god this friend is open and honest in her opinions. She helped me to take a step back and really
look at my site. My only thoughts were, “What have I been thinking?”

I don’t even remember when or how my site got the point it did. I felt like I had this whole other life I
knew nothing about and that person was taking over the designing of my site. But thanks to the new
computer and my good friend, I have taken the control back of my site and since I have done so the
visitors to my site have actually doubled and the length of the visit has also increased. I am back on the
road to success.

This article was written by Debbie Reyes webmaster of - Blogs & Rss Feeds
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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                Why You Should Avoid Developing A Website In Flash
                                                                By Craig Rowe

 If you know anything about website design, or anything about the Internet in general, then you have
probably heard of flash. There are actually lots of websites and advertisements online that utilize flash
and some web designers are claiming that Flash is the future of the Internet and web design. However,
currently there are more reasons to avoid developing a website in flash than for doing so. Not that flash
is not cool and able to attract attention, it is just that at this point in time the technology is not so
advanced that it ready for full web design implementation.

One of the main reasons why Flash is not the best thing to include in your website design is because it
really slows down your site. When an individual types in your web address and points the browser to
your site then when they arrive they will be waiting a significant amount of time for the site to open. The
truth of the matter is that nobody cares so much about your flash design that they are going to sit
around and wait for your site to download the information in order to open it. So, when you use flash
design you might have a “better” looking site, but you also can expect to lose a lot of traffic because
people just don’t sit around and wait.

Another reason to avoid flash design is because it can be distracting. Flash is always moving, allowing
movie like technology for your website. This results in the Flash distracting web visitors from your site
because they are focused on the flashiness of Flash. For many websites plain and simple graphics are
more important and will retain visitors better.

Of course, when you use Flash you might think your site looks better, and it might. However, you really
need to think to yourself what is more important, a site that looks great but that nobody opens because
it takes too long or a site that looks pretty good and opens immediately? More than likely you will
respond that the site that opens immediately allowing all visitors in is the best option because the more
visitors you have means the more money your site will generate. features thousands of articles and tips including hundreds of web design tips
and tutorials. Visit for more web design articles.

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

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