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                       Use the following words to fill in the gaps:

                       chlorophyll         energy        green         day
                       carbon dioxide      oxygen        sunlight      sun
                       respiration         starch        oxygen        water
                       chloroplasts        glucose       starch        water
                       carbon dioxide      energy        glucose       oxygen

Write the word equation for photosynthesis:

__________ + ________                         __________ + __________

Photosynthesis only happens during the ______ because the plant needs
energy to make the reaction happen. The plant gets its energy from light
from the ____. It absorbs the light using a _______ coloured chemical
called ___________ which the plant keeps in __________ inside the
leaves. Water is absorbed by root hairs on the root of the plant and then
travels up the stem to the leaves.

Plants photosynthesise because they need glucose to produce energy. If
they make a surplus then they can join the molecules together into ______
which they store until they need more glucose and then convert it back. We
eat plants because we can use the _____ they have stored to produce

The process that plants use to convert glucose into energy is called
__________. The word equation is:

________ + ________                     ________ + ________ + ________

This process happens at night as well as during the day, but it happens
quite slowly so overall a plant produces more _______ than it absorbs and
absorbs more carbon dioxide than it produces.

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